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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hollywood Deals Another Blow to Christians

I find it ironic that the left's first and greatest condemnation of Christians is that they are hypocrites; that they preach of family values and occasionally cannot live up to their own standards. That is the very purpose of Christianity is that we are often unable to live up to the standards of Jesus Christ. But, where the irony lies is when they preach diversity and yet set out purposefully to destroy Christians.

The latest in the leftist attacks against Christianity come from the Academy of Motion Pictures (the Oscars) where a song on the soundtrack of  a small religious film "Alone Yet Not Alone" garnered an Oscar nomination, but was later stripped of that honor due to a technicality. The Academy charged that the writer "lobbied" the Board of Governors when he sent them e-mails making them aware of the song's existence. Without a huge advertising budget and promotion on every network talk show that the bigger releases get as a marketing package, Bruce Broughton sought to raise awareness of his work through e-mails to board members.

This is a song on a soundtrack of a film that ran for roughly a week on 11 screens. That is nothing compared to the 16,000 screens on which Gravity opened. Without the e-mails sent by Bruce Broughton, the film would not have been noticed at all, the song would never have been heard through the din created by the major marketing campaigns of big studios. The film was small, because it was Christian and could not get the funding that other films, you know the ones, the drug culture, auto theft, wanton slaughter of Zombie themed movies get.

It is time for Christians to fight back against the discrimination they are faced with on so many fronts. It is time they took it upon themselves to hold up these examples of persecution and ask the liberals for their justification of their own hypocrisy, to get them to at least admit their hypocrisy. Then, when their objection to Christian hypocrisy arises, it might be handy to confront them with theirs.

My daughter is a Christian and is working toward a Communication degree in a small Christian college in California. Her little troupe produces comedic videos called Sunday Night Live (a take-off of SNL) that are actually funny and deserve a wider audience than they get. It is difficult for me to watch them work as hard as they do knowing the deck is stacked against them before they ever get out of school. We are leaving a lot of talent on the table by not confronting this discrimination and worse, we are not getting the type of entertainment we want from Hollywood because of it. If we intend to complain, we really ought to support that which we claim to support.

As another bit of Christian business, there is a III that is in need of some emergency financial support. Go here, read and decide for yourself. I have helped. I do not ask those to help where I have not.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let The Games Begin

Anyone who has ever loved something and had to let it go understands the situation in America today. I don't care if it was a beloved Teddy Bear patched over and over again, the material so thin that it can no longer support new stitches or a great car that embodied and seemed to recall all of the great times contained within its metal shell, there comes a time to let go of the past and look to the future.

So, let us look at our history in America for a moment. It began as a capitalist experiment (and I have been chided for that term for its derivation from Marx as derogatory, but set that aside as we have never known a free market and likely never will, and no, I will not engage the debate here). It was a trading outpost for Britain, France and Spain, each exploiting different parts of the new continent.

There was liberty. The respective crowns were distant and those who braved the seas to arrive and occupy the land did so at their peril. It made of us a risk-taking lot; it made of us self-reliant; it made of us actors rather than reactors. Centuries passed, frontiers dissolved and we arrived at modern America: a tangled web of misinformation, disinformation and largely disconnected from our history. We are fed fairy tales from the television, always spouting a liberal, leftist, Marxist, totalitarian meme.

We are lost. Those of us who understand our rights, who understand the Constitution and the way it was weaved through an understanding of God as the supreme power, are few. The rest believe what they hear on the news, or newspapers, or general gossip.

Our success as a nation was directly attributable to those qualities: risk-taking, self-reliance and action, but, beyond a certain point, it enabled us to disconnect from the very same values. Those qualities allowed us the supremacy of power. We assumed it would always be so and we would always be safe. It allowed us to take our eye off the ball and become more engrossed in our own trivial lives, ignoring the great evil prowling the darkness of apathy.

Those of us awake see the future for what it is: a disaster to our way of life, our supremacy and our security. Those who work against those American traits promise security without risk, wealth without labor, survival without work. They couch our recipe for success in racist terms, on the backs of others, to the detriment of the poor; without seeing that it was poverty and oppression that put the fire in the bellies of the settlers, who found it so horrific in their homeland that a dangerous, cold, distant continent appealed to them rather than to remain under those conditions.

