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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Road to Fraunce's Tavern

First and foremost, support those on the ground.

Please address any donations or care packages to:
The Militia Effort
(or individual/unit/organization you desire to support)
C/O: The Bundy Ranch
P.O. Box 7175
Bunkerville, NV 89007

Second, only those awash in testosterone truly understand the egos and territory-marking that goes on in a high T situation, so it is not advisable to take one side or the other in the militia/OK drama. I am a militia supporter and have not seen much from the Oathkeepers and have not been impressed with what I have seen. I will not let that cloud my judgement. What I don't like is dissension in the field.

I don't know the individuals in command and whether or not that is a good choice or even how that decision was made or could be made except by consent of those present. I assume that's how it went down, but I don't know. What I do know is that they are there and none of us are, so they need support in any form we can muster.

Third, there has been some mention about lack of action by the rest of us. That's understandable. I'm ready, but do they need me there? My assumption is that accommodations are limited, perhaps even a bit imposing on the Bundy Family. Another person there might not be as important as the funds and goods one might send to the front rather than spending the same amount getting there and providing for themself. The idea, I think, is to fully support the limited troops on the ground and let them handle it. They don't need any more people showing up with contradictory opinions about how things are being run, or who is in charge. We saw how that can hurt the effort with the Oathkeepers and their leadership. There may well come a time when more of us are needed, or will be needed in other areas to do other things. I hope more are standing by.

Fourth, perspective is being lost. Bunkerville might well be the Lexington of our times, but it is not as yet. Imagine, if you will a young kid on a mini-bike riding around in the desert at about the time of the standoff with BLM. He lets off on the throttle and the bike backfires. If that had happened at the crucial moment, we would be living in a different world today. That day will come. Don't be impatient.

As a Christian, I believe the hand of God is all over this period in our history. I believe that He will lead us out of bondage. I believe that He kept things from getting out of control during the standoff, providing the forces of liberty a victory.

People talk about action, but offensive action now would not accomplish our goal. The role God has provided is a defensive role, a protective role. To have half a dozen people going off and creating havoc now would diminish the victory already achieved, which is a positive vision of the militias and the supporters of the cause.

Action for the sake of action, that does not advance the cause of liberty, is destructive. Would I like to back up my words with action? Sure, of course, I feel kind of anxious to do something to help, but reason dictates that I know what that is and whether or not I would be helping or hurting the cause in these crucial first steps toward defense of our rights. Something I do might give reason for the feds to go in aggressively at Bunkerville, or have no effect at all. Is that wise?

I think it prudent to consider these issues of perspective. I think it prudent to consider that Bunkerville, like Lexington is not the only step in the struggle, it is but the first step. To everything there is a start, a middle and an end. One cannot get from Lexington to Fraunce's Tavern in a single day. Or, do you think that at the conclusion of Bunkerville, whatever that is, the government will recede back into constitutionally proper government? Or, like me, do you think there is a long, hard road with setbacks and victories involving most of us newly minted "domestic terrorists" involved in some tragic and heartbreaking event in the years to come?

Trust in the leadership at Bunkerville, support them with goods and funds, support them with presence if asked, with reinforcements and replacements if needed and with prayers.   

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