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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


A few days ago I wrote the above post full of self, of my own attitudes and baggage. I fluctuate from thinking that what I write helps, that it provides some information, that it leads some to the light of truth. Other times, I think if I am writing I am not doing and doing is what needs to be done. I think that by shutting down the blog and "doing" I can protect those who might be considered co-conspirators. I have struggled with this a lot.

I am not afraid of the justice system. To be honest, the last thing they want to do is put me in prison with a bunch of other victims of this diseased system. I know the mentality. I have spent a lot of time with ex-cons. While I am not rushing to be imprisoned, I do not fear it. The greatest fear I have is what it does to people I care about, people like my family, like the III.

My life has been in a state of flux most of the time. There were a few moments when things were stable, but it has been only a respite from the turmoil that surrounds being in the oil industry where everything can change in the blink of an eye. People do not stay at one job very long. The company might stay the same, but the rig changes, or the crew changes, etc. Nothing is safe, no schedule is sacred. Every plan I have ever made has been hijacked by the uncertainty of working in the oil field.

And, so it is again. I have an opportunity that I will likely accept that will once again hijack whatever plans I had made, whatever obligations I assumed in good faith. That does not mean that I must stop the blog. It really doesn't affect very much, except that whatever time I had set aside to do anything, or go anywhere will be adjusted to the new schedule. I will have more time off, but more time on as well.

Enough of me, though. The fact is, I realize now, from responses to the latest post, that becoming discouraged with the movement, watching organized events fail time after time to produce anything substantial, is some of my own baggage. It is unworthy of the efforts a lot of other people are making for me to just bag it.

From what I have read many feel the same way: they just want to chuck it all and go after the crooks, but they have remained to provide guidance. They have been convinced to stay in the fight. I guess I have to find a way to do both.

I am waiting now to hear news of my new schedule. I will try to keep up with the posts as much as I am able, but I refuse to write a post just to write something. I will take it as it goes. Thank you for your guidance, I had made up my mind, but I always listen to reason.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hard Truths and Adios

There is really nothing left to say, is there? Do we wait for the next Bundy Ranch? We all have our lives and we are walking on eggshells hoping to get a few more things tied up before we have to step out from our protective barriers called "lives" and become counter-revolutionaries. We have to stop trying to protect those things that are lost. We cannot hold onto what we have and do anything substantial to overcome the tyranny of the current corrupt system.

I don't know if I'll write another post. The communication issue is persistent and maybe some folks are working on it, I don't know, they have not responded, not to me, anyway. I hope so. As far as defense is concerned, I have it figured out for myself. I have always been working on a plan to secure my people. I have assets others do not, so I take it all a bit for granted.

The one thing we need to know is that we are not functional and cannot get functional without dropping the mask of propriety we cling to so desperately. I understand those who train, but that is with the idea of survival and to be honest, I think if you are active in this movement, you will not survive the first round. Might as well buy that cow right now. Either you will die attempting to do something constructive for the movement, or you will be targeted and taken down before you raise a finger in resistance.

I equate this situation to being the first of those troops coming out of the landing craft on D-Day. Accept your role, prepare a replacement, but if you think you are going to stand in front of that door as it falls away from you and survive, you are kidding yourself. We are martyrs and I don't consider that term in an honorable context, but it is a fact. No one on D-Day wanted to watch their lives disappear, but they manned-up and they did it. Maybe they were absolutely terrified, transfixed by the horror of it, but they were there to be the calculated number required to reach the cliffs. That is how these things are figured out: i.e. how many lives are required for troops to reach the cliffs and how many will be required to scale the cliffs, etc. You are a number, an amount required to reach the cliffs. Anyone, who has been in the service, should understand this concept.

If you need Constitutional violations to motivate you, they are there; if you need abuse of power evidence to motivate you, it is there; if you need the government to investigate you, have the IRS harass you to motivate you, it is there; if you need patriotism to motivate you, look at the VA scandal and see what they think of our defenders of their power and that should motivate you. At this point, if you are not motivated to act, take off the III patch, delete the blogs from your list and just slip away into nothingness. The one thing you should not do, is involve anyone else in your plan. Make a plan, plan your plan and execute your plan. Start small, build up, protect your actions if you can.

The conclusion I have come to is simply this: they mean to take everything I have, imprison everyone I care about and if possible take me alive and torture me for the names of everyone I know. That's enough for me.

