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Monday, May 26, 2014

Hard Truths and Adios

There is really nothing left to say, is there? Do we wait for the next Bundy Ranch? We all have our lives and we are walking on eggshells hoping to get a few more things tied up before we have to step out from our protective barriers called "lives" and become counter-revolutionaries. We have to stop trying to protect those things that are lost. We cannot hold onto what we have and do anything substantial to overcome the tyranny of the current corrupt system.

I don't know if I'll write another post. The communication issue is persistent and maybe some folks are working on it, I don't know, they have not responded, not to me, anyway. I hope so. As far as defense is concerned, I have it figured out for myself. I have always been working on a plan to secure my people. I have assets others do not, so I take it all a bit for granted.

The one thing we need to know is that we are not functional and cannot get functional without dropping the mask of propriety we cling to so desperately. I understand those who train, but that is with the idea of survival and to be honest, I think if you are active in this movement, you will not survive the first round. Might as well buy that cow right now. Either you will die attempting to do something constructive for the movement, or you will be targeted and taken down before you raise a finger in resistance.

I equate this situation to being the first of those troops coming out of the landing craft on D-Day. Accept your role, prepare a replacement, but if you think you are going to stand in front of that door as it falls away from you and survive, you are kidding yourself. We are martyrs and I don't consider that term in an honorable context, but it is a fact. No one on D-Day wanted to watch their lives disappear, but they manned-up and they did it. Maybe they were absolutely terrified, transfixed by the horror of it, but they were there to be the calculated number required to reach the cliffs. That is how these things are figured out: i.e. how many lives are required for troops to reach the cliffs and how many will be required to scale the cliffs, etc. You are a number, an amount required to reach the cliffs. Anyone, who has been in the service, should understand this concept.

If you need Constitutional violations to motivate you, they are there; if you need abuse of power evidence to motivate you, it is there; if you need the government to investigate you, have the IRS harass you to motivate you, it is there; if you need patriotism to motivate you, look at the VA scandal and see what they think of our defenders of their power and that should motivate you. At this point, if you are not motivated to act, take off the III patch, delete the blogs from your list and just slip away into nothingness. The one thing you should not do, is involve anyone else in your plan. Make a plan, plan your plan and execute your plan. Start small, build up, protect your actions if you can.

The conclusion I have come to is simply this: they mean to take everything I have, imprison everyone I care about and if possible take me alive and torture me for the names of everyone I know. That's enough for me.

I won't shut the blog down, but to be honest, I really don't give a damn.  


  1. TL, my brother. Not one to sugar coat my self, it is as you say. Reality- it is what it is. You're divinely inspired, Christ is our optimism.


  2. TL, we knew this even back in the days of the old Washington Reb. No one new is being convinced. No one is lining up to storm the beach. Your stubborn commitment to rally the apathetic masses is admirable, but can lead you to despair. Don't let it. No election or march on D.C. or mass movement or Christian reawakening is going to solve our problems.

    Someone on the web recently suggested that the country could be turned around by "removing" the right 100 people from elite positions. That seems optimistic to reverse 100 years of intentional undermining of the culture and economic destruction of the middle class, but might be a good start. It might make us feel that something is being done.

    In your heart you know we are engaged in a cold civil war that will ultimately go hot. This one will be no less painful and costly than the last one. The last civil war cost 2% of the population in dead alone. That's 6 million people in today's numbers. We will be lucky to have so low a toll. We will be even more lucky to come out the other side with a civilization that is recognizable to us. The results will surely not be what we expect and the removal of collectivism and other cancers that afflict us cannot be expected to leave us as we were at any mythical time our nation's past.

    We don't need a militia to prevail. We don't necessarily even need tribe. What the 10 million of us who understand the problem need is the implacable will both to preserve a civilized remnant, especially our famiiles, and to win.

    1. Taxi Hack's 100 worst offenders keeps popping up in my mind, also, seemingly on a daily basis.

      As a 51-year old, two-time cancer survivor, I figure I have one good fight left in me, two at best. So, I don't pray for protection or survival, but for Guidance and favorable timing.

      Re-blogged this at ST&L.


