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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Story No One Else Will Tell

This nation is at a crossroads. There are many indications that there is a significant push by Marxists to step out of the shadows and claim title to our institutions, pushing the idea of capitalism out of the public square the same way they pushed God out of the schools. Swirling in the air of social media is the idea that to resist capitalism is to resist all of the ills of society, as if capitalism caused them. Unfortunately, this shows a determined lack of intelligence, reinforced by Marxist professors.

Here's what I know: no one is telling the story, no one is standing up for the America we should have. Republicans use the Constitution to get elected to continue the Ponzi scheme of government programs. Democrats want to replace the electorate in order to get the election results they want to in turn continue the Ponzi scheme of government programs. None of them will ever have a reason to look backward at individual freedom as anything other than a threat to their power.

We elected Donald Trump, because he was neither of them and we all knew that. The protests against him are just temper tantrums by minorities (numerical, not racial) who are accustomed to dictating to the rest of the populace how to act, what to think and what to say through judicial fiat. Trump threatens their hegemony and he must be put down. They are guided, encouraged and sometimes hired by the Marxists, who want it all.

Who is fighting for America and Americans? We are, we have no other dog in the fight. We don't serve a political party, we don't owe allegiance to any PAC, or organization, we don't even have any "big investor" to manipulate our message. We have you and you have us.

Lies of Omission is more than just a film. It is more than just some entertainment. It is the start of a weapon against the lies and deceit of both political parties, the media and the universities. Now that Barack Obama is out of office and it is acceptable to distrust government again, Lies of Omission and 12 Round Productions have a chance to reach thousands of misinformed, ill-informed and misled citizens of the nation with a different message, one of righteous suspicion; of skeptical disbelief in the way government is dispensed.

I cannot express how critical this film could be. Having now edited the substance of it and allowing for the talent to make it beautiful, I can say without equivocation that it is turning out to be everything I hoped it would. It is the type of film that gets into ones head, where quotes come back time and time again to reaffirm certain truths. The power of this film is that it can do the work of any number of books one might read. Because the people who appear in it, who have a dedication to freedom, who have spent their lives in this struggle, know how to communicate complex ideas and present them with clarity.

If we stand a chance to change the discussion, to invigorate the passion for freedom, to enlist others to our cause, it starts with this film.

We, despite the generosity of our supporters, many of them readers of this and other blogs and despite the thrift of our expenditures, are still a little shy of the goal. We need to budget for creation of the DVD, shipping and we need to advertise to get the word out to get the widest possible audience. We will be applying to several film festivals and trying desperately to obtain a distribution deal, but we have to plan to do most of this ourselves. If so, that is much more expensive. So, I would ask a few things: If you have an "in" with a radio show, or local paper, anything where we might be able to present Lies of Omission to raise awareness and demand we would be happy to have a representative give an interview. Media requests can be sent to We are in the final leg of this project, where things like this matter.

Already, we have dates March 2nd for the Andrea Shea King Show and March 7th for The Hagmann Report, but momentum is important.

The film is still scheduled to be out in June and that is coming quicker than it seems.

Thank you all for all you have done and please understand that we recognize none of this would have been possible without everyone's help. It makes me proud to be a part of this community.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Only Option

We walk through this world as if the past hundred years have not happened, that there is some semblance of the world we used to revere. Over that hundred years we have been exposed to the horrors of globalism. Except now the globalism isn't the idea of one nation conquering the entire globe, but a few powerful people in any number of nations that can sell the masses on their vision. Many of whom are complicit in the idea that control is better than freedom, that looting the treasuries for them and theirs is perfectly reasonable. They have come softly, as Gramsci instructed, the worst of humanity has seeped into everything that made the world decent. They perverted it. Now, as that same horror expresses itself in the streets of California and Missouri, we wonder how long we will be allowed to watch, without taking part, one way or another.

It still doesn't matter, because they are waging war on us from every nook and cranny of society. It has been allowed to grow and now we see how far.

The take down of Michael Flynn was a shot across the bow. It was the leviathan raising its ugly head above the surface. This was the integral cooperation between the media and the deep state. There is no point in drawing lines between Republican/Democrat, even Conservative and Liberal, just erase those lines, they no longer matter. There are those who seek your death and those who might benefit from your life. Unfortunately, those who seek your death massively outnumber those who might benefit from your life.

