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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Burns Oregon

There are always reasons not to do things and I know how a good many people in this community of patriots feel about protests and rallies, but there comes a time when numbers matter. The murder of LaVoy Finicum should not be allowed to go silently by. The Pacific Patriots Network has put out a peaceful call to action in Burns Oregon, a call to action that I will honor, because it calls for authorities who perpetrated murder and were involved in a conspiracy to commit murder to be held accountable.

We have moved past the point where we can vote our way out of our situation. We don't have very many options left. Ammon Bundy tried one way that many of us felt was ill-advised and so we stayed out of it. We offered our support, but not our participation. Sadly, that effort turned deadly, but not because of Ammon Bundy. Bundy had talked to the FBI and had been lulled into thinking that he could share his grievances with rational people without a confrontation. LaVoy Finicum died as a result, but that was not the cause of Finicum's death, no one is responsible for that death other than the OSP and the FBI who orchestrated it.

The Pacific Patriots Network is urging us to take part in a peaceful action to bring the light of day to the events of January 26th. Nothing else.

We have lost a lot of rights over the past several decades of inaction. Yes, we have hardened our defenses and trained and prepped for whatever might come, but the vast majority of us in this community of patriots, who know that their rights must be defended, have done little to defend them. That is not a criticism, they have done what was right for themselves and will defend their own rights. I have no doubt about that.

Those who read this blog know that I do not consider myself a leader and never have. I know what is right for me to do and I try to do it. I share my thoughts with others and sometimes they agree and sometimes they don't. So, I am not trying to tell anyone what to do or why they should do it, but let me tell you why I am going to honor the call to action.

There was a time when I felt free on my father's land. Anything I had a thought to do that did not hurt anyone else or destroy his property was done. Simple as that. If I wanted to go hunting, I checked my rifle, loaded it and went. I shot what I wanted to shoot. It was a time when if I wanted to say something, I said it. If that hurt someone's feelings, they had every right to take it up with me directly and I was prepared to suffer the consequences. I learned as much by losing as I did by winning. Often, I won, but that did not make me right, it only made me feel worse, because I knew I was wrong and the one who called me on it got hurt. When I lost, I had to weigh that against what I said next, but if I felt it was the right thing to say, I would say it again and again.

Now, wherever I go: to work; to my child's school; even on this blog, I am subject to censorship and the offending words continue to multiply.

In my childhood the police were not enemies and they were not feared, they were respected. Over the interim, the police changed. As they violated my rights, they lost my respect. As the community I grew up in decided it had more say in what I did, the more I recognized it as diseased. The more the government tried to "protect" me from myself, the more I recognized it as tyrannical. When it got too much to bear, back in 1987, I started speaking out.

I started by protesting, then I got involved in the legislature and worked with groups to change the laws. It took me a while to realize that lobbyists could write laws a lot faster than we could change them. I voted for candidates, I worked for candidates. I challenged every seat belt citation. I gave lectures to police on the Fourth Amendment when I encountered DUI road blocks. Back then, they felt a little sheepish when I confronted them with the citation of the Fourth Amendment and offered some "you'd feel different if one of your family were saved by this check point" rationalization. Now, they would probably shoot me over it.

That's what they did to LaVoy Finicum.

The FBI has grown so brazen that they released the video quickly, comforted in the fact that the major media outlets would convince us all that what we saw was justified, simply because they felt justified in doing it. Without a weapon ever being seen in LaVoy Finicum's hand, they murdered him and all of those liberals who jumped on social media to cheer them on are guilty of creating the atmosphere that makes such a thing possible.

I don't think taking part in any rally or protest will change anything. I am not going up there to change something. I am going, because LaVoy Finicum can no longer confront them with their abuses and I believe that the voice that has been silenced needs to be replaced with another who shouts louder. I am going, because they committed murder and I will not look away in silence and tap on a keyboard.

I will stay as long as I can and do what I can. That's not much, I know, but it is enough for me to show them that they can not get rid of the issue by killing the messenger.

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