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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kill One; Terrify Thousands

Liars generally know that they will be found out at some point. But, in the mean time, they get a thrill out of confusing and confounding those who try to hold them accountable, because all they need are a few more lies to cloud the issue until they wear their accusers out. Most people walk away from a confrontation with a lair with nothing more than that knowledge. He/she is a liar. They get no satisfaction from it, though, as the liar is hardly ever punished, because they leverage their "benefit of the doubt" to the furthest extreme.

For those of us who try desperately to maintain the truth at all times and at all costs, integrity is important. We recognize that if we lie in one instance and it is found out (as it likely always will be) we will not have the faith of others to sustain us when we have no proof. So, we dare not lie.

Which of the two philosophies above best describe that of the U.S. Government?

While I would love to blindly accept that the death of Antonin Scalia was a mere heart attack, it is much more difficult to take it on face value after witnessing (via silent video) the death of LaVoy Finicum. Government agents who feel comfortable not only shooting and killing a man trying to surrender, but providing video evidence of it with the assurance that the media will bring out all of the reaffirming testimony needed to defend their actions, are just as likely to participate in the murder of a Supreme Court justice for the "better good."

Personally, I find it curious that Scalia's death should happen so close to handing the Obama Administration a defeat on the Clean Power Plan it had negotiated with the UN. It was a slap in the face to Obama personally, who bragged to world leaders that the plan would be upheld in the United States. When the Supreme Court allowed for the EPA rule to go unenforced while the appeal is heard in a lower court, it sent environmentalists into hysteria. It made the president look bad.

The sense of underhandedness is only emboldened by the lack of an autopsy. The idea that an otherwise healthy individual, even at 79, should not have the cause of death substantiated by an autopsy seems absurd, especially when it is a Supreme Court justice. That should be a no-brainer. Don't get me wrong, someone who could assassinate a Supreme Court justice would certainly be able to mask whatever poison they used well enough to make it look like a simple heart-attack, it worked with Breitbart.

But, the point I am trying to make here is it doesn't matter if Scalia was assassinated by nefarious goons in Obama's circle of influence or not. It is within Obama's nature and ability to order it done and there are enough obedient sycophants to do it. The Obama Administration is not known for it's integrity, or I might have some doubt. They have not earned that trust and so I am free to think the worst.

The biggest problem I have is that I can't shake the idea that Obama and his goons are proud of themselves for it, that they revel in the new power they have exerted over the Court just as Obama seems poised to issue so many new Executive Orders, most of which would probably have been confounded by the Supreme Court. But not now. Not, if the other conservatives on the court wish to live.

This is the Banana Republic we have allowed to exist by the weakness of the Republican Party and the lack of integrity in our government. There is no stomach to do the "hard" things of holding the line, of going to the mats over Constitutional issues. As Sun Tzu said: Kill one; terrify thousands.

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