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Thursday, January 28, 2016


I am in mourning, to some degree for Robert "La Voy" Finicum, a man I did not know, but felt a great kinship toward, but more for the fact that the inevitable Civil War that has been simmering for decades now is impossible to prevent.

The patriot/liberty community and the militias that have grown up out of the injustices of the federal government in the past have now been given a new martyr for the cause and proved all of our past indictments to be true. It is now an academic reality that the first shot fired in the new resistance was taken on January 26th at another government ambush.

Another generation of Americans will come to hold federal agents in contempt and the illusion of peaceful resistance has been once again shattered with the crack of a rifle. Victoria Sharp echoed the disillusionment of that new generation when she exclaimed "...they just shot him dead."

That's it, that's what they do. They make statements with lead. They do to the American people what they are trained to do to our enemies and criminals wielding weapons, not unarmed men just trying to point out the illegal occupation of state lands.

And, no, I don't care who it was that actually pulled the trigger, either state police, or federal agent makes no difference, it was on federally occupied land in conjunction and coordination with a federal government controlled action.

What made the Civil War now almost impossible to avert is the fact that so many blood-thirsty liberals jumped onto whatever social media platform it could in order to cheer on their instruments of violence.

We are at a crossroads now. It is no longer possible for federal agents to claim some sort of ethical superiority and it is no longer possible for liberals to hide behind their touchy-feely fa├žade. All has been exposed for the next generation of patriots who now get it. The stories they have heard since the 1990's are no longer just histories of a movement, they are now their stories, their histories and what they might have thought had taken place in a long ago time and place are now immediate and real.

I have been outraged by the actions of federal government agents for nearly thirty years, but now I have new allies among the younger generation who just witnessed the worst of federal government excess: the open murder of an unarmed man.

The occupation of the Malheur refuge was not an action I thought was a logical and clearly thought out movement, but I respected Ammon Bundy for his decision. I respect Ammon Bundy for his willingness to expose the illegality of federal occupation of Western lands and his dedication to the cause. I respected Finicum's clarity, reasonable arguments, dedication and intent.

All of that is moot, now, because it doesn't matter if I agreed with Ammon Bundy's tactics. It doesn't matter if I thought they should have stayed at the refuge, or done it differently.

What I know, is this: Ammon Bundy and his group decided to trust the feds and make the journey to a meeting in another county, crossing through occupied lands and the feds sprung their ambush, regardless of the fact that an innocent girl was in the vehicle. That did not matter to the feds one bit. It did not stop one shot from being fired into the vehicle. I think they sought a massacre and only God prevented it.

So, here we are, a divided nation with many more converts to the resistance and many more hardened positions on each side. All of the social revelations that must come will now come with a complete understanding of the younger generation as to how brutal and indeed criminal the feds are. They know what I knew a long time ago.

Yes, I am in mourning to a degree, because I know when the time comes, there is no reason not to respond to the call to arms.

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