I won't shut the blog down, but to be honest, I really don't give a damn.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Enemies of Liberty Hurt One of Our Own

I am always uncomfortable asking the community to do things, because I am no leader, I have no particular sway with anyone. I write what I think are the salient points of the day. However, I take my role as a Threeper seriously and know I will give my life for this movement, for liberty for my countrymen and women.

As a society we are doomed if folks like myself are not willing to take a bullet, are not willing to put their lives on the line. I have done so and so have many others. If we, for a moment, start to tally up all the costs of what we do, where we go to stand up to this monstrous leadership we have in the Congress, the courts and the police forces, we would blanch a bit at the enormity of what this movement has cost us all.

Having said that David has born the costs of running a militia unit, mobilizing at times to defend us all. I met David at the Mercer PA Patcon called the Liberty Summit. I met a lot of people there and a few friends stopped by as well. David brought the Ohio Valley Minutemen to the meet, concerned for our safety as it was causing quite a stir, even within the community. The very idea of a bunch of influential people in the movement gathering to consider future actions was startling. But, he and his troops stood tall and provided security for the event.

As the CO of Ohio Valley Minutemen, David has endured IRS harassment (as I have) and they have decided that he owes quite a bit of money. I had a CPA when they came after me and we ran the IRS around quite a bit, while they created debts out of thin air and admittedly so.

David has done a lot for all of us, even if we were largely unaware. What he has done is offered valuable advice about issues concerning the militia. He has maintained his troops in a readiness, even sending a few to Bundy Ranch to recon. He is one of the people who are the backbone of this movement, because when it goes hot, folks like him will be the first to see the thin blue line as evidenced by Bundy Ranch.

David has resigned his post as CO and is working through the transition as we speak. My debts to him are great and even though he will be backing out of his responsibilities, I think it is important to try and give him a hand for all of the trouble this endeavor has caused him. Sure, there are a lot of good causes, but those of us in the community know that no one has our backs, but each other. While I have my own trouble, as most of us do, I will be sending a check for as much as I can afford to help him out of his troubles.

This was not solicited, as anyone who has ever met David knows, but he has obligations that have been made very difficult by the enemies of liberty. To let those enemies win a round by putting a good man down is something I cannot stand by and allow. I hope you will join me and send what you can to:

76 Dogwood Lane
Charleston, WV

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Nation Reborn

The recent official coalition of the Patriot/Liberty groups and the militias signals an escalation in the the fight for Constitutional Restoration. This move to create a more seamless affiliation with militias, who will be called on to defend personal liberty from those determined to alienate it, and the unorganized, dedicated Three-percenters, including patriot/liberty bloggers, presents a force capable of defending individuals and ensuring that the truth of the conflict reaches the ears of the public.

The strength of the III % is numbers. Even those who do not identify themselves with the III% are one injustice away from understanding the importance of embracing the III. This puts the regime on the losing end of the equation. As they push harder and harder for control, they alienate a greater and greater percentage of the people. Right now, three-percent of the population is in excess of nine million people. There are considerably more Americans sick of being spied on, lied to and betrayed by the bureaucracies (IRS, VA, BLM and militarized police, etc.).

Armed bureaucracies like the BLM have had their way for a long time, using the taxpayer-funded legal system to abuse and oppress citizens (at their own expense). Lately, in the Bundy Affair, it was revealed how the loss of legal cases was used an excuse to send snipers to the Bundy Ranch, anticipating resistance to the theft of their cattle. Only in an oppressive nation would snipers be used to ensure the theft of property on behalf of the government for failure to pay grazing fees. There is a civilized way to handle the issue, but this regime has discarded civility. It has discarded the rule of law. This has been demonstrated over and over by the Attorney General who once openly refused to pursue a case of clear and hostile voter intimidation due to the fact that the perpetrators were black, or as he referred to them: "my people." That is the rule of men, the rule of kings, that we rebelled against at the founding of this nation.

The events at the Bundy Ranch proved a theory those in the militias and the III per centers had held for a long time: the government is abusive and aggressive, but deep down they know they are tyrants, above the law and once confronted by armed patriots standing on principle in the sort of numbers presented to them at the Bundy Ranch, they have no options. To have opened fire on that day, against those cowboys, would have initiated a civil war. Due to modern technology that brutality would have been seen across the nation in the time it takes to click on a link. The result would have been to create millions more III percenters to the opposition and certainly instant retribution from those who already identify with the brand.

The Bundy Ranch revealed a weakness as well: the ability of the government to jam cell phones, cut Internet access, fly drones, etc. In response, the militias who will provide personal security for patriots against the forces of government have been in touch with the III% who will ensure, through reliable and secure methods of communication, that the truth of the confrontation is broadcast through whatever means necessary to the unorganized militias, marshaling forces to conduct operations nationwide through protest, or other means.

