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Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Functional Resistance

There is a post at Western Rifle Shooters Assn. called the Big Delusion that asks the question: What is to be done after the collapse? This is a question that has long vexed those in the liberty/patriot community. We know how to survive. We know how to fight. We know how to make it rough on those who would enslave us. But, do we know how to win? Are we even concerned about winning?

There are those focused solely on survival, but I have always wondered what was the point of survival if one emerges from the bunker with no allies and no one left to understand the purpose of one's survival. To survive only to exist in a state of slavery to a totalitarian regime, is survival, but is it worth it? For me, the answer has always been no. I would rather go out in the first wave if liberty is not to be found at the end.

The fact is, those who are either focused on liberty or see themselves as a patriot to the Constitution, have no plan to reestablish the principles of liberty in the post-collapse America. Probably the best idea out there is to establish redoubts, or zones of liberty mutually defended during the collapse that at least for themselves ensures liberty in small enclaves. But, then what?

These redoubts exist as small, defensible zones of liberty for those who have defended them and while the inhabitants remain within these zones, they will enjoy a degree of liberty unknown in the rest of the altered US, but as such they will become the focus of those who come to power in the post-collapse America. To the new masters, these liberty-minded nuts must be stomped out wherever they exist as they will always be a threat to their power. So, another round of survival is needed, but this time against an empowered and unapologetic foe.

To me, there has always been a need for a strong voice to emanate from those redoubts in the congealing stage of the new power base that threatens to emerge. To allow that reorganization to take place in the absence of a strident voice for the cause of liberty is to accept an endless state of survival and conflict. The problem is, one must defend the redoubt and in doing so is unable to exert influence beyond it.

The issue is one of mindset. A defensive mindset is needed to survive the bad times, but being unable to toggle to an offensive mindset is to ensure a dwindling resistance with ever fewer supplies and ever fewer allies. That is not a winning strategy. So knowing when to switch mindsets is critical. Will we know when and will we be able to launch an offensive at the crucial moment?

The Constitution has always relied on people of integrity. Since integrity does not exist in government today, the Constitution does not exist. We live under some sort of Anti-American America. There is a self-loathing that has been created among the populace that has resulted in a desire to self-destruct. Illegal immigration is a method of self-destruction. Importing Islamic Jihadists is another form. A government that does not respect or even recognize the very document that gives it power is another form of self-destruction. A nation so dedicated to its own annihilation cannot long be deterred.

The US is in debt, it is politically and morally bankrupt. It is considering all manner of actions against its citizens and their cash in order to reform itself into a dictatorship (perhaps this has already taken place, though it seeks more recognition of this fact). A few more corrupt elections and it will be able to step out from under the veil of deceit and move openly and deliberately as a dictatorship.

I would like to say there would be initial resistance to this open acknowledgement of what it has become, but I have seen no sign that such resistance will arise from the cowed and timid population of the US. The one thing I do know is that the US is weak, because it does not have the support of the people and it knows it. Half of the population want to devolve into some sort of socialist paradise, destroy the military and live in harmony with nature. The other half want to watch TV until they die. There is no stomach for a fight for liberty.

Now, when we think of the situation we are in, we must recognize that other nations are taking note and also seek that post-collapse turmoil that would provide them with their opportunity to finally conquer the West. We don't even know against whom we should rebel. Would it be against the dictatorship? The Russians? The ISIS Caliphate? A rising leftist movement, the mirror image of the patriot movement?

The point is, without being able to assemble ourselves into a counter-movement capable of rising in that moment as a force to be accommodated or annihilated, liberty does not stand a chance. Without liberty, Christianity does not stand a chance. Without liberty our posterity does not stand a chance. The closer we come to the collapse, the more we will need to overcome our own internal divisions and coalesce as a functional resistance.

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