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Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Better Understanding of Evil

Working in Texas, in the panhandle, there are few bookstores. There are convenience stores aplenty, some fast food joints, a number of BBQ spots along US 287 and oil, of course. Bookstores? Not many, but I did find a rather storied one in Archer City. 

Wandering the almost overwhelming inventory sent my mind in many different directions. I love history, political theory, the literary masters, etc. This bookstore has the greatest selection of rare and valuable books I have ever seen, if a bit haphazard in their stock due to the fact that they are all used books. 

Anyone who loves books, especially used books, understands that there is a mystical sort of "voice in the wilderness" quality to searching for a book in a used bookstore. It is not so much that you go looking for it, as you wait to be inexorably drawn to it. I was wandering such a bookstore once and there on the shelf, for the most ungodly of reasons, was a geophysical log interpretation manual that I just had to have. 

This is how I came upon Pontynen and Miller's "Western Culture at the Crossroads." 

The book attempts to explain in a scholarly way the issues many of us have been writing about for years, a thing Mike Vanderboegh said in Lies of Omission, that we are a nation not "divided" so much as diametrically opposed to each other. While nothing, so far, has been revealed in the book that is not already known (it was published in 2011) it attempts to go further back with the explanation for what we are currently witnessing on a large and vivid scale. 

The point was made, at least argued, that the Western culture and especially American culture is at a crossroads, the origin of each intersecting road going back to before the Enlightenment. What we see now as a liberal/conservative or a republican/communist conflict is actually a conflict between modernist and postmodernist point of view versus a Judeo-Christian culture. 

While I am not sure that I will ultimately buy into the concept that the Judeo-Christian culture seeks beauty, truth and love, I am not finished reading the book and will reserve judgment until then. The authors did do a great job of explaining the opposite side of the coin and one passage sticks out immediately. 

(Speaking of the left and by this I mean Republicans, too, because there is no longer and may never have been a true difference between Republicans and Democrats. What Pontynen and Miller describe could be any politician and it is the whole of the body politic in America that subscribes to the modernist-postmodernist point of view.) 

The passage is this: "They rationalize power, envy and greed in the name of virtue, or claim it (virtue) is beyond rational discursive evaluation."

Immediately I understood Hillary Clinton a thousand times better than I ever had. I had always thought she was evil, that she knew she was evil, that she reveled in the fact of her evil and when her plans came to fruition delighted in her evil. What I had never considered was that she thought of her evil as a virtue.

What I had not considered is that the left rejects objective truth as a means of rejecting morality and attacking those seeking truth through the Judeo-Christian culture or scripture. That they see the pursuit and ultimate achievement of power instead of truth as worthy of a purpose as the attainment of peace or the fulfillment of understanding. 

Yes, I understood this before in a vague sort of way, but the book brought it into sharp focus and helped me to understand that the real battle lines had been drawn long, long ago. 

Everyone I have ever talked to on our side of the equation has sought mostly to be left alone to seek beauty, understanding and truth, while everyone I have encountered on the opposite side of the equation has sought power for power's sake. Since I understand that someone might want power to do nefarious things, mostly evil, I chalked it up as evil. I had not considered that they saw the attainment of power as a virtue in the way I see honesty as a virtue. 

To them, as the quote makes clear, whatever drives them to the attainment of power, be it greed, envy, lust or sociopathic disassociation, is a de facto virtue. Hollywood suddenly makes a lot more sense when viewed in that context. 

I don't know how better to illustrate the real conflict gathering strength in this nation or how better to explain the utter uselessness of continued hope in some peaceful resolution. When the body politic is convinced that their tendencies toward theft, surveillance, oppression, suppression, violence and enslavement of the people are actually virtues to be nurtured because they have brought power to them, what more needs to be said? 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Are You Human?

The peoples of the Western world are being asked a very simple question by their leaders: Are you human? Now, that would seem like a very silly question to ask and an even sillier question to answer, except that it has been asked by Western leaders before, but not of their own people. They have asked this question of Africans and Americans prior to colonizing their lands, but the rub is the way in which that question is asked and even more consequential is the way it is answered.

The way Western leaders ask this question is by flooding other people into a given space already occupied by someone else. They don’t care that the residing people had been there for centuries, or that they had built upon the land, cultivated it and that their religion and genealogy is tied to it. All of these things would seem to answer the question in the affirmative. Yes, we are human, we have built families here, engaged in business, improved the lands, built temples upon it and reside here.

But, that is not an answer that the Western leaders recognize. They do not reply: “Oh, sorry to have bothered you, didn’t realize you had gotten your whole civilization started and running without us. Never mind.” They just continue to flood the land with other people and let them battle it out for survival. This is the gladiatorial stage of the operation as far as they are concerned. They don’t care who wins, because they will remain in control, because the question was not properly answered.

The question can only be answered in the negative (no, we are not human) by allowing the continued, overwhelming of the population by people of the Western leaders choosing.

The question can only be answered in the affirmative (yes, we are human) by rising up and driving the leaders from power.

