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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Joe Peterson wants to kick doors in of Connecticut gun owners. Where does he live? How would he feel if the good people of Connecticut kicked his door in?


  1. Oh-oh...people gonna start getting scared of their edicts, if everyone knows where they are!

  2. I think I would just call him "Tool" he's too stupid to be a tyrant.

    1. Excellent observation! Fortunately, many machismo type LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) are but tools who have been pumped full of hot air and unearned self esteem by the political wonks who use them. If (or when) the rubber actually hits the road in conflict many of them will turn tail and run after a few fall victim to their over inflated egos and are carried from the field.

  3. I thought about that after I posted it. Nice call.

  4. I would like to meet him. -55six

    1. 55six
      Are you the owner, of the the now defunct, Liberty and Lead blog?
      If you are, I want to thank you for your posts while it was active. I'm sure more people than just myself were inspired by your words.

      The tyrants in this country will scatter like roaches when the spotlight of their actions are shown upon them, and their misdeeds are written in their own blood. Of course they will declare themselves blameless for the war they will have started.
      Ironic how things have come back to the beginning in Connecticut.

      Live free or die, my friends.

      Whitehall, NY

    2. That is me. Thank you for the kind words. -55six

  5. Wow, just another punk with a badge.... "any law repugnant to the Constitution is void"
    That would make this TURD's statement tantamount to a treasonous declaration to overthrow the government of the United States.

    Sounds like he needs a civic's lesson, then fired, tried for treason and the sentence adjudicated.


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