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Friday, March 28, 2014

Treacherous Path To Oblivion

The conflict between the government and the people over the Second Amendment is being misunderstood. Those in possession of firearms are not asking the several governments if it is legal for them to have such weapons, they are telling these governments that they are legal and any attempt to confiscate them will be forcefully resisted. This is a conflict that supporters of Constitutional rights across the nation are watching with great interest, because it affects every citizen of every state. If Connecticut officials think they are only going to be dealing with citizens of their own state, they are mistaken. Everyone has a stake in Constitutional rights.

The police departments, legislators and governors appear to be under the misconception that they, or the courts are in charge of deciding what rights the people have. The truth is much more stark: the people decide that by deciding which rights they will defend with their lives. Once blood is shed by the government, that decision comes much easier to make. The governments can come to grips with that in their own time, or they can push the issue and find out what little power they actually possess.

They have not thought it through. Like most government agencies they are too accustomed to handing down orders and people scrambling to comply, because no one wants to go to jail. But, there is a point where society has been so devastated by this approach that every new order will be enforced at the cost of lives.

That realization is coming to the forefront in Connecticut, but it is a realization that will be coming to many other government agencies in the next few months as each state takes a swing at oppression. Second Amendment activists are not the only Americans who feel this way. There are Fourth Amendment activists who are just waiting for the festivities to begin. There are First Amendment (religious freedom) advocates who are also watching the confrontation in Connecticut, wondering if this is the chance they have been waiting for to push their agenda. Once it starts, there are all sorts of special interests who will take the opportunity to press their case.

The dangerous militarization of police departments has raised alarms among numerous citizen groups who have watched the police deal lethally with the homeless, the mentally handicapped and innocent citizens who found themselves the victims of mistaken identity. This is not isolated to any state and it is not going unnoticed. This video has been making the rounds and should be taken seriously as it is a response to the abuses that have already taken place and a sign that citizens are starting to wake up to the fact that they can no longer trust the government, especially the police departments.

Initially the governments who have always encountered a compliant citizenry, will be confident they can put down the resistance. They think they know what they are doing, but they have not seen  American resistance for a very long time. Americans are inventive and in positions to cause all manner of havoc in ways that don't even occur to those in government agencies, yet. Anyone could be an agent of the patriot; anyone could be an informant to the patriot; anyone could be a saboteur. No one even knows how infiltrated the police departments are at this point.

There are many orders that will be given by politicians desperate to exert their control as it begins to slip that will put the lives of officers in harms way. At some point the officer starts to question those orders when he has witnessed the deaths of his fellow officers and had to look their families in the face and admit that their partner died serving a questionable warrant.

No, I don't expect police officers to come to the rescue and refuse the orders, not while they feel like they are going to win. The problem comes when they realize that they are going to lose; that they are already losing and then the question becomes whether their lives are worth protecting the politicians who consider them nothing but rabid dogs to be sicced on the enemy, i.e. their neighbors. At that point the smarter ones have to recognize the price being paid is not worth the benefit.

Unfortunately for these government stooges, there is no way for them to back down. It is not in their DNA. They are bullies and have relied too long on deadly force to get their way. They are busily making the case and providing cover for any action Constitutional rights groups might take against them, because they are slowly alienating the average citizen.

Anonymous (in the video above) is not even a Second Amendment group. Who knows who they are, except they are just one of millions of disaffected citizens who feel the government is out of control. When a government frees itself from restraint it embarks on a treacherous path to oblivion. Sadly, there is a lot of blood that will serve as paving.


  1. Let me understamd this I am supposed to get excited about the police shooting an unhinged mental case who is armed, threatens the police and refuses to obey their orders? Now I understand who let loose the mental cases who push New Yorjkers under subway trains and then condemn those who attempt to lock up the same mental cases before they strike again.

    1. First of all, your credibility concerning claims that the individual is armed are suspect and that is the crux of the problem to begin with. A cop claiming that the suspect was armed is like a junkie claiming he was just holding the dope for a friend. Besides, you seem to be just the sort that should not have a badge, so there is nothing worth discussing here.

    2. Right on T.L. Old "Anonymous" seems oblivious to the facts -- the average American is 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist. Since 911, more Americans have been killed by cops than troops in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combine.

      Someday folks are going to get tired of this nonsense. When those welfare checks start bouncing they will hunt anything that carries a gun and wears a badge on behalf of the Great Satin like rabid dogs.

  2. No, slave.
    You are supposed to become excited about
    spending your life joyfully, gleefully, excitedly,
    daily, limitlessly and proactively, tongue washing
    your master's scrotum, while alternating between
    bouts of tongue bathing his sphincter.
    Also my personal information is available
    upon your request SLAVE, TROLL, LEO STING OPERATOR,
    and we can hash out the details fact to face and nose to nose.
    I give not a shit anymore.
    Let this fight begin with us you traitorous, scumbag COP.

    1. why waste our time and yours replying to an cowardly anonymouse troll.

