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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

That Is What They Do

You cannot miss the obvious accumulation of threats to America that have not only gone unnoticed by our champions in the government, but have been championed in order to comply with political correctness run amok.

In order to not offend, our leaders have allowed every sort of immigrant to enter and take up residence in the United States and while it is easy (too easy really) for people to call bigotry against those who only choose to have some method of discerning who should and who should not enter this country with the idea of citizenship, there are limits to throwing the gates open to anyone who would vote Democrat.

In the U.S. Constitution it states emphatically in Section 8 Clause 4: To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization..."

Nothing the president of the US has been proposing either through illegal immigration or through accepting refugees from Syria is tolerated in the Constitution. Nothing is more simple than there should be "an uniform Rule of Naturalization." This means that a rule for one is a rule for all. I know for a fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands of applicants from Europe who seek admission and an opportunity to become a citizen of the United States who are waiting for paperwork to be processed while the Administration encourages and makes deals to have other immigrants, from other nations, find access to the United States and to become citizens without the cumbersome process of the typical paperwork. To provide an expedited path to citizenship for anyone violates this clear pronouncement from the founders and for good reason. There needs to be time to evaluate the competency of the individual to be a citizen of the United States. Syrian jihadists would not normally qualify.

In this time when the Constitution has been put on hold in order to accommodate the whims of the current president of the United States, such a complication might not be well received, but it might be noted that the actions of the Obama Administration are absolutely and distinctly Unconstitutional from the very beginning to the end when it comes to Naturalization.

And, who cares? Not the Republican Party, the necessary checks and balance against a president from an opposing political party to do as they please. They are too concerned about the media's absolute devotion to a Democratic president that they are unable to fulfill their obligations to the citizens of the nation and to their constituents whom they claim to serve.

Republicans are nothing. They serve no purpose in the political process. To vote for a Republican candidate is to choose the different lining on the same suit. They are unable to fulfill any role, much less the opposition role to a Democratic president.

Immigration, other than through the normal process, is illegal, unconstitutional and morally and ethically wrong.

But, that is what they do.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I Will Follow God

I received an email last night that set me to thinking and this is Christian Mercenary, so...

The nation we have now is far removed from the nation our parents and grandparents knew. For those atheists out there, it is probably a better nation now than then, but for Christians, it is much worse. The best way I can explain my Christianity to those who don't believe is that I am a better person for being a Christian. Argument concluded. Only those who knew me when I was not a believer can understand the importance and validity of that statement. I am a better person.

The daily assaults on our culture are a result of having lost the Christian emphasis in our society. Atheists always look at the worst in Christianity to make their arguments, not the best. They do not look at when our neighbors are in need it is always the Christians, the churches, that seek to come to their aid. They do not see that it is the state that prevents churches from offering more assistance to the homeless and the hungry. The state works against the Christian impulse toward charity, because it doesn't want charity, it wants dependence and so passes laws against impromptu kitchens and overnight emergency shelters.

Everything the state runs it runs poorly and since it makes the laws, everything it does is de facto legal. This is why the police come along to shut down lemonade stands for not having applied for a permit, because children must be prevented from an impulse toward capitalism and they must not miss the message that no commerce is outside the scope of the government. The police are the muscle behind the clerks who issue permits.

As the state has risen to push Christianity out of the public realm, it has embraced the opposite. Planned Parenthood is still defended by bright-eyed liberal women on television, despite the disgusting act of parting out of the unborn for fun and profit. Planned Parenthood continues to celebrate the hateful racist founder and liberal hero Margaret Sanger. In this non-Christian nation we are building, the hate is palpable, the evil is evident in rhetoric and deed.

And, just when I was scratching around for somehow to derail this trend toward the destruction of Christianity and the obliteration of charity, I got an email from a reader, Christian and fellow patriot and I realized it is not for me to solve these issues (as if I could). This is what God does. This is what Jesus is for.