When one starts to count up the bodies attributable to the deep state, it looks more and more like the first few moments of the Bolshevik Revolution. The apparatchiks are the only ones who really understand the battlefield, because the elected officials are transient and will not last. What the deep state cannot accomplish with rules and regulations, they accomplish through federal storm troopers. Any lousy warrant is good enough to start a Waco. It is a death cult, like all globalist endeavors.

These riots that periodically arise are stage plays, acted out by fools, dupes or paid insurrectionists. They are merely evidence of the machine working. It is easy to divorce oneself from the conflict by imagining that there is some grievance that might be resolved, but there isn't. Only the deaths of those who remember freedom will suffice. The average Joes among them might even believe that it is better to establish order, or structure than to tolerate the risk of freedom. Look how effective that notion has been over the past several decades. The intent is not to save our lives, but to delegitimize freedom.

Forget all of the old political prejudices, there are only two sides now in this global struggle, those who would kill you for your disobedience and those who would kill to disobey. It may not have come to a struggle, yet. There is no open warfare, but the war has been ongoing for a century and they have been winning, because they come through our institutions. There is no way to reverse it, it is too pervasive. The only option is to confront it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

When This Gets Ugly

Several interesting interactions over the past couple of days have led me to put forth this post. When one looks out over the past several years, even decades, some of the wildest things I have written about have come true and even gone farther than I suggested they would. Now, I have no special insight, or abilities, but what I do have is an interest in the truth and when that is ones motivation, they learn how to discern it from everyone they meet.

I have been fortunate to have interacted with folks who could see further down the line than I can and, yes, I have doubted them at first and let the truth reveal itself as time goes on, because someone who is willing to wait for the information to surface, when those holding it down sense the lapse of interest allows them to release it, the seeker will ultimately find it. Over time, a pattern develops that repeats again and again. The trouble is, by the time one develops this sense of discernment, they are often past the age where they can influence the next generation.

The following generations, if they care about the truth at all, are forced to follow the same method of discernment. If they don't follow this method, they are often revealed as gullible and quickly discredited or co-opted to serve as an agent of disinformation. This gives the forces hiding the truth plenty of time to work on new egregious acts. This is how society devolves into the soup we have now. My work on LIES OF OMISSION is an attempt to leap over that divide, to bridge the gap.

We are headed for a reckoning that is unavoidable at this point. The forces of globalist Marxism have made up too much ground to be denied now. The Nationalists are defensive and passive, still waiting to get the "go ahead" from someone, they aren't even sure who that "someone" is or should be. But, history teaches that there will be some act too egregious, too inflammatory to be ignored and that will be the trigger. Maybe it is when they stop burning down their own institutions and come after ours, I don't know, but it is bound to happen.

We are in a race right now to get this film done and out and into the hands of people who will be able to use it protect their nation, however one frames "their nation," whether that is a family, a tribe or a larger group. But, to be able to reach out to the younger generation with a tool designed to prove the credibility of the speakers, to embrace the principles that have allowed us all to be armed and ready for the coming conflict, is invaluable. The war has already started, it started a long time ago, but it will turn hot and recruits are important, intelligent recruits invaluable. They will be forced to choose a side, but right now they don't even know they have a side or how that is defined. They are playing basketball, thinking they are going to get a scholarship. They don't know they are about to get drafted by one side or another when this gets ugly.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Motel 8

While editing the footage for Lies of Omission, I have been privy to many very salient points and points of view, from Mike Vanderboegh, Matt Bracken, David Codrea, Claire Wolfe and Larry Pratt. There is a wealth of information and discussed in concise (after the edit) and understandable ways. This will be a film of immense value and one that I am even anxious to see in its fully edited form.

Because many of these people are only known to the public by particular stances, or stands they have taken, their depth of understanding of particular issues important to the readers of this blog and others like it, are immeasurable. I watch and wonder how many times I have said, or thought the exact same things? But to compile all of this into a 90 min film is an education.

I believe that this is a film that will differentiate one level of understanding from another, that there is before this film and after this film in one's comprehension of the forces and obstacles we face in the enduring struggle for freedom. Even being present at the filming of these interviews does not offer one a true perspective on what is being said and the value that it might have on all of us who struggle for some way to communicate our point of view to our friends and children.

