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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Request From Those At Bunkerville

The previous post had been made with only minor insight into the Oathkeepers/militia fall out, I had been on the road and reliant on smartphone for info while driving and did not get the context of the issue until recently.

The question, from those on the ground at Bunkerville: Is there need for replacements? Please, respond only with accurate, primary or at worst secondary but reliable sources.

I am with you if needed/wanted.

The Road to Fraunce's Tavern

First and foremost, support those on the ground.

Please address any donations or care packages to:
The Militia Effort
(or individual/unit/organization you desire to support)
C/O: The Bundy Ranch
P.O. Box 7175
Bunkerville, NV 89007

Second, only those awash in testosterone truly understand the egos and territory-marking that goes on in a high T situation, so it is not advisable to take one side or the other in the militia/OK drama. I am a militia supporter and have not seen much from the Oathkeepers and have not been impressed with what I have seen. I will not let that cloud my judgement. What I don't like is dissension in the field.

I don't know the individuals in command and whether or not that is a good choice or even how that decision was made or could be made except by consent of those present. I assume that's how it went down, but I don't know. What I do know is that they are there and none of us are, so they need support in any form we can muster.

Third, there has been some mention about lack of action by the rest of us. That's understandable. I'm ready, but do they need me there? My assumption is that accommodations are limited, perhaps even a bit imposing on the Bundy Family. Another person there might not be as important as the funds and goods one might send to the front rather than spending the same amount getting there and providing for themself. The idea, I think, is to fully support the limited troops on the ground and let them handle it. They don't need any more people showing up with contradictory opinions about how things are being run, or who is in charge. We saw how that can hurt the effort with the Oathkeepers and their leadership. There may well come a time when more of us are needed, or will be needed in other areas to do other things. I hope more are standing by.

Fourth, perspective is being lost. Bunkerville might well be the Lexington of our times, but it is not as yet. Imagine, if you will a young kid on a mini-bike riding around in the desert at about the time of the standoff with BLM. He lets off on the throttle and the bike backfires. If that had happened at the crucial moment, we would be living in a different world today. That day will come. Don't be impatient.

As a Christian, I believe the hand of God is all over this period in our history. I believe that He will lead us out of bondage. I believe that He kept things from getting out of control during the standoff, providing the forces of liberty a victory.

People talk about action, but offensive action now would not accomplish our goal. The role God has provided is a defensive role, a protective role. To have half a dozen people going off and creating havoc now would diminish the victory already achieved, which is a positive vision of the militias and the supporters of the cause.

Action for the sake of action, that does not advance the cause of liberty, is destructive. Would I like to back up my words with action? Sure, of course, I feel kind of anxious to do something to help, but reason dictates that I know what that is and whether or not I would be helping or hurting the cause in these crucial first steps toward defense of our rights. Something I do might give reason for the feds to go in aggressively at Bunkerville, or have no effect at all. Is that wise?

I think it prudent to consider these issues of perspective. I think it prudent to consider that Bunkerville, like Lexington is not the only step in the struggle, it is but the first step. To everything there is a start, a middle and an end. One cannot get from Lexington to Fraunce's Tavern in a single day. Or, do you think that at the conclusion of Bunkerville, whatever that is, the government will recede back into constitutionally proper government? Or, like me, do you think there is a long, hard road with setbacks and victories involving most of us newly minted "domestic terrorists" involved in some tragic and heartbreaking event in the years to come?

Trust in the leadership at Bunkerville, support them with goods and funds, support them with presence if asked, with reinforcements and replacements if needed and with prayers.   

Monday, April 28, 2014

This Ain't No Traveling Circus

Layne Chapman of Texas, in the area of the BLM land grab along the Red River, is a good man. There are not many who can claim that title. Now, his land is in danger of being confiscated. This is not federal land he is grazing on, it is his land. The BLM wants to claim 90,000 acres, some of it Chapman's, to "define" the border or some other bureaucratic excuse. Their "good" ideas spell pain and bankruptcy for mere citizens of this pirated nation.

Chapman would like the support of the people in the style of Bundy, but without the force. He would like to see a rally to bring heat to the issue, raise awareness, etc.

I believe Chapman to be a good man. That isn't enough.

Right now Chapman has the support of the state of Texas. The Governor and the Attorney General are on the case, but even if that were not true Chapman's vision is flawed.

The important issue, one raised at a recent meeting between a few committed patriots and myself, is of credibility. The conglomeration of viewpoints and principles we call a "movement" has finally started to gel around the idea of defending the rights of citizens. That is a cause worthy of any patriot's time, but good people like Chapman seem to think patriots are like a traveling circus.

The BLM did not back down at the Bundy Ranch because they were afraid of the snakes on the flags, or the imposing riders on horses; they backed down because they were about to expose themselves as the bloodthirsty thugs they are. They had lost the advantage of a media blackout. They had lost the advantage of having the only snipers on the ridge (or overpass). When government bureaucracies act like outlaws in a grainy Western: stealing land, stealing cattle and fencing stolen goods that is exactly who they become: outlaws. Outlaws only respond to force. A rally, without the strength and integrity of a dedicated militia and willing auxiliaries who will stand behind the principle of God-given rights with arms, is nothing; just another useless rally.

It is important for the patriot community to hold onto that concept of defenders of individual rights, but it has to be the right individual. No one is perfect. Bundy isn't perfect. The one absolute requirement of an individual is the desire for help in defending their rights, without qualification, without dictating the conditions of that support. The patriot community is not a traveling circus. It is not a hired gun. They are the defenders of individual rights against the oppression and tyranny of a criminal government. If that takes force, it has to be on the table. We know it is on the table when they encounter an unarmed citizen just trying to live his life on his own land.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blood of Patriots

Liberty is not about Cliven Bundy, it never was. The support Bundy received was in direct proportion to his request for such help. I have nowhere else seen a rancher or land owner asking for the help of the patriot/liberty community. Nowhere else have I seen an aggrieved individual requesting the help of militias to defend their liberties. We are here, we are available.

This is a necessary step in the process.

There are those who still believe in the judicial system, in the concept of fair dealing with the feds. I suppose it is, to their traditional way of thinking, right and honorable to do so. Occasionally they are right. Luck cannot be discounted. However, dealing with the feds is a one-way street. The feds own the laws, the prosecutors, the justices and therefore the fate of the people embroiled in conflicts with them. There are few, if any, examples of the feds being served with orders from the court that they did not fight tooth and nail and even, ultimately, ignored to achieve their ends. All the while making those in conflict with their dictates abide by every utterance of the "officials."

