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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Nation Adrift

America is a nation adrift, floating on a sea of change. It is a defining era. The 2016 Presidential election is a reflection of this confused and conflicted society. Terrorism, political correctness, larcenous bankers, rigged economics, runaway immigration and hopeless unemployment swirl about in a stew of discontent and distrust.
There is no institution of the past that has retained its once unquestioned credibility. Banks, with solid walls, shined floors and oak desks in the wake of the economic collapse have revealed themselves as shells of glitter surrounding nothing. Empty promises, empty vaults with the proverbial "next shoe" dangling precariously in the lobby.
There is a sense of being conspired against, but perhaps that is because those conspiracies have been exposed for what they have always been. Politicians have always lied, but not always with such unabashed glee at confounding the public desire. There is a sort of pride in themselves for having played the public for suckers. Never was this on display as with the disclosure of the lies told to conclude the Iran Nuclear deal. Equally dastardly were the lies told by Republican politicians in order to get elected in 2014.
The emergence of Donald Trump is in direct response to those lies. He embodies the backlash of the Republican voters to the great consternation of the old-guard Republican establishment. It is a comeuppance of sorts for people who are not accustomed to being challenged or defied. Worse for them is the fact that they have no clout with Trump. The Republican establishment has already spent their political capital trying to keep him from the nomination and have discovered that their perceived "capital" was as empty of value as their promises.
This election, though politically irrelevant, signals a sort of defining moment in American history. Trump has demonstrated the ability to call out the leftists for their deceptions and while he might not be expounding the virtues of liberty and the Constitutional protection of rights, no Republican politician has had the backbone to challenge the left for decades. This creates, for the first time in a long time, a division between the Republicans and the Democrats. While Trump might not be the white knight needed for the liberty/patriot community, he does put the lie on the liar's lips.
Before this sounds like an endorsement or support, politics today are a sideshow and Trump is Barnum and Bailey. I appreciate the truth he delivers to the public while he exposes the weakness of his opponents, but that is as far as it goes. He does not offer solace, hope, pride, revenge or peace.
He is a well-deserved thorn in the side of political establishments on both sides and I find that amusing.
The bigger picture shows that our society is at a crossroads and no politician is going to determine the outcome. Forces have been unleashed that cannot be recalled. Fraud is institutional across the spectrum. The dire state of the economy has been hidden by the Obama Administration with the willing aid of the media. Racial tensions have intentionally been heightened and used to silence opposition and encourage violence. Seeds like these grow, they do not die.
One man (or more) perpetrated the worst terror attack since 9/11 and it rightly demonstrated the risk of allowing unrestricted immigration from Muslim nations. The risk is far greater because the shooter was American born, because if an American born Muslim can be so radicalized, what happens when they arrive radicalized and with intent? We are one notch closer to societal meltdown and the realization of Obama's vision for America.

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