I listen to the word of God and follow His guidance. (though I do not think I am a good example of what a Christian is) I do my best to always seek the path that God would have me walk. He has led me through fatherhood, through marriage, through business decisions, through the deaths of loved ones and through the death of my nation. I have asked Him many times if it is time for me to put down the plough and take up the sword. Silence. No signs, no signals.

I have come to the understanding that God created this nation and it is for Him to save it or destroy it. Our predicament is beyond the ability of Man to correct. Only God can fix this one. Then, the words of Revelation came back to me, the part about the mark of the Beast being necessary for commerce and that it is really a choice of which God to worship, the God of light or the Prince of Darkness.

This nation we live in with its denigration of God and Christ is the filthy hole that must exist once God is forced from the public discourse. The poverty, the crime, the corruption and all of the black-hearted impulses that make up our daily social interactions are the natural result.

I take the political betrayal of our system by our elected officials personally. I have fought back against that at every turn. It is necessary for me to expose that whenever I encounter it. Liberty is important and for religious reasons as much as any, because it was the second gift from God to Man behind only the gift of life itself. God gave man the liberty to choose whether to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. God gave man the liberty to worship Him or the serpent. That Man has failed every test has not given Him reason to destroy us all, so that each person still has the liberty to make that choice.

What seems important to me now is to be worthy of His grace and prepare myself to be his agent when the time comes to address the grievances He has for this nation that relied so heavily upon Him during the cold winter at Valley Forge, through the devastation of the Civil War, through the challenges of WWII and turned its back on Him when salvation had been delivered.

I have seen the destruction of this nation as being against the will of God, like we were letting Him down, but now understand that a nation so arrogant that the people think they can shun His grace and remain unconquered and undestroyed is perhaps too arrogant to be saved from the fate they have clamored to obtain. When forced to choose between America and God, I will follow God. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So You Know

It is difficult for me to witness the death of my nation; the death of liberty. The recollection of those days in the late 60's and 70's when a person could walk out on their property and do as they please, without fear of being reported for failure to recycle, or some such idiocy as we encounter daily in America today, remain as banners of freedom in my mind. For those who have never felt the liberty of a low-technology state cannot know what I mean by "liberty."

For all of the technological advances that have led to the 24/7 surveillance of our daily lives, there has been no decrease in crime, no decrease in terror threats. If increased security is not a by product of the sacrifice of liberty, then liberty is sacrificed for no reason at all, but to feed the ambitions of the totalitarians.

It is easy to criticize me for growing disgusted with the talk of this movement and the inaction in the face of absolute surrender to the forces of evil that seek the total destruction of liberty. Yes, I have gotten so fed up with it that I chose to discontinue this blog, but have been encouraged to return. Despite my detractors, there are those who value my point of view and find their opinions voiced on this blog.

I get nothing from my posts beyond the temporary satisfaction of having expressed a frustration that I know others share. Perhaps I provide some insight, or inspiration to others. Were it not for that, I would disappear from the discussion. Since my post Hard Truths and Adios I have written very little and only when I have been encouraged to voice my opinion, or to highlight an event. In the above post I was voicing the frustration that nothing will change and doubt that my voice will have any impact on the outcome. That I have occasionally found something else to write about has been seized upon by some in this community as an insincerity to my decision to back out of the daily discussion. They find in that some instability. Okay. If fault is what they choose to find, it is here.

This is why this movement has done very little to affect the conditions under which we survive, why this nation cannot count on us for the defense of liberty. At least those who focus on survival, rather than defense of liberty have the right focus. My efforts toward mere survival have been well placed. I have no fear that my tribe will survive, but that is all. They will not be able to help secure liberty or to defend the our rights, not ours and not yours.

My purpose in starting first TL in Exile and later Christian Mercenary were to highlight first the violations of the Constitution by government officials and the danger that presented to liberty. It was to expose the violation and to educate the readers on those particular clauses of the Constitution that were being violated. I went so far as to write The Constitutionalist to make the points clear that I thought would result in further resistance to the agenda of the federal government. For several years it felt as if progress was being made.

