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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Nation Reborn

The recent official coalition of the Patriot/Liberty groups and the militias signals an escalation in the the fight for Constitutional Restoration. This move to create a more seamless affiliation with militias, who will be called on to defend personal liberty from those determined to alienate it, and the unorganized, dedicated Three-percenters, including patriot/liberty bloggers, presents a force capable of defending individuals and ensuring that the truth of the conflict reaches the ears of the public.

The strength of the III % is numbers. Even those who do not identify themselves with the III% are one injustice away from understanding the importance of embracing the III. This puts the regime on the losing end of the equation. As they push harder and harder for control, they alienate a greater and greater percentage of the people. Right now, three-percent of the population is in excess of nine million people. There are considerably more Americans sick of being spied on, lied to and betrayed by the bureaucracies (IRS, VA, BLM and militarized police, etc.).

Armed bureaucracies like the BLM have had their way for a long time, using the taxpayer-funded legal system to abuse and oppress citizens (at their own expense). Lately, in the Bundy Affair, it was revealed how the loss of legal cases was used an excuse to send snipers to the Bundy Ranch, anticipating resistance to the theft of their cattle. Only in an oppressive nation would snipers be used to ensure the theft of property on behalf of the government for failure to pay grazing fees. There is a civilized way to handle the issue, but this regime has discarded civility. It has discarded the rule of law. This has been demonstrated over and over by the Attorney General who once openly refused to pursue a case of clear and hostile voter intimidation due to the fact that the perpetrators were black, or as he referred to them: "my people." That is the rule of men, the rule of kings, that we rebelled against at the founding of this nation.

The events at the Bundy Ranch proved a theory those in the militias and the III per centers had held for a long time: the government is abusive and aggressive, but deep down they know they are tyrants, above the law and once confronted by armed patriots standing on principle in the sort of numbers presented to them at the Bundy Ranch, they have no options. To have opened fire on that day, against those cowboys, would have initiated a civil war. Due to modern technology that brutality would have been seen across the nation in the time it takes to click on a link. The result would have been to create millions more III percenters to the opposition and certainly instant retribution from those who already identify with the brand.

The Bundy Ranch revealed a weakness as well: the ability of the government to jam cell phones, cut Internet access, fly drones, etc. In response, the militias who will provide personal security for patriots against the forces of government have been in touch with the III% who will ensure, through reliable and secure methods of communication, that the truth of the confrontation is broadcast through whatever means necessary to the unorganized militias, marshaling forces to conduct operations nationwide through protest, or other means.

Three things are now ensured through this formal alliance: quick response troops to provide security against violations of law by government officials, the method of communication to reinforcements, replacements and other actors.

This is how the United States was born and it is how it will be reborn: under liberty. If the reader is skeptical, it might do to re-read history. The level of contempt and ridicule endured by the original three-percent who stood against the king's armies was nearly unbearable. But, that conflict was against armies, the next one will not be. It will be worse than the civil war, it will be a lot more like the Vietnam war, only the Viet Cong will look just like our own forces.

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