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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Unnecessary Evils

Take heart America, the counter-revolution is nigh. From an historical point of view no system of government has survived the changes taking place in America right now. That is not to say that it will not get uglier before it gets worse, but no government has withstood the radical political, economic and religious attacks Americans currently suffer without revolt.

It is difficult to imagine what event will finally trigger the revolt against the revolution that has taken place over the past hundred years or so, but it is coming. Just as Communism lasted for roughly seventy-five years, the progressive revolution, albeit a creeping revolution, has been taking place for the past hundred years in America. Now it comes to a head, with all of the varying forces of oppression openly avowed against liberty, against capitalism and against societal norms, the face of the revolutionists have been revealed.

While the revolutionists have quietly changed every aspect of American society by molding them into statues of patriotism; hiding them behind principles of Christianity and waging war against "inequality" (which is revolutionist code for their war against private property) they were able to distract the masses. They think they have changed America, but they have only fooled Americans.

Insofar as they have been able to alter, pollute and re-define American institutions they have only caused the American people to distrust these institutions.

The IRS, always a thorn in the side of the people, there was a knowledge that there were tax cheats and that the IRS was a necessary evil. That benefit of the doubt was erased for many people who found themselves targeted by the IRS for political beliefs, also a thing suspected but never proved until the targeting of political opponents became fact.

The NSA, hardly heard of before was considered a necessary evil to protect the national security, until it started spying on the American people with alarming support from the elected government officials (yes, your elected representatives and senators). It no longer enjoys the benefit of the doubt.

The Department of Homeland Security, first distrusted by liberals and conservatives alike, now is supported by the most radical liberals as a way of extending the power of the federal government to use against the detested conservatives and their allies, i.e. Christians and veterans.

The local Police Department, once seen as an ally in civilized society with a few malefactors always present, is now a virtual Standing Army as actively hostile to the American citizen as British troops once were. The mask is off and we see who they are with the proliferation of video capabilities of cell phones. (which should be used mercilessly to expose their true colors)

The United States Military, always understood as an extension of the American ideal, occasionally found itself in wars of political confusion, inarticulate goals and unspecified outcomes has been turned into a weapon to be used against the American people when push comes to shove. The alarming shakeup at the very pinnacle of military command has brought the whole institution into question as to where it stands politically and the people are not willing to give it the benefit of the doubt once considered to be beyond suspicion.

The Supreme Court, once the only protector of rights against the massive power of the federal and state governments, has turned instead to social engineering, finding rights in shadows of other rights and refusing to acknowledge rights in plain and clear English.

Welfare, Social Security, food stamps, housing assistance have all been converted from social safety nets to armies in political conflict with the very concept of private property. This is why charity belongs to religion, not government, because government can never resist the opportunity to use every weapon it can against its foes.

Finally, every agency of the federal government is militarized. The Post Office just ordered hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition. Every state agency is militarized to some degree where compliance to regulations will be enforced by the Sheriff.

They think they have all they will need to win the war against a soft, uneducated and apathetic public.

But, almost all political change has been the result of economic crisis and a new one is brewing. The federal government is getting ready for it. They might seem like a bunch of bumbling fools who are unable to solve the issues of unemployment, border insurgency and crime, but they know what they are doing.

The announcement of the MyRA, a diabolical ruse to entice the average working poor to invest in government bonds, is only a precursor to the nationalization of all IRAs and 401ks. Fortunately, it will probably be implemented with the smooth efficiency of Obamacare and rattle enough cages early enough that resistance can be brought to bear.

The government has long since begun the guerrilla attacks on its citizens in tactical ways, battlefield prep and psy ops. Their plan is lumbering along, but it is the D-Day they need to fear. When the whole intensity of their efforts can no longer be disguised as a feint to one side or the other and is revealed as an all out frontal assault. That is the day of reckoning, but I suggest another tactic of our own: Engage the tactical battles strenuously.

The first and most viable is to resist efforts to neutralize religious zeal. Encourage your church to revoke its own 501c3 status. So your donations are not tax deductible, who cares? Charity should not be done with any other purpose in mind anyway, especially not a tax deduction. Let your church fight not to pay income taxes, or employment taxes as a violation of Church and State. Turn it back on them, fight with everything, with votes, with coordinated sermons, with a Tea Party devotion to electing better representatives. This nation would never have come about without the clergy hammering the issues of the day prior to the Revolutionary War.

Bring speakers into your churches that can relate to your congregation the Gospel of Liberty and fight on. Trust in God to protect the church.

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