Once a leader has conceived of that question: Are you human? they cannot remain a leader and must be driven from their position of power. The 20th Century has seen too many of these types of leaders to ignore the fact that when a leader conceives of this question to ask of any people, especially their own, a genocide is in the making. When they asked it of the Africans and the Americans, the answer was the same: genocide.

Too often people get hung up on the racial issue, the color of someone’s skin, but it has never really been about that. It has been the question of humanity that has been asked and when it was impossible for the native people to have thrown the leader from power, they were subjugated and their humanity was denied them. When British ships went to Africa, this is the question they asked. When British ships went to America, this is the question they asked. 

In that simple question are many, many other questions all waiting for the same logical and reasonable response. “Will you allow me to confiscate your property?” “Will you allow me to have you raped?” “Will you allow me to have you thrown from your house?” “Will you allow me to have you beaten?” “Will you allow me to have you imprisoned for speaking forbidden words?” “Will you allow me to forbid you certain thoughts?” “Will you allow me to deprive you of privacy?” “Will you allow me to deprive you of respect?” “Will you let me deny you justice?” “Will you let me laugh while you watch my ministers do every despicable thing with no recourse, while you beg not to be imprisoned for a slip of the tongue?” Or, are you human?

It is easy to point out someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez AOC as someone in particular who is asking this question, but that would ignore the Republican representatives that are just as busy asking the same question. Leaders are leaders and they are all in on it. No one gets a pass for listening to the question from the back room. If you heard it, you either asked it or answered it. 

Any leader, no matter what role they play in leadership, recognizes only one response to all of those questions, forcible removal from power. Everything else is an affirmation of their power, a pitiful, obedient nodding of the head, because the leader who has conceived of this question recognizes only acceptance, or removal.

The question is being asked across the globe: in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Britain, Italy, France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Canada and the United States.

Now it is your turn to answer. Are you human?

Monday, December 31, 2018

The Governments Coup Against the People of America.

The United States of America is unsustainable as a political unit. It is at a moment when enough of the population has been indoctrinated into the new way of thinking and enough of the population has either avoided it long enough or recovered from it to create a solid line of division.

There are no longer illusions about legitimacy on the left, what with the rampant voter fraud orchestrated by governmental units across the nation from Georgia to Texas to California and everywhere in between, if on a less conspicuous scale.

There is no illusion that the people's representatives and senators consider them of any greater value than African "refugees" or illegal aliens, they don't. In fact, because the "immigrants" come with no expectation of political rights or understanding of the political system, i.e. a republic, they are of greater value to rulers who seek not input, or direction from their constituents, but blind obedience and fear.

Deep in the heart of every so-called "public servant" is the certain knowledge that push come to shove, they have the power and tools to quash any dissension. We have given them that power by our unwillingness to rock the boat when they stepped out of line. "You can't fight City Hall" was a popular refrain when I was growing up, but I always wondered why. Surely, fighting City Hall was the duty of the citizen in a republic. The coercion was already at work by the time I was eight.

Few people understand, as they watch the on-going attempted coup of a sitting president, that THEY are the subject of the coup. Illegal aliens and African "refugees" are the forces being brought in to fight the battle for the globalist traitors in our government. This is made clear and undeniable by the fact that government and the complicit traitorous media refuse to allow any criticism of these forces as they perform their functions of societal disruption and a breaking down of loyalist traditions and organizations.

The Boy Scouts are one clear example. The Boy Scouts were a number of things the new regime in Washington detests: Christianity, maleness, faithfulness and patriotism. They were a classical "old" order organization that is now near bankruptcy, because they were fools and actually unfaithful to their own principles when it came down to prove it.

That's where the rub is that not nearly enough "old" Americans have quite gotten through their skulls. If you believe in America as it was in 1940, when men were men and women were women and the greater share of American society was Christian, if even vaguely so, you are of the OLD order and need to be done away with as soon as possible. If you will not fold and go away as the Boy Scouts did, then you have to be crushed, destroyed and silenced. If you will not accept your fate, they are preparing the path for your extermination. Because, very simply, you have to GO so they can take your place.

The government and their NEW constituents, the peoples of the world, have already begun the coup against the people of America. Look at any online headline and you will see that this is true. Unfortunately, many of the old Americans have already capitulated or even willingly joined the conspirators. Soon, it will come down to a few, but then there are so many sheep it will only take a few victories to rehabilitate many of those who will wave with any strong wind blowing in any direction. What seems like powerful numbers are an illusion, it still only comes down to a few staunch patriots of the republic and rabid communists in the actual fight.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Martyr Without A Discernible Cause

American patriots--and by patriots I mean simply those who recognize the principles expressed in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution as commendable and workable principles upon which to build a society--must recognize that our nation is in our own hands. While there is no way to convince the leftist and collectivist enemies of this nation that we have the right and obligation to confront them and their ideology on whatever grounds present themselves, the patriot knows this to be true.

