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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

God's Mercenaries

As the first post on this new blog I thought it appropriate to explain a little about its purpose and point of view.

I have been deeply involved in one way or another in the fight for liberty the past decade and generally involved in the struggle since the late 1980's. I wrote a booklet called the Constitutionalist and while that helped some to understand the fight, it did not do enough. I have organized events in Washington DC, to no avail. I have written extensively about the legal case for the Constitution and against the tyrants in government and the tyranny has only picked up momentum.

All the while I have known deep down that it went further than some document scratched out by the founders in the heat of a Philadelphia summer.

Whether one believes in God, or not; believes in Jesus Christ, or not, America was created by those who did; who fled England in a quest for religious freedom. Yes, those arriving in Virginia a few decades before the Pilgrims sought commerce, but liberty and Christianity were entwined even with that endeavor.

We are a complicated nation, infused with the desire for liberty and wealth, relying on the grace of God to achieve it and to give us strength during the pursuit. Whether we acknowledge it or not; ask for it, or not, it is there.

Rightfully, we are all God's Mercenaries, sent into the world to tame all lands, to conquer His enemies, to defeat the tyrants of the world and to secure it for the meek. In any system, other than a capitalist republic, the meek are ground into meal for the pleasure of the tyrant. They are slaves and servants to the ruling class. Only in a capitalist republic are the meek allowed to rise to the top tier of society by means of hard work and innovation. Capitalism provides the means and God provides the path.

It has become clear to me over the past several months that resistance without the support of God is futile. The fight for religious freedom is as important as the fight for individual freedom. The true fight is against the tyrants and the misery that accompanies them.

America must reclaim its liberty to do the work of the Lord.

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