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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Flight 93 Factor

While police departments become more militarized with tanks, armor and drones and federal government bureaucracies arm themselves with billions of rounds of ammunition (including the Post Office), it leaves the average American with a sense of dread.

It can not be for self-defense; no one is attacking them. There is no great crime-wave and where crime is worse; more prolific, the cops don't seem to go. To be honest, with all of the increased firepower, ammunition and drones at their disposal it is difficult to understand how they have not had any impact on the crime rate at all.

Perhaps it is because these new tactics and powers are not being used to fight crime, but to be prepared to fight us: the American citizen. That is the dread one feels when they see black cars with heavily-armed men in sunglasses roll down the street. It is an image of gut revulsion, because it is so far from the Andy Griffith image of the 1960's when per capita crime was much higher.

It must be in preparation for some civil unrest to come, something they know that we don't. Yet, to be honest, apart from the infuriatingly law-abiding Tea Party, there has been no significant unrest after the government took trillions of dollars of private capital out of the economic system and gave it to bankers and favored state governments. If the government can do that on the immense scale that it has without riots, it is hard to imagine a situation under which all of these police powers and equipment might be necessary.

The prospect of terrorism? Give me a break. The only terrorists that exist to any degree in America are the terrorists they have created by re-defining veterans and Christians as terrorists. Even when avowed Muslims attack our military soldiers, as in the Fort Hood shooting, it is called something other than terrorism. Let a Christian veteran do it and it is the domestic terrorism they have been using as justification all along. Benghazi wasn't even classified a terrorist act, it was a riot over a video no one saw until after the fact.

It is as if they fear something else, something dark on the horizon. The question is, is that darkness what they fear will happen to them, or what they intend to do to us?

What makes this lurking dread even more prescient is the fact that when whatever they have planned goes down, we will not be informed by the press. The media has spent so much time ignoring or deflecting responsibility from the current administration that instead of illuminating scandals and corruption in government they have been complicit in it.

The major facts of every scandal during the Obama Administration have come first from the Internet, from Fast and Furious (the Gunwalker Scandal broken by David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh ((bloggers)) with due credit to Charyl Atkisson of CBS), to Benghazi. The press has not had time to go into any of these scandals and there are a lot more, i.e. NSA spying, IRS, FBI and OSHA harassment of conservative organizations, etc, etc. All of this leads to the fact that whatever is imminent, we will not be informed of it by the media (after all, they might be too busy digging the pits).

The single and only chance the average citizen has is the Flight 93 Factor; that when confronted with the enormity of the crimes being committed against the American public, there will be decisive, swift and violent resistance. All of the people on that flight wanted to live; wanted nothing more than to go home that evening and embrace their family. When they were confronted with not only their own hijacking, but the knowledge of what was being done elsewhere, they revolted against armed
assailants with nothing more than their absolute refusal to be part of a massacre.

A badge looks a lot like a box cutter in this situation.

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