The clever assistance lent to the communists by establishment Republicans and "conservatives" by suggesting that patriots need to be civil and orderly about their differences with these political adversaries are aiding and abetting the destruction of the nation and more specifically, the destruction of the patriots. Patriots have no color; they have no religion; they have no gender; they have no age; they simply have a common belief in a set of principles:

1) that the size of government is directly related to its oppressive inertia; (a government can be oppressive simply by being too large)

2) that privacy is directly related to freedom;

3) that freedom is directly related to economic activity;

4) that any money involuntarily surrendered is theft; (this true if by a mugger or an IRS agent)

5) that borders are essential to the establishment of nationhood, or statehood;

6) that a militia is necessary to the security of borders and the inhabitants therein;

7) that a right to arms is a deterrent to invasion and criminal activity and therefore cannot be regulated; (especially by those who are unfamiliar with the utility of arms)

8) that freedom of speech is necessary to interpersonal communication and understanding and that a restriction of freedom of speech is the essence of oppression;

9) that the burden of proof in any crime must lie with the prosecutor and that due process of law requires the presumption of innocence;

10) that all people are equal before the law;

11) that a dilution of representation is no representation at all; (1 rep per 30,000 citizens is reasonable)   

12) that taxation without representation (1:30,000) is just cause for revolt;

13) that it is within the right of the people to alter or abolish the government at any time these principles, in whole or in part, are violated.

Nations are made of these principles (and others not recognized here). Nations are disbanded for violations of these principles. The least we can do to preserve a set of principles that helped to guide our nation for over two hundred years is to follow the lead of Wes Rhinier, who recently published a set of questions that a patriot would be hard pressed to answer in front of a mirror. Ask yourself why these things are allowed in a nation established, built and supported by patriots.

Those coming to these shores, or across the borders do not value these principles. They do not see the need for them as their intent is to destroy this nation, either to establish a caliphate and institute Sharia Law, or to suck it dry of its financial marrow. There is no one coming to this land to defend it and why would they? Those who have the most to lose will not lift a finger to stop it. They have allowed the treasury to be looted by politicians who are more concerned with paying off their dedicated contributors than paving roads unless those aims coincide.

This is our land and we are allowing the trespassers to commit crimes against our children and spouses, but why? Because the politicians who have overseen the destruction of your privacy, freedom and seek to disarm you tell you to let them be?

The truth is this, no one in America will blame you if you finally start acting like an American. I know that those communists and Muslims who have gotten a taste of power in this republic will hate you, revile you and try to have you imprisoned. They see themselves now as the victors and relish the idea of writing the history of America. If they succeed and rewrite American history to reflect the righteousness of their conquest, the ideals above will be obliterated for centuries and the enslavement of your children will be seen as a just and equitable fate.

I don't know what triggering event will bring us together on these issues. The trouble with independent thinkers is that they tend to have a wide and diverse set of conditions upon which they will act, making cooperative action nearly impossible. Some will not act at all. Some will act too soon and simply become a martyr without a discernible cause. But, we have to start somewhere, sometime...don't we?  

Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Truth Remains

Is there anyone left in the nation who believes that we are still a republic? That your vote has not been tampered with, either through outright switching or disenfranchisement through cramming the ballot box with illegal votes? Is there a sense that this vote manipulation has led to a fraudulent outcome that has destroyed the concept of Congressional representation? Is there any sense that there is an equal justice system complete with due process and limitations on government power, or is that reserved for government employees and the wealthy? Is it still possible to object to the globalization of power without being considered a criminal? Is it possible to speak your mind in any venue without incurring civil or criminal liabilities? Is it possible to speak your mind in any venue without the possibility of being physically attacked? Is there any way to opt-out of the surveillance conducted by government and even software programs? Is there any sense that your rights and opinions will be evaluated on a par with anyone else, or are there special citizens who must be accommodated above your concerns and even at your expense? Do you feel like ultimately the government will abolish Christianity and accommodate Islam? Do you feel as though the taxes you are legally obligated to pay are being used in a responsible and thoughtful manner?

Yes, maybe all of this has been in the works for decades, but have you not felt a ramping up, an acceleration towards this end state?

Do you feel that the government will, in only a few months, come to your door demanding your weapons, or at least some of your weapons?

The momentum in this nation is toward collectivism, toward Islamisation, toward obliteration and perhaps even genocide. These were once buzzwords of alarmism; today they are recognition of fact openly avowed and promoted in some circles.

The treasury is so depleted and misused that it can be used for little else than to service debt, purchase votes and occasionally build a bridge or two. Through all of the malfeasance, there is no means of the citizen to deny future funds until fiduciary responsibility can be reestablished. In essence, there is no way to stop the train short of disaster and forced labor to build the track.

You realize there is no reason to hope for better times. Even those bent on the destruction of this nation know that in the end it will be a miserable hole, possibly dominated politically by Russia or China or both, one commanding the eastern half and the other commanding the western half. Perhaps, it will become a battleground for them as they fight for global dominance. But the one thing that cannot come out of the conditions described above is a free nation. It will, at least, become a soviet state controlled initially as a police state until they round up all of the weapons and assign the bad-thinkers a bunk. That is a foregone conclusion, because without principles, limitations and policies that ensure the integrity of individual choice and belief, of representative government with rigid accountability, the American experiment has failed.

