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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How Long Before You Resist?

I have been waiting a long time for people in this community to decide that enough is enough and contact me with plans to do something in the face of the continual abuses of the federal government. I don't know what it takes to motivate resistance. We are witnessing the absolute destruction of our society and I know there are those out there who deplore the changes taking place in our society, but none who are motivated to act.

I know there are those who are thinking locally and who are developing strong communication systems, who are busy building the skills of their tribe. And while that is absolutely commendable and to be honest, one of the systems upon which I will rely when the SHTF, there needs to be more.  There needs to be an actual resistance, an actual leader who is willing to stand up, with the weight of those dedicated to liberty and confront the actions being taken in our name.

Our federal debt has been frozen at just over $18 trillion. $18 trillion.  We have our government planning: taking actual steps and planning to "bail in" the banks when the next financial crisis hits. WHEN, not if, the next banking crisis erupts. In other words, they plan to take your money, your wages for your hard work, and apply it to their bad debts, their bad investments.  They will take the wages you have earned with your labor and give it to the banks to keep them solvent. At what point do you look in the mirror and say that this is wrong and that you will do something about it? How ugly does it have to get? How screwed do you have to be to resist the rapist? 

We are not in unique times, these sorts of things happen to Cyprus, to Greece all the time. It will happen to Portugal, Spain and others as time goes on and it can happen to the US at any moment. When they do it, when they decide it is time to take your hard-earned wages and apply them to those who have made bad debts and bad decisions, what are you prepared to do? What is your plan of action? Who do you go after? Who do you make pay for that transgression? Who is your target?

Damnit men, it is time to know the answers to these questions.

The Supreme Court has proven itself incapable of resisting the blackmail of politicians.  It is not an arbiter of our rights, it is in cooperation with those dedicated to the absolute destruction of the rights of the people.

Our society has been destroyed by the Supreme Court through its rulings in the past decade. What little leverage the people had over the actions of government have been neutered by these rulings, starting with the Patriot Act. A misnomer no greater could be devised.

When the terrorists flew those planes into the twin towers in an effort to destroy America, I thought they were fools; that no action of a terrorist could destroy us, then, we quickly set about destroying ourselves in an effort to resist such future actions. We are fools and dupes. But, I do not wish to remain so. Do you?

Our nation, our beliefs have been systematically destroyed by an administration dedicated to destroying our allies and supporting our enemies. I will not name a single piece of legislation or treaty that caused this, we caused this, we allowed this and only we can fix this. Only we, as Americans, can resolve this crisis of sovereignty.

We have to rise above our representatives, our senators and our presidents to demand a redress of grievances. It is our duty to do so.  Never before has it been so clearly the responsibility of the individual to take matters in one's own hands and rectify the faulty and treasonous actions of our government.

Yes, before they take your money; before they subjugate you to other nations; before they enslave you to pay for the excesses of their waste.

I am about to be arrested for failure to pay taxes. I refuse to pay taxes to a nation so corrupt, so wasteful, so willing to take my hard-earned income and give it to illegal immigrants, who have not paid a single penny to federal or state taxes, that my conscience can no longer tolerate this hypocrisy where good citizens of this nation are treated as criminals in order to support the actual criminals who kill innocent citizens of this nation. I can no longer support this criminal organization functioning as a government of the people.

You are all targets.  You are all patsies. You are all complicit in their crimes for having supported the government who daily passes laws and regulations designed to harm your efforts to support your family, who find all manner of ways and means to support those who can not legally vote in this society. Why? Because if they vote themselves your treasure, it is all done legally through the IRS.

How long will you stand idle before this affront? Will it be the day they take your wages? Or, will you act to deny them that opportunity?  I don't know, but for me, the day of obeying a government who no longer obeys the founding document and the source of their authority has come and gone.

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