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Thursday, June 9, 2016

How Can We Lose?

Thirty years ago I suffered my first infringement of reasonable liberty. It was a little thing, it was the passage of a seat belt law, that few thought meant very much at all. To me, it was the state laying claim to my body, determining that it was their role in my life to tell me when I should put Tab A into Slot B. Now, I have studied the statistics and I have never claimed that seat belts are not good ideas, or that they don't save lives, because it is and they do, but a law claiming that the state has a greater interest in my life than I do is absurd.

It didn't take much digging to uncover the real factors involved, which were insurance company lobbyists and the statists teaming up to pass a law that instantly achieved two goals: 1) save money for the insurance companies; 2) establish a precedent that the state has the right and the role to dictate the actions of its citizens.

Since then, I have done as much as I could to educate myself on political theory and, logically, the Constitution of the United States.

Obamacare is nothing but the seat belt law writ large. So, when we go to look at Obamacare and precedent, it all comes back to the seat belt law. It was the first salvo in what I recognized as the war against individual freedom.

Along the way I encountered many like issues that were identifiable by a few key indicators:1) whatever horrible wrong that needs to be remedied with law affects a minuscule minority; 2) it seems to be in general a good idea, sort of common sense and the need for this new law is vague and confusing; 3) there is a lot of money backing the passage of the new law, though it could not be coming from the few people it would affect.

This pattern, I recognized after a while, was not about the new law at all, it was about precedent and manipulation that would first, establish legal arguments for the restriction of individual liberty and second prove methods of manipulating the masses to restrict their own liberty. From the seat belt law on, this has proved to be the methods used to pass the Patriot Act and really they didn't need much more than that to utterly destroy the concept of individual liberty except to take complete control over our lives with the passage of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

The Second Amendment is the only principle of individual liberty that has been able to resist this process to any degree at all.

I am not alone in this quest for individual liberty. There are thousands, perhaps millions of like-minded individuals who have come to the same conclusion, through the same routes. I don't believe I am unique, nor special for having observed this.

Here's the only place where I might not represent the views of those millions.

Having watched the absolute destruction of the concept of individual liberty, of the Western culture, of common sense, I have come to a conclusion.

The Constitution expresses the ideals of individual liberty, the individual rights that should be secured to provide liberty, but it is absolutely incapable of protecting those rights. Those who hold them dear, with or without a constitution, provide the only means of protection. Individual rights must be defended individually and at a huge price to anyone who claims those rights and expects them to be respected.

Individual liberty can not be protected by the masses whose interest is in overcoming it and profiting from overcoming it. Sooner or later they get together to take someone's something and there is only one person left to defend it. The Constitution was written to prevent the masses from imposing their will on the individual, that is why the United States was designed as a republic rather than a democracy. But, it has failed.

An individual who does not speak the way the masses want can be sued and eventually put in prison. An individual who does not believe what the masses believe can be fined and eventually put in prison. An individual who owns something the masses want can be fined and eventually put in prison and have that property taken for the masses.

This was not the intent for the future of the United States. Several amendments speak to these issues directly, but when the Constitution got in the way of the demands of the masses it was systematically redefined.

The only path toward individual liberty is simple: those who value and truly understand the purpose and utility of liberty must impose it on the masses. We are past the ability to cajole or to appeal to the courts to defend those rights. The system is corrupt and has been turned against everything that it initially proposed.

There is no America, it has been fractionalized into powerful minorities tugging at every corner of the national fabric until it comes apart. This has been instigated by those at the highest levels of government. This is the consequence of hiring a professional fire-starter as a president and CEO. The scraps of America are being fought over by a conman and a criminal. How can we lose?

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