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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Enemies of Liberty Hurt One of Our Own

I am always uncomfortable asking the community to do things, because I am no leader, I have no particular sway with anyone. I write what I think are the salient points of the day. However, I take my role as a Threeper seriously and know I will give my life for this movement, for liberty for my countrymen and women.

As a society we are doomed if folks like myself are not willing to take a bullet, are not willing to put their lives on the line. I have done so and so have many others. If we, for a moment, start to tally up all the costs of what we do, where we go to stand up to this monstrous leadership we have in the Congress, the courts and the police forces, we would blanch a bit at the enormity of what this movement has cost us all.

Having said that David has born the costs of running a militia unit, mobilizing at times to defend us all. I met David at the Mercer PA Patcon called the Liberty Summit. I met a lot of people there and a few friends stopped by as well. David brought the Ohio Valley Minutemen to the meet, concerned for our safety as it was causing quite a stir, even within the community. The very idea of a bunch of influential people in the movement gathering to consider future actions was startling. But, he and his troops stood tall and provided security for the event.

As the CO of Ohio Valley Minutemen, David has endured IRS harassment (as I have) and they have decided that he owes quite a bit of money. I had a CPA when they came after me and we ran the IRS around quite a bit, while they created debts out of thin air and admittedly so.

David has done a lot for all of us, even if we were largely unaware. What he has done is offered valuable advice about issues concerning the militia. He has maintained his troops in a readiness, even sending a few to Bundy Ranch to recon. He is one of the people who are the backbone of this movement, because when it goes hot, folks like him will be the first to see the thin blue line as evidenced by Bundy Ranch.

David has resigned his post as CO and is working through the transition as we speak. My debts to him are great and even though he will be backing out of his responsibilities, I think it is important to try and give him a hand for all of the trouble this endeavor has caused him. Sure, there are a lot of good causes, but those of us in the community know that no one has our backs, but each other. While I have my own trouble, as most of us do, I will be sending a check for as much as I can afford to help him out of his troubles.

This was not solicited, as anyone who has ever met David knows, but he has obligations that have been made very difficult by the enemies of liberty. To let those enemies win a round by putting a good man down is something I cannot stand by and allow. I hope you will join me and send what you can to:

76 Dogwood Lane
Charleston, WV

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