To be a law-abiding citizen is utterly stupid. Claiming to be law-abiding is to agree to oppression and tyranny; it is to accept and even endorse subjugation to arbitrary laws. It is, in this age, unconstitutional. The federal government has discarded the Constitution, ridiculed it, mocked it and labeled those abiding by the Constitution as terrorists. One senator does not say this (Harry Reid) it is said by the whole of the Senate and more Republican senators agree than disagree with Harry's assertion. That other senators disagree and counter the statement does not diminish the legal connotations of that statement.

Terrorism is clearly the method the federal government uses to demand compliance. A threat of prosecution is a threat of unequal treatment before the law, in absence of rights guaranteed under the Constitution. It is a threat of economic destruction, of alienation from family and friends. It is, to some extent, a death sentence. Perhaps, long after all money has been spent, all assets liquidated, all family members estranged, one might prove themselves in the right, but the damage has been done and the feds understand this and therefore do not need a provable case, just a ruse of one that will last long enough to create terror among citizens they have charged.

This is not a tactic to achieve "justice," it is a tactic to achieve fear by which they might pursue any and all goals unopposed. The question to the citizen is not: Are you right? It is: Can you really afford to prove you are right? Are you willing to lose everything to be right? Or, will you agree with us that you will go away, provide no resistance and maybe retain something of your life-long struggle for survival?

Any government that would ask those questions is a government too accustomed to the tactics of terror, having long since abandoned the precepts of legitimate, honorable justice.

In Africa Muslims are known to drill water wells for communities whether they are populated by Christians or Muslims, but when it comes time to drink of the well the citizens are asked similar questions as those asked by our government: Will you become a Muslim and drink from the well, or remain Christian and die of thirst or dysentery? The punishment for drinking from the well without conversion to Islam is death.

When the government of the United States more clearly resembles that of the Taliban, or Al Qaeda, there is no moral struggle left when opposing its dictates. The fact is, when such is true, there is no honor in obedience, only in resistance. There is no purpose in living the lie of freedom when the government has turned to terror.

The patriot has no fear of being labeled a racist by racists, a terrorist by terrorists, a traitor by traitors. It is all name-calling and juvenile. The proof is in acts: those taken against us and those taken against them. They have separated themselves from authority by their actions and deserve nothing less than to be met by citizens who have separated themselves from obedience.

As we saw at the Bundy Ranch, the feds only want to play when the game is fixed, when the death of the citizen is insured. It is their intent to kill citizens to protect the tortoise or to ensure political deals when the last possible resort should be the death of a citizen, yet it is the first choice of the federal government. These are the attitudes and actions of terrorists. It is this way because these bureaucracies transcend politics, are impervious to the elected official of the time. Since 1993 the BLM has been terrorizing the West. Clinton, Bush and Obama have presided over this terrorism without a word, without restraint and they all know that the BLM is doing the bidding of a terrorist government against the people and for the power and prestige of the bureaucrats.

If you are victimized by these terrorists, reach out to those willing to stand with you to deny them the blood of patriots for which they thirst.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hostile Bureaucratic Armies

For most of the patriot/liberty community the Constitution is really of no importance any longer. The federal government has tossed that document over long ago. To whatever degree they bandy about the Constitution, it is always in context of violating its meaning by re-defining the words to arrive at a position where the Constitution permits the violation of rights guaranteed within the Constitution. If that sounds contradictory and vague, it is intended to be. That is the purpose of the federal government at this stage in our devolution to traditional dictatorship/monarchy/oligarchy rule of a once free nation.

The Constitution, like individual rights, is as relevant as the people demand. For a hundred years the people have asked nothing of the Constitution. To them, it seemed to be working as advertised. It is only within the past forty years or so that the federal government has come to exert its power over the states and the people to a degree that the people find intolerable. The "spotted owl" decimated the Northwest production of lumber and paper. The land grab continues with bureaucrats at the head of large federal militias in the form of BLM and National Park Service agents. This is a standing army amongst us, dedicated to the destruction of private property and confiscation of large swaths of state land.

The struggle for liberty is against these forces. The militias of citizens and the militias of bureaucrats are now facing off against one another. This is not law enforcement versus citizen. If this struggle is properly understood by the states, it is a struggle for the land itself which makes up the greater part of the states. Since, constitutionally it is only with the consent of the state that the federal government might erect and establish "needful buildings" the state has every right to prevent the bureaucratic militias access to any of the land itself and force them back into their buildings, or vote to rescind permission to own anything at all within the boundaries of the state.

I suggest that these states: Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, New Mexico and Arizona, or any of them individually recognize that the bureaucractic militias have become abusive to their hosts, hostile to their citizens and illegally promoting conflict and a breach of peace within these states specifically.

If the states will not represent their people in this action, it might well be left to the people themselves to arrange for their defense from federally sponsored conflict in these states. While these states have endured federal ownership in the past recent violations of the Constitution have proven that they are no longer acceptable residents and must be held accountable to the states that hold the ultimate lease upon these lands: occupation.

Either way, it is clear now that the bureaucracies are dangerous to liberty and are acting as military units within the states with hostile intent toward the state's citizens and their rights.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In the Hearts of Patriots

An astounding article written by a reporter for ThinkProgress, a liberal rag, put the general issues of the Bundy Ranch in a fairly neutral light. It was a good piece. Better yet, the comments section were instructive. Kerodin brought this to my attention and it serves its purpose.

Many of the commenters said that the founders would be ashamed of us, that we had not read the founders, or we would not support resistance to the federal government. Wasn't Bundy a freeloader? A fee cheat?

Fortunately for the patriot/liberty movement these sorts of drones don't matter in the larger view of things. Lost on these individuals (can't really call them Americans if they don't know, believe or will stand for those things that makes one a citizen of the United States) is the events at the Bundy Ranch were exactly what the founders would have initiated. We know this, because they did initiate the Revolutionary War over it, over arms they were not supposed to have, a violation of law, I imagine as serious as grazing cattle.

They either don't know, or are willfully ignorant of the fact that Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 states:
"...and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings"

The purpose, obviously, was to provide for defense of the numerous states, allowing the state legislatures to vote on whether to allow the feds to own land so they could build fortifications to the defense of the nation. Nothing more. Nothing is said about owning land because it is beautiful, or houses endangered species. It doesn't even say they are allowed to own the land, only to build upon the land their "needful buildings."

This is where it all comes down to oppression, tyranny and theft. As I have said a million times, we have only those rights we are willing to die to preserve. Yes, if one is dead, one cannot enjoy their rights, but in the act one secures that right for one's posterity.