You can defend yourself, hunker down against the roving bands of marauders, the government goons, the tax collectors and the politically correct, but in order to effect change, to address the crisis of culture and the republic, you have to get out into the street. This is the truth and will remain so until you do, or do not. I have been banging this drum for a long time. I have led efforts on the streets of D.C. and owing to my lack of leadership, I was largely alone. I have endured criticism for the stupidity of this point of view. But, it is still true. It is true in France, Hungary and even places like Armenia and Iran. Britain will soon be forced to recognize this truth if they expect to break free of the EU.

Globalism is slavery and the national systems that exist around the world are weighted toward globalism. Globalists have put a lot of money into the police state, forcing globalism on the world to wipe away nationalism. They have financed the drive toward migration to destroy nationalism, to enforce Islamism which is eminently compatible with slavery and paternalism. Only rabid nationalism with an active populace can reverse the trend toward globalism and the slavery it requires.

Of course, Americans will wait for some calamity, some moment in time to make their move, but one thing is absolutely true: There will never be another free national election held in America. The weakness of voting laws was shown in neon bright lights and it led to nothing. Outright theft of elections was not enough. As we wonder "What will it finally take?" we sit silently polishing our weapons instead of lacing up our boots.  

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Petition of Dissolution

We are at a point of momentous change. You can see it in France, for heaven's sake! A gasoline tax has led to massive revolts and the use of gasoline to torch the city, not unlike tea dumped into a harbor. But, this is the culmination of some high-level meetings, the G8, G7 or G6, however many are currently in the "in" crowd. Somewhere along the line, in the EU or the UN perhaps, the notion was conveyed that the West was a dumping ground; the people too full of Starbucks coffee and ritual social media involvement that they would not mind the wholesale destruction of their culture.

To what degree that is true is debatable. I am not suggesting that suddenly there is a resistance to government control of our lives, but there do seem to be some flashpoints at which people decide enough is enough. I'm not sure where that is. It is different in each country and each province or state and even each neighborhood.

What I am suggesting is that there is an arrogance to our collective governments in the West that suggests they can do whatever they will to the citizenry and the people will just roll over and accept it. This is not without substantiation, either. They dumped unknown quantities of Third-World "refugees" on the whole of Europe and it just seemed to accept rape, pillage, assault and murder as if they were parking tickets, the price of being white. In the United States, there are no-go zones; the acceptance that rape of a child aged 10 is okay, if it is culturally traditional to some and we need not question who the "some" are in this context. Yet, if it is culturally traditional for some to behead pedophiles, that would not be "okay."

The double standard is playing out over and over everywhere and in this Americans are well-versed by now. One set of citizens, usually the smallest percentage, can demand change of the entire culture and no one bats an eye. Oh, there is outrage, but no action and that is what has invigorated our governments desire for tyranny. Where there is no punishment there is no abatement. What these governments are really begging for is revolt.

It is no longer a question of whether or not we, as Americans, should revolt, we have all known that was the ultimate outcome for a long time. There is nothing left of the nation to which we might have taken a pledge to defend. That time has passed as surely as the time for obedience to the crown had passed. The only remaining stumbling block was the notion that somehow--even if we knew better--the vote would get us out of trouble. That perhaps, we could do well enough and turn the country around and our opposites would see that it was best to vote for the policies that worked for the nation. And, even if we didn't believe that, we told ourselves that, knowing that we were lying. But, rampant voter fraud and the complete disregard for the laws proved that our "opposites" had latched onto the rationalization that Trump was a racist to vindicate their wholesale cheating in the elections and their full intention to do so until they regained power. Now that they have won the House in that manner, they can concentrate on the Senate and President in the next election. They are printing pre-cast ballots for Hillary as we speak.

What the useful idiots don't understand is how the conclusion that lying, cheating and counterfeiting to obtain a "just" result, i.e. the removal of a racist in chief, is nothing other than a ruse to get them to do the dirty work of those who would slaughter them in the first purge. We have seen this over and over in communist countries and yet they are as blind to history as they are to facts. No matter what good Trump might have done for the nation as a whole, he has to be replaced with a communist, who would reverse it all and continue the glide path of America toward Third World status. It's the only fair thing to do.

From a rational point of view, there is no way ever to get back even one scintilla of freedom or liberty. No matter how hard we vote, no matter how outraged and screaming we get, there is NO way to ever return to a semblance of liberty and freedom. It cannot happen. Not in this system. Not with this debt. Not with the contempt of every government official toward our rights, property and privacy.

