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Sunday, April 13, 2014

We Are The Freedom Fighters

I am glad there is peace on the home front for the Bundys (however long that might be). As for the rest of us, the war has just begun. This was a skirmish, not a battle, not the war. What we have discovered from the skirmish is the feds don't know how to handle social media communication to draw supporters. They will fix that. We know they don't like to have the guns facing the other way, it probably confused them. Imagine how surprised they will be when bullets start coming out.

Many thanks to the militias who took their roles seriously and rucked up. I hope this incident is good for recruitment, one would think so. There are a lot of disillusioned people who need a reason and a direction. Most of whom got a reason the other day.

Thinking past it all, one should go to WRSA at this link and read the comment by Lost Patrol. This is the way the patriot mind ought to be thinking. Start developing Rapid Deployment Forces in each given area to address local issues. It shouldn't have to take national exposure and twenty years of bucking the feds to get patriots to the scene. Though, it does help to support someone with a backbone of his own as Cliven Bundy and his family showed over the ordeal.

I recently was challenged as to why I did not quit my well-paid job to rush to Nevada. Trust me, I wanted to, but there were reasons I had to make a few paychecks come in at this particular time, the IRS for one, who has already harassed me for leading a conservative group called Guardians of Liberty. There are other reasons, too, like life insurance for my family should one of the thugs take me out while "peacefully" protesting.

But this is a fact for everyone. CA at WRSA will preach local, local, local and he is right. For some of us who are often capable of driving cross-country to battle the big issues, we can look a little broader, but not every day of every week of every year. Don't feel bad if you can't go, other patriots should well understand. If you can, later, like I will be able to do, provide replacement to those who rucked up right off the bat. Be a reinforcement, but have your affairs in order. Talk to your family about how to get along without you (it may be permanent).

All these actions require support, financial, moral, intelligence, intelligence analysis, communication. If you are disabled, get a HAM radio license or at least learn to use one. We need to develop our sources of support better than we have, but maybe the Bundy Ranch will give us a renewed sense of purpose.

My point is simply that we are in a war now. They will be coming for more of us for doing nothing other than what I am doing right now (writing this post) as aiding terrorists. First in line are the militias, show them some support. Even if you don't want to join, take your expertise and see if and when they might be able to use whatever it is that you can do.

Everyone will be brought into this war as it goes along. The statists (most of your neighbors) are already lining up, just read the Bundy Ranch twitter feed and see how often they tried to just distract the momentum. They are crafty and clever and dedicated, but just like the Ukraine military in Kiev, once the political power structure is destroyed, they are lost souls without a home, traitors to the new cause. It would be nice to show them the other side of the fence, would it not?

The most important thing about the Bundy Ranch is this: people were willing to stand up and the more that the Rangers revealed their brutality, the stronger the cause grew. Tyranny and brutality is all the government knows, reveal it and you take a huge step closer to defeating them. Film everything and have a way to get that footage out to the public. Had shots been fired, I have no doubt the numbers would have increased beyond the ability of their forces to handle. That might have figured into the equation before they stood down.

Keep in mind this is not a revolution, or a war against our government, it is a war against those who have usurped the power of the people. They have corrupted the Constitution, denied us our rights, imprisoned and killed many good patriots to this nation. They represent the coup, we are the counter-revolution. They are the terrorists, we are the freedom fighters.

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