We ventured out, with the grace of God and determination to settle a new land, to enter into liberty from those distant lands of oppression and nobility.

Centuries of new immigrants, drawn by the success, power and promise of America arrived without having to develop, risk or work. They entered a promised land already set up, provided with goods, like walking into a Wal-Mart. Those who brought their labor and ingenuity to the table were fed amply of the rewards, those who did not; who came to game the system, steal the fruit of other's labor have also found fertile fields, but for all the wrong reasons. They have learned the wrong lessons of America and so do not hold in reverence those ideals that made it strong.

We are all immigrants, but the nature of immigration has changed; the purpose of immigration has changed. It doesn't matter where a particular immigrant comes from, because there is no inherent value to any race. We are all humans with all the same failings and blessings. What has changed about immigration is not who immigrates, but why.

Without the supporting values of what made America great, it cannot succeed in the future. It needs humans of all sorts, but with particular ideas of what America is and why it is such. Without that there is no continuity to society, there is no common understanding of values and there is no possibility of survival. It was the ruin of Rome and it will be our ruin as well.

To avert that ruin drastic measures must be taken and the election of 2014 is the time. No, I am not suggesting we "vote our way out" of this, that is an impossibility. 2014 is a time for the first salvo in our rebellion against the revolution that has taken place under the very eyes and ears of our people. It is the first step in the counter-revolution.

The first thing that has to go is the Republican Party. The Republicans have no loyalty to the Constitution, or they would not have allowed Obama to go so far down the dictatorial road he has traveled since his inauguration. They would not tolerate a president threatening them with a pen, or a phone. Somewhere they had to stand up for the Constitution and use its powers to rid this nation of such a tyrant, but they would not take the risk to their political lives and to that end have proved that they do not have the values on which this nation was founded and do not deserve to sit in the halls of power.

Then, let the games begin.

Monday, January 27, 2014

So Help Me God

The battle for American liberty is the battle for American Christianity. Christians largely don't get it. They are locked into a religious viewpoint, oblivious of the greater battle being waged against them and the word of God.

In order for the new socialist order to be completed in the United States, they must not only defeat the forces of liberty, but also the forces of Christianity. It is actually the religious zeal that they fear more than a few dedicated patriots. I suggest that the Marxist bureaucracy thirsts for the rebellion of the patriots, to kill off the last few hold-outs of Constitutional authority and to forever brand "patriots" as lunatics who should be disarmed and exterminated.

Christians give them more pause and for good reason. There are a lot more Christians than patriots and religious fervor is greater than patriotic fervor. Every war in the 21st Century has proven that. The fact that some of the patriots are also Christians is less relevant to them than if Christians became patriots.

Some proof of this fear is that when any individual Christian organization sues the government as in the case of the Little Sisters of the Poor (that recently won a stay from the contraceptive mandate of Obamacare until the Court decides how to respond to the case) the government finds a way to make some small concession. The Supreme Court might allow these individual groups a narrow exception from the mandate, but it will stop short of allowing the religious freedoms granted in the Constitution on a broad scale in order to walk that tightrope between denying Constitutional protection, but not quite enough to anger all Christians. So long as some Christians believe that things are being done by some logic, they will remain docile.

The point the Supreme Court wants to make, in every case it hears, is that they are the authority; they decide which of God's rights are relevant. It is their way of not only acting as Soloman, but as Judas. It is their way of ultimately being God.

Adam and Eve were created in God's image; in liberty. They were not created the servants of any one other than God. When they began to serve evil, they were banished. It is a sin to place any one, even Supreme Court justices, in the place of God. It is a sin to worship obedience to a government bent on the destruction of God's will that we live in liberty. It is our obligation to take upon ourselves the burdens of our brothers and sisters. Every time Christians have looked to the government to do their Christian work, they have turned their backs on God and his will.

There is no way to look at this government of the United States and see in it the place that God created: which was a nation of people who honored God, who put God on their currency; whose representatives placed their hands on Bibles. He blessed us for our fidelity. Now, when these representatives swear their oath on the Bible to protect and defend the Constitution, they are lying on both counts: once with their mouth and once with their hand.