On reading the comments in the article it becomes clear that the two Americas can no longer exist in one nation. Those who swear fidelity to the state cannot bear the temerity of those who swear fidelity to the Constitution. Those ships are too far distant to make contact.

In all the rhetoric, the main theme is lost. A family faced the loss of their livelihood due to the presence of a tortoise. The government sought to deprive Bundy of his property by shutting off his time-honored rights to graze the land held illegally by the federal government. To enforce the will of the government a private army was sent out to intimidate him into compliance with a demand to pay an authority that has lost its right to obedience by abandoning that which gives it credibility. Without the "lawless" militia, the government snipers might have pulled a Ruby Ridge.

How any American can look at that situation and come up with the belief that Bundy was in the wrong, shows that they are no longer Americans at all, but some sort of drone serving at their masters call. That is not the spirit that broke the British government, it is not the spirit that forged a new land from wilderness, it is not the spirit of that drafted one of the most important documents in human history.

Those on the side of Bundy exemplified everything the founders thought they were preserving with the drafting of the Constitution. That America is still alive in the hearts of patriots regardless of the popular opinions of slaves.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Focus: BLM

In the new reality of freedom fighters and domestic terrorists it is important for militias and freedom fighters not to spend their credibility cheaply. What made the Bundy Ranch a success for the patriot forces was Cliven Bundy himself. I am aware of numerous individuals who would have sold out the efforts of their supporters for a reduced grazing fee, or a better payoff.

This is one reason to take it further, to go outside the individual. We can not always rely on the backbone of those we seek to aid when the feds come calling with stock trailers and military garb. The nation is awake. A great example of this was the interchange between Harry Reid and Dean Heller, the Republican senator from Nevada.

On KSNV-TV, Harry repeated his opinion that the supporters of Cliven Bundy were domestic terrorists while Heller called them patriots.

Harry Reid's reply was: "If they are patriots, we are in trouble." Yes, Harry, people like you are in trouble, because those were patriots. That's what undiluted, undiminished Americans look like when the government abuses their God-given rights.

When the situation exists where one senator can call a group of individuals domestic terrorists and the other senator can call them patriots, the game is already ours. Now, these senators might just be playing politics, but it is the fact that the politics of today allow such a stark divide that enables our cause.

The BLM is taking land all over America. This can be the focus of our patriotic fervor, to counter BLM wherever we can find a person or family willing to accept our help, to stand firm, to display the appropriate backbone. Many of them have been fighting the BLM for several years. Some of these people do not understand the militia/patriot movement. They might not even support our goals, but there are some who do and will and they need to be vetted and then supported.

Focus locally, but embrace the idea of national support. One thing I think should also be done, though I don't know how to manage it. There needs to be a GoFundMe account, or some other such funding mechanism to help support those willing to take up the cause. Who do you trust to control the funds? That's a good question. Can there be a means of making such a fund trustworthy enough to be a viable funding source? Beyond reproach?

We need to exploit the weakness the BLM and feds have shown and start to show up at every Bundy-like action. Again, vetting and screening those we aim to defend. This goes back to Kerodin's point where part of the purpose is to deny surplus boots on the ground, because all of the BLM offices are dealing with their own security issues. I have heard of BLM movements in Texas and Colorado. I will be going to Colorado shortly and repeatedly while I deal with property there. I'll do some research on that angle.

The reason I find BLM compelling is because their way of doing business violates every single right I can think of. They tried to limit free speech in Nevada, for heaven's sake. The Fourth Amendment means nothing to them. I know they would like to do away with the Second Amendment.

I am willing to take some direction on where to go and who to talk to in Colorado. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Patriot Information Network, or Something

I have been looking into Patriot comms. I have gotten some good advice and cautions along the way. The crux of every effective bit of communication is that it come from a reliable source. After that, it all gets complicated and difficult to manage. Like everything else, power enters into it at some point and skews the dynamic, making reliable sources into not so reliable sources. A single point of contact gives the opposition a place to focus.

After reading some very reliable accounts of the Bundy Ranch events it is clear that communication was an issue. Rumors swirled in the electronic air of the Internet. Getting any reliable information out of the Bundy Ranch was difficult due to the fact that those engaged in the action had little time and/or ability to reach out to the greater community and provide truth with details.

The surprising and pleasing fact is that thousands of patriots were willing to mobilize against the threat posed by the federal government. That they didn't know where to go, or who to believe kept a lot of reinforcements on the sidelines. As this struggle against a corrupt and dangerously impudent gang in Washington that call itself "government" it will be even more important to dispatch quality intel and get appropriate responses.

Information is faced with a multitude of challenges in this atmosphere. There are political opponents which showed themselves clearly when the Bundy Ranch started trending strongly on social media sites. It is not above them to cause mischief by rumormongering. There are government employees with a reason to inject misinformation and disinformation to confuse the messages. There are big and small media names interested in self-promotion by producing "exclusives" which might validate their own agendas, but do little for providing those forces in reserve good, actionable intelligence.

So, what to do?

The model I am looking at would rely on HAM radio operators on the scene communicating with operators outside the immediate area (preferably militia communication officers) then distributing that information to large patriot blogsites like WRSA, III Percent Patriots and Sipsey Street Irregulars. Much larger than that and agendas get worked into the mix and intel not directly connected to the media name is diminished or discarded.

The method of verification would be consensus of the relayed message. For instance, any single bit of information might be manipulated further down the stream, but the sheer volume of reports would indicate consistency and largely accuracy. The key is to obtain that information from known sources, which would put a direct link between militia communication officers and these sites.

And, this is where things usually fall apart. It would take cooperation and volunteerism. Those in the militia communication group would have to team up with bloggers and establish those trusted lines of communication. Next, it would be necessary to have someone in the militia communication group  present on the scene, or be relayed information directly from their commander on the scene.

So, here is the pitch. I would request that bloggers reach out to local militia units and see if these connections can be made and to strengthen these arrangements with personal contact. Once this contact is made, the blog will be put on a list of those to be visited if some action is taking place. This link list should be kept by every participating blogger. Then, those interested in getting reliable information could click on as many of the links as possible to get all the different reports until the truth emerges from the volume of posts. This would not be for aggregating internet rumors. The idea is to draw directly from the ground.

The other half of the equation is for militia information officers make contact with each other (which I hope they already have to some degree) exchange information frequencies and agree to participate in the information network.

I hate to name this network until all the bugs are worked out. Let me know if there is a simpler, more secure method of information dissemination. I might be thinking way too complicated, which is my nature, when there are more streamlined avenues available.

