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Saturday, September 27, 2014

3-3 is Threeper Day: Celebrate It

We all know we have been sold down the river by a government intent on changing America into something else; something heartless and cold. Though they couch it in touchy-feely verbiage and use phrases that can only be translated into hostility toward traditional America and Americans, phrases like: cultural sensitivity, diversity and equality (that the African-American community has recently found out does not mean them after all, it means the newest, strongest voting block: the illegal immigrants from south of the border).

Let me reach out to my African-American friends, whom I count as many, who have expressed to me their dismay that Barack Obama has decided that he may have needed the black vote to put him into office, but he does not need them to keep him in office. Now that he has run his last campaign, he doesn't need their vote and has turned his attention to shoring up the Democratic Party. Some blacks are starting to understand that Barack Obama is not an African American as much as he is a politician. The billions he has spent and will continue to spend on cultivating the illegal immigrant vote works to the detriment of the African-American and he doesn't care. Barack Obama is interested in securing the Latino vote for Democrats and will take food out of the mouths of the black voter to do it. He has done it already. He is sending them to college with money better spent on keeping his supporters fed and clothed.

Sincerely, you have been hoodwinked, but that is the folly of the whole system. White people vote for people who will help them maintain their power and their advantage. This is why it is stupid to vote along racial lines; none of the politicians are out to help the people. They have but one goal: to have access to the power of government. End of story. They only play one against the other to get their hands on the power of government and that is the end for them. Yes, every few years they have to promise what they promised last time and pretend that someone evil in government is preventing them from delivering on their promises, but with all due respect, if you believe they ever intended to live up to their promises you are a fool. Sorry, deal with it and act accordingly.

For those in the III community (black, white, Latino or Asian and yes, despite the defamation of the major media the III is made up of American patriots of all races who recognize that what brought peace and security to the United States was its economic and military strength produced by a market economy and liberty to pursue one's own dreams free from government control and interference) there is a way to demonstrate what we all know: that there are many more of us out there than can be quantified by any march, or demonstration.

I propose that we take the date of March 3rd (3-3) as Threeper Day and use it to raise awareness of our grievances. I don't care what form that takes: protests, demonstrations or cookouts. I don't care if it is a day at the range or something a bit more sensational. Use it as a date to schedule your PatCon, or to distribute literature.

We all know that around this country there are good, honest patriots of all stripes, races and religions who know that bad things are coming. Many of these individuals are inactive, waiting for the second shoe to drop; watching the economy and the actions of government; watching the growing power of the police state. They are watching the FEMA camps being erected, they know that the government has recently purchased guillotines  for heaven's sake, what could that be used for? Chickens? They know that troops are being sent to enforce quarantines in other nations facing the Ebola outbreak and they wonder what is in store for them. They wonder what flag will be flown over their demise.

Many of us have struggled for the past decade to wake up those who have been watching from the sidelines, waiting for the time when they will be called on to defend their tribe. I would like to see 3-3 become that common ground upon which we can all come out of the closet, step away from the television and get out and interact with those more active in the struggle to restore liberty and put an end to the ceaseless attack on our privacy, our lives and our culture.

If this idea appeals to you, please share it. Use the day to reach out to others, to publicize our grievances and to demonstrate that those watching from the shadows are not alone, are not crazy and do not deserve ridicule.

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