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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Anti-American is the New American

The Anti-American is the new American. Think of it. The only people who get press in this nation are those tearing it down, proposing things that are way beyond our system of government. From the president on down one must be Anti-American if they expect to be accepted in American popular culture.

I know that the intent is to change the system by way of making all things typically American become out-dated, or, in some cases, evil. Being white: bad; being of color; good. There was a time when Martin Luther King, Jr. sought only to be judged as whites were judged and I understood that and supported it then and continue to support it today. America is about individuals with the same opportunities as all other individuals. This is what I believed in as an American. I was proud of the melting pot: how we, as a nation, were able to embrace anyone with a great idea, or a good work ethic and let them earn the spoils without prejudice or slight of hand.

But something happened in the liberal mindset that sought the destruction of America by means of destroying Americans: individuals themselves. This happened not long ago with Phil Robertson, who seems to be one of those Americans who comes out on top, no matter what he does. A scholarship quarterback who chose duck hunting over the NFL. How often does that happen? How often does it happen that that individual becomes better known that almost any football player in America?

The point is simply this: somehow we allowed the insane to rule the asylum. Until very recently, anyone who said anything out of color about the tiniest minority group wound up apologizing to America on national television and feigning contriteness as best they could. No matter what anyone thinks of Duck Dynasty or Phil Robertson, it is a win for America that they were not able to destroy him for his beliefs.

This is the hypocrisy of the left, it is diversity as they say diversity is and if one is not on-board with that narrow definition of diversity they are destroyed by the media through association via whomever it is that gives them money, i.e., producers, employers or the public at large, because to associate with them is to endorse their views. But, they would not have that turned around; they would not like for me to refuse to associate with them based on their views, or habits, or lifestyles. No, that would be judgmental, narrow-minded and wrong.

Phil Robertson epitomizes us all: rural Americans, God-fearing Americans, typical Americans, somewhat uneducated, somewhat backward, like all of us and I mean every single one no matter how sophisticated on might believe themself to be.

That is the part the liberals can't stand. They believe themselves above everyone else: they want to make laws for us dimwits; they want to pressure us into sophistication; they want to change us into something we are not, something that will accept their depravity and cowardice. Most of all they don't want to go abroad and be compared to men like Phil Robertson. Until they get rid of him and anyone like him they will not be satisfied. The trouble is their narrow-minded, backward view of America is given to them from outsiders and makes them feel like hicks and fools. Because they feel that way and deep down they know it is true they must destroy truth.

This is the liberal mind at work: if the truth is undesirable, change the definition of truth; if the Constitution is an obstacle, change the definition of words until it means the opposite. On and on it goes, but until we, Americans, decide to stand up for our beliefs, we are nothing more than bystanders to our own destruction. We must have the courage to say we are Christians and will not be shamed out of our beliefs or made to be contrite over them. I believe in the word of God. Deal with it.

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