    2. As they used to say on the Twilight Zone, submitted for your approval ...

    3. I doubt very seriously there are 6 million patriots, true, God fearing patriots who would put the shovel down, so to speak, and come out of the shadows. Sad, but I've come to the conclusion that the pussification of this country is nearly complete and when the boot heels drop, they will be the first to whimper and cry out, 'Why didn't somebody do something?"

  3. I still think we are missing the overall political mass. Certainly you see whats coming, it's pretty plain to see and no argument as to the intentions and final goal you mentioned either but the overall political will is not there yet. But it is growing. I still disagree with the term 3%. I am not disagreeing with the number of steadfast duration soldiers in arms that is pretty factual if maybe a bit arguable. What I take exception with is that using popular opinion math the number of volunteers, albeit short term, for the first few actions of the war equate out to a much higher overall popular opinion ratio than even 50%. I guess what I am saying is we may in fact have a fighting force of 3% but we do not yet have the popular opinion numbers needed to give the movement the will it needs to set a spark that catches.

    Part of that is the pool we draw from has been watered down. Another part is that politically we are not simply facing tyrants we are facing the largest force of cooperative petty tyrants ever assembled. Almost every family has one or more members connected directly to the government financially and it limits the popular opinion. It's almost diabolical really.

    It's all mostly still maneuvering at this point but the more time we can buy, the more stalling and gridlock that can be thrown up the closer the tyrants come to making an economic mistake. Their real power comes from debt and cheap energy and I believe they are on a very limited timeline now. We just have to hold out.

  4. Communication options are nil, there is no secure coms across distance. Know this, we are all individuals. 100 is a good start. Time to pick the daisies. -55six

  5. TL: Each must choose, each must either stand or go into that goodnight with a whimper. When this cold civil war turns hot, the toll will be an order of magnitude greater than WWII among our countrymen. Memento Mori, remember death for that is our future, but how we die and in cause matters much. I shall go to mine in the cause of Liberty, standing at the front with the Cross and God's Word as my weapons. Be not afraid my brother. Use the talent and skills God has granted you in the cause of Liberty as endowed by God. Prayers for you and yours.

  6. The mistake is in believing that we are waiting for things to "go hot", it is hot today. -55six

    1. Yes and no ... the tyrranical government is openly abusing and arresting citizens but WE haven't taken to the streets ... yet. The slumbering masses are lulled by the corrupt and suborned media while government rounds up opponents to their plans, they conceal these facts and continue to lull the 97%. Little will happen unless someone is able to stream live video of abuses. There will need to be a trigger point as in both previous revolutions.
      Just as at Maidan Square. There must be a trigger.

  7. "But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

    We know the time is coming. We can prepare and train. We can have faith. We must put it in the hands of the Lord.

    I decided to shut down on three separate occasions. Each time, I was directed not to do it. Are we making a difference? Does it matter if we are doing the right thing in the eyes of the Lord?

    Why do we continue? We know the odds and we know the evil that we face in the federal government. Do what I do: pray to do the work of the Lord in His name. What is the goal? To one day hear "arise good and faithful servant".

    1. Amen. We will have to endure many atrocities and tribulations in this battle, a very long and dark chapter in America's legacy yet to come. We are but in the beginning stages. We must do as God told the Jews in Egypt at the first Passover, be ready to go at a moments notice, sandals upon our feet and rods in our hands, the sad and sparse meal consumed in haste, standing. We will bear our own mars upon our very souls instead of the lamb's blood on our doorposts and lintels, we must bear the mark of the Blood of the Lamb upon our souls so as to known to the Angelic hosts bearing our souls from the land of bondage to the land of milk and honey ...

    2. T.L, your writings have made the difference in converting many fence sitters to the III community. I can understand the frustration when there's is little perceived movement but I assure you are making a difference! David, I have to thank you, Kerodin, Brock, WireCutter and all the other III Patriots for continuing to supply us "lone wolf's" with the inspiration and intel to move forward. Our time will come. But until then Pray and train!


    3. My brothers and sisters grow your faith and remember the promise of the Lord to guide our lives through scripture and the Holy Spirit.

      Also, remember my Friends of Liberty, there are 14,ooo,ooo registered hunters in America. Ten percent is 1,400,000 sharp shooters/snipers and that may be a conservative estimate of those who will with or without intel/communication travel the country taking out those in leadership or those who are puling the evil strings and attempting to destroy what God provided. Our God-insppired Constitution, Common Law and Common Sense will prevail. Just a few are identifying themselves and we thank you who have gone public. Many many many more will take to the field in groups, in companies, in battalions or by themselves to defeat those who are being used by the evil one.