    2. Agreed, please don't feed the troll.

  3. cavmedic68w, me thinks you may have struck a nerve with anonymous. I love it....

  4. Thank you TL. I agree wholeheartedly. If trouble starts in CT, I will be on my way, from IL.

    1. YOU think you can pick me up in NY I have a few spare AR's?

    2. I think I could make room in my truck for you and your friends...

    3. Belay that. You probably already have plenty of viable targets in your area right now.


    4. Dittos from Ma.

  5. Another perceptive analysis, thank you TL. I'm a newcomer to your blog; enjoying every post.

    There's another large interest group--the 16th amendment crowd. When the first few go, there will be a FLOOD of self-employed contractors "forgetting" to send their quarterly payments...subtext, "Whatcha gonna do about it?"

    I'm guessing there's also significant overlap between the 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, and 16 amendment groups. If we all stand together there's no hope for the tyrants.

    As always in history, they're undone by their hubris, arrogance, narcissism, and self-delusion.

    1. You hit the nail on the head!

      The overlap between these groups is significant. The main differences lying on what special emphasis each group makes. The day is already here that the leaders of these various groups need to align and push a single battlecry "Liberty or Death!"

      What is at stake is not a specific individual right. The issue at stake is Personal Liberty, God-given and inalienable.

      Stay Frosty...

    2. I think Carl Denninger suggested that the only way to tame the beast is to starve the beast that is stop paying taxes. I know that is impossible for those working for somebody else, but there are tens of millions of self employed people out there that could do a tax strike. However, the way the IRS is politically charged these days, you would loose everything you own thus the fear factor of our government. We fear the government (I honestly think that is changing); they should fear us...

    My (our) job is simply to force the power of other people's unalienable rights when any others trespass upon those una.-rights. And I must do that with the least intrusion upon the "trespasser" required in order to affect said effect. Why the least amount?... Because I am fallible in my perception, understanding AND judgment! In other words, I might be wrong.

    I am your servant. Keep in mind that I have the same rights to not be assaulted. However, if I intentionally, recklessly or negligently violate your right, then I become no more than an official looking "trespasser". My official office of bona fide "servant" is no defense.

    Make of that what you will. When you meet an officer in passing, ask him to describe the 3rd, 4th, 5th Amendment. If he succeeds, praise him. If he fails, frown and tell him how sad it makes you feel. Don't let us hold up a facade. Make us think!

    1. How many of your colleagues share this view? It is the correct view, absolutely; a LEO is no different than any other citizen except in his chosen profession.
      In theory:
      Any citizen--all being equal under the common law--can detain or arrest for an actual crime.
      Likewise any citizen doing so falsely must bear the consequences.

      LEO's just get paid to do it--and should actually be held to a higher, not lower, standard of discretion.

      But the opposite is in effect.

      How do you reconcile that?

    2. It can be explained, but in no way reconcilable... And not excusable. My "brothers in blue" are not educated and submitted (generally, and the ignorance is their responsibility). And to the contrary is the indoctrination (federalization) that we are bombarded with.
      We are held, theoretically to a higher standard... It is called "under the color of law", or it was but waning.
      Yes regarding citizens having same power. We govern the consenting mass. Govt derives its just powers from the...... Once upon a time, again waning.
      Now how many share my view? Maybe 10% have my soul. Another 20% are roughly in the right mindset, maybe. The rest are ignorant of history and the spirit of their calling. Sorry, I have no excuse for them.

  7. "Those in possession of firearms are not asking the several governments if it is legal for them to have such weapons, they are telling these governments that they are legal and any attempt to confiscate them will be forcefully resisted."

    Well, some may be saying that, but not me. "Legal"? That's a term the ruling class loves; to Hell with it. A "right"? To Hell with that too, because the rulers have appropriated the concept for themselves. What I say is very simple, and does not depend on these statist devices: "If you come to take my guns, I will kill you."

    1. You're drawing some pretty thin distinctions without changing the message, which remains: any attempt to confiscate them will be forcefully resisted.

  8. Look up "deprivation of rights under color of law". Our forefathers saw this coming and made plans... It's a hunting permit for despots...

  9. We have plenty to do in our own AO right now. Practically every state has thugs with shiny symbols on their shirts who have trampled on the rights of others. Just look in the papers, on youtube, on the 6:00 news. Pick a name out and dish out some justice. Once there are consequences for actions, the black cargo pants crowd will start to have a better understanding of We The People.

    Until we are willing to do this, we are just a tinkling brass and a sounding cymbal.

    1. "Pick a name out" of where? I hope you don't mean out of a hat. That suggests random.
      Not to split hairs, but in a situation where "dishing out justice" might be justified, please verify the bad guy.
      I believe there are maybe 30% of us who are hard core patriots or at least in league with the cause of the People. What a waste it would be to randomly whomp me and take me off the streets due to injury. I guarantee you that my arrests are as constitutional as I can make them. Some of us are in it to turn the tide. Some of us are in it so we can be on the inside. Believe it or not... Some of us wear camo and Gadsden flags on the weekends. Some of us even train patriots to shoot.
      That's just a hope for some clarification, and your opinion matters. I think someone complimented you're blog as a reader? Anyway, I am much like you in my patriotic blurts, from time to time. But I promise that some of us have not earned the sigma the uniform carries. And btw, when it gets real, I will shed this uniform.
      Thanks brother. See you out there.