I am here in the belly of the beast editing what is a wholly subversive film to the radicals in the government of every political party. The truth that shines through with almost every participant is the rejection of party politics, of even thinking in a Democrat/Republican paradigm. I am proud and honored to have been able to be a part of this and I know that those who have helped to fund it and continue to support it will be very proud and pleased to have it in their video library, or perhaps on their coffee table, like bait for their liberal friends and relatives.

Where I am most honored is to be in possession of Mike's interview. It is an honor and a responsibility that I take very seriously. I have just taken a short break from constant editing at the Motel 8 to let all those who have contributed to this effort that it is going along fine and you will be happy to have participated.      

Thursday, February 2, 2017

By Force, By Us

The riots in Berkeley were described as "peaceful" until about 150 masked anarchists arrived and began to commence violence. That is the "fake news" lie being pushed on the American public. The riot was planned and attended by protesters until their violent wing could arrive, it was not a coincidence and it was not organic. These are not even riots, they are para-military movements, they are anti-government terrorist acts.

There is a vast difference between protesting the illegal and unconstitutional acts of your government and rioting to shut down free speech. What few genuine protesters were in the crowds, either the Women's March or Berkeley, are misguided and should be ashamed of what happened to their "peaceful" protest, but largely they are not ashamed and feel justified in their hatred for America and Americans with different views. I heard none of the "peaceful" protesters coming out today to denounce the actions of the anarchists.

There is no correlation to the Tea Party, who were constantly described as "anti-government" which always seemed a bit odd since most of them were carrying copies of the Constitution in their pockets, whereas these rioters hate the Constitution, hate free speech, hate free assembly, hate the Second Amendment. Some of them just hate for the sake of it and riot for the thrill of unbridled violence.

This is a little of what I was writing about in the pervious post. There must be a counter to these acts of violence to protect the people who would have otherwise attended the speech. Yeah, I know, so what am I doing about it? Well, nothing, so far. I recognize that there needs to be an interdiction, an engagement with these punks. There needs to be a rapid deployment of supporters to flood the area and stand between these rioters and the venue.

The trouble I have is this is mostly taking place in liberal zones that I would just as soon watch burn to the ground. I am right now in the middle-ground between watching to see how bad all of this hurts the left and whether pushing to have federal funds removed from sanctuary cities, public universities and such will have the impact that it should. I guess, in other words, it is the government's role to defend itself and its laws. How will the federal government react to this illegality? But, I also know that there is something beyond what the federal government will do and what I am willing to do.

One must also understand that Milo is doing this on purpose. His college-tour is to expose the violent intolerance of the left. It is, to some extent, a PR stunt. Again, letting this play out a little is probably the wiser move, but I am not willing to sit back and watch innocent people harmed because of their belief in this nation, because it is more than that. It is a resistance to the forces of globalism who have planned this strategy of constant riots (I will not dignify them with the pretense of a protest).

My point is simply that at some point it will come down to what we are willing to do to defend the society that has led us to the prosperity and strength that we have enjoyed over the past couple of hundred years. It is a defense of Christianity against Islamism. It is a defense of freedom against collectivism. It is a defense of liberty against imprisonment. This nation is coming apart, because the Republicans in the House and Senate were too weak and too traitorous to defend the Constitution when it needed to be defended. Now, it is nothing more than an expression of natural law, without the ability to enforce it. That will have to happen by force, probably by us.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Great Social Earthquake

For those who have not understood the events over the past few days, who do not understand why radicalized liberal women would team up with Islamists, the answer is: we are in a cold civil war and you now see the enemy and they see you. Just like putting on uniforms, the sides have been identified. The Women's March was really a demonstration of cooperation, led by Muslims to show how far they have gone in co-opting the liberal agenda and the dedication of their allies.

There are only two sides in this fight, the nationalists who believe in America and the principles on which it was founded, regardless of any document and the globalists, who have mobilized the Jihadists and their snowflake allies as their front guard. But, this is not only a civil war, but it meshes with a global war to enslave mankind.

There can be no more clear delineation of the sides than the airport protests started by Soros, who is using Islam and Jihadists to help destroy nationalism. One has to discard any other previous political affiliation. Being a Republican does not make one a nationalist, being a Democrat does not make one a globalist. Those terms are not even relevant. This is different, because it is simultaneously a civil war and a global war.