Then it stopped. Events came and went without much disturbance. The actions of the government became more and more egregious, but instead of inspiring this liberty movement toward action, it lead only to greater explanations of inaction.

The only thing I can say that I helped to inspire that has had any success whatsoever is the impulse toward PatCons. These events have brought local people together to produce tribes and to even link these tribes together with militias to create mutual defense agreements.

So, just to be clear, I have rarely returned to this blog to write and I have written only infrequently in the past year. To the degree that has bothered some of you, I apologize.

However, I reserve the right to comment on society as I see fit.

My work to resist the socialization and destabilization of our political system will not stop. My next efforts will be of a more direct nature. I have submitted the plan to a few trusted individuals for consideration and await their response. This does not mean that I will never again post on this blog, for those who seek that assurance.

During the days of chaos that surely await the next economic catastrophe, I will be available to help provide continuity of communication through the efforts I am making at present. I hope there will be some other patriots with whom to communicate. Perhaps when the hoards of jihadists team up with our military to exterminate those evil Constitutionalists there will be some resistance. Who knows?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Pledge Allegiance To...Something

The grievances against this government are clear and appropriate. They are embraced by the wide diversity of the American people of all races. They can be heard in coffee shops, bars, hardware stores, grocery stores and barber shops; places that the American elite do not go. The grievances are openly aired without even the whispers of conspiracy.

What is the purpose of a Department of Homeland Security, encompassing almost every federal agency and even local police and emergency agencies, if defending the homeland is of little concern? It is known that jihadists intend to enter the nation through the southern boundary. It is known that jihadists are entering as Syrian refugees. What is the purpose of the Department of Homeland Security if not to prevent these people from entering?

There seems to be a faux government, with all of the insignia and weapons of a legitimate authority without being able to perform their duties. They simply exist as Hollywood extras, occupying space without function.

The people are caught in a moment of transition. Their government has abandoned its own legitimacy and having exceeded their legitimate roles they now run amok. To resist them is still a crime, but their actions are criminal. The president continues to break the laws of the land (at this moment by failing to reveal all aspects of the Iran nuclear deal to congress and the American people) with impunity. He has committed numerous impeachable acts without remorse or even humility, but with pride and arrogance. He is a leader unafraid of the opposition, unafraid of the law, unafraid of the people. He has become a tyrant with a shrug of acceptance, leaving the citizens to wonder what will come next. Will not the next president act exactly as this one? Is there no relief in sight? Is this the new America?

Yes, it is. We are no longer a nation of laws, we are a nation of personalities; in effect a monarchy.

This has been calculated, orchestrated and completed.

In the air now is another election. Who would we vote for? We are no longer voting for a representative, senator or president, we are voting for a king. A person who, in either benevolence or malevolence, our leader, our king. We are voting for a person who can, if so inclined, imprison the opposition.

By importing aliens who have no expectation of liberty or freedom and value neither, we are packing the electorate with enemies of this nation, or at least of what it was, of what the Constitution designed. Enemies of political processes that have been the American tradition. We have gone too far in this evolution of America to find our way back to the Constitutional values of laws ruling over even the most powerful.

So, if we are no longer citizens of anything, what are we? What are you? Where does your allegiance lie? There is no America, so there is no U.S. military.

At Western Rifle Shooters there was a post, a blunt observation of the liberty movement, of the resistance, where the author claimed "Professional Soldier" status and berated the citizen as a bunch of armed thugs. I have, since reading that post, thought long and hard on it. How is it that this professional soldier sees himself above the rabble while he remains loyal to a political authority that ceases to exist? Is he unaware that he is simply a mercenary? That he is simply fighting for his king and does not have the backing and support of the American citizen? Yes, we support our military, but at this point in history, that would be the same as supporting an invading army.

