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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So You Know

It is difficult for me to witness the death of my nation; the death of liberty. The recollection of those days in the late 60's and 70's when a person could walk out on their property and do as they please, without fear of being reported for failure to recycle, or some such idiocy as we encounter daily in America today, remain as banners of freedom in my mind. For those who have never felt the liberty of a low-technology state cannot know what I mean by "liberty."

For all of the technological advances that have led to the 24/7 surveillance of our daily lives, there has been no decrease in crime, no decrease in terror threats. If increased security is not a by product of the sacrifice of liberty, then liberty is sacrificed for no reason at all, but to feed the ambitions of the totalitarians.

It is easy to criticize me for growing disgusted with the talk of this movement and the inaction in the face of absolute surrender to the forces of evil that seek the total destruction of liberty. Yes, I have gotten so fed up with it that I chose to discontinue this blog, but have been encouraged to return. Despite my detractors, there are those who value my point of view and find their opinions voiced on this blog.

I get nothing from my posts beyond the temporary satisfaction of having expressed a frustration that I know others share. Perhaps I provide some insight, or inspiration to others. Were it not for that, I would disappear from the discussion. Since my post Hard Truths and Adios I have written very little and only when I have been encouraged to voice my opinion, or to highlight an event. In the above post I was voicing the frustration that nothing will change and doubt that my voice will have any impact on the outcome. That I have occasionally found something else to write about has been seized upon by some in this community as an insincerity to my decision to back out of the daily discussion. They find in that some instability. Okay. If fault is what they choose to find, it is here.

This is why this movement has done very little to affect the conditions under which we survive, why this nation cannot count on us for the defense of liberty. At least those who focus on survival, rather than defense of liberty have the right focus. My efforts toward mere survival have been well placed. I have no fear that my tribe will survive, but that is all. They will not be able to help secure liberty or to defend the our rights, not ours and not yours.

My purpose in starting first TL in Exile and later Christian Mercenary were to highlight first the violations of the Constitution by government officials and the danger that presented to liberty. It was to expose the violation and to educate the readers on those particular clauses of the Constitution that were being violated. I went so far as to write The Constitutionalist to make the points clear that I thought would result in further resistance to the agenda of the federal government. For several years it felt as if progress was being made.

Then it stopped. Events came and went without much disturbance. The actions of the government became more and more egregious, but instead of inspiring this liberty movement toward action, it lead only to greater explanations of inaction.

The only thing I can say that I helped to inspire that has had any success whatsoever is the impulse toward PatCons. These events have brought local people together to produce tribes and to even link these tribes together with militias to create mutual defense agreements.

So, just to be clear, I have rarely returned to this blog to write and I have written only infrequently in the past year. To the degree that has bothered some of you, I apologize.

However, I reserve the right to comment on society as I see fit.

My work to resist the socialization and destabilization of our political system will not stop. My next efforts will be of a more direct nature. I have submitted the plan to a few trusted individuals for consideration and await their response. This does not mean that I will never again post on this blog, for those who seek that assurance.

During the days of chaos that surely await the next economic catastrophe, I will be available to help provide continuity of communication through the efforts I am making at present. I hope there will be some other patriots with whom to communicate. Perhaps when the hoards of jihadists team up with our military to exterminate those evil Constitutionalists there will be some resistance. Who knows?

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