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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hollywood Deals Another Blow to Christians

I find it ironic that the left's first and greatest condemnation of Christians is that they are hypocrites; that they preach of family values and occasionally cannot live up to their own standards. That is the very purpose of Christianity is that we are often unable to live up to the standards of Jesus Christ. But, where the irony lies is when they preach diversity and yet set out purposefully to destroy Christians.

The latest in the leftist attacks against Christianity come from the Academy of Motion Pictures (the Oscars) where a song on the soundtrack of  a small religious film "Alone Yet Not Alone" garnered an Oscar nomination, but was later stripped of that honor due to a technicality. The Academy charged that the writer "lobbied" the Board of Governors when he sent them e-mails making them aware of the song's existence. Without a huge advertising budget and promotion on every network talk show that the bigger releases get as a marketing package, Bruce Broughton sought to raise awareness of his work through e-mails to board members.

This is a song on a soundtrack of a film that ran for roughly a week on 11 screens. That is nothing compared to the 16,000 screens on which Gravity opened. Without the e-mails sent by Bruce Broughton, the film would not have been noticed at all, the song would never have been heard through the din created by the major marketing campaigns of big studios. The film was small, because it was Christian and could not get the funding that other films, you know the ones, the drug culture, auto theft, wanton slaughter of Zombie themed movies get.

It is time for Christians to fight back against the discrimination they are faced with on so many fronts. It is time they took it upon themselves to hold up these examples of persecution and ask the liberals for their justification of their own hypocrisy, to get them to at least admit their hypocrisy. Then, when their objection to Christian hypocrisy arises, it might be handy to confront them with theirs.

My daughter is a Christian and is working toward a Communication degree in a small Christian college in California. Her little troupe produces comedic videos called Sunday Night Live (a take-off of SNL) that are actually funny and deserve a wider audience than they get. It is difficult for me to watch them work as hard as they do knowing the deck is stacked against them before they ever get out of school. We are leaving a lot of talent on the table by not confronting this discrimination and worse, we are not getting the type of entertainment we want from Hollywood because of it. If we intend to complain, we really ought to support that which we claim to support.

As another bit of Christian business, there is a III that is in need of some emergency financial support. Go here, read and decide for yourself. I have helped. I do not ask those to help where I have not.

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