I don't doubt the patriotism of the American soldier, I just question their ability to comprehend the changes that have taken place in the past few years. They have not been following the ball and have merely defaulted to obedience to their superiors as a sign of patriotism, without understanding that their superiors are not patriotic, but rather revolutionaries who have completed the coup. They fail to comprehend their new status as revolutionaries, because the revolution went on without a single battle. It was a forfeiture completed with the stroke of a pen, between elites at the highest levels of government. They simply decided to be something other than a Constitutional Republic and decided to be a kingdom, or at least an oligarchy.

While these soldiers continue to play with the republic's toys and plot against the defenders of the republic, they assure themselves that they are loyal. They ask only "to whom?" not "to what?"

The nuances of legitimate authority escape them and we pay for their inability to discern the difference. SFC Barry laughed at the idea that there could be a citizen resistance. He'll get a chance to see how wrong he is when the jihadists decide that it is time to revolutionize America once again.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Good Luck

We are broken. This nation is a disaster area, yet to be declared. The truth of the disaster of the Obama Administration will not be revealed until there is a Republican president to take the brunt of the blame; until there is a wholly Republican government to deliver the horrible news of our predicament. The major media outlets will make sure of it.

If you are not prepping for the inevitable results of an economy in collapse, you are simply providing a market for those who are. There is the assumption that self-reliance is the antidote for government malfeasance, but there are those who will come looking for your bounty.

This is not a prophecy. The destruction of the Chinese economy, as most enlightened traders will avow, is the sign of global economic distress. The Chinese were the last viable market and now that they have had to devalue the Yuan, the gig is up. Without a healthy economy to demand the products of the rest of the recessionaire nations, there is no savior; there is nowhere to turn to maintain demand.

The clocks tick down to the inevitable, which is not to say that it will not come down during Obama's time in office, but the blame must not be his. That would not adhere to the narrative of Obama as the best president in history. Instead, the election of a Republican, even the obvious future of a Republican victory, will signal the "all-clear" for the media outlets to blame the immediate crisis on the future represented by the possibility of electing a Republican.

But, that is all politics. We need to concern ourselves with economics. The banks have not been "fixed" since the last economic crisis. Nothing has been done to deter a future banking crisis. The liability was simply shifted from banks to taxpayers, that's all, that's the only thing that happened after the last economic crisis and that's all they plan for the next one.

The people are the suckers, the marks for the global Ponzi scheme. Debt consumes every nation and without the support of a healthy China, there is no consumer of that debt, or of the products produced. The miss in the jobs report was the first shoe to drop, but it will not be the last.

So, what are you doing to prepare?

There is no longer a purpose in discussing the Constitution, that has been made irrelevant by the refusal of the Obama Administration to comply with it and the refusal of the congress to demand compliance and the refusal of the Supreme Court to rule in favor of it. The Constitution is just some document that used to mean something.

So we are lost; we are broke and we have no will to fix ourselves. As Americans, we are disassociated from our identity. We are random individuals roaming around a police state until we can be rounded up or killed.

It is time to start thinking seriously about the future. Put some cash away, protect your assets the best you can, convert some value to metals and wait for the S to hit the fan. Enjoy yourselves in this empty society as long as you can, but every day take one step in preparation for what will come. Buy things of value that can be bartered, think about what those things should be. How will you get around when gasoline is nearly impossible to be acquired? How will you produce electricity to power the few things that will matter to you?

There are a lot of great resources to consult on the web, while you still can.

The only other piece of advice I will give is to hold accountable those responsible for this mess. Do not allow them to destroy the greatest nation on earth and walk away. There will be no urge for liberty in the future, America is no longer that place. It's too hard of a sell to those invested in the concept of stuff for free, for a society of those who seek cheat codes for life. The hard work of liberty can no longer be done by the people who occupy this nation. Those few of us who still cling to that one value as the key to all of the others are dead elephants.

Vengeance and retribution are the only values that might still be embraced by this slacker society. Good luck. 

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