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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let The Games Begin

Anyone who has ever loved something and had to let it go understands the situation in America today. I don't care if it was a beloved Teddy Bear patched over and over again, the material so thin that it can no longer support new stitches or a great car that embodied and seemed to recall all of the great times contained within its metal shell, there comes a time to let go of the past and look to the future.

So, let us look at our history in America for a moment. It began as a capitalist experiment (and I have been chided for that term for its derivation from Marx as derogatory, but set that aside as we have never known a free market and likely never will, and no, I will not engage the debate here). It was a trading outpost for Britain, France and Spain, each exploiting different parts of the new continent.

There was liberty. The respective crowns were distant and those who braved the seas to arrive and occupy the land did so at their peril. It made of us a risk-taking lot; it made of us self-reliant; it made of us actors rather than reactors. Centuries passed, frontiers dissolved and we arrived at modern America: a tangled web of misinformation, disinformation and largely disconnected from our history. We are fed fairy tales from the television, always spouting a liberal, leftist, Marxist, totalitarian meme.

We are lost. Those of us who understand our rights, who understand the Constitution and the way it was weaved through an understanding of God as the supreme power, are few. The rest believe what they hear on the news, or newspapers, or general gossip.

Our success as a nation was directly attributable to those qualities: risk-taking, self-reliance and action, but, beyond a certain point, it enabled us to disconnect from the very same values. Those qualities allowed us the supremacy of power. We assumed it would always be so and we would always be safe. It allowed us to take our eye off the ball and become more engrossed in our own trivial lives, ignoring the great evil prowling the darkness of apathy.

Those of us awake see the future for what it is: a disaster to our way of life, our supremacy and our security. Those who work against those American traits promise security without risk, wealth without labor, survival without work. They couch our recipe for success in racist terms, on the backs of others, to the detriment of the poor; without seeing that it was poverty and oppression that put the fire in the bellies of the settlers, who found it so horrific in their homeland that a dangerous, cold, distant continent appealed to them rather than to remain under those conditions.

We ventured out, with the grace of God and determination to settle a new land, to enter into liberty from those distant lands of oppression and nobility.

Centuries of new immigrants, drawn by the success, power and promise of America arrived without having to develop, risk or work. They entered a promised land already set up, provided with goods, like walking into a Wal-Mart. Those who brought their labor and ingenuity to the table were fed amply of the rewards, those who did not; who came to game the system, steal the fruit of other's labor have also found fertile fields, but for all the wrong reasons. They have learned the wrong lessons of America and so do not hold in reverence those ideals that made it strong.

We are all immigrants, but the nature of immigration has changed; the purpose of immigration has changed. It doesn't matter where a particular immigrant comes from, because there is no inherent value to any race. We are all humans with all the same failings and blessings. What has changed about immigration is not who immigrates, but why.

Without the supporting values of what made America great, it cannot succeed in the future. It needs humans of all sorts, but with particular ideas of what America is and why it is such. Without that there is no continuity to society, there is no common understanding of values and there is no possibility of survival. It was the ruin of Rome and it will be our ruin as well.

To avert that ruin drastic measures must be taken and the election of 2014 is the time. No, I am not suggesting we "vote our way out" of this, that is an impossibility. 2014 is a time for the first salvo in our rebellion against the revolution that has taken place under the very eyes and ears of our people. It is the first step in the counter-revolution.

The first thing that has to go is the Republican Party. The Republicans have no loyalty to the Constitution, or they would not have allowed Obama to go so far down the dictatorial road he has traveled since his inauguration. They would not tolerate a president threatening them with a pen, or a phone. Somewhere they had to stand up for the Constitution and use its powers to rid this nation of such a tyrant, but they would not take the risk to their political lives and to that end have proved that they do not have the values on which this nation was founded and do not deserve to sit in the halls of power.

Then, let the games begin.

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