This government can no longer function as a reliable and honest depository for tax dollars; it cannot function as a deterrent to our enemies having offered up defense of the nation to accommodate multi and transgendered soldiers as a social statement, a thing for which the defense of the nation does not require; it cannot run honest elections, nor deter vote fraud, but rather stands in awe of the phenomenon; it does not prosecute traitors within the government, it cannot even call them traitors to their face; it does not recognize, nor seek to defend the populace from foreign criminal gangs set on the victimization of its citizens; it cannot disband schools even though they are no longer necessary to the education of the youth and used by deranged individuals as victim collection centers for whatever evil deeds they concoct; it cannot stand against corporate financial institutions in favor of its citizens; it cannot punish rogue states that have refused to cooperate with federal law designed to protect the citizens of the nation from outside aggressive forces. What it can do, what it exceeds at, is to place the continual burden for all of its malfeasance and weakness in the face of opposition on the shoulders of working men and women who ask nothing of the government but fairness; who seek no assistance; who are offered no mitigation to their struggles. These few are the ones to carry all burdens and to suffer all transgressions to the point of being demonized by those who are dependent upon their labors. As such this government, federal, state and local deserve no obedience or loyalty.  

It is time, then, to draft a Petition of Dissolution. Our friends on the left will be as willing to do so as those on the right. The things of government are unmanageable; it is too corrupt; too trapped by its own arrogance; too divisive in its manner to listen to reason or work to solve the nations problems. This government created over two hundred years ago is no longer capable of working as designed. It cannot even obey its own codes. There are laws for government officials and other laws for citizens. There are few if any actual punishments of government employees, while every word is a potential prison sentence for the citizen. The republic has become some sort of kingless Kingdom with only barons, lords and sheriffs running amok, demanding satisfaction for their whims.

We can look at fault if we want to, but does it matter? Is anything more clear than the fact that this government is not capable of understanding how ridiculous it is when it speaks of laws for one citizen and different laws for others? That special groups can murder, maim and rape children and others will be tried and imprisoned for the same actions? That is a system that has FAILED. There is no other way to view its actions or its reasons. A judge in one circuit overrules the President?

I know that by suggesting a Petition of Dissolution that it is exactly what George Soros wants. It is what the communists in the federal government want. But the trap has already been set to slowly grind resistance to these groups into dust. The push to disarm the citizenry will only get more insistent and resistance to it more fractured and distanced as time goes on. Each city will enact illegal confiscations and then states and little by little all rights will be lost. The Second Amendment is the only one that matters at a time like this.

Now, while the greatest majority still hold the weapons of resistance, is the time to dissolve this union no matter how difficult it is for the heart to conceive it. The alternative is an inexorable decline into misery, destitution and ultimate ignoble slavery. It is our right and duty to alter or abolish. It is the only thing left to which we should swear an oath. I don't know what is on the other side of such an act, perhaps the exact same outcome, but with the knowledge that we stood and we gave everything to deny the tyrants their victory. But, maybe something better...after the worst.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Working Stiff Rebellion

Everyone has seen the voting games being played in Arizona, Georgia and Florida. Understand one thing, all of you working people out there in the nation, this is all designed to make you less of a human being. You are being targeted, your voice obliterated from self-determination. You, the people out there in the mechanic's shops, the hair salons, the trucks, the planes, shipping centers and anywhere that interstate commerce is taking place. You are being told that these states and their masses of illegal immigrants voting in your elections are more important, of much greater value than those of you who have families who have lived, not only in these states, but every state, for generations that you are insignificant, mentally deficient and too cowardly to do anything about the vote fraud that has taken place.

Also, understand who it is that is telling you this. It is every illegal immigrant who voted illegally; every state official who is supposed to guarantee that the views of the legal residents of a given area are heard in the halls of Congress; every two bit politician, on either side of the aisle, whose duty it is to see to it that, that one right, that last right that has not been infringed, regulated out of existence or outright denied, is their sworn duty; every liberal who thinks that their concept of right outweighs any possible wrong they might do to you, your city, your property, your peace and your opinion.

These people, these communists, these greenies who are communist red on the inside, these foreign citizens, these would-be tyrants and dictators have decided that only their views are important, only they know how to do the right thing and you are either too lazy, stupid or inbred to conceive of their magnificence and brilliance. They know who to choose for a governor, or a mayor, or a representative, or a senator and since you are too stupid to agree with them, they will just have to vote ten times more often to ensure that the right thing is done.

That is exactly how they see you, but those are just the useful idiots, the trolling dupes, the ragtag Antifa leadership, the self-righteous college graduates who actually swallowed the vomit spewed by their communist professors and assistants. They are the elementary, middle school and high school teachers and principals who look down on the poor, confused parents, who are so politically backward, they have to send messages to them on how to behave by their own children, who themselves are victims of this diabolical disease called communism, collectivism, socialism and authoritarianism.