Three things are now ensured through this formal alliance: quick response troops to provide security against violations of law by government officials, the method of communication to reinforcements, replacements and other actors.

This is how the United States was born and it is how it will be reborn: under liberty. If the reader is skeptical, it might do to re-read history. The level of contempt and ridicule endured by the original three-percent who stood against the king's armies was nearly unbearable. But, that conflict was against armies, the next one will not be. It will be worse than the civil war, it will be a lot more like the Vietnam war, only the Viet Cong will look just like our own forces.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Militia

Warning this is a Pro-Militia post!
  My friends and countrymen... the powers of the sword are in the hands of the yeomanry of America from sixteen to sixty.
The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous and irresistible.
Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom?

Congress have no right to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American....

The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or the state governments, but where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people."
Tench Coxe, delegate  to the Continental Congress in the Pennsylvania Gazette, February 20, 1788

Saturday, May 10, 2014

We Don't Want Them, We Don't Recognize Them

Who knows more about government corruption than Mexico? It has been battling the drug cartels for generations. The problem is bribery and fear. Cartels and local drug lords bribe cops to alert them when a raid is to take place. If the cops don't take a bribe, the next step is to threaten their lives or those of the family. Subsequently, Mexico has failed to address their biggest issue: roving bands of murdering gangs. They have used the military to try and come to grips with it, but the government is incapable of moving quickly, silently.

All governments rely on overwhelming firepower and numbers. Take that away and they are nothing. Bribe their ranks and they fall down. Threaten them, the way they threaten the average citizen, and they cave. One cannot be paid enough to die and risk the lives of their families.

Since government cannot solve the problem, they claim there can be no solution. This is the arrogance of socialist thought and it reveals their infantile reasoning. So, what do they do? They do what Mexico has done, cede the lives of their citizens to the criminal beast.

The genius of America, the genius that has been replaced by infantile reasoning, is that it allowed people to defend themselves and solve their own problems. Yes, the people used government to achieve things like building roads and bridges, but it was always maintained the right to self-defense, the right to arms and the right to property.

Over the past several decades these rights have been mostly diminished, regulated out of existence by bureaucrats with lawyers and snipers.

Now, in Mexico, the tide is turning in the war against the drug cartel in the failed state of Michoacan, Mexico. The tide is not turning because of government, police or armies. It is turning because of self-defense forces: farmers and ranchers who have decided that they are going to protect their own. Armed with AK-47's they have hunted down several cartel leaders and put others on the run. Not to defend some government, or ideal, but to defend themselves and their families when the government could not.

The arrogance of government, never to be outdone, has reached out to the self defense forces and required them to register their weapons and become part of a rural police force. The best quote of the piece linked above: 

"We don't want them to come, we don't recognize them," vigilante Melquir Sauceda said of the government and the new rural police forces. "Here we can maintain our own security. We don't need anyone bringing it from outside."  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blood In, Blood Out

There were a couple of posts today dealing with mindset. One was an excellent post by Resistor In The Rockies and another was from Tea Party Economist. These were opposite mindsets that, along with all of the other patriot blogs out there, brought home the issue: Mindset.

It doesn't matter what some of the people in the country think of Cliven Bundy, most are trying to make him out a hero or a deadbeat. I don't think he is necessarily either one (though I do lean toward the hero end of the pool), but he is a man in the old sense; the righteous sense; the type young boys wanted to emulate and discovered their own character in the attempt.

Cliven Bundy stood up, not just a few weeks ago, but twenty years ago and has been standing on the principle he believed in all that time. There are the mealy-mouthed who say he should have paid his grazing fees. One might as well say he should have sold his soul, because that is what the other ranchers in Nevada did. They took a payoff, a dive, they threw the game, because the other players were bigger, tougher, meaner. I have no doubt that what the other ranchers did was the smart move. That's how the feds work: threaten, punish, shove and if that isn't enough they send out the snipers.

In America? The only thing that ever made America special is because it was not full of cowards shielding their face against the sight of the beast. If that's who we are; who we have become, there's nothing left to fight over. If Gary North (Tea Party Economist) is right, I have to be wrong.

Cliven Bundy understood that there are worse things than being dead, there is the loss of a dream. For him, it was the idea of passing down a ranch to his posterity. He knew that the ranch could not function on less acres than he grazed, simple as that. The first notice that told him he had to reduce his herd was the same as a death sentence to his future.

