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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Pledge Allegiance To...Something

The grievances against this government are clear and appropriate. They are embraced by the wide diversity of the American people of all races. They can be heard in coffee shops, bars, hardware stores, grocery stores and barber shops; places that the American elite do not go. The grievances are openly aired without even the whispers of conspiracy.

What is the purpose of a Department of Homeland Security, encompassing almost every federal agency and even local police and emergency agencies, if defending the homeland is of little concern? It is known that jihadists intend to enter the nation through the southern boundary. It is known that jihadists are entering as Syrian refugees. What is the purpose of the Department of Homeland Security if not to prevent these people from entering?

There seems to be a faux government, with all of the insignia and weapons of a legitimate authority without being able to perform their duties. They simply exist as Hollywood extras, occupying space without function.

The people are caught in a moment of transition. Their government has abandoned its own legitimacy and having exceeded their legitimate roles they now run amok. To resist them is still a crime, but their actions are criminal. The president continues to break the laws of the land (at this moment by failing to reveal all aspects of the Iran nuclear deal to congress and the American people) with impunity. He has committed numerous impeachable acts without remorse or even humility, but with pride and arrogance. He is a leader unafraid of the opposition, unafraid of the law, unafraid of the people. He has become a tyrant with a shrug of acceptance, leaving the citizens to wonder what will come next. Will not the next president act exactly as this one? Is there no relief in sight? Is this the new America?

Yes, it is. We are no longer a nation of laws, we are a nation of personalities; in effect a monarchy.

This has been calculated, orchestrated and completed.

In the air now is another election. Who would we vote for? We are no longer voting for a representative, senator or president, we are voting for a king. A person who, in either benevolence or malevolence, our leader, our king. We are voting for a person who can, if so inclined, imprison the opposition.

By importing aliens who have no expectation of liberty or freedom and value neither, we are packing the electorate with enemies of this nation, or at least of what it was, of what the Constitution designed. Enemies of political processes that have been the American tradition. We have gone too far in this evolution of America to find our way back to the Constitutional values of laws ruling over even the most powerful.

So, if we are no longer citizens of anything, what are we? What are you? Where does your allegiance lie? There is no America, so there is no U.S. military.

At Western Rifle Shooters there was a post, a blunt observation of the liberty movement, of the resistance, where the author claimed "Professional Soldier" status and berated the citizen as a bunch of armed thugs. I have, since reading that post, thought long and hard on it. How is it that this professional soldier sees himself above the rabble while he remains loyal to a political authority that ceases to exist? Is he unaware that he is simply a mercenary? That he is simply fighting for his king and does not have the backing and support of the American citizen? Yes, we support our military, but at this point in history, that would be the same as supporting an invading army.

I don't doubt the patriotism of the American soldier, I just question their ability to comprehend the changes that have taken place in the past few years. They have not been following the ball and have merely defaulted to obedience to their superiors as a sign of patriotism, without understanding that their superiors are not patriotic, but rather revolutionaries who have completed the coup. They fail to comprehend their new status as revolutionaries, because the revolution went on without a single battle. It was a forfeiture completed with the stroke of a pen, between elites at the highest levels of government. They simply decided to be something other than a Constitutional Republic and decided to be a kingdom, or at least an oligarchy.

While these soldiers continue to play with the republic's toys and plot against the defenders of the republic, they assure themselves that they are loyal. They ask only "to whom?" not "to what?"

The nuances of legitimate authority escape them and we pay for their inability to discern the difference. SFC Barry laughed at the idea that there could be a citizen resistance. He'll get a chance to see how wrong he is when the jihadists decide that it is time to revolutionize America once again.

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