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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Magnitude of Their Power

The Marxist obsession with death is striking. There is a blood lust to it. When they describe it, it is always as some form of ultimate good. Whether in the form of euthanasia, or abortion, or Obamacare death panels, they are always getting rid of those that don't fit into their humanistic, Godless society.

It is social planning that ultimately puts the figurative gun to the head of millions of citizens. We have all seen the pictures of the holocaust. The Jews were "wrecking" the ability of Germany to economically recover from World War I. The political opponents of Stalin were "wrecking" the benefits of communism by failing to produce enough for the people. Obamacare will eventually find that old people "selfishly" requiring too many services and not contributing to the treasury will be "wrecking" the health care system. Marxism always comes with an enemy, even when those enemies are as inoffensive as unborn children, the mentally handicapped or the elderly.

The underlying sense of it all is that being human is subjective with bureaucrats making the distinction. The most important aspect of Marxism is the bureaucracy for this very reason. There are accounts of the average Russian believing that if "Stalin knew what was going on, he would be furious and put a stop to it." Stalin depended on the bureaucracy to protect his narcissistic image. Sound familiar?

This is why the founders put such an emphasis on the fact that rights are endowed by a Creator, to take it out of the hands of humans. Humans tend to view their lives as individual, finite and whatever they do needs only be justified to themselves. It is the lack of limiting factors in the human psyche that comes into play here. The humility (I know it is sometimes hard to find in Christians) of Christ was to teach us all to be humble, because humble people, people who know their blessings come from God, not themselves, are expected to show mercy, kindness and charity. This is not to "get into heaven" but rather to live one's life in a proper way; the way Christ would have us live. I believe it is to make us focus on the little things in our lives in which we can find unique beauty, something that only comes from not being obsessed with self-aggrandizement and rewards on earth. Looking inward, rather than outward is how I think of it.

It is the humanistic, narcissistic side to humans that have led to all of the greatest atrocities in human history. It is hardly ever the small-town baker who goes to church, pays his taxes and plays on the Rotary softball team that inspires people to shove their neighbors toward large pits behind the barrel of a gun. Where humanistic, self-aggrandizement is the norm, the small-town baker is made to kneel before the pit.

Christianity is not the only way to achieve the inner peace and humility necessary to live the small life of peace and enjoyment. Christianity is not the answer to every question. This is not a sermon, but it is the responsibility of Christians to make sure that those forces of humanism and narcissism do not succeed in the massacres they require to breathe in the magnitude of their power. To these narcissists, it is like sex; better than sex. It is the ultimate in human experience and they will never tire of it.


  1. Amen T.L., this Patriot community needs words of encouragement of this light. Being recently baptized at 39 this past December, loving on my brother or sister has been a daily battle. I pray for strength and wisdom somedays when I feel battered, but I also pray for God to allow the Holy Spirit to flow through me and shine as a beacon for others. These are trying times, glad to see your words again. Stay safe.
    In Liberty,

  2. Mr. Davis,
    In response to your writing on 1/17/14. Have you read this?

    1. - that leads to this: Operation American Spring.

      I'm not under the delusion that this will cause them to leave, but the "Administration's" reaction to it might get the ball rolling.


  3. Well said TL. God bless you.


  4. it is indeed each Christian's responsibility - duty - to expose, organize against and withstand evil. The sad truth is that many have been taught acceptance and submission to evil as it's handed down from it's very authors and proponents. Sadly, much of this damning and heretical teaching has come at the hand of our so-called Christian leadership.

  5. Well said.

    The Patriot community needs to be reminded now and then of the importance of their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    There are way too many factions that want to claim that they believe in no God. Little do they realize that without God, any and all preps, and claims to being patriots are for not.


  6. While I am a supporter of this site, your examples are strained. Hitler rightly identified Marxist elements and Marxism in general as a threat to the German Nation. Germany recovered from the World "great Depression" sooner than any other and was growing well under the policies put forth by the National Socialists whose party platform reads more conservatively than Roosevelt's

    1. It was not necessarily an essay of Hitler's ideology, or making a similarity to Marxism. The point is simply one of blame and how governments decide on who will be the scapegoat and that we find ourselves in that role at present and the machinery is in place to create another death cult's fantasy come true.


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