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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Facade Is Gone

The waning days of the Obama Administration have revealed what has always been evident, had the fake news media not covered it up and Democrats had not supported it: Barack Obama is a Muslim, who was elected president on the basis of a fake birth certificate. Everything he has done in office is a fraud and should be thrown out immediately upon the assumption of power by Donald Trump.

While I have always believed this, it was not too much of an issue with me, since the real problem was and is the fact that the un-American Democrats elected him, the anti-American media covered up his real agenda and the globalist Republicans refused to make it an issue. It is not the fraud of Barack Obama that is the problem, it is that there are so many enemies within the populace that allowed it, encouraged it and continue to support it.

So, I have always engaged the real problem, not the symptom of Barack Obama. George Soros is more of a threat to internal peace than Barack Obama. Obama is largely a failure on any number of issues. He did not destroy the United States of America; he did not inspire the race war he so desperately sought; he did not subjugate the United States to the United Nations. All he has done is a lot of my work for me.

He has awoken the Millennials to the dangers of globalist policies. Yes, he has created a nation wherein Special Snowflakes abound, but that is fine, they have dropped their pretense and have shown themselves for the ugly, intolerant, bigoted, hypocrites and racists they are. Even if we have always known this, it is important that those moderate Republican voters now see the evil for what it is. The media is exposed. The schools and universities are exposed. The few that may have always known the truth have now been vindicated.

It will be much tougher for the "news" to effect opinion the way it has since the invention of the radio. Of course, official news organizations, having seen their demise, have lashed out and Obama has effectively "nationalized" the news. It is all a bit of a curiosity at this point, because big changes are coming and their inevitable self-destruction is already written.

Now, protecting the "nationalist" voice is still important. It is vital that we continue to hammer the fake news media for their irrational and hypocritical stances on the public stage; to humiliate them with their own failures. But, Trump will do a lot of the heavy lifting, because they are his natural and insistent enemy and while they continue to attack him, they will become more ridiculous every day.

Make no mistake, Barack Obama is not done with the U.S. It is my opinion that he will try and create an opposing force of militant Islamists, ex-convicts and special snowflakes to disrupt and cause chaos in society, but most of us are far from the battles to be waged in inner cities. The Community Organizer in Chief (COiC) will fail as he has at everything he has tried. He would need to "build" an organization and he is incapable of building or creating anything of substance. Of course, before this becomes apparent, he will do irreparable damage to his own cause, just as he effectively destroyed the Democrat Party. In the end, of course, he will blame all of his failures on his followers, or Russia.

We have much more to fear from our Republican Senators and House of Representatives, who will fight to maintain the globalist vision in the government against the efforts of Donald Trump. I am still not sold on Donald Trump, but, by his cabinet selections, it seems that he is striving to do away with a number of bureaucracies that have long-vexed the American public. By selecting Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy, he is signaling a likely elimination of the Department of Energy since Rick Perry, during his 2012 bid for President proposed eliminating the Department of Energy as a campaign promise. By selecting Scott Pruitt, he chose someone who, as the Oklahoma Attorney General, sued the EPA several times, challenging its authority. Pruitt might be in a position to eliminate the EPA all together. By selecting Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education, he chose someone who is a strong believer in school choice and has fought against the Department of Education to implement her agenda. She would be in a position to eliminate the Department of Education, or gut it from within.

Granted, there is no election that solves problems, but this one, the election of Donald Trump, might just facilitate some breathing room and momentum to bring the federal bureaucracy under control. If it can be shown that his few activities work and create a better environment for people to have a greater say in their own lives, it might spark a reversal in the minds of people that many things the government does is not necessary and in fact is a great hindrance to them. I had never hoped to see that in my lifetime, at least not on this side of civil war. Whatever gains we might achieve, before we are drenched in blood and divorced from our own sense of humanity, are true gains.

Now, if any of this can be accomplished before the next economic meltdown is anyone's guess.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Line

As we gather for Christmas, we must also recognize that it is a dying tradition. Our culture is on the decline, because we have not heeded the words of our founders and defended our liberties with steadfast defiance of law. For all of these years I have worked (and will continue to work) to strengthen the minds around me. I ask the reader to give me the benefit of the doubt when I say my mind is strong. I know what must eventually be done. But, it must be done alone.

We are all known, the authorities infiltrate our groups and our plans are known to them. Even when spoken in the hushed silence of the woods, our oaths are heard. The fact very simply is this: if you are speaking to someone and you are not the fed informer, the other person is. Now, maybe that is not an absolute, but in one's thoughts, it must be. So, while I appreciate the great groups that have been formed across the nation and the immense amount of training that has taken place, in the end it comes down to each individual and whether they are committed to defending this nation from its enemies, or not.

We have kept our powder dry for decades, waiting. It is to our great restraint that we have not leapt too early or spend our lives needlessly, but that will not always be the case. We have elected Donald Trump as a nationalist to oppose the globalist schemes of Hillary Clinton and George Soros. So, we watch to see what will happen. Will Trump drain the swamp; will he reinstitute the rule of law; will he reinvigorate our military; will he defend the borders and deport those bent on the destruction of our culture? These are questions that will be answered in the future, but none of this will be done without a fight, either political, physical or both. Understand, most of the Republicans he needs to rely on in Congress are globalists and will not help him dismantle the Obama constructs they helped to build.

I hope that when the atrocities occurring in Britain, Germany, France and others visit us on these shores that we will mind our oaths to each other and face the troubles with strength and self sacrifice. I have often been asked what I have DONE and I don't like rising to that taunt, but sometimes I do. Any number of people can attest to the fact that I have devoted tens of thousands of dollars to convince those around me to make some commitments to liberty. Many have and many more will and some didn't need me at all. But, I don't have any doubt about my commitment, even if others do. There have been several times I have charged off in defense of something only to be dissuaded by those "in charge." I respected their wishes and I have also been mostly abandoned when I needed the support of the community.

So, now I will give you my line in the sand. When I am faced with the prospect of defending my wife and daughter from the clutches of Islam or the "refugees" sent here to carry out the same deeds as they are perpetrating in Europe, I will not wait for the politically correct police to do my work. How and when I make the determination that I must take action to protect my family is up to me and me alone. If I am called upon, I will respond. Because this is not just a personal war, it is a war for our culture and those sworn to defend us have abdicated their responsibility in favor of "good press" and re-election. Our police have waited for attacks to be launched before rooting out violent illegal aliens and have tolerated "no go" zones in Michigan and Minnesota. They have allowed camps to be established where jihadists wait for their signal to wage war on America, on the citizens of the nation.

Nothing in the recent history of this nation leads me to believe that the police, or the politicians behind them will allow the necessary purge of these undesirables, these enemy fighters among us and it will be left to us and our oaths. I will view it as my duty. It bothers me that the whole apparatus of civil governments are designed specifically to do this sort of work, but have instead morphed into tax collection agencies against the people. Of course, their timid reaction to these threats are inspired and approved of by the globalist press and politically correct imbeciles populating our nation, but those forces carry no weight with me.

Right now, the battle is against the fake news media that defends and protects the actions of jihadists and their abettors among us. Exposing them or their lies and lies of omission is my current crusade against the globalist threat, but depending on how the Trump Administration deals with Obama's last desecration the Constitution, I might be forced to shift gears and embrace my obligation us and ours.

Descent Into Madness

There is a point at which the globalist snowflakes cross from legitimate political activism to criminal activity and perhaps even constituting a criminal organization. That line was crossed when George Soros began funding Black Lives Matter, who continued to call for the death of law enforcement officers. Up until January 20, they will have been protected by the Attorney General, but that is all likely to change. Prosecutorial discretion only goes so far, before it becomes part of the conspiracy to commit criminal acts.

The criminal activity of the Obama Administration has gone so far that there is no way to go through a house-cleaning without a massive societal upheaval. Understanding that any action to put the rule of law back into effect will be accompanied by riots and violence, it is a dark passage. A dark passage that would not have been as severe had the globalist Republicans taken their oaths with any degree of sincerity.

Politics are complicated. It is hard to distinguish whether the Republicans were afraid of being called racists for opposing Obama's globalist policies, or whether they were globalists themselves and Barack Obama was simply deflecting heat and proposing what they would have otherwise proposed on their own. In trade, they ignored obviously impeachable offenses.

