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Thursday, April 3, 2014

With A Clear Conscience

Tom King of the NRA, like members of the GOP, is so busy thinking about elections and politically acceptable positions, he, like them, has sold the entire concept of Constitutional republicanism to the highest bidder, i.e. George Soros. There is nothing more infuriating than when these parasites speak of rights and liberty as motivational appeal points in a speech, but argue against them when it looks like the people might actually adhere to the ideals they invoke at every fundraiser and in every article.

The NRA is comprised of hunters, gun enthusiasts, Second Amendment advocates and police officers. I guess the NRA has caught some flak from their uniformed members about the rhetoric taking place when the issues are real. Now, the NRA wants to soften the rhetoric lest they lose dues paying members. They will lose a lot of dues paying members on all sides if things get out of hand, but the only way it can get out of hand is if police officers take the next fatal step and seek to aggressively enforce the unconstitutional laws passed by their legislatures; the very laws they are sworn to oppose.

The NRA, if it sought to be a real advocate of the Second Amendment, rather than a political arm of the GOP, would be pressing their members in law enforcement to back down their legislators, to discuss with them the realities of the situation and seek repeal.

Arguments against the rally in Connecticut are legitimate. Some of the closest allies I have in the fight for the rights of individuals (chiefly the Second Amendment right to arms) have come out against my position. I respect that, because it is from a position I understand and even endorse. My support of the rally comes from a desire to see the Second Amendment upheld, proclaimed publicly, enthusiastically, before everything goes awry. Connecticut has the potential to send us all off on our own missions of resistance. It could be that spark, or it could drive home the point to the several legislatures and police agencies that this is a bad move and give them a chance to reconsider their position and repeal this pathetic law.

What can be gained from a rally? Well, one might and should take the opportunity to do some tactical intelligence gathering as proposed by Sam Culper at Guerillamerica called Poseidon Compass. It can be used to define the argument and to drive home the issues to soft supporters like the NRA. It is, in effect, a gathering on the green. Every single moment of truth came first as a peaceful demonstration until the arrogance of the "masters" pushed the issue beyond the point of no return.

If a rally serves as no other purpose than to pound podiums and bear chests, I agree that they serve little purpose, but a patriot must enter such an arena with their eyes open. We are all individuals who have to make our own decisions. There is no way to get the majority of the patriot/liberty communities to agree on every action. I accept that as healthy; as an indication of the dedication to the cause of liberty. There are no leaders when individual rights are at stake, because it is an individual decision that must be made according to one's own willingness to enforce those rights.

"Local, local, local," Pete at WRSA would say. Is not Connecticut local to so many patriots in RI, NY, NJ, MA, VT and NH? Haven't their legislatures proposed the same types of laws, even if not as draconian as CT or perhaps moreso? And, what do we do with our local patriots when and if Connecticut sparks a drive from the feds to come after all the guns and all the groups? To say that a rally means nothing, to me, misses the point. A rally is a rally until it becomes something else and that should be dictated by the actions of the government in response to a peaceful demonstration.

There is only one absolute truth, and every patriot knows it: the government will never back off from its quest for power. Resistance to tyranny is duty. So, when Tom King and the NRA appeal to the middle third of voters they only weaken their own voice in the public square. They are John Boehner, John McCain and Mitch McConnell. Our fight is our own. We don't have the advantage of funds and political persuasion, all we have, as patriots, is our willingness to enforce our rights with our blood.

I support the rally, because it has the potential to clarify the issues and make that one last appeal to the legislature that they have taken a step too far. Beyond that, it will come down to late night visits by black-clad hit squads in SWAT gear and the dreaded social crisis will begin. No one goes into such a situation without having done everything to avoid it. That is what I have done. If I have to do more, I will do so with a clear conscience.

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