Russia, in this war, is not an enemy. They are not necessarily an ally, either, but if they handle their business and we handle ours, nationalism will win. But, this is the fight we have all felt coming, we just didn't see Trump as our leader, but, as many predicted, (not me) a leader will reveal himself when the time comes. Right now, though, we are not exactly offering our support to Trump. He is alone out there standing up for what he thinks is right while protests rage all around. In 2009, Obama had union labor out there counter-protesting the protests by the Tea Party. While they are not exactly analogous, because the Tea Party was not paid and the counter-protesters were, the sides have just flipped, but the Tea Party is not counter-protesting, but someone needs to.

This is where I usually throw myself to the wolves and go out to stand in front of the protesters and try to antagonize a response. I am holding off on that right now, because I have other people's money placed in my hand to accomplish a recruiting tool for the next generation. This film, Lies of Omission, I think will be a very valuable tool in the hands of Team Freedom, but it bugs me to sit on the sidelines, when I know action is called for and appropriate. I know there will be other opportunities to engage the enemy, so it is not a question of action or inaction, but one of timing. And, it is not an "all or nothing" proposition, either. One might edit a film and act when appropriate, but that is something I would not reveal here at any rate.

What is important is that we see clearly how this is going to happen. It is only a matter of time before a false flag calls down the whirlwind on patriots like us. Listen to Bracken on Alex Jones for a better understanding of how this is inevitable H/T WRSA. We have to be ready to mobilize ourselves. Trump supporters need to get out in the streets and support him and the rest of us need to be ready to support them.

The fight we all saw coming was one where the government would turn against us, but that is not what happened and we need to understand the changing dynamic and recognize our role in this war. It is a war, it is no longer posturing. The globalists have come out strong and while I think the government can handle it for the time being, it is only a matter of time before the Marxists and/or the Jihadists take our caution for cowardice and make a direct assault. This is where police forces are divided, cities, towns and states are divided along hard lines. It is only a matter of time before the great earthquake shakes it all apart. Sally Yates committed nothing other than open treason and it was a bold move that no one in her position would make if not to signal others that this is no drill, it is the real thing. Even though she was a temporary AG, she used her actions to maximum effect.

The opposition is led by Barack Obama and George Soros. They are busy hiring their army and stockpiling arms. The hinted at training camps in the US are theirs. They will sew discontent until they think the time is right to make a direct assault to overthrow the government and install Barack Obama as dictator. I wish is wasn't so easy to imagine. What a coup for Islam that would be.

Steel yourselves.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Thank You

This is just an open Thank You to those who have contributed to Lies of Omission. We will be shutting down the Fundrazr site in a few hours, primarily so we can work on getting perks to the people who have been patient with us on that aspect, so far. Due to a lot of complicated issues I don't know exactly when they will go out as I have to be in LA for the editing during most of February, but solidifying amounts and etc will help us have a plan of attack when I get back.

A lot of people have helped us to make Lies of Omission a successful product. The biggest hurdle still to be cleared is one of distribution. Distributors generally pay to obtain the rights for things they know will sell, but something like this, well, it's the same old story. There aren't that many outlets for a conservative documentary, but we are beating the bushes to see what jumps out at us. None of them are going to give us the time of day until we have been through a few film festivals and come away with positive remarks, at least.

So, a lot of the distribution will have to be done by us through whatever outlet we can find. We are working on a website with a store function to sell them directly. I personally hate YouTube, but few other sites are as well known or visited. Vimeo maybe. Make no mistake as relentless as we have been about funding this film will be mirrored in trying to get it out to the public. Yes, some of this has to do with being able to fully pay those who are working for us, but as much is in trying to get the voices of our interviewees before the public, especially Mike Vanderboegh.

The establishment is corrupt, the only conservative voices loud enough to be heard are the same old voices we have been hearing for decades and they all have the same message "America is what we say it is and all you Patriots out there are nuts." Well, I wholeheartedly disagree with that sentiment. The voices heard on Lies of Omission are not generally paid to speak, they do so, because there is no one saying what we all know to be true. I want Lies of Omission to break through that sound barrier and let our strident voices be heard. Maybe, even kick up a few new controversies to shake the snowflakes out of the belief that they run something in this nation other than their mouths.