The media has played a huge part in emboldening the Obama Administration and will play an even bigger part in protecting what the globalists consider his "legacy" which includes open borders, climate agreements and subsidies for "green" industries. They openly criticize any attempts at holding the Obama Administration accountable as "fake news" and are building the disinformation apparatus.

To further complicate matters, Obama plans to remain in Washington and run a counter-government to fight back with all sorts of "fake news" that the fake news organizations will gladly report as actual news. This is what Barack Obama has always been, a community organizer and he plans to continue the efforts with the political clout of a former president. Think of Black Lives Matter on steroids.

The number of large corporations who stand to benefit from the globalist agenda will back everything Obama does, pushing the agenda that nationalism is a form of racism. The alignment has begun, but only the globalists understand who they are and what they want. The nationalists don't even recognize themselves as such. They are a vague conglomeration of different sections of a sort of conservative bent. The fact that they need to unite under one banner is lost on them. The only hope is that Trump can give this opposition form and substance, because he will need all of them standing behind him to counter this rabble. If he is serious about restoring America it will come down to a fight. Do not put it past Obama to encourage secession in a bid to lead the separatist America full of jihadists and liberal enablers.

The fireworks have not yet begun, how far we descend into madness is anyone's guess.    

Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Hostile Environment For Truth

Do you see what they are doing? Do you understand? The assault on freedom of the press has begun in our own House of Representatives, a Republican-led House of Representatives, that have passed a bill including a "fake news" clause into H.R. 6480

ACTIVE MEASURES BY RUSSIA TO EXERT COVERT INFLUENCE.—The term ‘‘active measures by Russia to exert covert influence’’ means activities intended to influence a person or government that are carried out in coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly including the following:

(A) Establishment or funding of a front group.
(B) Covert broadcasting.
(C) Media manipulation.
(D) Disinformation and forgeries.
(E) Funding agents of influence.
(F) Incitement and offensive counterintelligence.
(G) Assassinations.

All of these in italics could be considered information fed to websites, which are then disseminated out to the public. But, there is no way for an owner of a website to know where that information originated, in fact, our own intelligence communities cannot accurately determine where information originated on the Internet. There is no way for the owner of a website to know the absolute validity of any information found on the Internet then transmitted to the public. In fact, without being able to go back and look at H.R. 6480, I would not know for sure that what I had heard was true.

What is known is that any website might fall under the clause (H.R. 6480, Sec 501 (a) (1) (A-F)) without knowledge and be held legally culpable. The thing I find odd about this clause is that it singles out Russia, rather than the more common "by foreign nations." This has political intent and is not designed to enhance national security, rather it is designed to enhance political security. It is not just the Democrat leftists who seek protection from the truth, the Republican globalists are shocked, scared and desperate. If the media establishment cannot control the narrative for globalism, they are in trouble, so they agree with this Title and clause to intimidate websites that call them out for their distortions and extortions.

Trump and his election signals a victory for the unwashed and the globalists are already fighting back in every way they can. The war has begun and the first battlefield is the Internet. Websites like this one is a threat to them, all of them and with the support of the Democrats they are seeking to silence all opposition to the ruling class. We are all cast in the light of WikiLeaks merely for reproducing information released by it. Is this a shot across the bow to head off leaks that would publicize Pizzagate? This is a hostile environment for truth, but it must be engaged with fierce opposition.

Yes, I will go back to it. 12 Round Productions and Lies of Omission were created for the specific purpose of engaging this threat. Information is important. All of the weapons in the world will not solve a problem if they cannot be brought to bear on the enemy. This war is moving into a different phase. We are divided as a nation and the globalist Republicans would like to be done with us as much as the Democrats and soon, it will not be legal to run such websites. We need to use what little power we have and maximize it. Right now, our views are not even represented in the media. We have already been isolated. They have minimized our impact by association with every offensive group in the world. Mike Vanderboegh was recognized, but not for the great insights he had into the idea of individual liberty, but for his SPLC page. His other involvements have been effectively demonized. None of it will see the light of day if we do not finish the documentary and present our views in a medium and a manner that allows us an unfettered message.

We can start by helping to defeat this clause from H.R. 6480, but they will come at us from every direction to silence us. Vigilance is the price of liberty.   

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The War of Ideas

The quick update on the faithless elector issue is that it is not the "start" signal that it once seemed to be. The nuts and bolts of the agreement were unworkable for the Trump deniers. But, this is how the globalists work; they deny the will of the people, the vote, the Constitution, anything that gets in their way. They own the media and now have gone about setting up a "fact checking" organization designed to do nothing other than deny conservatives, or nationalists a voice in the public square. Sure, there are the websites like this one and WRSA, ZeroGov, etc., but how long before they are taken down for spreading "fake news" for offering opinions outside the "protected news" ideology?

Trump will have a say, of course, but giant media companies control information. Google owns Blogger. Blogger is easy and doesn't require a standalone web presence so many of us use it, but those days could come to an end. Then, the blogosphere will be fractured and who knows how long it will take to put the pieces back together, all on different platforms and what sort of leverage can the large media companies exert on Internet service providers? How many ISP's feel the same as they do and either through a willing cooperation or intimidation will enact the same sort of policies against blogs like this one?

This is a war specifically because they cannot stop Trump now and they know it. It is not anything I would prefer to be in, but here it is. This is a war that must be fought on every level: intellectual, economic, informational, educational almost everything except physical. This is not to say that some future event will not take it to a physical level, but not yet. This is the battlefield of the globalists where pajama boys and hacking are more effective than AR-15's. Yes, we are on their ground, a bad tactical position, but it is because we held out for peace too long. Despite the way the liberty community is portrayed by the globalists, we are largely peaceful, law-abiding people wishing nothing other than to be let alone.

But, they have not let us alone and will never leave us alone. Our thoughts, our opinions, our perspectives are what they are attacking. The very idea of a self-reliant individual with property and the ability to defend oneself is anathema to the globalist, who want defenseless slaves willing to accept their psychological direction and will attack that which they want attacked and blame those they want to  blame for the despicable conditions in which they expect the obedient populace to live.

I know there are people who do not understand or appreciate our efforts to confront these enemies on their territory, but 12 Round Productions and Lies of Omission are exactly that. They are a means to reach past the news that will never give the ideals of freedom and personal liberty the spotlight to enlighten a new generation, so we ventured out into that battlefield ourselves, with the help of many, many readers of these blogs and freedomistas across the nation. This is the battlefield, like it or not and if we are going to have any influence on the generations to come, we have to start with this film and with any luck others to come. This one film could be the building block by which we get the patriot point of view out to those who will come to seek freedom as the Internet is ground down to a few "approved" websites.

All of us would prefer a straight up fight on terms with which we are more familiar, trained and prepared, but one cannot fight a battle that does not yet exist and may never exist. What we have all been doing, prepping, learning new skills, stockpiling is good and might well be needed if and when the next economic collapse wipes out half of the world's wealth, but we also need recruits. SJW's are being created by the millions in schools and universities. What are we doing to recruit? Again, that is exactly what Lies of Omission is all about, to present our case for the Second Amendment and other rights requiring defense.

Thanks to Matt Bracken and Claire Wolfe, the new donation site gives one the opportunity to claim their books as perks for a donation. But, this is not so much an economic enterprise as it is an armory and a means to engage the enemy and fight for the minds of the next generation. We started this because we looked around and no one was carrying our banner, who understood our perspective. There are Second Amendment documentaries that engage the converted, but that's not what we are doing. We are trying to broaden the spectrum beyond our own little slice. Help us.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

No Peace In Mind

The tendency is to equate our current political situation as the first steps in a civil war. We have a divided population, nothing has been made more clear over the past decade. We have elected a popular president that the opposition hates. This goes beyond political divisions. Trump is as much a threat to the identity of the globalists in America as Lincoln was to the South. But, the political situation is more akin to the American Revolution than the Civil War. To cast it appropriately, the globalists are the British and the nationalists are the rebels.

Like the start of the Revolution, the people had long been ignored and taxed heavily to support the overseas power, feeding a Britain fighting foreign wars for the benefit of trade and power. Washington DC is that "overseas" power; an entity that is as distant from the people as Britain was from the Colonies. The people are ruled by elitists and a class structure that no common man might penetrate. The grievances of the people have gone unheeded and even ridiculed.