If you are a Christian and you have asked for God's help, you might think about the last time you helped Him.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Magnitude of Their Power

The Marxist obsession with death is striking. There is a blood lust to it. When they describe it, it is always as some form of ultimate good. Whether in the form of euthanasia, or abortion, or Obamacare death panels, they are always getting rid of those that don't fit into their humanistic, Godless society.

It is social planning that ultimately puts the figurative gun to the head of millions of citizens. We have all seen the pictures of the holocaust. The Jews were "wrecking" the ability of Germany to economically recover from World War I. The political opponents of Stalin were "wrecking" the benefits of communism by failing to produce enough for the people. Obamacare will eventually find that old people "selfishly" requiring too many services and not contributing to the treasury will be "wrecking" the health care system. Marxism always comes with an enemy, even when those enemies are as inoffensive as unborn children, the mentally handicapped or the elderly.

The underlying sense of it all is that being human is subjective with bureaucrats making the distinction. The most important aspect of Marxism is the bureaucracy for this very reason. There are accounts of the average Russian believing that if "Stalin knew what was going on, he would be furious and put a stop to it." Stalin depended on the bureaucracy to protect his narcissistic image. Sound familiar?

This is why the founders put such an emphasis on the fact that rights are endowed by a Creator, to take it out of the hands of humans. Humans tend to view their lives as individual, finite and whatever they do needs only be justified to themselves. It is the lack of limiting factors in the human psyche that comes into play here. The humility (I know it is sometimes hard to find in Christians) of Christ was to teach us all to be humble, because humble people, people who know their blessings come from God, not themselves, are expected to show mercy, kindness and charity. This is not to "get into heaven" but rather to live one's life in a proper way; the way Christ would have us live. I believe it is to make us focus on the little things in our lives in which we can find unique beauty, something that only comes from not being obsessed with self-aggrandizement and rewards on earth. Looking inward, rather than outward is how I think of it.

It is the humanistic, narcissistic side to humans that have led to all of the greatest atrocities in human history. It is hardly ever the small-town baker who goes to church, pays his taxes and plays on the Rotary softball team that inspires people to shove their neighbors toward large pits behind the barrel of a gun. Where humanistic, self-aggrandizement is the norm, the small-town baker is made to kneel before the pit.

Christianity is not the only way to achieve the inner peace and humility necessary to live the small life of peace and enjoyment. Christianity is not the answer to every question. This is not a sermon, but it is the responsibility of Christians to make sure that those forces of humanism and narcissism do not succeed in the massacres they require to breathe in the magnitude of their power. To these narcissists, it is like sex; better than sex. It is the ultimate in human experience and they will never tire of it.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Supporting Our Own

A couple of valuable links today. All for the future, which is coming faster than time can measure.

Jebadiah Fisher Seed
Founders 1911 at III Arms

When thinking about these products consider the critical times we live in. The media elected Barack Obama, they have supported him, even when he calls us all racists. They will never let the gains they have made toward communism slide back, not until every one of those who remember freedom are gone.

Time is on their side, not on the side of freedom. Every generation brings a lessened understanding of liberty, just as I cannot fathom the liberty my Great Grandfathers knew in the frontier of Kentucky of the 18th Century, neither can our grandchildren fathom the liberty we had in the 20th Century.

We are dying; they are winning. Timing is the only relevant factor.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Greater Evil

There are all sorts of evil in the world, most of which are clouded in defensible acts: the "white lie" comes to mind. Manipulation and coercion are a bit more serious and are usually conducted by someone who intends to profit from it in one way or another. Then there is the brash in-your-face sort of evil that can only come from a government bent on the absolute subjugation of the people.

We think of ourselves as intelligent and caring people. Some of us know that to be a lie, but we profess it anyway as it is pleasing to ourselves. It is an excuse to avoid causing ourselves misery. We hearken back to the founders of the nation, to their thirst for liberty and their dedication to the Lord. We see ourselves in that light, somewhat.

So, I ask you: What is the greater evil? The evil of dictators and kings; open, plain and without shame or the evil of self-deception?

If you believe that the government is out of control; that it is operating extra-constitutionally; that it will use the forces at its disposal to destroy our society and rebuild upon its ashes a temple to itself, is it not incumbent upon you, me, us to do something about it?

If you see our nation that way, does it not make sense to do the most simple, least imposing thing we could in order to shake the political system to is foundations?