Anyway, thanks to all who have helped. Many have come through WRSA and the spirit over there is invaluable to this effort.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

With ISIS Flags Waving

The coalition of the American Left and Islam, long-known to those paying attention, was on full display during the Women's March in Washington DC. The insanity of it seems vexing: how could women, the most oppressed and victimized of all people in Islamic nations, support Islam? It boggles the mind. That is, until one realizes what has been taking place. It is a matter of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The American Left will side with anyone against Christian Whites, even though many of them are Christian Whites. They think, stupidly, that by getting out in front of the issue of cultural change they will save themselves from the Islamists when the beheadings begin. The truth is, they will probably be first, because the rest of the Christian Whites are armed.

But, it is not limited to Islamists. Democrat leadership wants to destroy and murder Christian Whites. To get up to speed on the topic, if you haven't already, you can go to WRSA and read Matt Bracken's take, or you can go to Grabien News, but I suggest both. In both cases it becomes immediately clear that you, if you are a Christian White, you are the enemy.

This formalizing of hate by the DNC is the fifth or sixth step along the path toward a truly civil war, a war of civics, those against these. Identification is the most crucial step since one must first identify the enemy. Beyond that, there is intelligence on where the enemy is located; where the enemy is vulnerable; when the enemy will be present on favorable ground; the method of attack; the equipment necessary to support the attack; the attack; the escape; the reformation behind friendly lines. Sometimes, like at the Women's March and the Deploraball, many of these questions are quickly answered and the attack is imminent.

The biggest problem the Left has now is that the government is not behind them, at least not the Justice Department. Not long ago I saw a post put out by one of the rioters at the inauguration complaining that he was facing 10 years in prison and a $25k fine. He was blaming the instigators for exposing him to punishment and lamenting how they had carried out numerous actions without facing charges at all. With an AG like Sessions, the weaklings emboldened by Loretta Lynch will fade, but who will replace them on the front lines?

The mistake is to think that there is an amicable end to any of this. The true enemies of this culture will use the idiots to maximum effect, but eventually the real power behind the attacks will have to stand out front, because they have the will to make the change where others are more akin to window dressing, to make it look like a true split between the people rather than an Islamic attack on the West.

We are about to understand the weakness of the police force. It has always been effective where mostly law-abiding citizens were the norm, but it is wholly ineffective when encountering the sort of enemies we have today. Don't expect them to be there when the going gets rough. In every riot situation, the police take a "containment" role, not an interdiction role, but even a containment role is inadequate to address a truly hostile force like we are about to see. The election of Donald Trump may have given our side a few more weapons in the form of a friendly Attorney General (if they will ever confirm Sessions, but that is part of this war, too. The Left's delaying tactics are designed to give cover to their forces).

The problem the cultural preservists have is that they have no identity and no formal mutual defense agreements. They have also distanced themselves from the urban centers where the battles are likely to be fought. Yeah, if they come out to the country the Leftists might have a problem, but as long as they contain their assaults to the cities they will probably have free rein. Success breeds converts and by the time they do decide to move out from the urban centers they will be much stronger and much more organized.

So, as long as we refuse to engage the enemy when they are weak and disorganized and therefore easily defeated, we are just asking for a much more difficult fight. But, we don't even think offensively. We are all waiting for that assault in our AO as a signal to mobilize and I don't have a problem with that. It just is and it is something that will either work, or not. Just knowing you are in a fight and that the enemy is gaining strength and you can mark that strength is part of combat intelligence.

For now, I guess, I am in the role of intelligence gathering and dissemination. This is where we are, this is where it is going and these are the people who are doing it. The one thing that makes this much easier is they have thrown off the disguise and are coming right at us with ISIS flags waving and fake vaginas flapping in the wind.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Monday Morning In America

There are a lot of things to consider today. There are a lot of cross-currents of momentum. The warriors for freedom have been given a day off after fighting back against the Obama Administration's efforts to silence and defame them, to distract them with egregious actions. Okay, so it is Monday in America again and there are things with which to deal. Disrupt J20 was an assault on middle America that elected Donald Trump. Trump is more of a symbol than a man, or a president. We are Trump, whether you agree with the symbol or not, the Disrupt J20 crowd have targeted him as a proxy for us. They do not hate Trump except as he represents us. This is the most important thing to understand.