The globalists, by definition, are not American. They might have citizenship in the United States, but they do not honor the Constitution, nor the rights of their fellow citizens, nor our republican institutions. They do not recognize the borders of the nation, or respect free speech. They demean the idea of patriotism and find nothing valuable in the title "American." They are the equivalent of a child born to British loyalists.

The nationalists respect the Constitution, individual rights and value republican ideals. They recognize and demand the borders of the nation to be secure. They suffer all manner of insults, because they respect freedom of speech. They hold patriotism in esteem and proudly call themselves Americans. They are the equivalent of being a rebel against a distant monarchial power.

The act of rebellion was the election of Donald Trump. It was no less a declaration of independence than the actual thing. So, now the forces of the King, or Kings in this case, have engaged in damaging and defamatory allegations against the declaration, refusing to give it weight or authority. They scoff at the election as King George scoffed at the Declaration of Independence, feeling that he had the power to bring the insurrection under control.

The globalists have engaged the nationalists in a last ditch attempt to derail the rebellion through fiat. The "faithless electors" are lauded as a means of derailing the rebellion, but, like the British, they have brought too few soldiers to the battle. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States or there will cease to be one. The faithless electors are a pre-emptive coup. The votes have been cast, the electors chosen, ironically, only if Hillary had been elected would the electors have just cause to refuse to elect her, because only illegal activities and traitorous actions might rise to a level of "unqualified to hold office." But, Trump, a law-abiding citizen, without an on-going FBI investigation clears that hurdle with distance to spare.

Should the electors act responsibly and vote as they have been directed by the popular vote, Trump will be president. But, this is where the similarities between the current situation and the Civil War take over. Electing Trump does not mean that the opposition disappears any more than the election of Abraham Lincoln meant that the South would give up their cause. It will only send the battle into overdrive. Perhaps California will secede from the union. (One might hope, anyway)

But, this is a global war. The first volley was fired in Britain with Brexit, followed up by the election of Donald Trump and these actions inspired the vote in Italy. Trump acknowledged that his campaign was not so much a campaign as it was a movement, a nationalist movement that is sweeping the globe, because that is where the globalists are and globalist policies have attempted to bring an end to national identities by the infusion of immigrants. If it is racist to resist the importation of rapists and murderers into our communities and unleash them on children, then the word has no power.

Today we wait for the signal. It is rare in the history of warfare that one moment in time might be known and recognized for what it is, but that is the luxury we have with the casting of votes by the electoral college. They have the power to inspire a rebellion, but not to stop the war. The war is inevitable, because the globalists have no peace in mind.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nationalism vs Globalism

There comes a time when the cards must be put on the table. A lot of people who read this blog criticize me in comments for the things I don't say, or the positions I don't take, thinking that I have not thought it through. They do not realize that some of what I write is nothing but a jab at the other side. Some of what I write is meant to bring others along a stream of logic. A lot of people visit this blog for the first time through some link on some forum and are not up to speed. I try to provide logical, reasoned explanations of our point of view on the society that is stacked against us. Typically, those who complain are already at the destination, so why should I write for them?

We are nearing the end of the prep stage. I can't help but feel like we are trying to build a house on an unfinished foundation, but time is nearly up. Long-time readers of this blog have known for decades that there was no way to vote ourselves out of the globalist agenda. We are about to find out how right we have been.

Electing Donald Trump, someone dedicated to reversing all of the advances of globalism achieved during the Obama Administration, was the shot over the bow and the globalists have taken heed. Globalism is behind the "global warming" hoax; it is behind Black Lives Matter; it is behind media-bias; it is behind the immigration issue; it is behind every malignant protest, riot and CIA leak. The fight is coming and I think that is why Donald Trump has placed generals so prominently in his staff.

The crux of the issue, however, is you: the reader, the activist, the prepper, the survivalist, the individualist, the nationalist, etc. What is it that you are going to do when the fight must be joined? For a long time we have been able to sit back and bang our keyboards to try and prep the battlefield, but the battlefield is being defined right now. Everything on the news, on Twitter, on Facebook is designed to define the battlefield. So the question is this: What are you going to do?

There are any number of scenarios that will give you the opportunity to act. What will you do when they deny Donald Trump the presidency? What will you do when Jihadists begin their major assault on America? Are you just going to let the police and the media control the outcome? What will you do when the inauguration (assuming there is one) is marred by violence and perhaps a terrorist attack providing the media the narrative of "well what do you expect when you elect a racist"? If you do not have an answer to these questions, or if it is "nothing" then good luck, but I do. It has nothing to do with Donald Trump, it has to do with allowing the globalists a victory. This is about to become a hot war and you may not like the general, you might hate the general, you may not even acknowledge the war or your part in it. That changes nothing, it just gives you an out. Don't worry, someone else will fight the battle so you can remain safe and criticize them.

This is a global issue. One might be as Nationalist as they choose, but the battleground is worldwide. After seeing what "globalism" means, i.e., the spread of Islam and the disruption of "nationalism" through the destruction of Christiandom and the imposition of Shria over constitutions and parliamentary systems, there has been widespread rebellion in the form of Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the Italian vote and the resignation of Matteo Renzi which ultimately will lead to the Five Star Movement ascension to political power in Italy and a withdrawal from a quickly dissolving EU. This will lead to another global economic meltdown, bail-ins, poverty, chaos and that is when the globalists expect to step in and provide stability and slavery. I don't intend to wait that long. It is during the chaos that we must step in and provide stability under whichever general we can find.

Of course, I will continue to work on overt means to bring others around to the point of view of a Constitutionalist such as working on Lies of Omission, but that will no longer be my sole objective.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fake News: Credibility Is Not A Boomerang

New outlets, especially CNN are fighting the battle against fake news, forgetting their culpability in the same charge. On September 12th 2012 CNN broadcast the news about the Benghazi attack, accepting the Obama-Clinton explanation of an obscure internet video enraging the local population and inciting them to riot. Eventually, the truth came out that it was a terrorist attack, well planned and well executed. It resulted in the deaths of four Americans including the Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens. This narrative ran for years, but it was refuted by Amanpour on September 12th, 2012. How is it that the narrative of a spontaneous riot lasted years, when it was known on that very date that it was a terrorist attack?

When it comes to Obamacare, CNN and the rest of the liberal media hyped the idea that the Affordable Care Act would not only save money, but result in a $2,500 savings; that it would allow participants to keep their doctor and their insurance coverage.
Obama made this comment on health care during his weekly address on Aug. 15, 2009, in Washington.
"If you like your doctor, you're going to be able to keep your doctor," Obama said at George Mason University on March 19, 2010, in Fairfax, Va.

The media pushed this narrative all through the debate and final passage of the bill in the middle of the night. It was not until 2013 when that statement became obviously false that news media reported it, along with a pained explanation of how it was really the insurance companies that had deceived the American people, not Barack Obama. 

Global Warming is still being pushed by the fake news media, only now it has been rebranded as "climate change" when everyone knows that the earth experiences constant climate change, it is referred to by radical expressions like Spring, Winter, Summer and Fall. These have been called "seasons" by the ancients and the Farmer's Almanac has been consistently published since 1792, the year Kentucky became a state, addressing issues of "climate change" to help farmer's identify and predict this changing climate to find the best time to plant and harvest crops. 

Even when thousands of scientists have discredited the human influence on climate change, it is not enough to derail the preferred, globalist narrative of a tragedy destined to befall humankind if SUV's are not banned and vehicles get less than 25 mpg. The narrative is maintained, this fake news is promulgated even in the face of refutation by none other than a top US scientist who bolts from the brainwashing.

Trillions of dollars are spent as a result of this fake news and yet, these news outlets, CNN, NYT, LAT, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc., etc., continue to drive this fake news without fear of being censored or banned.

Hands Up Don't Shoot, the fake news story driven by the media and seized upon by George Soros and the Black Lives Matter radical terrorist organization continues to promulgate a false narrative of the story that Michael Brown was shot down by Officer Darren Wilson with his hands up asking not to be shot. When in fact the testimony in the case attests that Michael Brown had attacked Officer Wilson and was trying to take Wilson's gun away from him when the shots were fired.

