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Monday, December 30, 2013

Those In Need

I am a Christian and I believe that it is not the government's responsibility, nor duty, nor place to intervene in our lives. The government, in this country, was designed to aid the people in their pursuit of happiness, not to provide happiness. That task was left to the free people through the fruits of their labor and use those funds in a way that most pleases them. That some government is necessary to provide the security under which capitalism can thrive, is a concession of evil amongst the blessings.

With that in mind it is ours to do for those less fortunate. Ours, not just as Christians, but sometimes as the III who will dedicate their lives to liberty. With liberty comes responsibility, duty. Sometimes that is duty is to defend and protect those we love. Sometimes that duty is to help provide for those who need help.

As Christians, there is no other purpose for our blessings from God other than to try and do those things that God would have us do for each other. I am not talking about giving money to people who will only use that money to enable their destructive lifestyles. I am talking about coming to the aid of a family in dire need. I am not here to tell you to do anything, or to ask for your help. As a Christian and a III, I believe that when tragedy strikes it is our choice, but also our duty to do what we see fit for those in need.

Visit this site and decide for yourself. I choose to help.

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