The only truth here is that we need a better system if we are going to be effective and be able to respond not only at the site, but around the nation in support of whatever local crisis is at hand.

A Terrorist Government

In the early 1950's the United States Government, particularly the CIA, overthrew the government of Guatemala. The reason for this is that United Brands (of Chiquita Banana fame) claimed that communists had taken over the government. The charge was made as a result of Jacobo Arbenz Guzman's Administration when they, taking a lesson from the United States, nationalized a small, unused portion of United Brands land in order to distribute it among the Guatemalan people to farm.

It was a desperate measure to create private ownership of land. They went about it the wrong way, but sought to use capitalism as a means to eliminating poverty. Jacobo Arbenz Guzman understood that to eliminate poverty, the people must be able to own land in order to become prosperous.

In effect (at the urging of Harry Reid) the United States Government, specifically the Bureau of Land Management, has engaged in a very similar act. Except the BLM, in the Bundy case and more accurately the Hage case, has taken property (grazing rights are a form of property since it contains certain value) from the people in order to give it to large corporations.

A recent poll found that 37% of Americans fear their government. In America, where the government is supposed to fear the people. That is terrorism. Their intent is intimidation and the threat of incarceration, physical harm and even executions are implied. The military-style image of American federal agents is designed to intimidate, to terrorize.

A government cannot rely so heavily as it does on this absolute threat of violence without creating terror in the hearts of citizens. There is no terror so absolute as that created by one's own government. Any other thing, a criminal or a foreign terrorist do not strike the same fear in people, because they can believe that there is a counter-balancing force against them on behalf of the people: the police. But, when government sponsored terrorism is directed at the people themselves, there is no hope of rescue, or justice-there is only terror.

In a lot of countries such injustice and oppression, as are present in America, would spawn an insurrection, rebels, etc. In America, it has spawned the citizen's militia movement. These are organizations dedicated to the defense of inalienable rights, of the Constitution. It is the only resort citizens have against a lawless, terroristic government bent on the subjugation and humiliation of their own citizens. Militias are not of the insurrectionist ilk. Instead, they serve as defenders of the law, of the people against an out-of-control, lawless, unbounded and hostile government. A terrorist government.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Let's Call It Patriotism

 A government unloosed from its authorizing document, in open revolt against the principles laid out and defined therein, with the will, intent and ability to execute citizens for trivial offenses, basically parking tickets (oops, forgot to feed the meter on the cattle) is, by definition, a domestic terrorist. The politicians and agents involved in such criminal activity as theft of property (water rights in U.S. v Hage  a similar, but much more egregious case than the issue with Cliven Bundy) involving the BLM, determined by the judge to be involved in a criminal conspiracy is the definition of domestic terrorists.

Mr. Reid, those who stand against such criminal acts are called patriots.

To engage in criminal activity with the threat of death and kidnapping (incarceration) to U.S. citizens is domestic terrorism.

But, all of that is really a sideshow. In the main tent is the fact that this government have brutalized its citizens so often, so willingly that word is out, public sentiment is changing. Investor's Business Daily is pointing out the obvious, but at least they are pointing.

In the Constitution, there is no provision for the United States to own any land that is not directly associated with conducting the business of government and provision for military bases and arsenals. There is no provision for national parks, land management, national forests, those are all the legacy of the first round of progressives to invade the halls of government with ill intent to the citizens.

The coming hot war was instigated by the government over one hundred years ago, but only recently, with the total corruption of the government, with politicians in violation of their oaths: stealing lands; stealing water rights; stealing funds; as they have grown more desperate and more despotic as the inevitable bankruptcy of the federal government looms. They have cast off the pretense. The president operates in total disregard for the wishes of the people and the Constitution, refuses to enforce borders, invites criminals into the nation in contravention of Section 8, Clause 4, where it states: To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States. To enforce rules of naturalization on some immigrants and not on others violates the "uniform rule" requirement.

The list of offenses and abuses of the government are endless. The creation of bureaucracies headed by the unelected who wield the entire power of the federal government including the power to execute citizens in the open for minor offenses is the step that went far, far beyond anything conceivable as "necessary and proper" largely because Bureau of Land Management agents armed and trained to execute citizens is neither necessary, nor proper. The entire agency is extra-constitutional and therefore any action against the citizens of any state is the act of terrorism.

Defense against tyranny and terrorism cannot, Mr. Reid, be terrorism. It must be something else, I don't know, lets call it: Patriotism.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Intemperate Frauds

There are two divided nations known as the United States. The best known is the United States of America. This is the one we all believed in, fought to defend and continue to fight to restore. The other one is the Constitutional United States, where states claim their authority over the federal government. This is the one worth fighting for today.

Perhaps, something new will take the place of the once powerful United States of America, perhaps a few other things. What is known is that the current government, actually the employees of the United States of America, no longer faithfully execute their offices. They are frauds, using our funds, pursuing the oppression of the very sustenance of their power.

The first skirmish in the ultimate undoing of this currently established nation has taken place at Bunkerville, Nevada on the Bundy Ranch. This is no longer a cohesive society. Those in power are not representatives of the people, they have other masters those big donors, those influence peddlers and money laundering experts. The true fact is simple: powerful people give big money to politicians (not representatives of the people) who become elected to official office, take an oath and immediately violate the oath and use their position to push the campaign contributions back to the powerful donors. It is a way of cycling the money through the U.S. Treasury, returning many times the amount of the contribution. Nowhere in this scheme is the role of the citizen other than to cast ballots. Sure, a road might get paved, a bridge built but by who? The companies headed by those big donors, of course.

So, let's drop the pretense. When it comes to individuals like Bundy, there is no one in the federal government who will help. They have too many donors to repay to take up a cause that goes counter to their private promises with the exchange of the envelope.

Forget Mark Levin, forget Glenn Beck's handwringing. If Glenn Beck had ever been sincere about his desire to see a re-constituted nation based on liberty and the rule of law, he missed it on the day he had several hundred thousand patriots on the mall in Washington D.C. If he had suggested anything, had any plan to put in place, we all would have taken his lead, but, as usual, he just wanted to talk.

On the other hand, we have Cliven Bundy, a man who stood up to the federal government goons long before any of us knew his name. He did it, because he was right and because he has a backbone. Of course he did it to keep things the way they were; to live and die on the ranch founded by his family. As half-owner of a small ranch in Colorado, I will tell you that the first person who tries to take it from me will never make it past the gate. That goes for bankers and deputies doing their dirty work.