I did not devote myself to Lies of Omission, because I wanted to do a movie, or I wanted to help my daughter in her film career. In fact, my daughter would rather not do it at all. She has a pretty good career making short films and doing interviews for her church. She freelances doing music videos for bands in the LA music scene. Lies of Omission is as much a favor for her dad than anything I am doing for her. In fact when this project is done she may no longer be involved with 12 Round Productions at all. But, that means we will have to hire and pay someone else to do what she does.

I did devote myself to Lies of Omission, because I understand that we need replacements, reinforcements from the younger generation that is not being taught the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, Natural Law, Individualism, Capitalism, or even American History in school. They will not get the message of American Freedom without films like Lies of Omission. I know this movement is skeptical and derisive of things they imagine will make someone money. Heaven forbid someone might make a living out of their efforts. And, we have gotten a lot of help, that is not in dispute here, but Lies of Omission is a big thing, a big thing for everyone, all of us. We have asked for your help, because we do not want this to turn into a Freedom Works takeover of the Tea Party. We do not want it to be a NRA production. We have asked for your help, because we want it to be of US and us alone. This is why we have chosen to interview the people we have interviewed, because they are not likely to be selected by the MSM as a spokesman for us. They speak from their hearts, their convictions, but none of us are wealthy.

This is important, because if you understand the forces aligned to deny Trump (in other words US) his successes to rid the nation of the stain of Obamaism so evident in this video h/t Matt Bracken then you must understand how important it is to establish a voice amongst the youth of today and that is exactly what Lies of Omission is designed to do, to fight for the Millennials who will ultimately decide our future and the future of this nation.

None of this is going away, because Barack Obama left the White House. He doesn't even intend to leave DC. Obama will forever be an obstacle to freedom and to our way of life. I say this, because I am speaking to those who read this blog for a reason, because they understand the necessity of freedom, the things that ensure it and the things that deny it. Disrupt J20 has just gotten legs and will spread in different forms as persistent as a plague. We have no way to counter this sort of organization. We don't have the money to do what Soros can do.

Yes, I understand being local and taking care of your own tribe and being self-sufficient, all of us do that already. I will ask you the question we asked Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America: "What are you doing to reach out to the Millennials with your message?" Ten years down the road we will be re-fighting the wars against gun control, no matter what Trump does to ensure them, if we do not make warriors of the next generation, we are lost. Lies of Omission, in the current environment, can reach out to them and offer substantive and informative arguments for making freedom an important political issue again. A generation down the road and they won't even have anyone to ask the question: "What was freedom like?"

One last thing any potential donor might ask is: "Why should we help you make a film by which you will be made rich and successful?" First, that won't happen. We will be lucky to get back a portion of what we have personally invested. But, even if this turned out to be a boon way beyond expectations, it would only fund other efforts to accomplish a resistance to the efforts that are making little dictators of our children. At best, it would give us a platform by which we might support all manner of other endeavors by this community. Our success is your success. I did not get involved with this movement for personal gain and have lost tens of thousands trying to secure the blessings of liberty for myself and my posterity. Lies of Omission is no different and I am willing to sacrifice it all for the cause of liberty and freedom. I have been through my inheritance doing this and have drastically destroyed my retirement and I have no regrets (my wife might disagree). But, I have done it, because I know that freedom hangs by a thread and most of the things I have been trying to save have already been lost.

As we step into the next Administration, I recognize that Trump (US) will need more support, not less. The cry for freedom must become louder and more pervasive than ever before, because as the millions of little snowflakes populate the nation and target Trump, their real target is middle America that gave the nation Trump and believe in things like borders and cultural preservation. I am not asking you to do anything FOR me, but WITH me and the others involved in 12 Round Productions. I have stepped out front of this effort, because I had to, not because I wanted to, but now that it is here, let us make it into something that can support the whole of our mutual goals as we go forward. Consider 12 Round Productions an engine that might be adapted to any cause in the future. It is a force multiplier more than anything else.

Please click any of the links and help us finish this film and get it into living rooms of the next generation.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Epic Road Trip

The last round of interviews for Lies of Omission were undertaken from the 5th of January to the 13th. I left Colorado in my old Toyota 4Runner with 345,000 miles on it. Yes, it would have been better to rent a car for the journey, but being January and not knowing the condition of the roads and the added expense of trying to rent an AWD or 4WD, I opted for the cheaper, more fiscally responsible option, which was to drive my old 4Runner.