These are the overpaid athletes who laugh at you for wanting them to at least show a modicum of respect for the nation that has taken them out of the gutters and placed them at the highest level of societal status, so they kneel when you want them to stand as an insult to everything patriotic and decent about America. They are the celebrities who have not even a smidgen of understanding of what it takes to get up everyday and go to a job you hate in order to send your child to college. They are the deep state clerks and mid-level Senior Executive Service (SES) employees who have the game so rigged none of you serfs will ever get a hint of the lifestyles you would live if they did not spend every dime you pay in taxes monitoring, recording and using illegal means of surveillance to destroy any hope you have of living a life like theirs. They will regulate you, tax you, use your money to defeat you, to defeat your candidates, offer lies and  defamations to keep you right where you are putting tax dollars in their pockets to hate, despise and some even pity you for the uninformed dolts they believe you are.

They are all communists, they are all traitors, usurpers, criminals, thieves, bullies, tyrants and the real problem is, they laugh about it. They enjoy their evil. They enjoy your pain and fear. It gives them power.

And, that is the real crux, is it not? They have the power to beat you down, steal your voice and tell you to shut up all at the same time. They have the system rigged and there is not a thing you can do about it. If you gather a group, they will call you a terrorist. If you object to their abuse of you and the system, they will call you a racist. If you vote against their scheme, they will overwhelm you with fraudulent votes and steal the seats of Congress, just to show you how utterly powerless you are. As they do it, they smile that evil "F-U" smile of Peter Strzok. When you think of all of these people, think of him the most. He perfectly personifies those who consider themselves your betters.

Looking at the enormity of it all, the masses of government workers installed in just such roles as necessary to blunt and demoralize you, to make you beg for mercy from their incessant harassment and denigration when you are just trying to get your license renewed, it seems insurmountable, that you are indeed helpless, hopeless and useful to them only for your weekly or bi-weekly tax contribution to their organized crime syndicate.

But, they have forgotten one thing about you, the average American working citizen and I mean all of them, the Latinos; the Blacks; the Whites; the Asians and Native Americans, because while they tell you that you are special for your ethnicity, race or place of origin, they don't mean it, that his how they divide each of us into easily manageable and manipulated smaller groups and play this group against the other group in order to distract all of us from their real intent which is to be the masters over us, our betters, our lords and barons.

I am begging you for all that is Holy and right, ignore that ridiculous nonsense and look at your brothers and sisters who struggle with the same inability to make a living, because these governmental disasters have decided that you really don't count, they your industry can be fined and abused in order for them to exert their superiority. An example of this is how Barack Obama intended, tried and greatly succeeded in destroying the steel and coal industries, just because he thought it was funny to show all of those employees that they did not count. They did not live in liberal (communist) strongholds of the major metropolitan areas and therefore were not communists and therefore did not matter to him, the government, the nation, in effect. That all of you could starve to death for all he cared. That was black, white, latino, Asian, Republican or Democrat and most of them even voted for him, as deluded and confused as they are by the constant dividing and demoralizing of these groups that the government, any government (Republican or Democrat) does to diffuse the resistance to their schemes. This was seen during the economic crisis of 2008, keep the people off balance and all sorts of horrors can be inflicted upon them.

Ask yourself why banks got bailed out, insurance companies got bailed out, investment firms got bailed out, automakers got bailed out, the richest 1% kept all of their money, but not one home loan was forgiven despite the fact that companies that held the mortgages went bankrupt and in some cases no one even understood who actually held the mortgage to these people's homes and yet they were taken from them when they had paid more than half the balance. These people might have paid $250,000 on a $260,000 loan and because they got laid off when almost every business was struggling to stay alive due to the malfeasance of bankers, stock brokers and mortgage companies, they lost their homes, homes they had spent a lifetime trying to pay off so they could retire on a marginal income. That's what they think of you, that they can take your life savings and save the banks and they will do it again.

But, the one thing left out in all of this is one simple, undeniable fact that gives you, the individual, power over all of them, total, utter and complete power to overcome your status as a slave to their nefarious plans. You, the average working stiff, (I am one also) run EVERYTHING. You ship goods, you schedule deliveries, you fix government vehicles, you repair tires, you make reservations, you repair aircraft, you grow food, you sell goods, you drive trucks that move everything in the nation, you run trains, fix trains. YOU do all of the things that actually make this nation, your home, run.


This is the sort of rebellion you cannot be held accountable for; you don't have to go out in the streets like some communist Antifa thug and hurt people; you don't have to protest or shout people down in restaurants; you don't have to paint yourself up or make yourself look like a clown or go naked to prove your point. You will not be fired for what I am suggesting. You will not even be reprimanded, targeted by Antifa, or suffer in any way whatsoever, but you will be able to make an undeniable statement about the way the elections were held in Georgia, Arizona and Florida.

If they think they can shove this vile fraud down your throat and there is not a thing you can do about it, they are right. All you have to do is NOT do a thing. Push shipments to any three of those states back a few days. The truck is headed to any of those fraudulent states? It goes to the back of the list on repairs, maybe twice. You fix government vehicles and it is a valuable account to your business, put the repairs off a few days, some part is backordered, the new part was damaged on installation and you had to order a new one at no cost, but a delay will occur. Not to all of their vehicles, but enough that you keep the account.