Ultimately, Black Lives Matter, a group that openly advocates the death of police and members of the group have inspired followers to attack and beat any white person in the vicinity of the riots they have incited. The roots of this group go directly back to George Soros, yet there is no accountability required of Soros or Black Lives Matter for the numerous deaths of police officers since the Ferguson riots. This is not only fake news, it is culpable advocacy of terrorist acts, but the fake news media continues to push this narrative.

Everyday, there are people who suffer and die because of fake news. People died in Benghazi and the video producer the media insisted was responsible, was imprisoned (albeit an unrelated charge) as a scapegoat for their lies. People have suffered, died and been bankrupted by the affect on business that have resulted due to the passage of Obamacare. The lack of insurance coverage, the incredible increases in policies and the years-long recession as a result of depressing business opportunities have wreaked havoc on the underemployed and unemployed, but the fake news organizations of CNN, NYT, LAT and Washington Post persist in their false narrative.
Billions of dollars have been wasted on the "Global Warming" scam. Businesses have been bankrupted trying to comply with global warming inspired regulations, people have become unemployed as a result, lost their insurance and died fearful of the costs of seeking medical help. The homeless have been increasing in numbers since regulations based on global warming has decimated industries or prevented industries from expanding; coal for one.
Police officers, namely four in Dallas, TX, have been killed as the major media outlets continue to highlight Black Lives Matter as a legitimate protest organization when they continue to call for the open assassination of police officers and inflame the indignation of the black community against police. They offer legitimacy to BLM, despite the fact that their origination came from the fake news story that Michael Brown was "unjustly" killed by a white police officer and that the movement has been heavily supported by George Soros, a political operative dedicated to the destruction of the American culture.

But, when their lies are exposed as fake news, they do what liberals always do, they look at their accusers and accuse them. This is what makes it so much more difficult to believe the fake news organizations known as the mainstream media when they claim that Pizzagate (the accusation that there is a widespread pedophile ring involving government officials) is fake news. How are we supposed to believe them when they have been so wrong for so long? The major media fake news organizations cannot give away their credibility one day and expect it to return another day; credibility is not a boomerang.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Traitors Among Us

After decades of having their way, the major media is suddenly on the defensive. The NYT has announced a policy change where it comes to the news, in effect, admitting that it had been hopelessly biased for too long. Which might have been in contrition for allowing the Times to be manipulated by the Dulles brothers in their campaign of regime change the world over in the early 1950's. Google has advertised for a "conservative outreach manager" signaling that they have no one on the entire staff with views different from their own.

Now, I don't expect a leopard to change its spots here, but it is a shift from the defensiveness and delusions of previous years. They are leftists through and through, globalists with some fantasy of ending unprofitable conflict by morphing all races and religions together. They don't mind the pain and suffering that precedes any coalescing of the peoples into one homogenous blob of slaves. From their ivory purchases, they will look down on it as a necessary transition period during which the undesirables (read independents) must be weeded out; exterminated. This is what Barack Obama has started and Hillary Clinton was supposed to pursue throughout her reign.

Globalism is an elitist strategy to eliminate the idea of nationalism and they will use any method available, war, famine, immigration and use the media to ridicule and defame anyone who might exert nationalism back into the equation. Nationalism is their target. It fuels the UN arms confiscation, the pushing of Islam into non-Islamic nations, using the forces of terrorism and societal unrest to identify and eliminate opposition. They use racial differences in the United States to drive acceptance of interracial marriages or to inflame racial hatred. It is a strategy. The main thing is the white Christian must either comply or be eliminated and they don't care how it is accomplished. They use Global Warming to identify non-compliant individuals. Anyone who will not accept whatever outlandish claims they make is a target.

Trump was a huge setback, because whether he was a Democrat or has any party loyalty to the Republicans at all is of little consequence. The one thing Donald Trump is, at least who he has been until he won the election, is an American first and foremost. He does believe in America. Now, what that means to him is anyone's guess, but he is not a globalist, or hasn't been in the past. He sees America as something special to be saved and exerted, at least through trade.

Conservative purists probably won't go along with him on everything he does over the next few years, but by naming Gen. Mattis to head up the department of defense he is signaling that he will be ready for a fight. By naming Michael Flynn to the NSA, he is signaling the same thing. It seems reasonable to conclude that his intent is to push back against the forces of globalism and to encourage other nations to exert their nationalism. Trump understands competition and that is his foreign policy. Whether he can weather the storm from all angles remains to be seen, but if he is to do it, it will be because he continues to battle and ultimately defeat the media in the United States.

To that extent, those who believe in the importance of a strong nation with borders and a strong sense of nationalism, must help to push back against the news media and social media that is currently being used as a club of the globalists. It is well known that America cannot be defeated in an all-out war militarily, at worst it's a draw, but that it is vulnerable through internal attacks by the media, a fact that became apparent during the Vietnam war and the usefulness of Walter Cronkite.

The traitors among us are legion. They are varied and each attack a different flank. Whether it is the concept of global warming, the value of the UN, immigration policy, racial tension, banking restrictions, religion, language, gender identity and gay marriage it is the work of the globalists attacking and distracting the population to destroy the concept of nationalism. At this point, they might even encourage secession as a means to divide and conquer.   

Sunday, December 4, 2016


There has always been a certain level of insanity in the leftist camp. It takes a bit of rift in the psychological makeup of an individual to subscribe to the death cult that is leftism. Consider the millions of people slaughtered through dictatorial regimes and still, they line up behind them to take their orders and do their bidding. This is what is generally referred to as sociopathic behavior.

The process of genocide is simple: identify an undesirable human element, demonize it, dehumanize it, outlaw it, imprison it and dispose of it. When viewing the anti-Trump protests and listening to the hysteria in the "fake news" outlets dehumanizing Trump voters and openly regulating them on social media sites, one recognizes that in the genocide timeline, we are nearing the end.

Anti-Trump protesters call Trump voters (which is code for white, Christians who believe in the Constitution, whether they actually voted for Trump or not) Nazis. Nazis? Really? But, they have this narrative going and they are accustomed to making up slogans and the "fake news" sites carrying their water. They ironically accuse Trump voters of being bigoted when, in order to make that charge against a specific race and/or religion, one must be a bigot.

Bigotry is the assumption of certain values and beliefs based on one's race and/or religion. What they refuse to consider, because they are blinded by their own hatred, bigotry and ignorance, is that racism, bigotry and hatred are the tools of Nazis. It is how Hitler manufactured a genocide. It is how he, through propaganda, convinced the rational people of Germany to engage in, or overlook sociopathic behavior, because if they could do that, they could rid themselves of the Jews just as the American leftist seeks to be rid of white, Christian Constitutionalists.

Now, perhaps the Jews didn't see it coming, but this process was repeated too often in the 20th Century for someone in the 21st not to see it for what it plainly is, which is evil. The pieces are all in place to conduct another genocide with the targets identified by thought, crimes committed by dissent and executions approved of by the press.

One must understand, of course, that these protests are not organic in the sense that they arose out of general ill will, though ill will is obviously present, it was paid for by George Soros and encouraged by the media. It feels as if it means something. What they have done is categorize nearly half of the nation as despicable (or deplorable) human beings, racists, homophobes, bigots, Nazi sympathizers, white supremacists, etc., i.e. disposables.

Understand, by their reasoning, the Trump voter is a Nazi, because he believes in borders, the sanctity of the vote, the safety of his family members whether homosexual or not, the sanctity of life, the right to practice any religion that does not advocate for domestic abuse, rape, pedophilia, the extermination of all others, sex slavery and the right to honor killings where deemed appropriate. What this means is, they are willing to support such a religion if it gets rid of the "Nazis." But, their limited intellect prevents them from seeing that by so doing they have become the Nazis.

They think that by not being nationalistic they are protected from being a Nazi. They prefer the romanticism of Castro, forgetting that for the thousands of peasants who did not support him, it wasn't so "romantic" but then, Leftists have never been able to see the horror for the rose. They believe themselves to be virtuous, though covered in the blood of their fellow man.

But, this is how this genocide goes down. Having seen the sausage factory for what it is, the "Jews" in the American version of this horror story know what is afoot. They recognize the true Nazis for who they are. While the Nazis have ascribed all of the worst attributes to their opponents, none of it could be true, or they would not have lived as long as they have. As insult is turned to assault, the tables begin to turn and when those who have been vilified for long enough and the intent becomes clear to the majority, the outcome will be reversed. Having called for blood, they will see it. They mistakenly take silence for fear, when in fact the silence is merely the rational mind extinguishing the instinct toward mercy. They survive now in the middle ground where their aggression might still be shrugged off as foolish braggadocio, but the sides are defining themselves, just in case their blood lust is insatiable.

