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Friday, January 17, 2014

Greater Evil

There are all sorts of evil in the world, most of which are clouded in defensible acts: the "white lie" comes to mind. Manipulation and coercion are a bit more serious and are usually conducted by someone who intends to profit from it in one way or another. Then there is the brash in-your-face sort of evil that can only come from a government bent on the absolute subjugation of the people.

We think of ourselves as intelligent and caring people. Some of us know that to be a lie, but we profess it anyway as it is pleasing to ourselves. It is an excuse to avoid causing ourselves misery. We hearken back to the founders of the nation, to their thirst for liberty and their dedication to the Lord. We see ourselves in that light, somewhat.

So, I ask you: What is the greater evil? The evil of dictators and kings; open, plain and without shame or the evil of self-deception?

If you believe that the government is out of control; that it is operating extra-constitutionally; that it will use the forces at its disposal to destroy our society and rebuild upon its ashes a temple to itself, is it not incumbent upon you, me, us to do something about it?

If you see our nation that way, does it not make sense to do the most simple, least imposing thing we could in order to shake the political system to is foundations?

In the upcoming election the Republicans think they have a lock. Obamacare is so bad that it is handing them seats in the House and Senate. They have no fear of the people. The Republicans have diffused the anger of the Tea Party and have largely nullified its impact. All they have to do is keep their mouths shut, go along with Obama on whatever he does so as not to cause a backlash and they get to keep everything they have and gain a little more.

This is the PLAN.

If there is an ounce of the blood of the founders in us, should we not do everything we can to hand them defeat?

The last thing we can afford to do, at this juncture in American political history, is to reward their behavior with success. They turned a blind eye to the unconstitutional acts; they were in power enough to call on the president to step down; they control the House committees and can investigate the acts of the Obama Administration. What have they done? (Rep. Issa aside for a moment)

Republicans are in violation of their oaths by allowing the actions of this president to go unchallenged, except where it helps their campaign and makes for a good speech. But, when the chips were down they were absent. To them, its just politics.

I hold out little hope of this happening, because of all of the rationalizations that will probably accompany this post, i.e., that will just give the races to the Democrats; why reward the Democrats?

I will tell you from my very soul: It doesn't matter. If they ran the table and every race went to the Republicans, not one thing would change. Yes, there would be a few token bills that would address some of the most ferocious abuses of the Obama Administration, but all the rest of it would remain essentially the same. They would "edit" Obamacare to make it appear to be more market-oriented; less intrusive; more tolerable.

If you just can't find another candidate to back, don't vote. The not-voting would send as big a signal as voting for some third-party candidate. It is the action itself, the disappearance of all of the supposed "Republican" voters that would change the political landscape and open up the field to some real options in the future. I don't think Democrats should vote either, or vote for some Green candidate, or Pot Party candidate for all I care.

The major political parties have committed the violations to the Constitution; they are in power and have let all of the spying and snooping go on. They have justified it. Both political parties have turned their back on their own authority and resulted to sheer power to get things done, i.e. "I have a pen."

When marching in a minefield: abandon the march.

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