Most people don't understand cattle; how much they eat; how much ground must be dedicated to each head; how profit is derived from the offspring; how the herd must generate a specific number of steers, etc. That's why they don't understand that back in 1993 when they said he would have to reduce his herd and graze less land, it meant going way below the profit margin. It meant death to the ranch. So he told them to kiss off, they could not have his dream; they could not neuter his legacy for the sake of a desert tortoise (which was just a ruse backed by cultist environmentalists and used by the thugs to mask their brutality).

So Bundy stood on principle, he did not look for a bargain or to flout the law. It was a cruel, vicious, calculated prospect and he knew it. Today, Bundy and those at the ranch are more akin to those at the Alamo, standing on principle, knowing that they will lose an all-out battle, but also knowing that they will sow the seeds of rebellion and ultimate victory. "Remember the Alamo" is a well-understood phrase even today.

The difference, however, is crucial: Santa Ana (this time) is paid by us; acting as our agents; in our name. That is an indignity that might only be absolved through blood. The mindset required is: Blood in, blood out.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Consider This, Mr. Federal Agent

America has been on the brink of implosion for several years, even decades. Only those who were active during the Ruby Ridge and Waco actions of the federal government against the lives and liberties of their targets know how close America was to outright rebellion in the 1990's.

Bunkerville will go down as another event in the counter-revolution. Yes, of course, the revolution has already taken place overthrowing the U.S. Constitution in favor of judicial dictate: a cooperation of high political office and the judiciary has sanctioned the overthrow. It is now an oligarchy where a few high offices and corporate leaders steer the nation toward control and away from individual liberty.

Federal agents believe in force. Their jobs require force. They have put their faith in a system they don't even understand, because if they did, they would realize they are on the wrong side and cannot possibly win. That's hard for them to imagine. They look out at their weapons and tactics, the training they have done and the tanks and helicopters at their disposal and imagine all of these assets being brought to bear on those silly citizens with rifles and pistols. Admittedly, it seems as if they have all the advantages, just like the British, just like Santa Ana.

The problem the federal agents have today is one of perception. The people have lived under an increasingly totalitarian state for more than a decade since the passage of the Patriot Act. They have watched the Department of Homeland Security thread its way into every aspect of American life with more to come. Similarities of the federal government of today and that of the Soviet Union are so close that many citizens have trouble figuring out what it was about communism that was worth fighting against that is not now true of the U.S. Government. What is it exactly?

The Supreme Court has lost credibility. To many, it has long since lost credibility, but to some that is something new that they have come to embrace since Fourth Amendment violations are typical; since Second Amendment violations are typical; since First Amendment violations are typical. It seems, by recent rulings that there is nothing outside the power of government through either the Commerce Clause, or the "necessary and proper" clause. If that is true, what would be the need of so many words in the Constitution? Would it not have been more efficient to have spelled out, from the git-go, that the federal government is supreme in all things and that citizens of the United States and individual states are bound to obey the laws passed by the federal government? What would be the need of so many words with the suggestion of a limitation of powers and amendments spelling out specific rights of the citizens and the states?

The fact is: the Supreme Court has done little else than support its own power of law-making since the ruling in Marbury v. Madison when it drew upon itself the power to define the words and intent of the founders. Where it suited the court, i.e. it could exert its power over the Executive and Legislative, it found with the concept of individual rights, when the people came to rely on those rights, it cleverly found with the powers of the government; always with the intent to ensure that it maintained the power to guide society on the path it found most pleasing.

The economic system has been racked by debt in vast excess of the means to repay it. The banking system and the treasury are interlocked to a point where the individual citizen has been sacrificed to avoid default. More of this is to come, because nothing has been fixed since the initial shock took place in 2008 and in fact the debt has grown exponentially since the federal government has turned to outright payoffs to low income people (they don't even have to be citizens to receive cash or to vote) to secure the power structure. What better way to secure power than to bribe a majority of the people with money supplied by the minority? But, that doesn't square any accounts, it just ensures power for a few more years until it all comes undone. By then, they hope to have the police state securely in place. That both objectives are close to being achieved explains where we are as a society and why rebellion is close at hand.

The military has been decimated with fighting two largely unfunded wars, drawing on a smaller and smaller number of soldiers fighting tour after tour without rest or recovery. Yes, the military has lots of nice toys, but it has abused those expected to operate them to the point of near destruction. Meanwhile, it has been invested in the idea of recruiting new soldiers with completely different concepts of warfare and including warfare against "internal threats" more so than external threats. Either way, the military is largely degraded with many of its more competent soldiers rotating out of the service and into the ranks of the "internal threats" and ensuring that they are targeted and/or disarmed, ironically, because they were "damaged" fighting the previously mentioned unfunded wars.