Jill Stein's bid to obtain recounts in WI, MI and PA are an attempt to deny Donald Trump the presidency by delaying the certification of the votes through delays in recounting the ballots. This is an act of attempted Constitutional sabotage. It is a hijacking of the electoral process as are the death threats received by electors. The electoral college serves several purposes, one of which is to deny the presidency to one unqualified to hold the office, regardless of votes cast. But, a rabble of dissatisfied leftists does not rise to the "unqualified" bar that has been set for them to act to deny. It is intended to provide an "out" if, after the election, it is discovered that the winner of the election is either not a citizen, insane or, like Hillary, an unindicted felon. But, even then, it places the electors on shaky ground and might still be seen as a coup de etat. What is clear, is that the Leftists are willing to overthrow the government to take power and pursue their eradication of the white, Christian loyalist. Sounds a lot like 1933 to me.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Message From The Crew of Lies Of Omission

I wanted to take a minute to do a little bit of housekeeping on Lies of Omission the film currently being produced by this odd conglomeration of liberty/2nd Amendment/freedomista/III% community, because it is not just myself and Pete who are producing it. This whole community is producing it. It is about the people in this movement, by the people in this movement, largely funded by this movement. To be honest, if this were a money-making scheme and we fancied ourselves as some sort of "film producers" we would not have done this film. Personally, I might have done something like LGBT Gun Nuts or something that would have been able to draw some traditional type funding. I might have done Famous People and Their Weapons of Choice. The truth is, documentaries don't make a heck of a lot of money and unless there are some big names involved or foundations signed on, there is not a lot of money available for them, but does that mean that we must be silent and let Katie Couric tell the tale? Also, the type of documentary we are doing is more expensive than other types.

Here's what I believe: the average person involved in this community is more thoughtful, intelligent, well-read, informed and bright than most of the "leaders" of other communities. We are all individuals, we are all leaders, with our own opinions, ideas and thoughts of how things should be done. The amount of good, reliable information is astounding, whether that be on the subject of bug-out bags, communications or political theory. Unfortunately, that also means that we don't agree on very much, which is what I think makes us strong, until we try to coordinate something.

The original idea for Lies of Omission came from the injustice done to this community by Katie Couric's fraudulent documentary "Under The Gun." What she wanted to do was to go out into OUR community, find some hicks that sounded stupid and put that on film to say: "See, can we really be safe when idiots like these have guns?" But, when she interviewed these people she didn't get what she wanted, so she had to edit it to make them look stupid. She is now being sued by the group she interviewed for $12 million.

Because there are so many smart people in this community, we have gotten some criticisms, which are always appreciated. As a writer, I understand that process and do not take it personally when people tell me I am doing it all wrong. It doesn't mean they are right about that, but there is always some good information passed along in the exchange. First of all, we have been criticized for the way we have done this. Typically, the funds are aggregated before filming starts. I agree with that, but we had to start the project earlier than we wanted to if we were going to include Mike Vanderboegh's point of view and get his story on film. That drove the timeline.

We got a lot of suggestions on who to approach for funding and since they had never asked who we had approached for funding, they didn't realize we had already gone that route, but here is the problem with following all of the advice we have gotten. The more famous the person we approach, the more they expect to be involved in the project. It is the relative anonymity of the people we want in the film that make it more impactful and personal. This is also why we have turned to the community for as much of the budget as we can, to keep it pure.

The one thing this documentary is not, is a hysterical, finger-pointing accusation, it is more of a reasoned, compelling argument for freedom, individual rights and an explanation of how they are disappearing and why they need to be defended. This is a message that the next generation of this battle is not being taught in school and even if it were, it would not be taught by people who truly understand the nuances like this community does. We are seeking a diversity of points of view to help drive the message home so that no matter where the viewer lands on the spectrum of beliefs, they will have a voice and a reason to consider the arguments.

Shortly, we will be going back out to finish the interviews, then we can get started on the most time-consuming and expensive part of the project, editing and post production. We do have some agreements in the works to help with that part of the project. We also have to work on distribution. If we were an established film company, or aspired to such, we might have distribution deals in place, but we don't so that will take some real effort, once we have a completed product.

One more thing I would like to express to the people who have given to this project. We are extremely grateful for the donations we have received, but we consider them a sort of investment in having a voice that is not offered to us, the community, by anyone. There is no spokesman who represents the breadth of our point of view. 12 Round Productions is dedicated to providing a voice, but does not pretend to be a spokesman, because that is not possible with this group.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Let The Games Begin

If you have money in the stock market, it might be too late already. The whole house of cards might be about to collapse. The EU, as an economic experiment in globalization, has been on wobbly legs for some time as evidenced by the recent Brexit movement. The Brits got it right, but the leadership refuses to listen to their own citizens (as all elitists do), because it would signal that globalization is a flawed system. The elitists refuse to acknowledge this simple and obvious fact, because a global economy is necessary to arrive at a global government.

Why would they want a global government? Think of our own nation. We have 50 separate states, but with the increased power and reach of the federal government the anger at local authorities is tempered by the fact that the most onerous and pernicious regulations come from the federal government, keeping revolt at a distance from those who are actually pulling the strings. Imagine this on a global level, some distant, all-powerful government dictating and controlling every human being on the planet, taking control of all the natural resources and meting them out as it chooses, moving people from one area to another to destroy the concept of ownership. It becomes one huge hive of slaves.

That is the elitist image of nirvana and Barack Obama has done his share of prepping the American people for that ultimate end, but the cracks of the initial attempt (the EU) are starting to show. The flaw is in the human being, who is not satisfied with a perpetual condition of poverty and enslavement, even when it is a fairly comfortable existence. Barack Obama was America's globalist and while the American people systematically tried to neuter his power over eight years, there were globalists on the other side of the aisle that prevented any serious threat. It all hinged on the election of Hillary Clinton to continue the process of globalization, but the American people pulled a fast one on the elitists and elected Donald Trump to office. This is not to say that the battle has not moved from the public to the private places in America, behind marbled walls, but the fact is, globalization has run its course.

On December 4th Italy will vote on a referendum to alter their constitution. If the vote returns a majority for the referendum, it will be a recognition of the Renzi government and a continuation in the EU, if the vote returns a majority against the referendum, the popular Five Star Movement will gain power with a mandate to extricate itself from the EU and reassert the Lira as the nation's currency. Italy is the third largest economy in the EU just behind France. It will signal the death of the EU as every nation, including Britain, flee from the clutches of Brussels and expose globalization for the evil that it is.

Unfortunately, this will cause a worldwide economic meltdown that has long been in the works and only deferred by the massive shell game of debt taking place on a global scale. This may be the beginning of a world war that leaves no nation untouched by the disastrous policies of megalomaniacs. But, if this is the future, it is only a fitting reset to a world gone mad and the alternative is slavery. Let the games begin.

H/T to Zerohedge for THIS article.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Mouse of a Man

Barack Obama recently wrote, or rather, dictated an article for The Economist in which were several phony graphs and self-serving statements, the likes of which are just outrageous. (I did not link the article, because if The Economist wants to publish this garbage and you want to read it I have given you enough information to find it.) Of those outrageous statements, this is one: Last year, American households enjoyed the largest income gains on record and the poverty rate fell faster than at any point since the 1960s. Or, this one: [economic] Expectations rise faster than governments can deliver and a pervasive sense of injustice undermines peoples’ faith in the system. Without trust, capitalism and markets cannot continue to deliver the gains they have delivered in the past centuries. In one, he outright lies; in the other he makes the suggestion that government is there to deliver economic expectations and lays the blame for his failures to any significant economic gain on lack of trust in the system.

The article, self-servingly and condescendingly titled "The Way Ahead," is written with all of the dripping narcissism of someone who believes that once he is out of office it will all fall apart unless he leaves this essay on how to conduct the nation in his absence. It is, to a great degree, a chance to simultaneously claim false advances for himself and blame reality on George W. Bush or the Republican Congress as he does here: particularly for infrastructure; and a political system so partisan that previously bipartisan ideas like bridge and airport upgrades are nonstarters. Obama seems to forget that he borrowed a trillion dollars in order to fix our infrastructure with all of the "shovel ready jobs" just waiting for the Stimulus Bill to get passed. But, as has been documented before, most of that money was spent on jobs for union workers or kickbacks to political donors, which, in this case, were one and the same.

