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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

7th NC Patcon: See you there.

Gone, but hopefully not forgotten, I have taken a hiatus from posting largely because where I am there are not a lot of Internet connections, no phone service, no email etc. So, I would not be able to respond, or answer questions readily, something I think is important when disseminating information. I am largely out of touch with the politics of the day, but even if I were, has anything gotten better in the few months I have not posted? Anything? No, I don't consider the Republicans retaking the Senate to be better, not in any way.

The only thing I know that has gotten better is the North Carolina Patcon, the next one in May, put on by Brock Townsend.  Finally, and fortunately, I will be able to attend this one and he has graciously asked me to speak. I have been an admirer of Brock and his efforts for a long time and consider it a great honor to meet with and revel in the true patriotism of those in the movement.

For me, Patcons have always been the most important part of the patriot movement, because they are about people and understanding that many of us feel the same. We are not nuts and the nation is starting to figure that out. Much too late to do any real good now, because now it would take open rebellion and many deaths to approach anything like the sort of liberty we had just a few years ago.

For me, the North Carolina Patcon has always been just out of my reach, just at the wrong time, but it is the one I have most wanted to attend. It didn't seem fair and it wasn't, but neither is life and we all have to do without, sometimes. I am eager to spend time with Brock and his family and friends from across the nation. I hope you will find a way to make it, too. See you there.

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