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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What If America on the Right Acted Like Leftists?

The leftists usually win the battles over social issues because the right has yet to enter the fray. This is the difference between America on the left and America on the right: they play by different rules. The left will always use everything at its disposal to win, whereas the right is usually limited by its  principles.

Let's take the issue of the Christian cake baker and the gay couple for instance. A gay couple, it could be argued with intent to create a legal case, goes into a bakery known for its Christian values and demands a cake to be baked for their gay wedding. The gay couple is committed to the lawsuit, probably has pro-bono, leftist, gay lawyers standing by at the ready. The Christian baker is obligated to stand by his convictions to his religious beliefs and refuses service to the gay couple.

A Supreme Court decision on the issue will reduce the religious liberty of every Christian-owned business in the nation forever. It will become a "settled" issue. It is a huge win for the leftists and a blow to liberty and Christians. It is an attack.

Meanwhile, those who understand Jefferson's definition of rightful liberty are willing to extend those liberties to everyone else and ignore the sexual orientation of the people with whom they do business. Even for Christians, a business owner who is homosexual is of little concern to them, but if it is, they will simply go somewhere else. They do not (as the left does) demand that the homosexuals deny their sexual orientation before doing business with them demanding some irrational right to religious liberty and threatening a lawsuit if they do not comply.

It is respect for liberty that should guide us in our daily lives as Americans.

What if America on the right decided to take the gloves off and for once abandon the principles which have kept them silent so long? What if they took every perceived affront and made legal cases out of it? What if Christians attempted to invoke the name of God constantly in their lives trying to find an objection to it so they could sue under the "free exercise thereof" clause of the First Amendment? What if conservatives, who might not actually have any reservations toward homosexuals at all, wore T-shirts announcing they were anti-gay and just waited for the opportunity to sue under the First Amendment freedom of speech?

What if conservatives took a radical view of their social rights and pursued them in an in-your-face sort of way? I suppose that would make them something else.

At least the America on the right would not act like the hypocrite, leftist discriminationists like the Abbey Bar and Grill in West Hollywood. Read this story and understand the utter stupidity and insanity of the left.

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