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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Patriot Information Network, or Something

I have been looking into Patriot comms. I have gotten some good advice and cautions along the way. The crux of every effective bit of communication is that it come from a reliable source. After that, it all gets complicated and difficult to manage. Like everything else, power enters into it at some point and skews the dynamic, making reliable sources into not so reliable sources. A single point of contact gives the opposition a place to focus.

After reading some very reliable accounts of the Bundy Ranch events it is clear that communication was an issue. Rumors swirled in the electronic air of the Internet. Getting any reliable information out of the Bundy Ranch was difficult due to the fact that those engaged in the action had little time and/or ability to reach out to the greater community and provide truth with details.

The surprising and pleasing fact is that thousands of patriots were willing to mobilize against the threat posed by the federal government. That they didn't know where to go, or who to believe kept a lot of reinforcements on the sidelines. As this struggle against a corrupt and dangerously impudent gang in Washington that call itself "government" it will be even more important to dispatch quality intel and get appropriate responses.

Information is faced with a multitude of challenges in this atmosphere. There are political opponents which showed themselves clearly when the Bundy Ranch started trending strongly on social media sites. It is not above them to cause mischief by rumormongering. There are government employees with a reason to inject misinformation and disinformation to confuse the messages. There are big and small media names interested in self-promotion by producing "exclusives" which might validate their own agendas, but do little for providing those forces in reserve good, actionable intelligence.

So, what to do?

The model I am looking at would rely on HAM radio operators on the scene communicating with operators outside the immediate area (preferably militia communication officers) then distributing that information to large patriot blogsites like WRSA, III Percent Patriots and Sipsey Street Irregulars. Much larger than that and agendas get worked into the mix and intel not directly connected to the media name is diminished or discarded.

The method of verification would be consensus of the relayed message. For instance, any single bit of information might be manipulated further down the stream, but the sheer volume of reports would indicate consistency and largely accuracy. The key is to obtain that information from known sources, which would put a direct link between militia communication officers and these sites.

And, this is where things usually fall apart. It would take cooperation and volunteerism. Those in the militia communication group would have to team up with bloggers and establish those trusted lines of communication. Next, it would be necessary to have someone in the militia communication group  present on the scene, or be relayed information directly from their commander on the scene.

So, here is the pitch. I would request that bloggers reach out to local militia units and see if these connections can be made and to strengthen these arrangements with personal contact. Once this contact is made, the blog will be put on a list of those to be visited if some action is taking place. This link list should be kept by every participating blogger. Then, those interested in getting reliable information could click on as many of the links as possible to get all the different reports until the truth emerges from the volume of posts. This would not be for aggregating internet rumors. The idea is to draw directly from the ground.

The other half of the equation is for militia information officers make contact with each other (which I hope they already have to some degree) exchange information frequencies and agree to participate in the information network.

I hate to name this network until all the bugs are worked out. Let me know if there is a simpler, more secure method of information dissemination. I might be thinking way too complicated, which is my nature, when there are more streamlined avenues available.

The only truth here is that we need a better system if we are going to be effective and be able to respond not only at the site, but around the nation in support of whatever local crisis is at hand.

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