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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Anti-Christian is Anti-Feminism

I am working on a project that illustrates the issues surrounding the Liberty/Patriot community. So, I have been a bit distracted, but when I see the total oppression of Christians, it bothers me. Nowhere is this oppression more documented than in China. If you think this is just happening in China, you are misinformed. Despite the fact that our Commander In Chief believes that he is a Christian, no one has done more to promote Islam, than Barack Obama.

There comes a time, and I certainly have no idea when that time arrives based on conversations with other Christians, that the faith needs to defend itself, but I don't think I would be out of line to suggest that it happens now. The nation is being infiltrated by Muslims for a specific reason: to displace the voting habits of Christians. One must not think of Christian vs Muslim, when considering the idea of who to vote for, as there are no Christian candidates. The understanding must be that pro-Muslim candidates are necessarily anti-Christian, anti-republic and anti-Constitution, because whenever a large Muslim community exists, it invariably trends toward concepts of Shari law vs Constitutional law and that is a large societal chasm.

Those who have spoken of Women's rights, who now speak in favor of Sharia Law, or Muslim self-determination, (which is how it is always promoted) is ridiculous, it is contrary. A nation ruled by Sharia Law is anti-feminist. It is more than the equivalent of setting the Feminist agenda back a thousand years.

So, when I see Christianity being oppressed, I see the values of women being suppressed. How any of these so-called feminists can turn a blind eye to the oppression of Christians and believe that it is a good thing, is beyond rational conclusion. The opposite is true. How is it possible that in order to conform to a Democrat agenda, these so-called feminists can support the importation of Muslims, understanding the detrimental impact the Muslim society would have on feminism, is mind-boggling.

I have always known that in the last instance, liberalism would be at war with liberalism. To the extent that this has not happened is a manipulation of one sector or another, but it cannot last. Sooner, or later it comes down to "nut-cuttin'" time and agendas have to be squared. But, that will be the war that happens after they have done away with the Constitutionalists, the Survivalists, the Patriots.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

That Is Not Who We Are

Blaming guns for the murderous impulses of terrorists is not who we are. We are Americans and we believe in self-defense. Lying prone on the ground hoping people will not murder us is not who we are. The sudden eruption of gun purchases, or at least the background requests in order to do so, was as American as it gets. That is who we are, we are not dependent on the government to protect ourselves or our families, we'll handle that.
When Americans recognize that the enemy is within the gates, they prepare to defend themselves, especially when it has become openly apparent that the government is complicit in holding the gates open for the enemy to pass through. The government is not on the side of the American citizen. It has been a long time since the government felt a duty to protect and defend the citizens of the nation. We are basically ATM's for their political supporters. If this were ever disputed it was made clear with the passage of the Stimulus Act, which did nothing else, but fund political supporters. Without our consent, they bailed out the banks, bought up toxic assets, purchased shares of bankrupt  auto companies. All they had to do was go to the citizen ATM and put us further in debt. That might be how Chicago politicians do business, but that is not who we are.
Now, they have dropped the pretense of caring and simply tell us to shut up and go away, but not before we pay our taxes. This is what happened during Obama's interruption of the Sunday football games and don't think that was on accident, either. The biggest ratings in television are the weekly football games. Where else would Obama get an audience? It was a capitulation that it was orchestrated between the end of the afternoon games and before the Sunday night game. Pathetic, but I don't think he really wanted to trot out his gun-grabbing agenda in front of the football audience. That was a miscalculation, in my opinion. Commandeering an audience might be the only way Obama can speak to more than a few hundred people, but it is not who we are.
The fact that his suggestion that anyone on the No-Fly list should be made to surrender their weapons was as unconstitutional as it gets. Of course, that has never been a deterrent to Barack Obama. His absolute disregard for the Constitution is so widely documented it barely justifies recognition. But, just as an exercise, I would like to point out that the deprivation of life, liberty or property without due process of law is patently unconstitutional, and that is not who we are.
We are a nation of laws, respecting individual life, liberty and property. We are a nation of citizens who understand that they have certain inalienable rights that no government can violate without the resentment of the people rising up against it. That is who we are.
We are not the type of people who watch the government invite terrorists among us, with no serious will or ability to properly vet them prior to entry and then sit back and wait to be massacred. That is not who we are. We know who is abetting the enemy, who is trying to use charges of racism to allow a further infiltration into our society of terrorists and we will arm ourselves against the threats the government has encouraged among us. That is who we are.
I am sorry we have elected a president who does not know who we are as a people and sends his minions out to publicize that we are something we are not, or are not something we are, but I hope I cleared it up.
Of course, I am not talking about Muslims in general, I am speaking of those radicalized Jihadists who are infiltrating our nation with fake passports from Greece. Fake passports our government agencies seem incapable of identifying as such.