No, I am not like Cliven Bundy. That is not a comparison I care to make, but we do have some similar experiences with the government and some similar attitudes about land and cattle. I will support Cliven Bundy, not because of our similar backgrounds, but because of our similar visions of federal intrusion and the criminal enterprise taking place on our nation's hallowed ground. In a few days I will have the time to show my support in person, if it is required and they are still in need of physical support.

Anyone who goes to Nevada will have to do so accepting that it may be a one-way trip. That is a difficult proposition and one that should not be made in haste, but with reason and with bows tied around the issues at home.

Everything has changed in America. The criminals in Washington have been exposed and their minions sent out to deal with obstacles to their ambition are seen for the thugs that they are. Of course, on the other side of the political spectrum, the collectivist traitors willing to deny their oath, who wear badges and think about retirement with no reservations about killing supporters of Bundy from behind Kevlar and armored vehicles. Every criminal organization needs its enforcers.

This is why the war will take place, because criminal organizations do not back down, they can't. Everything they have built in the last hundred years has been built with that threat of violence. If they don't have that, they are like a mafia don with no one to make collections, no one to break legs, no one to execute their enemies. In order to enforce their will they would need integrity built by their dedication to principle and honest dealing. They would have to be respected and that veil dropped long ago.

So, the conflict is defined: Constitutional government vs government of intemperate frauds just cycling cash through the system and skimming off the top.

This unconstitutional nation now bears no resemblance to that agreed to under the United States charter. It is bogus, a thing Bundy understands and has been willing to expose as illegitimate.

It is natural for any government to become the tyrant. The founders understood that and instituted certain rights, codified our natural rights by declaring clearly the rights to free speech, a free press and the right to arms as a last resort. We are at the point of last resort, not just Bundy, but everyone who has suffered under the weight of these tyrants.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Operation Outreach

Harry Reid says that "it's not over" at the Bundy Ranch. Truer words were never spoken, thanks for the heads-up Harry. We know how these Marxists ghouls operate: it is never about the issues up front; it is about sheer, raw force and right now little Harry feels a bit impotent and chagrined at having been caught pulling a fast one. Harry isn't used to having his dirty little deals exposed for the world to see. I suppose he got a few phone calls over the Bundy Ranch affair and feels the need to make a point, which is always the same. You heard it from J. Paul Vance in Connecticut: "I am the master." What then does that make of us...slaves?

Yes, that is exactly who we are and the government has thousands of overseers with whips and rifles to make sure we never forget it. They ride herd with all the power and all the advantages a wealthy nation can provide. To them, we are but livestock being herded through life to serve them and provide for them...and to kneel before them.

It is the greatness of the American people that they have been wealthy enough, comfortable enough to let these vermine rise from our midst, feeling always that they can not long survive the arduous journey among the good people of America. "Someone will see through them and be done with them," the people tell themselves, but no one has. Until now. As Barack Obama so famously said: "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

They are branding us all now with the moniker of "domestic terrorist" so that they might be able to go after us with great zeal and propriety. But the nation is divided, moreso than little Harry Reid can possibly fathom. He is living in a past world, oblivious that everything changed on the Bundy Ranch. People rose up and repelled an arrogant and armed force. That vision will never be extinguished, because the people finally realized the power of "the consent of the governed."

Everything evil in our nation is a result of our own consent, because there are only two options: consent and dissent. Silence is consent, noise is dissent. No matter what form they take there are only two.

It is time to right our badly listing ship and work together to overturn the usurpers in power. As I have pointed out numerous times: One cannot violate the oath of office to defend the Constitution, then willingly violate it through governmental expedience. An official in violation of the oath has given up the pretense to legitimacy and act as rogue and arbitrary rulers, without restraint. This is not the United States without obedience and fealty to the oath taken by every "representative." There are no legitimate representatives where the first act of office is a fraud.

So, the counter-revolution begins. It is time to demonstrate the reach and power of the citizens of the Constitutional United States. When Harry starts the hot war by dispatching his badged vigilantes against the Bundys it will be time to stand on one side or the other. No room for moderates in this fight. One either votes for consent or dissent. I choose dissent.

Kerodin had a very insightful piece the other day and it comes home now more than ever. Read the post and then think about how you can help Bundy from your own AO. When it goes hot, as it seems it will shortly, you can act without traveling thousands of miles to do it. Keep them busy, let them see the reach of our forces and know without a doubt that retribution for another Ruby Ridge will be swift and broad. Call it "Operation Outreach."

Monday, April 14, 2014

At Your Disposal

We are the new media, bloggers, news aggregators (like Drudge), columnists, etc. We have seen David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh break one of the biggest scandals in American history, a devastating scandal that would have brought down any lesser-protected president than Barack Obama. Nationally known alternative media (Info Wars, The Blaze, etc) are capable of reaching millions and millions of like-minded citizens and bringing information and inspiration to the masses.

Through years of defamation by the major media outlets, the militias have survived to now present a positive image to patriots across the land as a result of their actions in the Bundy Ranch affair. Though, it was also the actions of those citizens who rallied to the cause, willing to stand their ground and put up a fight that led to, at least, a moral victory.

The most important aspect to victory is a person on whose behalf these weapons can be deployed. That is vital. If these resources are brought to bear only to have the victim go queasy and give in to government extortion, it demoralizes the troops and damages the effort, causing those who would support it see it as a useless sacrifice of their time resources. With Bundy, the operation worked because he and his family had the backbone to stand behind those who came to his aid and demand the appropriate concessions from the government.

But, all of this depends on communication, even when the particular government agency blocks normal modes such as the Internet, phone service and even electric power.

As the Cold War turns hot these are some important issues to keep in mind. Developing the avenues of communication and distribution are key. Being trained in tactics, supporting militias, supporting average citizens engaged in the action are important. Intelligence info from the front is something that needs to be better worked out.

The trouble with communication is that the federal government is in control of it, or can exert its influence over it. We have seen this in the way the Obama Administration has kept the Bundy Ranch affair out of the major news networks, how they dictate the message they want to get out through the major media outlets. This is a less and less important factor as the major media is suffering a debilitating credibility deficit. But, that only exposes the fact that there, right now, is no effective means of getting news from the front lines to the broader public with confidence in the quality and integrity of that message.

Perhaps, I just don't know about it. My question to the militia organizations out there is: Is there a way to use radio to radio communication back to a viable outlet to supporters around the nation? I realize that any attempt to arrive at common portal only makes it easy for the feds to focus on it. These are logistical issues that need some attention.

The war is hot. We need to start (should have a long time ago) get these resources in place and in use. I would love to work on this project with whomever might be interested, or at least point me in the right direction.