In the upcoming election the Republicans think they have a lock. Obamacare is so bad that it is handing them seats in the House and Senate. They have no fear of the people. The Republicans have diffused the anger of the Tea Party and have largely nullified its impact. All they have to do is keep their mouths shut, go along with Obama on whatever he does so as not to cause a backlash and they get to keep everything they have and gain a little more.

This is the PLAN.

If there is an ounce of the blood of the founders in us, should we not do everything we can to hand them defeat?

The last thing we can afford to do, at this juncture in American political history, is to reward their behavior with success. They turned a blind eye to the unconstitutional acts; they were in power enough to call on the president to step down; they control the House committees and can investigate the acts of the Obama Administration. What have they done? (Rep. Issa aside for a moment)

Republicans are in violation of their oaths by allowing the actions of this president to go unchallenged, except where it helps their campaign and makes for a good speech. But, when the chips were down they were absent. To them, its just politics.

I hold out little hope of this happening, because of all of the rationalizations that will probably accompany this post, i.e., that will just give the races to the Democrats; why reward the Democrats?

I will tell you from my very soul: It doesn't matter. If they ran the table and every race went to the Republicans, not one thing would change. Yes, there would be a few token bills that would address some of the most ferocious abuses of the Obama Administration, but all the rest of it would remain essentially the same. They would "edit" Obamacare to make it appear to be more market-oriented; less intrusive; more tolerable.

If you just can't find another candidate to back, don't vote. The not-voting would send as big a signal as voting for some third-party candidate. It is the action itself, the disappearance of all of the supposed "Republican" voters that would change the political landscape and open up the field to some real options in the future. I don't think Democrats should vote either, or vote for some Green candidate, or Pot Party candidate for all I care.

The major political parties have committed the violations to the Constitution; they are in power and have let all of the spying and snooping go on. They have justified it. Both political parties have turned their back on their own authority and resulted to sheer power to get things done, i.e. "I have a pen."

When marching in a minefield: abandon the march.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Re-living History

American society today is almost identical to September 10th, 2001, before the terrorist attack that took down the World Trade Center towers. It is a society whistling past the graveyard, knowing deep down that a reckoning is at hand. The difference is: the United States Government is the enemy to be revealed in one shocking attack that few anticipated.

Just as the WTC was attacked in 1993, but survived long enough for the forces of terrorism to regroup and return with a greater, more elaborate plan, the citizens of the United States were attacked by its government on October 3, 2008 when it passed the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), choosing to support banks and investment firms over its citizens. It chose to stabilize the economy by washing away crimes and bad practices of banks to the detriment of the people, thereby washing away trillions in equity in homes and investments. Instead of seeking to replace the people's money, they (the government) took more of the people's money and gave it to the banks.

TARP did stabilize a shaky financial system, but at the cost of everything America stood for. Just as the Patriot Act stabilized a shaky political system, but at the cost of everything America stood for.

Since October 3, 2008 the government has empowered the IRS, militarized police departments, changed the definition of "enemies" to include returning veterans; Christians; believers in the Constitution; those preparing to survive the obvious next attack; and many others. It has stacked the military with commanders who understand their role as defending the U.S. Government, not necessarily the people or the states of the United States.  

The Constitution, the only protection the people have against a tyrannical government and the only peaceful recourse the people have against intrusion into their private affairs by government, has been discredited, ignored, violated and diminished through direct actions of the president, congress and the federal court system, effectively trapping us all in our towers until the plane can get off the ground.

After the first financial attack against the citizens of the United States (TARP legislation) there came a backlash in the form of the Tea Party. The propagandists (U.S. media) have focused on the unveiling of Obamacare as the impetus for the Tea Party, but that is just to label it with racist and bigoted viewpoints to discredit it. The actual beginning of the Tea Party was in reaction to TARP and other bailouts before Obama could take office, so it was as much a reaction to Republican initiatives as it was to Obamacare.

Obamacare, however, was another motivating factor recognized by the Tea Party as being unconstitutional, devastating in effect, massively expensive and offering little to no benefit. In response to their reaction to Obamacare they were labeled racists and bigots. They were confronted by labor unions who helped to elect Barack Obama and were enlisted to support every initiative he might devise.

(It is interesting to note that every group, including labor unions, who fought so hard to pass Obamacare, have sought waivers from its effects; waivers willingly given ((unconstitutionally)) by Barack Obama.)