Then, there is just the odd insanity like this: Economists have listed many causes for the rise of inequality: technology, education, globalisation, declining unions and a falling minimum wage. For one thing, he can't spell globalization, but prefers the UK spelling just as he does earlier with realization. But the statement itself blames globalization and declining union membership along with a falling minimum wage? I know what he means, that real wages, if stagnant, fall with inflation, but the minimum wage is not falling, real income is falling.

Then, there is this:

The chart is supposed to show how Obama has increased household income for the poorest and reduced household income for the richest. Two problems, one is that it is over the previous year, not the previous decade, not over the past five years, just the past year, therefore an anomoly; Second, if you look at the bottom the sources are from the census bureau and, as he points out earlier in the article HIS Council on Economic Advisors. Therefore, I find the chart highly suspect to begin with. The point is, it shows what he wants you to believe. Later he does the same with a reduction in Carbon gases, but it is more of the same self-serving nonsense that is rife with false claims and phony statistics.

But, what all of this illustrates is that Obama will continue to push this fake legacy of his through the fake news outlets that will still cover Obama like a blanket as long as he breathes. The nation will never be free of his constant self-promotion, unless Trump is able to ridicule him through Twitter and improve the economy faster and better and it drowns out this little mouse of a man.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Plight of the Wounded Behemoth

Is it time to reconsider the Washington press corps? Consider that "media" has changed. The real reporters in today's media are bloggers with special interests who stay tuned to everything that affects them and their world view. They are the investigative press corps of today and have contacts with average Americans on a daily basis, are probably personally and/or professionally involved in the industries and issues about which they write. Never in the history of the world have so many had such access to expose abuses of government (the real purpose of the First Amendment) and industry to the wider public.

The press coverage of the 2016 election has established a solid connection between the Democratic Party and the press. Television, as a news source, has been discredited along with almost every newspaper largely due to their own success. As news organizations grow larger and larger, they also grow more distant from the lives and concerns of their viewers/readers/listeners. They are so large, at this point, that they no longer have to be responsive to both conservatives and liberals in order to survive. They can appeal to just one ideology and remain fiscally sound. But, this has led to the backlash the large media outlets have suffered during the election and beyond.

It seems, then, that President Trump will not be able to effectively transmit his message through a highly biased press corps. When the people cannot trust the press corps to faithfully represent political issues to the public, they serve no purpose to the general public and so should be evaluated on whether or not they serve the purposes of the First Amendment that gives them access to the machinations of government.

It would seem, at this point in time, that some of the "old guard" in the Washington press corps need to leave and others brought in to fill their slots in the "pool" of reporters used when very limited access is possible, such as during treaty negotiations and matters of national security. Now, I have no suggestions as to which "new media" sites might be brought into the press corps, the Drudge Report seems to be one logical candidate and while The Drudge Report might not be considered "neutral" are any of the others?

It is obvious that we need a new understanding of "the news." With the sudden, aggressive attacks on what the bloated, politically-slanted news mega corporations term "fake news" there is a sense of the wounded behemoth lashing out at the mirror. Having largely discredited themselves by their own actions, they now seek victims to blame. Unfortunately for them, the public they have ceased to try and inform have already turned to other, more reliable sources for accurate and complete information necessary for the public to carry out their stewardship of the government, which is its proper role in a functioning republic.

Perhaps it is time for Donald Trump to reconfigure and redefine what passes for a press corps that represents all of America, not just those living on one coast or another. We are a wide and diverse nation that is no longer served by the current configuration of the Washington press corps. Everything has its time and, as history has shown, that time always passes and gives way to the new.

Also, it might be time for NPR, if it wants to retain the portion of its budget that is federally funded, to reconsider its choices of grants and production value of conservative documentaries such as LIES OF OMISSION.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fake News and How To Fight It

We are at war with the media, but more importantly, they are at war with us. By "we" I mean anyone who believes in the protections of the Constitution, who want to be left alone to live our lives without being constantly assaulted by our own government and the leftists; one group telling us how we are wrong one day and another group telling us how we are wrong the next day. But, all of it is driven by the media. It is the media that brings these issues to the national consciousness, who use the bully pulpit of television, radio and newspapers to beat us into submission. Worse, it is the media that withholds information from us about the government, about the destruction wrought by unfiltered immigration, about the usefulness of guns to reduce crime.

We are getting a warped message and have been for a long time, but it is different now. The media has been exposed as propagandists broadcasting the government line and making up its own news to convince "us" that we are warped and need straightening. It doesn't matter that most of us tuned out long ago. In fact, when the media started propagandizing (something I noticed in the early 80's) it fostered the alternative news that took root with the widespread use of the internet. They are responsible for the "fake news" they now have engaged in an all-out battle. It is "fake news," because it does not get its talking points from the government or special interest groups. Now, they want to censor these "fake news" websites.

The goals of the leftists are these: 1) bring the citizens under surveillance 2) disarm the population 3) propagandize the news 4) silence any opposition 5) execute the opposition. How far along are we? That's how bad we are losing the war. We cannot wait until step 5 to do something about it.

Then, there is the inevitable question: Mr. Davis, what have you done, sir, to stop this propaganda, to take on the media? Huh?

Well, okay, as a plea and an explanation I will say this: myself and CA at WRSA have invested heavily to produce a documentary featuring Mike Vanderboegh, Matt Bracken, Claire Wolfe, but we need help to finish it. There are more interviews to obtain with David Codrea, Larry Pratt and Bill Buppert. It is called Lies of Omission and it interviews these people about freedom, the Second Amendment, what caused them to get involved as liberty activists and this is to directly counter the falsified documentary "Under the Gun" by Katie Couric, for which she had to apologize for the editing practices as it falsely depicted gun owners responses to questions.

But, these things are expensive and we are not rich. We need the help of those who value truth and feel abused by today's media, but there is no money out there for this type of documentary. There is funding for documentaries about the LGBT lifestyle, social justice, green initiatives and every other liberal agenda item, but not for conservative, pro gun documentaries. I have reached out to every conservative organization I can and have gotten little response. So, yes, we need your help to get it done, but trust me, we have spent a lot of money already, so some help would be greatly appreciated.

Link to this post, send out a Tweet about it or put it on Facebook. People who have watched the trailer have helped, but they need to get to the indiegogo or the fundrazr sight to help out.

Thank you for joining the fight.   

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Last Betrayal

From the latest statement from the Trump Transition team that Trump might be able to deal on the idea of Global Warming, there is a lack of will to fight the war and it is a war. We are engaged in a social civil war as important and as deadly as any civil war. For the past hundred years or more the collectivists have been engaged in a war against the American culture largely ignored by the culture itself. It is analogous to the Islamist jihadists who had carried on a war against America for decades before the towers came down. 
The collectivists have infiltrated the schools, news organizations, universities, labor unions, local, state and federal governments. Many in the political establishment on both sides have been infiltrated. The fact that so many Republicans have been seduced to the collectivist agenda is a large part of why Donald Trump was elected. This was a result of the great awakening of Middle America, who after the economic meltdown, began to see that the government that was supposed to be defending their interests were, in fact, acting against their interests.

The first evidence of this awakening was the Tea Party movement that swept the nation in response to the massive banking bailouts. While average citizens saw their jobs disappear and their homes repossessed, the bankers were getting huge bonuses granted to them with taxpayer money used to bail them out. It was not in response to the election of Barack Obama as the news continually reported. That is not to say that some of Barack Obama’s policies didn’t aggravate and inspire this movement to new heights, but it did not start the movement. That was fake news propaganda designed to make the Tea Party appear to be racist (the same obnoxious claim the collectivists use at every turn).

Barack Obama represented the collectivists in ways they had never been represented before, in an open and aggressive manner, continually pushing the divisive policies between the individualist instinct and collectivist ideology. After eight years of implementing the collectivist agenda, with little or no opposition from the Republican Party, the whole spectrum of the collectivists from socialists to Marxists had been emboldened enough to wave the Soviet flag at the Democratic National Convention.  