Bundy is not the only Bundy out there. This will come into play in Connecticut, in Utah, in Colorado, in Texas anywhere any government agency acting against the Constitution, using tyrannical and deadly force against citizens seeking to exert their God-given rights is present. Retribution for those actions should cause more mobilization, we have to be able to manage it.

In this war of restoration of these rights all are participants, either in support or in opposition. Getting our act together is a duty I take seriously.

I am at your disposal.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

We Are The Freedom Fighters

I am glad there is peace on the home front for the Bundys (however long that might be). As for the rest of us, the war has just begun. This was a skirmish, not a battle, not the war. What we have discovered from the skirmish is the feds don't know how to handle social media communication to draw supporters. They will fix that. We know they don't like to have the guns facing the other way, it probably confused them. Imagine how surprised they will be when bullets start coming out.

Many thanks to the militias who took their roles seriously and rucked up. I hope this incident is good for recruitment, one would think so. There are a lot of disillusioned people who need a reason and a direction. Most of whom got a reason the other day.

Thinking past it all, one should go to WRSA at this link and read the comment by Lost Patrol. This is the way the patriot mind ought to be thinking. Start developing Rapid Deployment Forces in each given area to address local issues. It shouldn't have to take national exposure and twenty years of bucking the feds to get patriots to the scene. Though, it does help to support someone with a backbone of his own as Cliven Bundy and his family showed over the ordeal.

I recently was challenged as to why I did not quit my well-paid job to rush to Nevada. Trust me, I wanted to, but there were reasons I had to make a few paychecks come in at this particular time, the IRS for one, who has already harassed me for leading a conservative group called Guardians of Liberty. There are other reasons, too, like life insurance for my family should one of the thugs take me out while "peacefully" protesting.

But this is a fact for everyone. CA at WRSA will preach local, local, local and he is right. For some of us who are often capable of driving cross-country to battle the big issues, we can look a little broader, but not every day of every week of every year. Don't feel bad if you can't go, other patriots should well understand. If you can, later, like I will be able to do, provide replacement to those who rucked up right off the bat. Be a reinforcement, but have your affairs in order. Talk to your family about how to get along without you (it may be permanent).

All these actions require support, financial, moral, intelligence, intelligence analysis, communication. If you are disabled, get a HAM radio license or at least learn to use one. We need to develop our sources of support better than we have, but maybe the Bundy Ranch will give us a renewed sense of purpose.

My point is simply that we are in a war now. They will be coming for more of us for doing nothing other than what I am doing right now (writing this post) as aiding terrorists. First in line are the militias, show them some support. Even if you don't want to join, take your expertise and see if and when they might be able to use whatever it is that you can do.

Everyone will be brought into this war as it goes along. The statists (most of your neighbors) are already lining up, just read the Bundy Ranch twitter feed and see how often they tried to just distract the momentum. They are crafty and clever and dedicated, but just like the Ukraine military in Kiev, once the political power structure is destroyed, they are lost souls without a home, traitors to the new cause. It would be nice to show them the other side of the fence, would it not?

The most important thing about the Bundy Ranch is this: people were willing to stand up and the more that the Rangers revealed their brutality, the stronger the cause grew. Tyranny and brutality is all the government knows, reveal it and you take a huge step closer to defeating them. Film everything and have a way to get that footage out to the public. Had shots been fired, I have no doubt the numbers would have increased beyond the ability of their forces to handle. That might have figured into the equation before they stood down.

Keep in mind this is not a revolution, or a war against our government, it is a war against those who have usurped the power of the people. They have corrupted the Constitution, denied us our rights, imprisoned and killed many good patriots to this nation. They represent the coup, we are the counter-revolution. They are the terrorists, we are the freedom fighters.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Blood Is The Game

The Bundy Ranch issue is not about grazing fees. It is not about court orders. It is not about grazing rights. When the feds came in and confiscated cattle it became about ownership, not of cattle, of people.

This happens every day in America and lone, silent victims have to take it or die trying to resist. From what authority do the feds draw their ability to confiscate anyone's possessions? A court order to steal? There is only one authority any government has over the people and their possessions and that is the authority of force. That authority can go both ways.

The best way to show the authority of the people is to take the cattle back. If it is known where they are, there is nothing to stop the people from retrieving them. It might cost some blood, but blood is the game when dealing with the government. They only understand force, political and physical.

This issue is before the eyes of America. Those waiting for something to happen have waited long enough, this is it. It doesn't matter what side issues are present. The question is simply: does the government have the right to take someone's property or not? Are we a free people or not? Standing up, right now, in Nevada can begin the long road back to justice, but not without sacrifice.

Get the cattle back. Wherever they are. Whatever you have to do.

UPDATE: Rumors of gun confiscations near Bundy Ranch.

Into the Whirlwind

Now is the time to be in Nevada. It is time to push the struggle of the average American, in this case Cliven Bundy. It should not be enough to just show up and support the family. It is time to start helping Cliven Bundy get his cattle back. It is a chance to give a show of force to the feds and let it start to sink in what would happen if they attempt to impose control over a free people.

Already the feds are guilty of numerous counts of assault and assault with a deadly weapon. It is not just an accident when they use force against citizens for asking questions. It is not just an accident when citizens are hit with a moving vehicle. Those park rangers are criminals and must be held accountable for their crimes.

The patriot/liberty community must recognize the situation at hand. This is the dividing point between what the feds will do and what the people can do in response. I commend anyone who has been able to show up ready to support liberty, ready to support the right to property.

There are moments in history where the people have the upper hand, this is one. If the feds think they can come in, confiscate property and brutalize citizens for asking questions and filming officers, it is time to demand reparations. The cattle must be returned and the officers guilty of these crimes must be made to suffer the consequences of their actions. Taking that tack is important. There is a chance to show the feds for who they are and use their aggression against them.

In the hearts of many Americans who are not on the front lines of the struggle for liberation from this tyrannical government is a deep sense of dread. They are getting a good view of what they have always known, but never wanted to confront. It is a chance to drive those silent supporters into the daylight.

No, I am not there. I cannot forsake my responsibilities at present, but there is a time coming, a date certain, when I can and will be there. This whole fiasco needs to go one step further and instead of watching as the cattle are gathered, those soldiers on the ground can stop them. Passive resistance, if that is your way. It is important to put pressure on the feds to leave, without the cattle. It is important to make them give the stolen cattle back.

What it takes is a few dedicated fighters willing to take the heat and make the feds over react. In turn, it gives license to further acts and further acts until the feds are forced to come to grips with the fact that they cannot weather the storm of a hostile public. 