      So, fear not, do not be discourage for we are many God fearing and God protected and guided should ready to stand together at the right time if not in the same place. There are millions of Americans who understand that our nation has been taken over and we must fight and restore our God-given liberty. The Constitution does not give us rights, it reflects our God -given rights which are unalienable.

      Trust that God is with us and if He is for us who can be against us. I pray that we will simply believe that we are the victors already. We must do our part and many or a few of us may fall. Remember this God gave us the freedom we have possessed and while many of us took it for gran=ted and did not stand as God desire to defend our liberty. We now know that we will all be slaves if we do not stand now, so stand. Be a grey man if necessary. Actually being public plays into their hands, they like us identifying ourselves. Some us must identify ourselves, such T.L., David and other brave souls and we must surround them and their families and protect them.

      Remmember my friends, we are fighting for our liberty and our lives and the liberty and lives of our children and grandchildren. We will fighter and we will survive. At Fort Bragg we said "When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going". Boys and girls, let's get going and going and going until we destroy those who would destroy us and our way of life. God created us in His image and He decides who lives and who dies.

      Be Not Afraid. We are many and we have a righteous cause to preserve what God gave us our liberty and our lives. God bless you. Long live the Republic. Can I get an AMEN. Peace, Peter ~

  8. I get discouraged often; it seems no one cares, yet they will be the starving masses beating down the door when it all goes down. Things are much, much worse than people believe. Like David, I periodically withdraw, catch my breath, and reenter the fray. It's self-preservation. I know this will not be solved at the ballot box; like TL, I know I am probably marked. I withdraw consent, and prepare. It holds my resolve together.

  9. No one every thought they would get out of the Warsaw ghetto alive, but they did. On the other hand, some are called to be watchmen on the wall, others are called to different duties. We ALL must answer the call.

  10. It needs to begin. We are being encircled in every sense of the word while we dither. I don't know what else to say.

  11. T.L, I can only say you are extremely valuable to the liberty and gun rights movement. I have thought the very same things you are thinking for many years. But somehow I always stay. I have to write and speak the truth, unpopular though it may be. I cannot blame you if you don't write another word. I know of the pain and disappointment that comes with knowing that so many do not take our message seriously. But what else can I do? I have to say in the fight in the manner in which God has enabled me.

    1. Ooops. That should have said, I have to STAY in the fight in the manner in which God has enabled me.

  12. I was talking to my son the other day and passed along once again some observations passed onto me by my father who landed on the beaches of France and fought his way into Germany losing many brothers in arms along the way. Dying is easy. Living is hard so live well. Do what's right just because it's right. Stand when no one else will when you know you it's time to stand and don't back down. Look not for the rewards of this world but trust there will be rewards of the next.
    T.L. like many I have followed your posts reposting many including this one. Do not question if you have made a difference or not though you have. In then end it matters little so just search your heart and do what you know to be right and be at peace with that.

  13. T.L. God bless you my brother. You are less alone than you or others may think. Fight on. Leaders like yourself rarely recognize how many people you impact and they will stand when it is time. A tipping point will flood the nation with patriots. They can kill some not all and certainly not liberty. Not here not now not ever. We will prevail. Peace, peter ~

  14. Try and hang in there. Your words give people like me hope that we are not totally alone.
    Bill in Florida

  15. TL, I hope that you do not give up on posting on your blog.

    You are a Godsend, and an inspiration.


  16. It is just beginning. We can't stop now. Keep writing, TL, furiously!

  17. I remember when I went to the capital a few months back here in CT and saw how few (and we HAD a good turnout) people were ready to stand and be counted. Rest assured every single person that attended that rally is on several lists. We are as you say standing at the bulkhead waiting for that awful moment when it drops and we need to wade onto the beach. It's not a great feeling. I feel alone most of the time. These boards are the only place I can actually find folks of a similar mind who say, yah I'm gonna fight this tyranny. Your writings and thoughts have been inspirational and I say thank you and God bless.