Also, during the same eight years Middle America had been fighting back in the only way they could, electing more and more Republicans to the House and Senate until they had control of both houses, but these Republican collectivists did not have the political will to follow through on their promises. Instead, those same Republicans elected to do that job and that job alone turned around after the 2014 election and told their supporters that they would not engage the president on the issues important to their constituents.  

In a rejection of the Republican Party itself, the citizens of Middle America chose the presidential candidate most unlike the GOP without being a Democrat: Donald Trump. After a lawless and corrupt Obama Administration that ignored immigration law, imported jihadists, protected criminal activity and obstructed justice, Middle America chose the one candidate that promised to enforce immigration law, stop the influx of Syrian refugees that had been infiltrated by Jihadists and bring law and order back to the Attorney General’s office.  

Trump’s campaign offered a ray of hope to an ignored public. The campaign, because it spoke for those long forgotten and defamed, was attacked by the collectivists to a degree that their bias was exposed. Though evidence of their bias had been obvious to those who were paying attention during the Obama Administration, it became glaring during the campaign to install Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. The collectivists needed Hillary to win bad enough that they dropped the pretense of being impartial reporters of the news and became aggressive propagandists. When Donald Trump won the election, they felt the promise of the collectivist state slip through their fingers and they lost any sense of objectivity.  

The actions of the media; the shock, dismay and even tears was the best thing that could have happened. It was the 9/11 moment for those in Middle America. The protests against Trump, financed by George Soros, the main financial clout behind the collectivist movement, only reinforced the sudden realization of Middle America.  

The collectivist reaction to Trump’s election, because his is not one of the typical Republican establishment’s lap dogs, has been volcanic, even if it is orchestrated and financed. It is a sign that the collectivists, even in the Republican Party, are afraid. But, they have two months to get to him and turn him around. They will spend a lot of time trying to convince him that he doesn’t have to follow through on his promises (they didn't), but just like their prognostications about his demise during the election, they will be wrong. Donald Trump is the last hope for a peaceful transition away from collectivism for the mass of Middle America.  

It is important for Mr. Trump to understand that this is a war. It might be a cold war at this point, but like the Cuban Missile Crisis, it could go nuclear at any moment. Middle America has spent eight years trying to work the political process to their advantage and have been outmaneuvered at every turn, by a corrupt administration willing to do anything to keep the views of Middle America out of the political process. But one might only thwart the intentions of the people so long before open rebellion is the only solution. Middle America will not be able to withstand another betrayal.
Trump must understand that he has the future of this nation in his hands. Now that the collectivists have threatened to secede from the union and Middle America is in a mood to do the same, it is a very tenuous path he treads. If he can be convinced that the only way to save the union is to side with the collectivists, he will destroy it. Perhaps there is no peaceful solution at this point, but if there is, it is only in backing the collectivists down and calling their bluff. It is not betraying the public once again, because that would prove to the many law-abiding, believers in the republic that there is no diplomatic solution and the last act of diplomacy is war.

The one thing that is known about the collectivists is that they will never give up. Death threats to Presidential Electors is just another means of prosecuting their war. Trump was hired to fight back.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

From Darkness To Light

For more than a week the nation has been watching the Trump transition team and the naming of cabinet members. It has been slow, but then, Trump does not have the cronies to repay that a typical president-elect does, nor does he have an apparatus to take from the Bush Administration and install into his own, because the establishment turned its collective backs on Trump early on.

The appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General should send shockwaves through the Obama Administration, because Senator Sessions has always been one to hold others accountable against all headwinds. No one knows the future, but if this nation is ever to regain a semblance of credibility it must go through the darkness to get to the light. The law is the law and it is the law for everyone. If that is not true, and it has not been for a long time, then there is no justice.

Sanctuary cities, illegal immigration, pay for play, obstruction of justice, violation of the First, Second, Third (if violations of the Fourth allow for government surveillance in one's home without warrant or knowledge constitutes troops housed among the people) Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth (think about the IRS), Ninth and Tenth Amendments must be addressed.

After decades of shuffling the Constitution off the books, of shrugging off violations with an understanding that the government has no interest in upholding the Constitution where it protects individuals, but demands compliance where it aids the government, such as the Sixteenth Amendment, shows us how diseased this system has become. With a concerted attempt to turn it around, with appointments like Sessions as Attorney General, Supreme Court Justices who hold the Constitution inviolate, there is a chance to reverse the course of the nation.

No, it is not probable that this will happen. Time and time again the people have elected those they thought would do something on their behalf in Washington, only to have their hopes dashed in the first week. That does not change the fact that we are at a crucial crossroads. The media has been exposed as frauds; Twitter has been exposed as intolerant; the power of the giant electronic media companies like Google face possible anti-trust violations; Obamacare has bankrupted families; "green" boondoggles have cost taxpayers billions with no concrete science behind their claims; political correctness has driven divisions among the people; the education system is dismal and getting worse. Simply a return to Constitutional principles would rectify almost all of these failures of the left.

That is all it would take and if Donald Trump has the will to go through the darkness to get to the light, his presidency will stand as a beacon to future generations. This is what is possible, but indictments will have to be issued and the powerful held to account. This is one reason it is unlikely to take place, but that is what was voted upon in the last election. It was not a vote for Trump as a person, but as an outsider who would prosecute the agenda. A violation of this confidence will likely end with a Democrat in the Oval Office and a rebellion at every level.  

Thursday, November 17, 2016


As Stanley Kowalski says to Blanche Dubois, "We have had this date from the beginning," so does the union. Secession was inevitable and would have been exercised more often had the South won the Civil War. This nation is not conducive to a massive federal government, it never has been and never will be. It was not designed thus and cannot sustain itself as thus. That it has maintained this long as it has is a miracle. I think it would have come unwound during the Obama Administration had it not been evident that the media would have propagandized it as a "racist" movement. But, now the media has been exposed as FAKE news organizations and nothing other than propagandists, so that moniker of "racist" has no affect. It has turned the word into a pejorative and nothing less, with no clout, with no deterrence. One merely shrugs at the indictment, knowing it is nothing less than an epithet, akin to being called a Redneck. Who cares?

The union has had a date with secession from the beginning.  It took nearly 100 years to bring that truth to fruition in the first place and more than 100 years to bring it back around, but it is here. We need to seriously, not emotionally, discuss secession, a realignment of political constructs. There is no reason to take it into the emotional realm. It is a political decision. Metropolitan areas feel differently about liberty than rural areas do. Rural areas do not rely as much on federal subsidies as metro areas do, even though the farm programs make this a close call. But, if the producers of crops were able to charge as they desired, they would get what they are owed and the need for federal subsidies would be negated.

One must understand that while goods and services are provided by metropolitan areas, that is not an exclusive that they can project, while food is a product that can be projected. In other words, a metropolitan area might be able to offer internet access, but that can be offered regardless of a population center, but food has to be grown, harvested and shipped, something a metropolitan area cannot do; oil must be drilled, developed and shipped either through pipelines running through rural areas or over the roads and over railroads.

Oil and other sources of power can be projected toward metropolitan areas, but it cannot be sourced there; it must be imported. That is a power position that Trumpland can exert. What a metropolitan area has to offer is consumers. That is not a good position to be in as a nation. To be a source of consumerism is not a strong position to be in when the providers of those consumables are outside the metropolitan areas. Granted, a product without consumers is a poor trading position, we have to consider need. Who needs and who has. That is the only really important issue here, especially when there are consumers outside the metropolitan areas that equal those in metropolitan areas.

Also, there is the question of security of routes to be considered. After the contract has been signed, there is no guarantee that those supplies will be delivered, if the citizens of the rural areas put up a resistance to the delivery of those supplies. It depends upon the equitable distribution of cash.

Now, keep in mind, those who control such avenues of commerce are expert in negotiation and, well, extortion and bribery. But, they are accustomed to dealing with individuals in positions of power, not random activists doing as they please.

What we have here is a classical Sun Tzu scenario. What are the lines of supply? What is the terrain?  Where is the enemy? Who choses the battlefield? When will the battle be fought? All of these can be dictated by the rural areas.