You are all of the people who know how to make things work, but you also know how to make things not work, especially at crucial times.

It's a working stiff rebellion and it can cripple these states if enough of you are outraged at what has taken place during these elections and want to do something, but have believed the propaganda they have been feeding you about your powerlessness, but understand that powerlessness is an illusion they must maintain in order to drive you under their thumb. Only YOU can decide to take that power back, or not.

Will this hurt the truck driver who is just trying to get his job done? Yeah, some, but it would not work if everyone did not sacrifice a little to regain the sort of clout the average working person had in the centuries leading up to this one. It is mainly in this and the previous centuries that American citizens have been so downtrodden, lied to, manipulated, coerced and bullied. Wars were started for much less than we are dealing with today, but we don't need a war and don't want one. What we want is to re-establish our dominance in this "self" governing society. Go in peace and make it hurt.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Couple of Good Genocides

The truth about the election is that nothing is going to change. The Democrats (communists) have it in their mind to pursue the Alinksy protocols right down to the death of the Constitution. And, for those who believe that a paper with words on it means something, it does, but only when backed up with the force of law and people willing to enforce those laws.

The Republicans (communist-lite) want the laws to work for them while in office and don't really care what happens to the individuals that the Constitutional laws are supposed to protect. To this end, they will use those laws (rights) of the people to gain political advantage over their competitors, the real communists. But, if people are still looking for something to be legal and move the Democrats off of their agenda, forget it.

With the rise of Antifa as the military wing of the Democrat Socialist Party, it will only get worse. They are the IRA of the Sinn Fein political party and no one in politics seems to care one way or another, not even when harassed by these militants themselves, so if you think they care about them harassing you, you are mistaken.

The bubbling of violence engaged in by Antifa is designed to anger and cause a reaction from the average American, but they have basically instituted Sharia Law in Minnesota and that isn't even enough to stir the patriotic emotions of people who wave the flag and sing the Star-Spangled Banner. The true idea of what being an American was has been lost.

Election theft is what they do, it is about the only thing with which these communists are proficient; that and violence. Communists are only really good at obtaining power, beyond that they always devolve into genocide and gulags. Because they obtain power by destroying the capitalist industrial complex and are, by nature, only capable of stifling criticism, criminalizing opposition and murder. This is how they obtain power and believe that they can maintain power while the whole financial structure fails with the same tactics.

A critical examination of communist societies throughout history demonstrate exactly that. Their rhetoric is only useful to wealthy, slothful capitalists who at the height of their power become susceptible to the siren song of "fairness" and "equality" that is missing in a capitalist system, because capitalism only rewards the fruitful, innovative and often lucky to the point of excess. It is in this excess that guilt arises uncontrollably in the capitalist and is magnified to the tenth power by subsequent generations.

Always, there is a threadbare communists, jealous of the prosperity, angry at the fact that their brilliance is going unrewarded in a society that does not value good ideas without the will, effort or talent to see those ideas to financial fruition. This anger and jealousy is supremely evident in the members of Antifa, of whom most are teachers, professors and the self-proclaimed intelligentsia. It is always the same sort of evil little narcissist that falls for the communist platform first, with the zeal to belittle, harangue and demonize others into compliance with their fantasy world, where they are valued.

So, those with wealth and means become the loudest advocates for a life of dearth and toil, but not for them. They imagine that if all of the wealth (aside from theirs or that they will find a suitable command in the new structure in trade for their wealth) of a nation can be redistributed to all with satisfactory outcomes. Which is true, until they have sucked the marrow from the capitalist system they have replaced and destroyed all of the residual benefits.

It reminds me of Stephen Hawking's dying warning that we will have to relocate from the Earth which will inexorably grow warmer by a few degrees in the next few decades and populate another planet like Mars, which is hundreds of degrees colder and the atmosphere doesn't sustain human life.

Like with communists, the question can be asked, "but what if we just stay here where conditions might be a bit more uncomfortable in the future, but it is not absolutely incompatible with human life?"

That is where you get to the current communists in America. They won't say it in public, but they are looking for a good genocide or two in order to "save the planet" and that is their real goal. They are so imbued with the idea of being some super-heroes to future generations that nothing will stand in their way, especially not YOU.

So, what is the answer? Identify every communist you encounter and browbeat and humiliate them until they admit that what they really want, what they seek is a couple of good genocides to make them super-heroes. Trust me, that is what they really want to tell you. They want to see the shock in your eyes and the sense of revulsion, because that is what makes them feel powerful.

By the way, LIES OF OMISSION the documentary, is free for a good tutorial of the above post.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Democrats, You Are Getting Played

This is a special appeal to Democrats. Democrats think that they are doing the right thing by voting for a Democrat this election. They want to feel good about themselves and want to think they are doing the right thing by voting for a Democrat. They have always voted for Democrats, believing it to be a more humane and civil political party compared to the Republicans.

There are a lot of issues on which to disagree between Democrats and Republicans, but let's just focus on one for the time being. That one issue is what is best for ALL Americans.

