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Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014: The Year of Creative Destruction

As November looms on the distant horizon the political parties start the big push toward the general election. This used to mean that they would send out fundraising materials, start scheduling fundraisers and begin the long push to the general election. Today, it means that the main political parties will endeavor first to crush any primary challenges from their left, or right.

The dissatisfaction with traditional political parties has grown among the general public and have led to those still struggling to find relevance in organizations which have lost credibility. There are the die-hards amongst us who continue, despite all logical evidence to the contrary, to believe in politics. As evidence of this, 42% of the American public now identify themselves as independents. It would seem that it would be an ideal time for the Independent party to make some inroads, but that is not quite the case.

Those who identified with the term Independent were largely, when pushed, to be Democrats. One might assume that these are the disillusioned Democrats who have found that everything Barack Obama told them was a lie; who discovered that they could not keep their healthcare plan; who have had their businesses wrecked by Obama's economic policies; who have been pushed off of the unemployment roles to reduce the amount of "unemployed" because those who no longer receive benefits are not counted as unemployed, they simply disappear from the statistics, thereby lowering the unemployment rate.

Even as Barack Obama makes a show of wanting to extend unemployment benefits, it is with a political agenda in mind. Pander today, destroy tomorrow. It is not as important to him that people receive the benefits as it is that he is seen as trying to extend them. It doesn't really matter to Barack Obama, because those who receive benefits will vote for government solutions to their problems and if they are not extended, the unemployment rate will continue to go down. It's a win-win for him, good optics on one hand and good press for having reduced the unemployment rate on the other.

It helps to have a fawning press willing to lay down all journalistic ideals in order to support him and help spread his message.

The point is, though, that these Independents are independents because they will not vote Republican in the next election. They no longer want to be associated with the devastating votes they cast for Barack Obama and Obamacare in the past, but they are unable, intellectually, to go the opposite way, which many will argue is not really the opposite (and I agree) but THEY don't see it that way, so they take the easy route and say: "Independent" when asked, as if they had always been independent.

The fact is that Democrats have become the default for many voters. They have sipped of the media Kool-Aid and cannot identify with Republicans for fear of it getting out and ruining their reputations as easy-going, nice, non-judgmental people.

Republicans have destroyed the brand. The only reason the House continues to be Republican is because of local elections where Tea Party types have tried to correct the errors of Republicans by electing a different type of Republican, at least they believed them to be "different" when they helped them to get elected, but association with the "other" Republicans have tarnished them and changed them into people the Tea Party will not back a second time.

The 2014 election is shaping up to be the least consequential election in modern times. No one likes their own party enough to do anything special for it. I don't see all of the new Independents rocking the vote for the Democrats and I don't see the Tea Party playing much of a role in the upcoming election either. The bloom is off the rose, not for the Tea Party itself, but for the energy they had in trying to fix a broken system from within the system. It doesn't work.

Aside from a few races where the Tea Party might actually make some headway, like in PA 9 where Art Halvorson is running against a true RINO Republican like Bill Shuster, there is little to gain from making the effort. Halvorson might be good for PA 9, but as a whole, the Republican Party holds no interest for the vast majority of Americans.

I would like one person to explain to me the reason to vote Republican that did not have to do with staving off the Democrat agenda. We are going to get the Democrat agenda even if we all vote Republican, because it has been shown time and time again that there is no difference. If there was a Republican President, a Republican Senate and a Republican House, they would just vote for Big Government like the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and TARP as they did before.

There are no ideals left on the Republican side. They have not stood up and taken legal action against the Obama Administration as they should have. They have not fought to secure voting rights for citizens only, but have looked the other way when it has been proven that the vote is regularly falsified by the Democrats. They just don't want to fight, so what good are they?

I know few will agree with me, but if they care about the Constitution, about the rule of law, about the American system, they should just not vote this time around. Sit it out. If Republicans will not do their jobs, will not obey their oaths of office, will not represent our viewpoints and fight for the Constitution until their dying breaths, they aren't worth voting for anyway. Sit it out.

The only solution is creative destruction. The Republican Party must be destroyed if anything better is to take its place. Perhaps the power of those disillusioned Democrats, who actually do believe in privacy and the rule of law, even if it is not for the same reasons we do, will work to benefit us. Maybe we all need a better place to go than the Republican Party with our votes. I don't know what might be built on the ashes of the out-dated, uselessness of the Republican Party, but it can't be much worse.

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