American citizens are right now sitting on September 10th, 2001 unaware that war has been declared against them. They know that their government hates them, that it considers them stupid and weak, as other terrorists have done in the past. Americans know that their rights are being violated; that the Constitution cannot stop those in power from implementing any sort of plan they wish; that plans are being made by the government to handle civil unrest; that the government has been snooping into their e-mails and phone calls (compiling an enemies list?). All the signs are there of an impending attack against the people, just as the signs that Jihadists were taking flight lessons were there before

To all of this the average American citizen has remained silent. Yes, there are some rabble-rousers here and there, but the media has dealt with them fairly effectively through misinformation, disinformation and missing information. Just as the media labeled anyone nervous about the Jihadists taking flying lessons as bigots.

The political answer to all of this appears to be: vote Republican. Go ahead, see what good it does. You see, for those who hate America (a good portion of those in government) it is an opportunity for a little "creative destruction" of their own. In order to create a better America, they have to destroy it. One should be careful to define what a "better" America means to them, but a peek at the IRS should be a hint.

On election day, when the people are supposed to have their voices heard, they will be given a choice of Marxism or Marxism-lite; i.e. Democrat or Republican. There is no candidate that will make the final cut that will support the Constitution and be willing to enforce its authority by ridding the government of all of those who have violated their oaths to it. That choice is not there, so all of us who believe that it should be, will be allowed to vote for something else, or to not vote at all.

Most likely, our votes will be discarded, or nullified by those who should not be voting at all (non-citizens who have been given the go-ahead to vote anyway, citizen or not, by the major political parties). The push for amnesty is a means of making these illegal votes legal just prior to the election, but what is legal is of little consequence to a government that has discarded the rule of law.

It is time to stop playing what-if's and should-be's in the face of such revelations as we have been witness to over the past decade. Yes, start as far back as the passage of the Patriot Act in October of 2001. What has taken place is battlefield preparation and psychological operations to condition us to react, or rather, fail to react, to the next attack on America and its people.

No one knows for sure when this attack will come. There are no mystical means of divining the exact moment, but like September 10th, all the signs are there. Even then, there was a moment on September 11th that it all could have been averted. The intent was known, the suspects (many of them) had been identified by one government agency or another; most had over-stayed their visas, etc. 9-11 could very easily have been prevented, but the war declared on America by the Jihadists would not have come to an end.

Republicans have the intelligence that unconstitutional acts are taking place; they know the suspects acting against the interests of American citizens; they know there are laws being violated and so are just like the INS agents who did not deport the Jihadists before September 11. As such, they are no allies. They are at best incompetent public servants and at worst collaborators.

A Constitution that does not bind government officials to its limitations cannot invest them with authority. Without authority the only weapon left to the government is force. Have you ever spoken to a government official, be it clerk at the DMV, or police officer, or representative who did not, behind a shallow veil, have force readily at hand? Now you know where you stand.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christ Is Not A Socialist

Evil will reveal itself in a myriad of ways. The most destructive way is in the form of Christians themselves. There is a sect of Christianity that follows a liberal agenda, who profess Christ as a socialist. These socialist Christians vote for things like Obamacare, "because everyone should have access to medicine."

The Lord said: “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.” Matthew 19:21

The Lord did not say: "If you want to be perfect, go, sell all of your neighbors things and give them to the poor." He did not say: "Take everything from your neighbor, sell it and give it to the poor, then follow me."

Charity is a personal thing; it requires personal sacrifice and a willingness to do so from one's own heart, with conviction. Charity cannot be found when theft is the first act in the chain of events.

Socialist Christians also believe that Christianity should not be defended through force, with the aid of weapons. But, they willingly use the force of weapons of the state to take from citizens the wealth they have created through their labor, which the state will then use to distribute through government to people it considers worthy of charity, usually those who will submit to the state.

They forget, or rather refuse to recall, that Jesus was a rebel. Jesus rebelled against the rabbis of the day who had lost their way. When the government of the synagogue had become wicked it was Jesus who confronted them, who sacrificed everything to confront them. In that time it was the synagogue that sought sanction from the government to destroy Jesus, not because he sought to "get along" with sinners, or to placate the evils of the rabbis, but because he challenged their authority, which they had lost.