  18. I hear ya Brother and feel your pain.

    May God give us all the courage, strength and way.

  19. The current problem is that there are far too many politicians out there who do not realize that they are living on the forbearance of there constituants. When the balance tips,... not so much.

  20. From a fellow Kentuckian, I appreciate your thoughts. Seems to me that if your gift and your commission is to raise the alert, then you keep doing it. I understand wanting to stop, I daily have to continue to force myself to educate further, to deny funds for other things and remain vigilant on what I feel is needed. Yours and the writings of others often don't elicit responses that can be seen or read. For instance this is only the 2nd time in 14 years that I have made the effort to respond in a public forum. However those many years I have gleaned countless pearls of wisdom and nuggets of truth.

  21. TL: I'm a recent new reader. Been awake about seven years.
    Don't. Give. Up.
    You've given me a trove of new knowledge--and exposed my ignorance.
    There will be others just like me; guys who've done an Appleseed or two, who are downloading FM's, who are recruiting their friends.
    And we need resources--resources like your writing.

    It's turning. The scumbag "Elite"--those inbred families of psychopaths--know it and they're worried. Very worried. Their Ring-Wraith Brzezinski comes out and warns them once in a while about the "unprecedented global political awakening".

    They can't afford to be as overt as they were in Russia, Germany, or China. It won't work. The pussification cuts both ways; because if they get rough, they'll lose consent.

    And they WILL get rough.

    And they WILL lose.

    1. One more thing I thought about later:
      My great-great-grandfather fought the same psychopath banksters in the Anglo-Boer war of 1899. The SAME people--Rothschild banksters.

      They lost, but he won; he survived. His wife buried the family gold, and he rebuilt with it.

      America beat the bastards briefly in 1776. They took over again partially in 1865, but fully in 1913 and 1933.

      They got this far by going slowly. But they're so sick, so degenerate, so narcissistic, and so sadistic...children of their father...that they can't help but go too far, too fast, AGAIN.

      And the sheepdogs will emerge from the sheeple.

      The 3 Percent is out here. We have it in our blood; when push comes to shove, it WILL come out, and we WILL fight. And not just when the muzzle's to our back in front of the ditch at the camp.

      I won't be Solzhenitsyn--"how we burned...", and "...we didn't love liberty enough"

      Many of us--me included--are living with one foot still in the Matrix, where I'm extracting as much money as I can...and the other foot already on the battle field, using the money to prep and to prop up patriots who have both feet on the battle field.

  22. For folks waiting for things to "go hot", I propose that they are currently being pre-heated. Ignition will occur spontaneously after about 3/4 of a compression stroke, when the fuel is injected. This is just glow plug and intake air pre-heat that you are noticing.

    Look for the essentials of life to become unavailable (not merely uncomfortably expensive) to the formerly middle-class. When the Russians and OPEC don't want to trade FRN's for crude, and we openly threaten them with hard military power..
    When the grocery stores start showing empty shelves of non-local items...
    When "civil servants" go on strike and there isn't money to negotiate with, and your local bond rating has dropped to zzz.... lenders want something of real value like Central Park or the public water system assets as collateral.

    Look to how Argentines have spent the post 2000 era, or how Greeks have enjoyed the past 7 years. They are first, because they are operating at the edge of Empire. They are the canaries dropping dead for lack of O2.

    Smart elites are worried enough that they have been "hunkering down" in remote spots, or at least preparing for the TEOTWAWKI materially and with transport.

  23. Brother, I feel like perhaps there is more to the story that you've left unsaid. Know that you have many Brothers and Sisters beside you. Many who would pray for you, many who would fight for you.
    Your time writing has awoken many, and it should be said that if you write further still, many more will awaken. The fields are not as barren as you might think. Family, kin, battle-brothers, co-workers... the boy working the counter at wally-world that comments on a Liberty minded t-shirt... These minds are still reachable.
    Please don't give up, you have a way with words, a Creator-given gift.
    Please don't think it's wasted.


  24. FWIW stuff like this is why I consider you to be a genuine Hero. Agree or disagree on particulars, you take the fully rational approach---you lay out the facts as they are, in this case more than obvious, and then you make your decisions for the only thing you both can and should control---yourself and your values.

