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Saturday, September 19, 2015

I Will Follow God

I received an email last night that set me to thinking and this is Christian Mercenary, so...

The nation we have now is far removed from the nation our parents and grandparents knew. For those atheists out there, it is probably a better nation now than then, but for Christians, it is much worse. The best way I can explain my Christianity to those who don't believe is that I am a better person for being a Christian. Argument concluded. Only those who knew me when I was not a believer can understand the importance and validity of that statement. I am a better person.

The daily assaults on our culture are a result of having lost the Christian emphasis in our society. Atheists always look at the worst in Christianity to make their arguments, not the best. They do not look at when our neighbors are in need it is always the Christians, the churches, that seek to come to their aid. They do not see that it is the state that prevents churches from offering more assistance to the homeless and the hungry. The state works against the Christian impulse toward charity, because it doesn't want charity, it wants dependence and so passes laws against impromptu kitchens and overnight emergency shelters.

Everything the state runs it runs poorly and since it makes the laws, everything it does is de facto legal. This is why the police come along to shut down lemonade stands for not having applied for a permit, because children must be prevented from an impulse toward capitalism and they must not miss the message that no commerce is outside the scope of the government. The police are the muscle behind the clerks who issue permits.

As the state has risen to push Christianity out of the public realm, it has embraced the opposite. Planned Parenthood is still defended by bright-eyed liberal women on television, despite the disgusting act of parting out of the unborn for fun and profit. Planned Parenthood continues to celebrate the hateful racist founder and liberal hero Margaret Sanger. In this non-Christian nation we are building, the hate is palpable, the evil is evident in rhetoric and deed.

And, just when I was scratching around for somehow to derail this trend toward the destruction of Christianity and the obliteration of charity, I got an email from a reader, Christian and fellow patriot and I realized it is not for me to solve these issues (as if I could). This is what God does. This is what Jesus is for.

I listen to the word of God and follow His guidance. (though I do not think I am a good example of what a Christian is) I do my best to always seek the path that God would have me walk. He has led me through fatherhood, through marriage, through business decisions, through the deaths of loved ones and through the death of my nation. I have asked Him many times if it is time for me to put down the plough and take up the sword. Silence. No signs, no signals.

I have come to the understanding that God created this nation and it is for Him to save it or destroy it. Our predicament is beyond the ability of Man to correct. Only God can fix this one. Then, the words of Revelation came back to me, the part about the mark of the Beast being necessary for commerce and that it is really a choice of which God to worship, the God of light or the Prince of Darkness.

This nation we live in with its denigration of God and Christ is the filthy hole that must exist once God is forced from the public discourse. The poverty, the crime, the corruption and all of the black-hearted impulses that make up our daily social interactions are the natural result.

I take the political betrayal of our system by our elected officials personally. I have fought back against that at every turn. It is necessary for me to expose that whenever I encounter it. Liberty is important and for religious reasons as much as any, because it was the second gift from God to Man behind only the gift of life itself. God gave man the liberty to choose whether to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. God gave man the liberty to worship Him or the serpent. That Man has failed every test has not given Him reason to destroy us all, so that each person still has the liberty to make that choice.

What seems important to me now is to be worthy of His grace and prepare myself to be his agent when the time comes to address the grievances He has for this nation that relied so heavily upon Him during the cold winter at Valley Forge, through the devastation of the Civil War, through the challenges of WWII and turned its back on Him when salvation had been delivered.

I have seen the destruction of this nation as being against the will of God, like we were letting Him down, but now understand that a nation so arrogant that the people think they can shun His grace and remain unconquered and undestroyed is perhaps too arrogant to be saved from the fate they have clamored to obtain. When forced to choose between America and God, I will follow God. 

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