I praise the militias freedom fighters for standing up to the challenge. I praise the Bundy family for not wanting to just get along with the feds. I praise those who have braved the anger and aggressiveness of the federal agents and stood solid when beaten and tazed.

The dynamic is simple: forcing officers to expose their brutality is the key to success. More is done to cement a movement, a cause, by this method than any other. They are the willing contributors to their own demise, if you will let them. Film everything.

To those on the ground, I know I am but one man and my presence would mean little, but I will proudly stand next to you as soon as I can. I have to bring some bacon home, but I am on my way. I look forward to meeting those who have gone into the whirlwind ahead of me. When you have to go back and take care of business, I will spell you on the front lines. God bless.    

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Same Pig, Different Lipstick

The very essence of what has happened to America is being played out in the Nevada desert near Bunkerville. Cliven Bundy and his family have grazed cattle on federal land since before the formation of the BLM, well over 100 years. His family moved out to settle the wilderness with nothing more than a homestead of 160 acres.

In exchange for braving a very unforgiving environment, ranchers were allowed to graze their cattle on the remaining unsold land. This is not an absentee business, ranching. It requires riding herd, protecting the cattle from predators, calving, moving cattle, managing the range, digging wells for water and a million other chores required to survive the desert.

This is how ranching was done. The federal government didn't care that the cattle were there. Back then, when this was still a free land, the federal government was just happy there was someone there, anyone, who might be able to help their troops who patrolled the West, securing the land for settlement. When Bundy's family settled the land, there was no such thing as Las Vegas, or the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). They were alone, isolated with only the help of neighbors to fight through the worst the desert had to offer.

It was tough and it bred men like Cliven Bundy, who has stood up and refused to be pushed around by bureaucrats and environmentalists. The desert tortoise is nothing but a ruse conjured up by the alliance of a federal government unconcerned for the rights of citizens and environmentalists who think all of humanity is a curse to their precious god: Gaia. Environmental fascism and bureaucratic brute force have been brought together to destroy another American family.

Armed forces of the FBI, BLM and Park Rangers have been sent out to steal his cattle, to harass his family and destroy the ranch. It is the final act in a long-running confrontation between Bundy and the feds. This is how the federal government deals with the little guy, the pioneer, the average joe. If Bundy's name were Chase, or JP Morgan, or General Motors the $300,000 the government says Bundy owes in back grazing fees would be nothing, a mere accounting error, not even a decent bonus to the Wall Street Bankers this government bailed out just a few years ago. But since the family name is Bundy, a person not unlike any of us, except, perhaps more courageous, he suffers the full wrath of the federal government, complete with "First Amendment Areas" snipers on the surrounding hills and helicopters buzzing the ranch.

The reasons behind the conflict are irrelevant, because it is the tactics, the severity of treatment the people receive at the hands of their government that reveals its open hostility toward freedom and independence. Bundy is the enemy. Whatever actions Bundy took that set the government on this vendetta could easily have been reasoned out, discussed, but that's not how the feds deal with little guys.

Those in the patriot/liberty community have been seeking a point where a stand must be made. They wonder who will be the one to stand up to these tyrants. Look no further. Cliven Bundy has long made his sentiments known, has for decades argued for the right to do as his family has done for over 100 years. If he will stand, the forces for liberty should stand with him. Run the barricades, video the abuses, label the tyrants for who they are. It doesn't matter how this turns out, it should be the line that we no longer let slip beneath our feet as we shake our heads.

Rob Mrowka at the Center for Biological Diversity and Terri Robertson of Friends of Sloan Canyon are two of the environmentalists pushing the federal government to take these actions.

Don't let them put Bunkerville beside the names of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Trumped up, overzealousness ruled the day back then, too. This is the same pig with different lipstick.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

But One Life To Give

As most readers know, Connecticut Citizen's Defense League (CCDL) held a rally on Saturday in defense of the Second Amendment and in opposition to Public Act 13-3 (assault weapons ban-a misnomer as it is). By all accounts it was well-attended by a largely armed citizenry with no incidents, as one would expect.

In a recent post I encouraged attendance by all who could make it, especially those in other states in close proximity to Connecticut to show support. With or without my encouragement, they did as I suspected they would and many different states were represented. This is the sort of support it will take to drive home the message to every legislature that attempts to pass such arbitrary and illegal laws will be resisted with mutual support.

It has come to my attention that some felt that I would be at this rally due to my wholehearted support and several posts in which I encouraged attendance. My pledge to go to Connecticut was not to attend this rally, but to the greater prospect of government action against gun owners. I sent an email to several trusted folks with that exact intent. I apologize if some got the wrong impression of my intentions, or that I did not make myself clear on my pledge, which stands today, but not just for Connecticut.

Right now, in Nevada another storm is brewing with rancher Cliven Bundy. Most liberty-minded people have been simultaneously monitoring the events in Connecticut and Nevada. Hopefully they have been studying the issues with the Bundy Ranch and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The issue comes down to the BLM attempts to drive Cliven Bundy from his long-held (over 100 years) grazing rights on federal land. The land Bundy grazed had been improved by him by establishing available water for his cattle, which also served wildlife in the area. As is custom with the federal government, BLM contrived an environmental excuse to force him to remove the cattle from federal grazing (protection of the desert tortoise). This is a long-smoldering issue in the West where the federal government owns huge percentages of land in several states; in Nevada the federal government continues to own over 85% of all land. Where else would a rancher, who had established the ranch prior to the formation of BLM, graze their cattle? When was the federal land available for sale to Bundy?

This is a state's rights issue where the federal government should have ceded the land to Nevada upon establishment of statehood to be sold off to public interests. But, it has come down to Bundy to try to defend himself and his ranch from this injustice.

The confrontation between Bundy and BLM has been largely publicized and while it may shape up as another Ruby Ridge, a patriot might only watch and prep and try to discern one's role in any of the several possible conflicts across the nation. There are still actions in Albuquerque where the police and federal agents have taken a militant attitude toward defending themselves from charges of over-aggressive use of arms. The irony of that should not surprise anyone.

As a patriot dedicated to the ideals of life, liberty and property, one must choose when and where to put their life on the line for these ideals. As Nathan Hale proclaimed, prior to his hanging by the British, "I regret that I have but one life to give to my country." And, so it is for all of us and some difficult decisions must be made today about our own legacies and efforts in the cause of liberty.