There are denominations today who seek to placate the evils of today's society. There are denominations who seek to distance themselves from the Word in order to conform to a Godless society. Worse, they attack Christians who recognize that freedom to worship is worth fighting for; who understand that a society of liberty provides Christians the freedom to do the work of the Lord. Socialist societies permit religion so long as it serves the purpose of the state. Christianity serves only one master: God. 

It is the duty of the Christian to protect the weak, to defend the children, to offer charity, to lead as many to salvation as possible. Often this requires only a dedication to the church; to Christ and to ask for guidance in the ways to achieve these goals. Yet, it might require more. 

One is not in conflict with Christian values to fight to defend society from the evils of socialism and communism. While capitalism is not necessarily Christian, it does provide the individual wealth platform from which many, in fact, most Christian inspiration is drawn. It is the role of Christianity to ensure that the wealth created by capitalism is not wasted on the evils of pride, avarice, lust and gluttony. Christianity cannot be well-served by any other economic system. 

It is a crime to rob Christians of their wealth and socialism seeks to do nothing else. Socialists seek to remove God from the state and replace Him with police; remove charity and replace it with programs, remove education and replace it with indoctrination. What other evils must be evident in order to recognize that socialism is anti-Christian and should be resisted at every turn, especially in the church?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014: The Year of Creative Destruction

As November looms on the distant horizon the political parties start the big push toward the general election. This used to mean that they would send out fundraising materials, start scheduling fundraisers and begin the long push to the general election. Today, it means that the main political parties will endeavor first to crush any primary challenges from their left, or right.

The dissatisfaction with traditional political parties has grown among the general public and have led to those still struggling to find relevance in organizations which have lost credibility. There are the die-hards amongst us who continue, despite all logical evidence to the contrary, to believe in politics. As evidence of this, 42% of the American public now identify themselves as independents. It would seem that it would be an ideal time for the Independent party to make some inroads, but that is not quite the case.

Those who identified with the term Independent were largely, when pushed, to be Democrats. One might assume that these are the disillusioned Democrats who have found that everything Barack Obama told them was a lie; who discovered that they could not keep their healthcare plan; who have had their businesses wrecked by Obama's economic policies; who have been pushed off of the unemployment roles to reduce the amount of "unemployed" because those who no longer receive benefits are not counted as unemployed, they simply disappear from the statistics, thereby lowering the unemployment rate.

Even as Barack Obama makes a show of wanting to extend unemployment benefits, it is with a political agenda in mind. Pander today, destroy tomorrow. It is not as important to him that people receive the benefits as it is that he is seen as trying to extend them. It doesn't really matter to Barack Obama, because those who receive benefits will vote for government solutions to their problems and if they are not extended, the unemployment rate will continue to go down. It's a win-win for him, good optics on one hand and good press for having reduced the unemployment rate on the other.

It helps to have a fawning press willing to lay down all journalistic ideals in order to support him and help spread his message.

The point is, though, that these Independents are independents because they will not vote Republican in the next election. They no longer want to be associated with the devastating votes they cast for Barack Obama and Obamacare in the past, but they are unable, intellectually, to go the opposite way, which many will argue is not really the opposite (and I agree) but THEY don't see it that way, so they take the easy route and say: "Independent" when asked, as if they had always been independent.

The fact is that Democrats have become the default for many voters. They have sipped of the media Kool-Aid and cannot identify with Republicans for fear of it getting out and ruining their reputations as easy-going, nice, non-judgmental people.

Republicans have destroyed the brand. The only reason the House continues to be Republican is because of local elections where Tea Party types have tried to correct the errors of Republicans by electing a different type of Republican, at least they believed them to be "different" when they helped them to get elected, but association with the "other" Republicans have tarnished them and changed them into people the Tea Party will not back a second time.

The 2014 election is shaping up to be the least consequential election in modern times. No one likes their own party enough to do anything special for it. I don't see all of the new Independents rocking the vote for the Democrats and I don't see the Tea Party playing much of a role in the upcoming election either. The bloom is off the rose, not for the Tea Party itself, but for the energy they had in trying to fix a broken system from within the system. It doesn't work.