P.S. I will turn comments on again once the robot stops spamming this site.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Racism Cannot Stop Racism

When U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke to attendees of Muslim Advocate's 10th Anniversary dinner she pledged to vigorously prosecute speech that "edges toward violence." Meaning, of course, when other than Muslims use speech that "edges toward violence," because "death to America" and "death to infidels" seems to pretty much cover speech that does much more than "edge toward violence;" it advocates for it.

All evidence suggests that Muslim speech has led directly to violence, but there seems to be no interest in prosecuting these violations of her policy. But, this is just another example of the Obama Administration's predictable and determined efforts to divide America; to set up different rules for Muslims and blacks from those that exist for all other races and religions in this diverse nation of ours. Defending and protecting terrorists and criminals is the priority as they are able, with a compliant and blind-folded press, to couch their divisive policies in the struggle against racism. Any real, objective reporting would reveal the openly racist stance the Obama Administration has always preferred.

I abhor racism. The very idea of hating someone based on their lineage is ignorant. There are horrible people of every race and religion. There are wonderful people of every race and religion. Written into the Constitution is a prohibition against corruption of blood. In other words, the sins of the fathers cannot be visited upon their progeny. The Obama Administration disagrees with this and, as far as I can tell, every aspect of the Constitution.

Loretta Lynch was just verbalizing the open policy of the Obama Administration that white people and Christians do not deserve equal protection under the law, because some of our forefathers owned slaves and have been responsible for the oppression of the black community over the past decades. I will not attempt to deny that these things have taken place, they have. But, turning the tables and therefore visiting oppression and degradation against whites and Christians does not end racism, it validates it, encourages it and institutionalizes it.

The question they really should be asking themselves as they go about their brand of racism that seems so normal and justified, is how will their rhetoric be viewed by Americans a couple of centuries hence, when whites and Christians are the minority and have been persecuted and brutalized over a century or two? I know it doesn't matter to them, as long as they get what they want, but to pretend that we are required to ignore their obvious racism is too much to ask.    

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

This Business Will Get Out Of Control

In just an unbelievable series of spectacularly foolish comments made by either Barack Obama or members of his administration, Ash Carter, U.S. Secretary of Defense, in response to the concerns of Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) stated that: "“We have a different view, a very different view from Russia about what would be constructive for them to do in Syria,” he said. “That’s not the same as the United States and Russia clashing.”

Gabbard's concerns were that with Russian anti-aircraft missiles being placed in the combat zone, with so many different aircraft and conflicting missions taking place, there could be a launch, even mistakenly, of a missile that would shoot down a NATO aircraft.

Typically, the Obama Administration belittled this woman with a sort of "never mind little lady, the boys will take care of the details" sort of response when Gabbard raised the very real and even likely possibility of just such a thing happening. But then, this is the Obama Administration that could not remember that just a few days ago Paris had endured a tremendous, coordinated terrorist attack that killed 130 people when Obama suggested that the murder of three people in the United States was a unique sort of murder that didn't happen in other countries. Ash Carter, Secretary of Defense, must have forgotten that only a week ago Turkey shot down a Russian jet over a misunderstanding of whether the jet was in Turkish airspace, or Syrian airspace.

Carter suggested that the very different and conflicting views of the US and Russia concerning Russia's role in the Syrian conflict could not possibly lead to an outright confrontation when he said: "That's not the same as the United States and Russia clashing."

