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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Focus: BLM

In the new reality of freedom fighters and domestic terrorists it is important for militias and freedom fighters not to spend their credibility cheaply. What made the Bundy Ranch a success for the patriot forces was Cliven Bundy himself. I am aware of numerous individuals who would have sold out the efforts of their supporters for a reduced grazing fee, or a better payoff.

This is one reason to take it further, to go outside the individual. We can not always rely on the backbone of those we seek to aid when the feds come calling with stock trailers and military garb. The nation is awake. A great example of this was the interchange between Harry Reid and Dean Heller, the Republican senator from Nevada.

On KSNV-TV, Harry repeated his opinion that the supporters of Cliven Bundy were domestic terrorists while Heller called them patriots.

Harry Reid's reply was: "If they are patriots, we are in trouble." Yes, Harry, people like you are in trouble, because those were patriots. That's what undiluted, undiminished Americans look like when the government abuses their God-given rights.

When the situation exists where one senator can call a group of individuals domestic terrorists and the other senator can call them patriots, the game is already ours. Now, these senators might just be playing politics, but it is the fact that the politics of today allow such a stark divide that enables our cause.

The BLM is taking land all over America. This can be the focus of our patriotic fervor, to counter BLM wherever we can find a person or family willing to accept our help, to stand firm, to display the appropriate backbone. Many of them have been fighting the BLM for several years. Some of these people do not understand the militia/patriot movement. They might not even support our goals, but there are some who do and will and they need to be vetted and then supported.

Focus locally, but embrace the idea of national support. One thing I think should also be done, though I don't know how to manage it. There needs to be a GoFundMe account, or some other such funding mechanism to help support those willing to take up the cause. Who do you trust to control the funds? That's a good question. Can there be a means of making such a fund trustworthy enough to be a viable funding source? Beyond reproach?

We need to exploit the weakness the BLM and feds have shown and start to show up at every Bundy-like action. Again, vetting and screening those we aim to defend. This goes back to Kerodin's point where part of the purpose is to deny surplus boots on the ground, because all of the BLM offices are dealing with their own security issues. I have heard of BLM movements in Texas and Colorado. I will be going to Colorado shortly and repeatedly while I deal with property there. I'll do some research on that angle.

The reason I find BLM compelling is because their way of doing business violates every single right I can think of. They tried to limit free speech in Nevada, for heaven's sake. The Fourth Amendment means nothing to them. I know they would like to do away with the Second Amendment.

I am willing to take some direction on where to go and who to talk to in Colorado. 


  1. Along the same vein, I saw a couple of days ago the National Parks Service is kicking a Navajo family off of the land that they have lived on for generations, claiming it "belongs" to everyone.
    The fact that there are just so many grievances to be addressed, it is hard to know where to start.

  2. Maybe an Indiegogo or kickstarter type fundraiser per event-such things run for 1 month only anyway,handled by the people on the ground at whatever location the political stand is taking place-essentially,crowd funding instantly online,when needed.

  3. Why not you, TL? You have everyone's trust.

    1. I appreciate the compliment. I try to stay away from any possibility of dishonor and money breeds that sort of thing.

  4. Clearly, a nonprofit set up for this purpose won't get 501c3 status, but any account must have a limited number of signatories. I am no attorney, but for national reach, a foundation with a publicly acknowledged, accountable board might be feasible. Obviously, the IRS and a host of three-letter agencies would be all over it, that's why it would have to be transparent. Would love to have attorneys and accountants weigh in here.

    1. That's an interesting take, Phillip. Just out of curiosity, what do you believe would be the proper number of man-hours, all told, to be devoted to that?

  5. What I'm seeing is these liberal progressives that is following the NWO. To make it even around the globe.. This is their goal. This what the Agenda 21 is. Its make every the same. ONLY the rich get richer. They are destroying the middle class. That is their plan. If you really look you can see it. Then on top of that our dictator is sending jobs overseas, He is not creating jobs in this country at all. He wanted bigger gov. while he goes on vacations, spending our money. But if you have read anything later he has brought our tanks from Germany back to the states. Whats he planning for those tanks. OUr depopulations????


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