Aside from a few races where the Tea Party might actually make some headway, like in PA 9 where Art Halvorson is running against a true RINO Republican like Bill Shuster, there is little to gain from making the effort. Halvorson might be good for PA 9, but as a whole, the Republican Party holds no interest for the vast majority of Americans.

I would like one person to explain to me the reason to vote Republican that did not have to do with staving off the Democrat agenda. We are going to get the Democrat agenda even if we all vote Republican, because it has been shown time and time again that there is no difference. If there was a Republican President, a Republican Senate and a Republican House, they would just vote for Big Government like the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and TARP as they did before.

There are no ideals left on the Republican side. They have not stood up and taken legal action against the Obama Administration as they should have. They have not fought to secure voting rights for citizens only, but have looked the other way when it has been proven that the vote is regularly falsified by the Democrats. They just don't want to fight, so what good are they?

I know few will agree with me, but if they care about the Constitution, about the rule of law, about the American system, they should just not vote this time around. Sit it out. If Republicans will not do their jobs, will not obey their oaths of office, will not represent our viewpoints and fight for the Constitution until their dying breaths, they aren't worth voting for anyway. Sit it out.

The only solution is creative destruction. The Republican Party must be destroyed if anything better is to take its place. Perhaps the power of those disillusioned Democrats, who actually do believe in privacy and the rule of law, even if it is not for the same reasons we do, will work to benefit us. Maybe we all need a better place to go than the Republican Party with our votes. I don't know what might be built on the ashes of the out-dated, uselessness of the Republican Party, but it can't be much worse.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Christian Role in Resistance

There is no definitive "Christian." It is not a class, or race, or gender. There are different classifications of Christians from the devout to the "I believe in a greater power" sorts. Just as there are no "whites" or "blacks" or "Jews" or "homosexuals." These terms defy definition, because there are people behind the terms with their own minds about what is right and wrong.

So, the Christian role in the ongoing political disaster also defies definition. As a Christian, what am I supposed to do? Is it right for me to fight as King David, or to count myself as a martyr like Peter? If one believes the United States of America to be a Christian nation, founded by Christians, safe for Christianity, known for religious freedom and charity, is it not right to fight to secure those blessings?

The founders often referred to the "blessings of liberty," which were not the blessings of a government, but of the Lord. We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights. Is it not right to fight for he blessings of the Lord, to secure them for all posterity? Obviously these are not my words, but the words of the founders of this nation, but they are infused with the need for faith to be built into our motivations.

On the other side of the political divide there are those who say: "I am not doing anything wrong, so I don't see any danger from the government viewing my e-mails, tapping my phone, etc." They can say this, because they are short-sighted and actually interested in the destruction of freedom for whatever purpose they might have. But, that is not the society that is interested in privacy for the sake of liberty, because anything one does can and will be considered wrong in the future.

Right now, today, all across this once free nation, Christians are becoming wrong and they don't even understand it. Christianity is being outlawed and it is conceivable that in the future speaking out for Christianity will be associated with hatred and hate speech. I don't need a crystal ball to see this coming and it is so pervasive that no one else does either. It is in the process of becoming what Christians are doing "wrong" that will land them in jail or worse.

Is it not right to fight for Jesus? Is it not right to fight for the freedoms that allow Christians to practice their religion?

To some the purpose of the Revolutionary War was to secure freedom from the British; from their oppression. The Brits were also Christian, so most don't make the connection that Christianity was in large part the ideal to be secured by that war.

Man was created not in a state of servitude (other than to serve God), but of liberty, with one or two caveats such as: "Do not eat of the tree of knowledge." Just as there was no guarantee that with freedom from British rule that all patriots would be able to violate the laws of society without fear of reprisal, so was early Man not free to be in liberty and violate God's laws. But, at the core of it all was a sense that God had given the new world a fresh start at the garden of Eden, where hard work and faith would produce blessings nowhere else available.

So, it is not enough that the Marxists in political office seek the destruction of the Constitution, they must also destroy the Christian zeal that brought it about in the first place. If Christians finally identify the United States as a creation of God for the faithful, to strike out from that secure base with Christian ideals and charity into the world to secure for the world liberty to do the same and reap the benefits of a free society, they must also come to the conclusion that such a society is worth fighting for. It matters less how each individual Christian "fights" for this sacred land, but that they do so and that they start now.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Nation: A State of Non-existence

It is my opinion that there is no way to vote one's way out of the current political situation. I make this statement recognizing that there are those who will continue to seek a political (peaceful) solution to the current political situation until the very moment they are dispatched at the edge of a large pit filled with their neighbors and loved ones.

