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Friday, February 26, 2016

Change Will Come

What are we to make of this? It was reported in Yahoo News that a Colorado man, Martin Wirth, killed one deputy and wounded two more before being shot and killed by officers. Wirth, a member of the Occupy Movement in Colorado was facing eviction from his home in Bailey, CO. He was described by neighbors as "reclusive" and by his cohorts in the Occupy Movement as a "sweet, quirky, kind-hearted guy."

Wirth ran for pubic office in 2014 as a Green Party Candidate. At one time he sued Governor Hickenlooper, the Colorado Attorney General and a judge in 2013 in an attempt to stay in his home.

"He wrote disparagingly of police, the federal government and corporations on his candidate page on Facebook and praised former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who leaked millions of documents about government surveillance. He made regular posts criticizing leading presidential candidates from both parties."

It seems that Wirth was attempting to make a "Bundy" stand when he called on the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition to join him in a "non-violent eviction resistance."

While I understand that this story was designed to further the gun-control agenda, to me it sort of backfires on that intent. By illuminating the fact that the idea of armed resistance to government corruption is not solely a "Republican, conservative, religious" point of view, it destroys part of the narrative. How are they to explain that this Green Party candidate is a right-wing nut? Without that, the public is forced to consider that maybe there is something wrong with government control that deserves armed resistance.

It also signifies that this sentiment is far more widespread than previously acknowledged and while I do not expect much to change before the next economic crisis, that is rapidly approaching and it might be significantly more contested than the last one. Consider for a moment that the last economic crisis was hoisted upon a population that had never seen that level of government and corporate corruption in the United States. Now, they have.

There is a price for injustice, a price that our government has been able to avoid for many years, but I believe there is a limit to that which the American people will tolerate. There is a line, that when crossed, brings disparate philosophies together. Perhaps it will foster an unlikely and unfortunate combination that will utterly destroy those freedoms we seek and rights we defend, but change will come.

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