When you consider that, after the secession, the only place the Blue Nation will control are metropolitan areas, narrow, restricted metropolitan areas surrounded by Red Nation, I mean, if that advantage cannot be exploited, we have no business starting it at all. But, we should and it is time.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fake News Sites and The Final Solution

With Google's determination to get rid of "fake news" sites, a few questions need to be asked: 1) who is Google to decide what is "fake" and what is not; 2) if Google has the power to take control of a public broadcast system, such as the internet, and manipulate it to enforce its vision of truth, does it not fall under the definition of a monopoly?

Google's arrogance is just one more example of why Donald Trump was elected president in the first place: a good half of the people of this nation do not want "fake" news such as ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, LA Times, etc. Just because these propaganda outlets exist in the population centers does not mean they speak for the population. Their silence and cover ups of Democrat politicians, "green energy" boondoggles, foreign policy disasters, aiding and abetting terrorist attacks through disguising the actual motivations thereof, failure to alert the nation of the dangers of jihadists infiltrating the refugee program have all lead to disdain and disengagement with these outlets.

Understand there is not one major newspaper; not one major television news outlet (not even Fox); not one movie studio; not one major university; not one television network comedy; not one television network news program that is decidedly pro-conservative, despite the fact that a good half of the population is conservative. All of this goes into the argument and if, with all of that, they still cannot effectively indoctrinate 80-90% of the population, it must be their message alone that is obviously false.

So, what is the definition of a "fake" news site? I would suggest that it is one that cannot gain the support of 90% of the people (because the truth is obvious); that is engaged in a political agenda; that hides certain facts from their audience. All of the conservatives know that there is not one "news" site that tells the truth enough to encourage their readership. The internet is saturated with Yahoo news, Google news, the alphabet networks .com, the major newspapers .com, and still, their lies and distortions drive half the population to other sites to get some balance, to find out what the news IS, because they will never get it from all of the other outlets.

So, what is it? The Drudge Report? The Drudge Report does not write news, it aggregates news from any number of sources. One can read New York Times articles (often only for the purpose of ridicule) on the Drudge Report, but it does not work the other way. One cannot read anything on the Drudge Report in the New York Times, unless it is another liberal rag article.

So, Google news and their ilk have well deserved the title "liberal rag" for specific reasons, because there is no news there, there is only an abundance of propaganda. These fake news sites trade articles and politically motivated headlines, which often do not even accurately depict the content of the article itself.

For whoever was unaware of the politically motivated news from all of these fake news organizations and web sites, the evidence and proof of their bias was totally exposed when they tried desperately to convince the people to elect an unindicted felon for president. Regardless of one's gender, or political affiliation, that should never occur and would not, could not in a legitimate news room.

Now, they are engaged in a cover up and distortion of the news to try to convince the population of the nation that there are organic protests against Donald Trump, forgetting, obviously, that he was just elected President of the United States by millions and millions of voters largely in repudiation of such "fake" news from the aforementioned outlets. That they present these PAID protesters as "angry anti-racists" is laughable when any Craigslist will show you the employment ad and rates of pay. They, having exposed themselves as propagandists, are dedicated to that role and openly encourage division, gleefully encourage destruction of property and perhaps even violent secession, which is, as a broadcast medium, an act of treason. So, they are already in a propaganda war against the red states and the populations thereof.

Now, when it comes to secession, fine. Let's all just divide up into our respective political territories. There is nothing sacred about this "union" as it was designed to ensure the liberty of the people which has, under Democrat or Republican leadership been obliterated. Let's start over, but we don't have to defame and discredit any political figure in order to do that. Let's just decide. Red Nation does not fear secession, in fact, it prefers it as much as the "diaper pinners". Secession is not a threat, so go for it. I will move out of Colorado and into a pro-gun, pro-liberty, anti-terrorism, anti-unregulated immigration, anti-"green" nation and, when the leftist states decide to violate every agreement we have between these new states, war will have to be waged and the final solution realized. Simple.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Blue Island People Want Your Republic

I had called it Blue Nation in the last post, but realized that analogy was wrong, it gave too much credence to the thugs and punks at the protests. Instead, let us consider them the Blue Island people, because they live in little blue islands in the sea of Red Nation. Their numbers are not impressive, because they are enslaved by groupthink and incapable of independent thought. They react as their puppet masters dictate, but I had never considered them a threat to anything but the peace in their own blue island. That is, until a few moments ago.

I do know the Constitution, maybe that is all I know when it comes to politics; the real sewer that it is, but there is something I had hinted at in a post a few days ago that now seems prophetic, except in an opposite way. I had hinted that the electoral college was independent of the popular vote, though some states require that the electors vote as the popular vote dictates, that would be in response to an oath, that we all know by now means absolutely nothing in Washington DC. So, when I read this post by Tom Baugh, h/t WRSA, the words in my recent post came back to me with a bit of nausea. Combine that with this video from Patrick Dollard's site and there is a definite cause for concern, if not outright alarm considering this is coming from a former Attorney General and discount that as much as you want because he was a racist, bigoted, race-baiting Attorney General who never gave a whit about the Constitution, except how to subvert it, he was still the Attorney General, which means this is not an "off-the-cuff" comment, it is a suggestion to the Blue Island people. It is battle space prep. It is subversive, with all of the implications that entails.

So, we see the lines drawn between Red Nation and Blue Island people. We see the former Attorney General suggesting a repeal of the electoral college. The assumption is that a Constitutional Amendment would have to be passed to rid the Constitution of this provision, but if one were corrupt, as most of Washington DC is (do we have to go into how every bank was bailed out, but no borrower was relieved of their obligations during the economic meltdown caused by the banks and government?) there would be no need for a Constitutional Amendment, all there would need to be is a corruption of the electoral college vote to overturn the election.

Understand that Trump is right now being advised of this possibility, this stick, in order to corral him into agreement with the major power brokers in this Corruptocracy. I have written of a line between legitimate government that has been crossed many times and in many ways. But, it has never been so evident, so logical as it seems today. We may never know if Trump is swayed by this confrontation, but we will know if he is not. We will see the electoral college used not to save the union, but to destroy it. Should that eventuality come to pass, that the electors choose not to validate the election of the American people, through traditions that have never been violated, to satisfy the Blue Island people, well, the lines have been drawn, the opposition identified and the justification provided. 

Blue Nation Protesters

The protesters burning up the heart of Blue Nation are involved in a perfect display of what we must oppose, even if the protests themselves are pathetic and obviously guided by white men with money and encouraged by a traitorous media, but more importantly, not discouraged by the President of the United States. A president that encourages civil unrest and destruction of property has never been worthy of the office.

Blue Nation wants to secede from the union. Members of Blue Nation have threatened to move to Canada, but Canada has officially asked them to stay put. Members of Blue Nation have threatened, via Twitter, to assassinate the President-Elect. This is their character. Yes, Red Nation would have felt much the same had Hillary Clinton been elected, but there was a little matter of placing the nation's most shameless felon in charge of the nation's law enforcement apparatus that led to those feelings. Blue Nation wants to assassinate Donald Trump, because he does not think like they do. Those are some serious differences.

The protesters, who are not even sure why they are protesting, do so at the bidding of the elites. They are the army of the elite. They are the rabble-rousers of millionaires and billionaires, guided in their actions by the lure of money and a bit of fame. They are the minions of powerful media corporations. They are dupes guided by destructionists that are bent on the dismantling of American culture. They use words like racists, misogynists and homophobes, but that is not what they mean, what they mean is: you are not like us, thus you are wrong.

But, the perfect storm is upon them and it may be the end of their run. Which does not mean that the collectivists will not regroup and launch assaults through a different means, but the tactics they have used thus far will be exposed. This is a nation that has been held captive to the liberal dominated media, now discredited by the President-elect. This is a nation that has been held captive to lies about "global warming." The massive amount of commerce that has been denied and restrained by efforts of the Obama Administration are waiting to be unleashed by a President-elect that simply removes the restrictions.

The arguments of the left will have no purchase among those who voted for Trump and who will support him as he makes these changes to government policy. It is a constituency that will be available in 2020, even if they run another black candidate. Over time the lies the Millennials have believed all this time will be disproved and ridiculed by those who suddenly have jobs and futures and money that were denied these things in pursuit of collectivist goals of diminishment and denial.

Then, these protesters and their wealthy instigators will have to find alternate tactics as dangerous and devious as the ones they have employed, but their weapons will be dulled and their lies exposed.

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