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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

For the People and the Nation

Let me put this another way: no one takes the three percenters seriously, because when it comes down to showing the power behind the numbers everyone employs the "it's better to prep and be prepared than to stand up and delcare oneself openly" angle.

Okay, I get that, I understand that your tribe is more important than the demonstration; that remaining hidden is better than standing up with a target on your chest.

Let me be very blunt:every great battle plan in the history of the world was good for about 2 seconds after contact with the enemy. Just because you think you know how it is all going to go down, you don't. Embrace it, do everything you can to prevent it, because when it does, you are not going to be prepared.

This is not a swipe at preppers, I don't have a beef with preppers, or survivalists, or any faction of the Patriot/Liberty movement. I'm grateful that there is one. I think whatever you are doing to prepare for the obvious is commendable and something I readily do myself, but I am not fooled into thinking that I am prepared for what is coming. I am prepared for a little bit, or the first few weeks of the festivities, but here is the crux for me: what is going to transpire in those darkest days that will steer us toward liberty?


The history of the world is one of black hearts and black deeds.If a well armed and supported squad is detailed to your location, I don't care how much ammo you have, how much food you have in storage, how deep your bunker is, one well-targeted modern system will destroy it and you and everyone you care about.

The kicker is, even if you survive and emerge from your preps unscathed, what will you be emerging to? It will be a world identical to Stalin's Soviet Union. You will be targeted as a resistor and hurried off to a death camp, because liberty and the very concept of it will have been erased decades before you went into your hole. Yes, that means a decade ago it began its inevitable march toward despotism: the world's natural order.

And, you will ask yourself, in your filthy new environs: "Where is God?"

The toughest thing for everyone in this movement to understand is that they are not the saviors, they are the sacrifice. The saviors will come later; they will be our children's children fueled by stories from us about what liberty is and why it is worth fighting and dying for, but it will not be us. They will have grown up in a world without it; hostile toward it.

I have long ago disabused myself of the notion that I will get to see the new awakening, the new thirst for liberty. It will not happen in my lifetime. Those who follow, if taught properly, will endure the holocaust of their parents and grandparents and will be fueled by vengeance and the righteousness of liberty. That alone will give them the resolve that we lack.

Liberty is not dying, it is dead. What remains is a fairy tale. The American Indian and the descendants of slaves know of this enduring pain from having lost to the irresistible force of a nation dedicated to their submission. Centuries later, the fire burns deep within for vengeance. It is this fire that will fuel our descendants in later times. God will be there for them, because they will have the resolve.

The idea of Threeper Day whether it is decided to land on 3-3 or January 11 (111) might sound a bit too little, a bit too late, but the idea, the concept of it is to give our posterity a rally cry, to give them a focal point. It is for them, the displaced, orphaned among them who know there was once a light shining on the planet brighter than all of the others. It was a moment of self-government; of ideals being greater than sheer power and force. It was greater than the depressing and oppressing dictates of the elites. There was a time when America stood as the beacon to the rest of the world, not as it is today, just one more nation among the hundreds guided by despots and gangsters. There was a time when it was ruled by those of principle, who recognized that winning was not as important as how the game was played. It was a time when losing, no matter how brutal the sting, could be seen as a victory for the people and the nation.

The struggle for America did not begin in 1776, it began much earlier in ancient Greece and Rome when the very concept of choosing a leader was formulated. Perhaps such a system comes with an expiration date. So be it. Let it also come with a renewal date.

The ultimate battle will not come between us as citizens of the United States, it will come from abroad, when we are weak and those planning our weakness are also planning our subjugation to those foreign powers. They are allied with them already, designing our defeat and securing their place in the new system. That nation as we have known it is already gone. If prepping is to be done, it should be directed toward the second revolution long after we have passed.

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