The only thing that is best for ALL Americans is a stable and functional society in which to live. For that to be true:

There have to be jobs for people to earn a living.
There have to be protections from illegal activities.  i.e. theft, vandalism, murder, rape etc.
There have to be rules for social conduct.
There has to be a sense of being able to defend oneself from harm.
Public buildings, areas and roads must be maintained.
Public services must be operational, i.e. hospitals, power, water, sewer, trash.
Private property must be protected in order for contracts to be fulfilled and exchange of goods to take place.
Education must be available to younger generations so that they have the opportunities to understand how to take over the operation of business, governance and education.

How we go about this is where the divisions start and that is a classical American political argument that will rage over centuries and centuries. Republicans will always want the private sector to handle as many of these issues as possible and Democrats will always want government to handle as many of these issues as possible.

That is what a normal election season is all about, the arguments for one over the other from one point of view or another. Charismatic leaders on one side or another can move that needle a bit to one side in one election and it can be moved a bit to another side in a subsequent election.

That is not what THIS election season is about. The traditional Democrat has been replaced with a straight out communist. I don't say that lightly, but consider what the issues today are:
Trump is a racist.
We should let millions upon millions of illegal immigrants in and give them access to the treasury for their livelihoods while we have millions already here in need of those services.
There should be no free speech for Trump supporters (in other words all Republicans)
Democrat supporters should be able to use any weapon, lies, cheating, defamation to win this election, because Trump is a racist.

I grew up a Democrat. We didn't believe in any of that. We believed that in the absence of corporate good citizenship (and there was a lot of corporate good citizenship back then), the government would have to provide for the poor, the sick and those discriminated against. Government would have to be the big brother to the down trodden. We didn't necessarily like it. We would have preferred that corporations treated their workers fair, paid them fair and people who were working would solve their own problems. But, that was not always the case.

This election season is about one thing and one thing only, political power. The Democrats need political power to derail ongoing investigations into the deep state and their actions surrounding the soft (communist not Democrat) coup of Donald Trump.  That's it. They are all implicated in either the attempt to overthrow a sitting president or the cover up. They are scared to death that it will be revealed how much they violated the trust the typical Democrat citizen placed in them. They stepped over the line and broke the rules. Maybe they felt they had good reason, i.e. Trump is a racist. But, that does not absolve them of their crimes. 

When I was a Democrat and lived under the smothering regulations piled on us as citizens by the Nixon, Ford and Carter administrations, the words of Ronald Reagan made common sense to me. Let people keep more of the money they worked so hard for and that would fuel investments and purchases to broaden the economic impact of those tax reductions. That made sense to me and it changed how I was going to vote for the first time.

I did not become hate-filled because that made sense to me. I did not want to destroy Democrats, because that one economic model appealed to me. I wanted Democrats to come around to that way of thinking as it seemed logical and rational.

During the Watergate hearings that I watched as a 12-year-old, that summer, I did not hate Nixon, Haldeman, Ehrlicman or Dean, but even I could tell they were guilty and needed to go to jail. I did not care if they were Republicans or Democrats, they hurt the nation that I called home and they had to pay the price.

What took place before and after the 2016 election is Watergate writ large and today the Democrats are struggling to take over the house to further cover up for the actions of a few in the DOJ, State Department and perhaps, like Watergate, even the Oval Office. This needs to come out, we need to take the medicine for allowing this sort of thing to happen and those responsible need to go to jail.

There are three times in my life that government has done some despicable things: The Assassination of JFK, Watergate and the Attempted communist coup of Donald Trump.

If it matters more to you to protect a Democrat or Republican than it does to protect your nation, you have lost sight of the important part of being an American, to defend our system, not our politicians. If I really thought Donald Trump was a racist, I would not vote for him, but he is not on the ballot, the conspirators are. If you vote for the conspirators against your nation, I don't see how we ever rectify what is wrong with our country.

Set Donald Trump aside. If you are a Democrat and you want to see this nation function as a republic and for laws to mean something, sit this one out. Let the investigations into the coup go forward and let it reveal the traitors to the nation. After that, in 2020, if the rising black support for Trump and the rising Latino support for Trump has not encouraged you that he is not a racist, then vote Democrat.

Friday, November 2, 2018


In an effort to expose the left for what it is to people outside the informational loop of conservative and even radical conservatives that visit this blog, WRSA and others of like mind and political leanings, we have made LIES OF OMISSION available until at least after the election free on YouTube.

The reason we have done this is that there is so much good information from so many good sources that it seems necessary that the word get out and to be honest the year and half since its completion it is even more relevant today than it was then. The predictions made then have evolved and transpired in the headlines.

At this point, the message is more important than any other consideration, so we have thrown the doors open. Please send the link to whoever you can to help them understand what the real questions before the American public are during this election season. 

We want to thank everyone for their support over the years. This was always a labor of love for the country for all concerned and while we tried to do things the traditional way, we ran out of momentum at a crucial time.  


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