While that may be a true statement, it is false in all rational logic. No, the idea that Russia is supporting its ally, Syria, and is attacking ground troops trained by the United States and occasionally ISIS, whenever the US is not bombing either supporters of Syria and occasionally ISIS does not mean that they are clashing. It does mean, however, that since one of the major military powers is supporting one side of the struggle and another major military power is supporting the other side of the struggle and occasionally shoot the same people and at other times shoot different people, somewhere along the line one major military power will shoot down or bomb the planes or soldiers of the other major military power. And that, Mr. Carter would be a clash.

As the late Fred Thompson famously said in the film Hunt for Red October: "This business will get out of control, it will get out of control and we will be lucky to live through it."

Really, does it seem to anyone else that Barack Obama is trying to push every tender spot in every conflict the world over just trying to get some horrendous conflagration started? Or, is it just ME?

Barack Obama the Ugly American

Every once in a while someone says something so outlandish and ridiculous that while I know everyone else will make similar comments to mine, I can not stop myself.

Today, Barack Obama, in Paris, France, stated that shootings like the one in Colorado Springs just doesn't happen in other countries. No, Barack, in other countries they shoot 130 people, like recent events some place far, far away like Paris, France. You might have heard of it. That is the sort of thing that happens in other countries and why we do not want people who might do that to us to come here.

But, let's take a look at what happens in "other countries."

In Mexico, if one runs afoul of the Narco-statists, they get their hands and heads chopped off and left in the dirt. They get kidnapped and ransomed back to their families for as much as they can get, so they can buy some of those weapons that the Obama Administration so infamously funneled to the Narco-statists.

In Syria and other Muslim nations daughters are stoned to death for flirting with a boy, but those deaths are not totaled up, because they are accepted and even expected of the father to do so.

In Syria and other Muslim nations suicide bombers walk into mosques of their hated rivals Shia/Sunni and detonate their belts.

In China Christians (and I know you don't consider Christians even quite human) are slaughtered for no other reason than they are Christians. Their churches are burned and the congregations disbanded or killed.

In most Muslim nations speaking openly about one's Christian beliefs to others is to invite the charge of promoting a religion other than Islam and the price for that is one's head.

I understand that Barack Obama considers the United States the most base and horrible place one could have the misfortune of living. I understand that Barack Obama has been busy fomenting a race war in every way he can, just to "stick it to the man" which, by the way, is technically him. I understand that (though to this day he claims to be a Christian) he does not consider Christians worthy of support in nations all over the world where they are being persecuted. I understand that though he claims to be a Christian, he does not allow them into the nation as refugees, even when they are from Syria or Iraq, preferring only Muslims. I understand that though he claims to be a Christian he is all too willing to send Christians, who have escaped Iraq and sought asylum in the United States, back from whence they came.

What I don't understand is what difference it could possibly make if he were a Christian. Though I have no evidence that Barack Obama is a Muslim, when I look at his actions both in favor of Muslims and against Christians it is really difficult to see what technically being a Christian would matter. It is not the fact that he is a Christian that is valuable, it is whether or not he, as a Christian, would protect Christians across the globe from the sort of persecution they currently suffer.

While Barack Obama considers living in the United States, even as the president, the worst fate that could befall a human being and that there are things that happen in the United States that do not happen anywhere else in the world, it is actually a point of fact that things that happen in the rest of the world do not yet happen here.
We do not have "honor" killings. Lutherans do not enter Catholic churches and blow up themselves and as many of the congregations as they can. We do not kidnap tourists and ransom them back to their families for fun and profit. But, these are all things that come from those "other countries" of which Barack Obama is so enamored. But, give him another year and he might yet accomplish it a similar society.

I really do wonder how the families of those so horrendously slain in Paris think of his clever stab at his political opponents. I wonder how they see him, now that he has made his point. I find that he has done nothing other than confirm every European stereotype of the "ugly American" when he can so glibly belittle the lives of so many French citizens to make a specious political point.

And, what was the point he was making, exactly? That Planned Parenthood should be able to continue their yard sale on baby parts? That anyone who finds that despicable and horrifying is a backward rube? And no, I do not support the actions of the individual, but maybe, when the government funds this abomination and stands behind it they are perhaps more at fault for the unfortunate carnage than the perpetrator himself. 

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