I trust in God to lead me to the cause for which I will give my life for this country; I have but one and must choose wisely.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

With A Clear Conscience

Tom King of the NRA, like members of the GOP, is so busy thinking about elections and politically acceptable positions, he, like them, has sold the entire concept of Constitutional republicanism to the highest bidder, i.e. George Soros. There is nothing more infuriating than when these parasites speak of rights and liberty as motivational appeal points in a speech, but argue against them when it looks like the people might actually adhere to the ideals they invoke at every fundraiser and in every article.

The NRA is comprised of hunters, gun enthusiasts, Second Amendment advocates and police officers. I guess the NRA has caught some flak from their uniformed members about the rhetoric taking place when the issues are real. Now, the NRA wants to soften the rhetoric lest they lose dues paying members. They will lose a lot of dues paying members on all sides if things get out of hand, but the only way it can get out of hand is if police officers take the next fatal step and seek to aggressively enforce the unconstitutional laws passed by their legislatures; the very laws they are sworn to oppose.

The NRA, if it sought to be a real advocate of the Second Amendment, rather than a political arm of the GOP, would be pressing their members in law enforcement to back down their legislators, to discuss with them the realities of the situation and seek repeal.

Arguments against the rally in Connecticut are legitimate. Some of the closest allies I have in the fight for the rights of individuals (chiefly the Second Amendment right to arms) have come out against my position. I respect that, because it is from a position I understand and even endorse. My support of the rally comes from a desire to see the Second Amendment upheld, proclaimed publicly, enthusiastically, before everything goes awry. Connecticut has the potential to send us all off on our own missions of resistance. It could be that spark, or it could drive home the point to the several legislatures and police agencies that this is a bad move and give them a chance to reconsider their position and repeal this pathetic law.

What can be gained from a rally? Well, one might and should take the opportunity to do some tactical intelligence gathering as proposed by Sam Culper at Guerillamerica called Poseidon Compass. It can be used to define the argument and to drive home the issues to soft supporters like the NRA. It is, in effect, a gathering on the green. Every single moment of truth came first as a peaceful demonstration until the arrogance of the "masters" pushed the issue beyond the point of no return.

If a rally serves as no other purpose than to pound podiums and bear chests, I agree that they serve little purpose, but a patriot must enter such an arena with their eyes open. We are all individuals who have to make our own decisions. There is no way to get the majority of the patriot/liberty communities to agree on every action. I accept that as healthy; as an indication of the dedication to the cause of liberty. There are no leaders when individual rights are at stake, because it is an individual decision that must be made according to one's own willingness to enforce those rights.

"Local, local, local," Pete at WRSA would say. Is not Connecticut local to so many patriots in RI, NY, NJ, MA, VT and NH? Haven't their legislatures proposed the same types of laws, even if not as draconian as CT or perhaps moreso? And, what do we do with our local patriots when and if Connecticut sparks a drive from the feds to come after all the guns and all the groups? To say that a rally means nothing, to me, misses the point. A rally is a rally until it becomes something else and that should be dictated by the actions of the government in response to a peaceful demonstration.

There is only one absolute truth, and every patriot knows it: the government will never back off from its quest for power. Resistance to tyranny is duty. So, when Tom King and the NRA appeal to the middle third of voters they only weaken their own voice in the public square. They are John Boehner, John McCain and Mitch McConnell. Our fight is our own. We don't have the advantage of funds and political persuasion, all we have, as patriots, is our willingness to enforce our rights with our blood.

I support the rally, because it has the potential to clarify the issues and make that one last appeal to the legislature that they have taken a step too far. Beyond that, it will come down to late night visits by black-clad hit squads in SWAT gear and the dreaded social crisis will begin. No one goes into such a situation without having done everything to avoid it. That is what I have done. If I have to do more, I will do so with a clear conscience.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Free State

Saturday April 5th the Connecticut Citizen Defense League (CCDL) will hold a rally at the state capitol. David Codrea is the guest speaker, one of the people who actually broke the Fast and Furious scandal they called Gunwalker, along with Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars. The rally is worthy of attendance for that reason alone, but it is not the most important reason to attend.

This is an armed rally, though the organizers are anxious that some people might not comply with the laws concerning open and concealed carry in Connecticut. Yes, these laws are unconstitutional as well, but, I think enough unconstitutional laws are being challenged with disobedience right now in Connecticut without throwing a bone to the opposition by making this rally a political negative.

This is a great opportunity for those close in proximity, but from out of state, to show that support for the Second Amendment is not just a Connecticut issue. Showing numerous out of state plates in the parking lot would drive home this reality to LE, who will take notice.

Right now, we are in a cold war with the communists in government. To any degree that the legislators can be backed down by peaceful means, it is worth a shot. To any degree that LE can come to grips with the enormity of having to confiscate the weapons the legislature has outlawed, it is worth the demonstration. Right now is a time for thinking, a time for political leverage; there will be plenty of time for logistics and firing angles if this and other actions like it don't work.

We are at a delicate stage in our quest for liberation. The whole world is embroiled in political upheaval. The whole world teeters on economic collapse. While our personal struggles continue in the United States, foreign enemies are sizing up our nation due to weak leadership and hypocritical foreign and domestic policy.

American domestic issues are slowly creating lines of division on every aspect of life from privacy to religion to guns to immigration. Implosion is imminent as a result of about fifty possible triggers. Simply keeping track of the issues that might spark widespread social conflict is a time-consuming ordeal.

The commitment to the Second Amendment, under these circumstances, is not just a cause, or a political viewpoint, it is necessary for the defense of the nation. A well regulated militia (citizens trained in the use of arms prepared to defend the Constitution and/or individual liberty) being necessary to a free state (uncontrolled by foreign powers, against invasion or the corruption of the rights of the citizens and the Constitution by domestic enemies) the right of the people (the same people or persons in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 14th and 17th Amendments) to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

That these rights have been infringed and for quite some time without a corresponding further amending of the Constitution, is a federal crime of which the entire legislature of the federal congress and those of the numerous states and courts throughout the land are guilty. The only question left is what to do about it. We, the people, are the enforcing body authorized by our rights to defend them. The April 5th rally is a political act to illuminate that fact to the politicians who are in violation of the Second Amendment in Connecticut, but the message is to the federal government and other state governments as well.

The right to keep and bear arms is as much a deterrent from foreign invasion as it is from domestic oppression. No nation is likely to physically invade the continental United States while 150 million citizens own and are trained in the use of firearms. They just aren't interested in being inserted into such a meat-grinder as that. Now that the federal government has placed the United States in a precarious military and economic situation on the global stage the Second Amendment is even more critical than in previous times. Anything that reasserts this right is an act of patriotism and detractors, even in the Second Amendment and liberty community, do a disservice to the cause by minimizing the usefulness of peaceful demonstration.

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