The first interview was David Codrea on the 9th, but I left on the 5th after receiving the lighting package through FedEx. I didn't know if I would encounter closed roads, or massive delays due to icy roads. Since the first step was to cross both Vail Pass and Loveland Pass on Interstate 70, I wanted to start early, thinking that 1st, I would drive through most nights and not need a motel and 2nd, that if I got to David's early I could get B-roll to be intermixed with the interviews to provide that "film quality" documentary that we are dedicated to achieving.

I signed up to Twitter for no other purpose than to promote the film and drive views to the fundrazr page. (yes, that's how they spell it) So, I started a thread for the "Epic Road Trip" and took some poorly photographed shots for the tweets. I had just put a new water pump in so I wouldn't have any problems as it was getting weak and weeping a bit. There was a little bit of traffic and icy roads near the summits of the passes, but nothing engaging 4Wheel wouldn't handle. By morning I had passed through the long expanse of I-70 through Kansas and found myself in St. Louis, MO.

I have a friend who lives in Illinois, so I stopped by and pressed him into service to obtain B-roll in his hometown. We had dinner, but by then I had been up for 48 hours and driving for most of it, so he encouraged me to get some sleep. Planning on getting more B-roll in Indiana and Kentucky, I knew I had to set out early. I got about 2 hours of sleep before I decided to set out. About an hour into the drive, with the temperature hanging around 0 degrees, I noticed the battery light had come on. I pulled over and checked it out and figured my alternator was on the fritz, so I wanted to get further down the road (this was early Saturday morning) where I might find a Walmart, a repair shop and a hotel. It took another hour and I found what I wanted. I got a room as cheap as I could and slept for a few hours, maybe two, by the time I figured someone might be open.

I called around to all of the repair shops, who could maybe get to me on Wednesday, so I knew I would be out in the cold for an hour or so replacing the alternator. Now, anyone who has done this, and I have done it a lot in my life, it seemed like nothing, a couple of bolts, but this was a 4Runner and it was the model that has the alternator below the valve cover. Fortunately for me, I had my old oil field coveralls (North Dakota winter) coveralls and I pulled up to the NAPA and started work. Yes, as is often the way, I went through every tool in the box and even had to go buy a couple. As I have said, I've done this before and know to fix a vehicle in the NAPA parking lot if possible.

Back on the road and out of the hotel before I had to pay for another day, I set off toward Indiana, getting some prime B-roll in the small town of Corydon close to Louisville, KY. By this time, it was dark and I still wanted to get to Midway, KY, where there are some interesting buildings and scenes. I wanted to get the shots at dusk, but that was hampered by the alternator, so I wound up getting a cheap room in Georgetown, KY, got caught up on a few things on the internet and planned to get up at 5am. I have always had a hard time getting to sleep at night and that Saturday night was no different. I finally slept at around 2:30 and got up at 5 and set out.

Midway, KY is a beautiful little town right in the middle of horse and whiskey country, not far from my ancestral family land going way back to 1787. I got some decent shots and set out for Ohio to pick up the director (my daughter) flying in to Columbus, OH. I had a room we could share already booked and was just arriving at about 11:00 am when, in traffic, the transmission let go and I nearly had to cause a multi-car pile-up as I swerved to get out of traffic and off the road.

Keep in mind, this is a 16 year old 4Runner with, by then, 347,000 miles on it. I was expecting it to blow up, just not then and not particularly there. But, I was in Columbus and I was early enough to sort things out before the director's flight arrived, but I spent a lot of time sorting out what to do with the vehicle, getting all of my tools and renting a car from the airport. By then, it was time to meet up with Concerned American of WRSA. We had dinner, talked about the project and the next day's schedule with David Codrea. My daughter's flight didn't arrive until 1:30 in the morning, so I went back to the room and continued the conversation with CA, who was staying just a ways down the road from our hotel. I picked up my daughter, no problem, went back to the room, got her settled, while I decided to write a post. Now, we are dealing with three different time zones here and when I sat down to write the post, I thought it was 2am, it was actually 4am and we had plans to meet back up and head out at 6am. A few hours later, I looked at the right time and realized it was nearly 5am. So, I got about an hour of sleep and got ready to meet up with CA.

