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Saturday, May 10, 2014

We Don't Want Them, We Don't Recognize Them

Who knows more about government corruption than Mexico? It has been battling the drug cartels for generations. The problem is bribery and fear. Cartels and local drug lords bribe cops to alert them when a raid is to take place. If the cops don't take a bribe, the next step is to threaten their lives or those of the family. Subsequently, Mexico has failed to address their biggest issue: roving bands of murdering gangs. They have used the military to try and come to grips with it, but the government is incapable of moving quickly, silently.

All governments rely on overwhelming firepower and numbers. Take that away and they are nothing. Bribe their ranks and they fall down. Threaten them, the way they threaten the average citizen, and they cave. One cannot be paid enough to die and risk the lives of their families.

Since government cannot solve the problem, they claim there can be no solution. This is the arrogance of socialist thought and it reveals their infantile reasoning. So, what do they do? They do what Mexico has done, cede the lives of their citizens to the criminal beast.

The genius of America, the genius that has been replaced by infantile reasoning, is that it allowed people to defend themselves and solve their own problems. Yes, the people used government to achieve things like building roads and bridges, but it was always maintained the right to self-defense, the right to arms and the right to property.

Over the past several decades these rights have been mostly diminished, regulated out of existence by bureaucrats with lawyers and snipers.

Now, in Mexico, the tide is turning in the war against the drug cartel in the failed state of Michoacan, Mexico. The tide is not turning because of government, police or armies. It is turning because of self-defense forces: farmers and ranchers who have decided that they are going to protect their own. Armed with AK-47's they have hunted down several cartel leaders and put others on the run. Not to defend some government, or ideal, but to defend themselves and their families when the government could not.

The arrogance of government, never to be outdone, has reached out to the self defense forces and required them to register their weapons and become part of a rural police force. The best quote of the piece linked above: 

"We don't want them to come, we don't recognize them," vigilante Melquir Sauceda said of the government and the new rural police forces. "Here we can maintain our own security. We don't need anyone bringing it from outside."  

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