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Saturday, May 16, 2015

When Times Get Hard

I have always softened my views by a general philosophy. The purpose has been to appeal to the better side of all of us, to look at the higher view of the nation and the world. That some seem to take that as naive concerns me, because there are few who are more radical than I am.  That I appeal to the more rational side of all of us is an attempt to appeal to those who are not hardened to the realities, because if one is hardened, they do not need to hear from me. They already know what must be done and to who. 

So, this post is a message to the rest. There are no soft sides to what must be done. There are a lot of people who think they are hardened, but I question that, because of the inaction in the face of the destruction of everything the true patriot holds dear. Where were you?  I was there, my family knows I was there, they have dreaded the moment when anyone stood, knowing that it would force me to stand up with them, but nothing came.

Times are about to get hard. I believe that is imminent, so this post is in response to that probability. If I knew when exactly that was to come about I would be doing things differently, but no one knows when it is going to get difficult. I have a daughter in LA, I don't know what to do for her. She is young and does not understand everything about the country and I have left her in a state of normality as long as I have been able, but that is all about to change.

The next economic emergency will affect us all. No one is immune. Your finances are likely to be nationalized, which means that the government and the banks will take everything you own and if you don't believe they have the power to do so, you are misinformed. The people responsible for your destitution will be those you have willingly elected and those with whom you have giving your life savings. Don't look for sympathy here.

What will you do about it? From my observations of the last economic disaster, nothing.

I have tried over the past several years to appeal to the American spirit, the American ideal of liberty, but I have witnessed people much more willing to espouse their own vision of America and the concept of liberty than those willing to band together under one banner and fight back against the outrages that accompany every dictate of the government.

This is not a debating society. If one is not willing to commit their lives and their honor to the restoration of liberty, I have no counsel to offer. For those who get it, I am with you.

I have written often of the Constitution hoping to offer some legal basis for one's opposition to the oppression and 24/7 surveillance of the government, to no avail. But, the Constitution is irrelevant in these times. It was never a guarantee of our liberties, but a basis for revolt against those who did not value the contract. But, we have not revolted. For all of the denigration of the Tea Party, at least they presented themselves. The liberty/Patriot community has done nothing, but complain and offer alternative definitions and couch their vehemence in principles no one understands.

So, when the government unveils its master plan for our money, our assets, our property and drops forever the facade of propriety, I expect the liberty/patriot community to do something, but I am not holding my breath. When each of you identify me as a lone aggressor, I hope you will keep this post in mind. I do not need your help or your assistance to do what I need to do, but you might need mine.  

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