This is going to be a very long post, so if you need to get a bite to eat, this would be a good place.

At 6am we headed out to the final destination to be arrived at by 9am. Now, this is where the continued issues and lack of sleep threw a wrench into the plans. I don't like GPS navigation and use it only as a last resort. When one is basically lobotomized by lack of sleep and stress, is a very good time to use GPS navigation. I can say this, because I missed the same turnoff that I was actively looking for TWICE. I will say that I can go for long periods with very little sleep and I can drive during those times without much worry, but at some point judgment takes a vacation and I exhibited lack of judgment numerous times until, Monday night at Gettysburg, PA when I finally got a full night's sleep.

David Codrea  was an excellent interview. He was gracious enough to help overcome some of my mind-addled mistakes and I know he probably has a very negative impression of me, but regardless, he had plenty of interesting perspectives to offer the project and contributed a great deal to it.

The next day, Tuesday, we visited the Gettysburg battlefield and took a few shots for the B-roll and set out for VA. We had to stop in York due to there not being any light stands in the lighting package I waited for on the 5th. We did not open the package until arriving at David Codrea's, which was my mistake, but I purchased it online, studied the photo to make sure there would be stands and umbrellas as no good lighting package is minus either of those two things. We bought some lightstands in York and continued on to VA.

Wednesday, we set out early to arrive on time at Gun Owners of America headquarters to meet up with Larry Pratt. We put all of our gear together in the parking lot of a shopping center and on time we arrived, ready to set up and do the interview. Mr. Pratt was delayed doing another interview, but that just gave us time to be ready to roll when he arrived. The folks at GOA were wonderfully accommodating and generous. They were quick to help out and let us move the conference room around to get the best angles. Larry is a practiced interviewee and helped the process along by knowing what we were after and providing us with some valuable insights into the Second Amendment and freedom in general.

From there, we split up. CA went on to his final destination and myself and the director went into DC to get some B-roll. That was interesting with the whole front of the capitol building covered up with stadium seating apparatus. We finally found a parking place and walked around to get it.

The next stop was Mississippi where a very generous donor awaited our arrival at 6am. Another hotel bill avoided by driving through the night. This, I am accustomed to, but my director daughter was not so keen on the practice. We did arrive at Phillip's house, which was magnificent, and directed to our rooms to get a little sleep. I stayed up for a few hours to discuss the project with Phillip and to chat. When my lids gave me away he sent me up to get some sleep. 2 hours later I came back down and talked to Sammi about getting some additional B-roll, but Phillip suggested we talk to the folks down at Boondocks Firearms Training Academy. In conversations with Kyle the instructor and Kim the co-owner, we realized there was some value there for the documentary and set up an impromptu interview. After that, dinner at a seafood place, then back on the road.

It was about an hour or two into the journey to Bill Buppert's in the Southwest that we got a disturbing text. It was my wife saying she was about to go into surgery. Surgery? What surgery? After some frantic moments and texts, we discovered that my wife had been taken to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. A few more phone calls later and we were headed back to Colorado instead. I am grateful to Bill Buppert for his understanding and to CA for his understanding. It is a testament to my wife that she only contacted us by orders of hospital staff, or she would not have mentioned it to us until after the trip was over. While I appreciate her willingness to sacrifice for the cause, that was one step too far. There is nothing more important to either myself or my daughter than my wife's health.

Yes, we still have to get the Buppert interview, but with Sammi in California and me in Colorado, this is something that can be done after my wife's recovery.

So, if you have kept with me through all of that, I would ask for whatever help you might be able to give this project. We have done a lot with very little and have been conscious of all of the hard work every donor must do in order to help us out. This trip alone cost me a vehicle and the cost of a rental car to continue the effort. I can wipe all of that away with a shrug, but we are down to what must be done with paid editors, paid cinematographers, paid actors (to fill in the "real people" aspect of our B-roll) and there is advertising and making time to promote this film in order to make it what I think all of us want to see. Please go to LIES OF OMISSION and do what you can. We are into the nut-cuttin' time right now. We can mess around with this for a little bit, but in order to meet the deadline, we have to have this a completed project no later than June.

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