    That's the part so few people are willing to face...that it matters less what those values are, than that they are YOUR values. Socially, that's the end of the story. As long as a person isn't looking to take that which he didn't earn from someone else, then everything will work out. The goal of decent Americans shouldn't be having others abide their values; it should be having everyone earn their own values, unencumbered by forceful interference or Obstruction. Eventually, the right and just values will reign over the irrational ones. Guaranteed, because reality is the final arbiter, at least here on Earth.

    For two days, I've been looking for anything that's not about what others ought to do, and it's nice to finally find it here. Thanks for that.

  25. TPTB Dont gara anymore about what the people think because they know they have them under their thumbs one way or another.. "Freedom's just another word for nuthin' left to lose" and Americans haven't "lost" enough of anything that violates their conditioning.. if you want people in the streets pissed of and fightin' mad shut down the idiot box and its talking heads and they wont last 24 hours.
    The govt has had us on notice a long time.. incrementally with stuff like the illegal law enforcement rampage of murder across the country that no one gets arrested for, politicians act as if nothing matters yet they keep passing laws we all know violate our rights time and again.. we sit and wait for what next ? I keep thinking back to that blog post by the taxidriver about the 100 people.. frustrated and disgusted I sit waiting for what ?
    I hear you loud and clear.

  26. See if you can find an old social science fiction story called "The son of a bitch club".
    It was a group of activists that hired terminally ill people to assassinate people they considered a son of a bitch. The families were guaranteed $1million. If the were successful and got away, fine. If not, well...they wouldn't live to be tried. I can't remember who wrote it.

  27. Thank you all for your comments, I have begun to see the issue in a different light.

  28. TL, please don't quit & give up, you are an inspiration to many & probably way more than you think. Another take on the taxi & 100 people. How about a presidential pardon for anyone that makes life hazardous for corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, leftists, tyrants, etc. etc. If they get away with it so much the better.

    1. Presidential Pardon? By whom? The Traitor in Chief? Now, if you're talking about a potential fix after a major change, I can understand. But not today, today I can see a pardon that goes to those that make life hazardous for Patriots...

  29. Why stay in the USA? Why not relocate and amass the resources to launch stealth attacks on the usurpers after the dust settles. No one's in it for the glory or recognition by this stage. They're in it for the satisfaction of seeing these Democrats and their Leftist and Islamist fellow-travelers pissing on anything and everything Americans hold sacred, seeing them killed, frankly. Why just try to survive? Why not kill the bastards after they start feeling they've got it sewn up? Relocate and prepare stealth attacks on the bastards so they're not safe anywhere in the world. If America goes down b/c of these scum, people can dedicate their lives to seeing those scum and their wives and their progeny 2 generations removed slaughtered and buried in unmarked graves. There's no forgiving what they've done. There's no forgiving their betrayal and treason. I wake up every day thinking, maybe today is the day Obozo and Holder get assassinated. O happy day!

  30. The Oil of Hope
    Words of Mary, Mother of Jesus
    March 9, 2014


    The time to gain hope is now, today, at this very moment. When all the events begin (and the convulsing events have no yet started) it will be too late to gain hope. Hope is oil for your lamp and it cannot be bought at the last minute.

    Hope demands a faith in God’s power and a belief that he loves you. All believers know that God is almighty but he seems distant, living in heaven but not acting upon earth.

    You ask, “Will God act for me?” You say, “I have little faith. I frequently fail. I am not strong. I quickly grow afraid.” These are your fears. Cast them away. In the presence of the mother, the child does not think of itself because his mother is on the scene.

    I will prepare you for the events but you must store up the oil of my hope now.

  31. Man, if I read another f**king Bible quote or call to prayer I'm gonna puke! When I was in the Marines we didn't pray to Jesus every time the shtf. Stop waiting on Jesus and if you need a God to pray to look to Wotan or Mithras, warrior gods. Christianity is our problem, it requires asking permission to act, pray, ask for guidance. It doesn't work that way. You are all waiting and hoping permission will come before you get mean and force the issue. You must get organized, get clear about what you want and go get it. Alex

  32. We know we are out of time.....we must fight, and I agree, most of us are already on the hit list.....knowing this full well, if it is my time to go, I will go out fighting.

  33. TL, you give the hard truth that many others avoid. You have my regards and respect. Jay


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