    2. I hope the readers of this blog are not in the camp of random retribution. There are plenty of deserving tyrants out there and the abilities and talents of police officers are needed on the team when it does get all serious.

      I don't want this to be an "anti-cop" blog, that's not what it is about, it is anti-tyranny and I think if there are examples to be made there is a level of government that needs a lot more attention than the those on the force. I mean, the laws come from somewhere, right?

      Where, as in Connecticut, the officers are put in the unenviable position of having to go door to door to confiscate arms that were legal up to the time the vote was taken in the legislature, it gets to the point where an officer has to declare a side, so to speak. I mean, if the citizens have to resist literally at the risk of their lives, it is not just to keep the weapons because they are property, it is for a principle greater than that and if an officer shares that principle, it is at least incumbent upon them to risk their job.

    3. Yes sir. Like I wrote before... There is a point where an officer might become nothing more than an official trespasser. That badge does not protect us from criminal behavior we might perpetrate.
      I feel very comfortable with the balance you just laid out.
      Thank you. And yes... Many of us will be standing with you.
      I have made my soul a promise to stand with the People in such unlawful acts. Nothing that horrid have I had to deal with yet. Of course, I may have to quit before that point. A man can only take so much.
      Thanks for your blog.

    4. You are valuable on the inside. I would encourage you to make some contacts in the patriot community with whom you feel comfortable and to whom you might provide intelligence when things get sporty. The knowledge that things are about to go to the next level is valuable and will save many lives on both sides if done properly.

  10. Just remember.. there is no need to travel to Ct because you all have those same opportunity where you live.
    The 2nd amendment is not about the right to own guns, its about the right of the people to be armed to defend and enforce the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

    yank lll

  11. When it became more of a crime to kill the employee rather than the employer it placed the LEO vs citizen thing on a completely different level.

  12. I'm glad to see more and more mostly thoughtful comments about the Constitution. It seems most peoples red line is gun confiscation. In particular the confiscation and infringment of our owning hi-capacity semi-auto rifles. A question I'd like to see answered is, why all of a sudden are TPTB having such a hissy-fit over those rifles? My theroy is instead of paying off our debt, they are going to reset, kill, or devalue the dollar. However that is done, it will mean you and I lose BIG. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but a devaluation could mean the current mortgage on your house could go from say, $20,000 to $30,000 or more. I don't think the TBTF banks will foot that bill, do you? If I was TPTB I'd want to defang the public before doing that.


    1. Actually, inflation helps debt holders, that's why the federal government is so keen on QE. As the dollar is devalued and inflation increases debts are still paid as a dollar amount, no matter what amount of value the dollar has.

      If I borrow ten bucks all I need to do is pay back ten bucks. If the ten bucks I pay back are actually worth only 9 bucks, I get a bargain and the creditor gets screwed.

  13. What a joke. There is no doubt the man was armed with a knife. Where is the evidence that the man was unarmed? Oh yes, the cops just felt the need to murder an unarmed man. How does one sum up this kind of thought process? Actually I've seen it all too often, its evident among those who claim their little snowflakes couldn't have shot a baby in the face, or mobs that attack firefighters, or people who defend the choirboys who push people under trains in NYC. As you say a writer who claims without any evidence is just like a dope addict.

    1. A knife? Are you kidding me? The fact is, and you don't like it, but the police have lost all credibility. The two women shot to death by police officers in the Dorner hype in LA, what did they have? Newspapers? Those are weapons? I suppose if you are a dog.

      It is the fact that the police have killed and terrorized the unarmed public. Mostly by getting the wrong address. They use the drug implication, like they did in Kansas City to terrify a family of four and would not admit that a few innocent actions led to their invasion of their home until the couple paid $25,000 to find out the cops were overzealous.

      No one is buying your "oh innocent us, we were just defending ourselves" defense. If three cops can't take down a guy with a knife without killing him, you need more training.

      If you like, I will fill the next blog with instances of innocent victims being killed by paranoid, trigger happy cops. Let me know.

  14. Anybody believe in visions...? Well gents, I had a vision... As the police continue to shoot, maim, break arms, rape women - beat to death the unarmed - we will to see people - not related to the unarmed victim - eliminating the shooters chain of command - using their habits. When the chain of command gets the message, the thug cops will be terminated - fired - then hunted. God help us all then.

  15. "At the conclusion of the U.S.-EU Summit held this week in Brussels, President Obama and his European colleagues released a joint statement reaffirming their common commitment to civilian disarmament as mandated in the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)."

    I'm a very polite guy. "An armed society is a polite society." Today's a great day to LIVE, and an okay day to die. Bring it.


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