Viewed from an objective and foreign perspective, America looks like an inviting target. It has lost its economic power, at least without the support of foreign governments to purchase its debt. It has lost its military power through attrition. It has lost its patriotic fervor through its abuses to its own citizens.

Consider, just for a moment and this is not a prophesy, or a conspiracy theory, it is merely a suggestion that has been troubling me for a while. It is a "what if" scenario for all of those federal agents who think they know how this all goes down. What if this battle against patriots or "domestic terrorists" as they have been trained to view patriots, is just the insurance of the last piece of the puzzle, the "loss of patriotic fervor" piece before the next shoe drops?

What if that "next shoe" is aggressive military action by Russia and China in Eastern Europe and Asia respectively? What if they destroy the U.S. economy with refusal to purchase debt and start seeking to get out of the U.S. debt business?

Well, nuclear war, right? There is no way America can fight a war against both Russia and China, especially with a devastated economy and no way to borrow funds to crank up a war machine. What if instead of nuclear war, Barack Obama, as President of the United States, surrenders with the agreement that he maintain political control over the North American province?

The suggestion is that it is possible, as are nearly a thousand other scenarios, but, Mr. Federal Agent, you have just become a "domestic terrorist" because you have claimed the whole time that you defend the Constitution and support the United States Government. As such, you are either a POW, or an enemy combatant. Either way, you should learn how to kneel at the edge of a pit.

An interesting video by Matt Bracken et al. Sent via FROST


Friday, May 2, 2014

Bunkerville Remains The Flash Point

Bunkerville represents the first action of the people's resistance against an unconstitutional governmental bureaucracy turned paramilitary unit. We are likely to see more as time goes on, because there is not a bureaucracy that has not been turned into a paramilitary unit.

The principle lost in all of this militarization of bureaucrats is that they generally interact with citizens, not enemy combatants or criminals; they are not headed by someone who can be voted out of office, like a sheriff, or held to account by a city council who can be voted out of office. We are not capable of voting out of office the Director of Homeland Security and impeaching a president is something the corrupted officials will not consider in today's oligarchy. These are highly armed bureaucrats already infamous for their hostility toward the general public primarily because they are impervious to public opinion.

When the patriot speaks of tyranny, this is exactly the definition that comes to mind: roving bands of highly-armed bureaucrats enforcing "regulations" crafted by the bureaucracy (without votes, without oversight, without due process) at the point of a gun. I have largely refrained from making correlations between either Nazi's or Stalinists with these bureaucrats, but it is becoming much too relevant to be ignored.

Bunkerville remains the flash point as indicative of the war on civilians the government has engaged in over the past several decades. They deal harshly with corporations, using these same bureaucracies to harm and ultimately destroy whole industries, displacing workers whose fortunes are dependent upon them. These actions of the federal government on behalf of special interest environmentalists  can no longer be disguised as actions in the public interest. They are destructive of the public interest which is wide and varied, not merely focused on a largely discredited "global warming" agenda as are the special interests they use as excuses for their belligerence.

It is not criminal to demand the protections of the Constitution against the abuses of the government. It is the right of the citizen to demand these protections and in a civil society the government is honor bound to address them according to law, recognizing the tendency of any power structure toward abuse. What is taking place across the nation now is the abandonment of these principles and this understanding of the nature of government toward abuse is being discounted and even exacerbated by the methods of enforcement of "regulations" by bureaucratic military units.

Since the government has refused to look inward, to investigate itself with any dedication to republican principles of restraint and correction, the abuses must continue and to grow more and more hostile to the forces dedicated to their legal limitations. Those legal limitations remain, however, and must be enforced by the citizens themselves.

The creation of resistance is wholly the making of the federal government and its bureaucracies and its dissolution is also possible within their power if properly administered through restraint and internal investigation. Since this tack has been dismissed with the arrogance of sheer force, there can be no other conclusion than the fact that the federal government is intent on operating outside the law against its own citizenry.

Citizens seeking lawful redress of grievances have been labeled "domestic terrorists" and given, therefore, criminal intent in preparation for wholesale slaughter or internment, thus creating armies of individuals recognizing the inherent evil of the corrupted government and reacting appropriately to counter these abuses.

When legality becomes a ruse, illegality becomes legitimate.

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