One must understand the political situation as it exists. There is no reverence for the Constitution, the only thing that decides who does and who does not wield the power and authority the citizens have placed in the government. There is a means by which to elect representatives, but representatives and senators who refuse to obey their oaths of office, who turn a blind eye to abuses of power and outright usurpation of their own powers can not be functioning as representatives or senators and therefore, whether duly elected or not, are traitors and subversives.

There are no separation of powers, no equality of governmental branches. There is a president acting wholly outside the Constitution, usurping and abusing power without limit or consequence. Once the Supreme Court signed off on Obamacare, it effectively ruled that whatever the government wishes shall be done. The decision, in that case, was so sloppy and contradictory that it demonstrated an absolute disregard for the rule of law, the Constitution, stare decisis and any number of other judicial instruments of justice.

The system is broken. It is no longer a system of government at all, but rather a system of power.

But, if one insists on trying to vote the nation out of non-existence, the only answer is to vote in a president so inspired by the Constitution, so dedicated to republican principles that they will do exactly as Barack Obama has done. Whomever it might be must enter the office of the president without an ounce of political concern. They must begin writing executive orders disbanding the Department of Homeland Security, ripping out the Patriot Act by the roots, giving waivers to everyone for Obamacare, so that it sits as a law with no one obliged to obey it. Gone would be the individual mandate, gone would be requirements on the insurance companies.

This saviour president would have to be someone absolutely dedicated to the Bill of Rights; dismantling any and all Second Amendment restrictions, done merely by signing an executive order. They would have to be willing to lock up the traitorous media, imprisoning or exiling television and movie stars for subversion to the republic. They would have to be willing to demilitarize local police departments, to enforce the border with U.S. military against subversive incursion. They would have to be willing to expose the NSA and employees to criminal charges and see to it that they spent time in prison for their violations of privacy, for their willingness to subvert the Constitution and for treason.

Show me that candidate. Tell me who I can vote for who will do all of that, or even a small portion of that and I will agree with you that there is a way to vote ourselves out of non-existence.

The fact is, unless we are willing to become tyrants ourselves, for our cause, as just as it truly is, there is no way to do this peacefully. Since I hold there is no way, I see no other alternative than to become subversives to the system in order to secure liberty and justice. Ourselves.

Friday, January 3, 2014

A World of Destitution

Some of the greatest political events in America, perhaps the world, were initiated by Christians. When Christians fled Britain to gain freedom from the dictates of the Church of England, they went to America; populating a far-off land under dangerous, even deadly circumstances. They established religious freedom and infused the New World with the concept of liberty.

Once in America, Christians developed the earliest educational and humanitarian organizations, most of which survive today, though many have shed their religious cloak and have taken up the task of destroying religious endeavor.

Early Abolitionists were also almost exclusively Christian. Many of the great movements that brought America into enlightenment were founded by the clergy. The Boy Scouts were Christian, once.

Why is it then that Christians are absent from the great debates of today? Have they lost their voice, or have they simply been bullied from the public stage?

Great questions as to religious freedom are being answered today in a vacuum. Aside from the sole voice of Phil Robertson standing on principle, no other outcry has come from the religious community. Certain organizations have requested exemptions from the contraceptive mandate of Obamacare, but Christians as a whole have not risen up to demand respect for their First Amendment rights.

Where is the Christian zeal that has inspired so many world-changing events in the past?

A protest over a television program is not exactly founding the Abolitionist movement, is it?

It is the obligation of the American Christian to defend religious freedom. Christianity is under siege by the same forces who have come after all freedoms.

Sadly, too many of the Christians in America endorse a socialist world-view. They mistakenly believe that giving other people's money to the poor is a Christian act. It is not. Whatever a Christian does with their money is their own business, but voting for taxes, Obamacare, welfare, etc is not the same thing as charity, it is enslavement.

America as a Christian nation did more for the poor than it will ever do as a secular nation that refutes the word of the Lord. What we do with the power of Christianity is our choice, but the loss of America as a Christian nation, a free nation, will plunge the world into destitution.

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