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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Southwest Patcon

Amid dire predictions of impending doom should Britain decide to vote for sovereignty, the Brits did it anyway. Why? Because they are tired of enduring what we have been enduring for several decades, perhaps centuries: a disconnected government far away dictating rules and regulations to those distant citizens without regard as to the affect on their lives or the burden on their finances.

The immigration issue has played a larger part of the Brexit than many are illuminating for self-serving reasons of one sort of another. It comes down to culture and the Brits have already endured a great deal of cultural change at the behest of the EU. Dictates from Brussels have rubbed them the wrong way and forced on Britain both a theft of their culture and currency.

Of all of the things that we are told the U.S. is unable to be perform: repeal of Obamacare; deportation of illegal aliens; a return to liberty and a respect for the Bill of Rights, Britain simply cut the ties with the European Union. One snip and let the politicians figure it out. That is an attitude often given to the brashness and boldness of the United States, but no more. Politicians have been drumming into our heads and elementary schools the fact that none of this can be done. The Brits did it and if they can, we can.

The world is flexing and contracting at an alarming rate, much faster than our government can react to, even if it wanted to, which it doesn't. There is a pervasive understanding in the government, of all things, that the people (at least the white, straight Christians) of this nation deserve to be penalized with cultural destruction. They have no understanding that they can destroy this one culture, but they will have no control over what replaces it. They think they are in control and that is probably the most dangerous thing that can happen. While they believe they can simply guide all of this toward a permanent political majority and implement all of the socialist wet dreams that have accumulated over the past century. They don't get it. No one has any idea what might rise up in place of the culture they have destroyed.

These are big things that are taking place. Things this big are guided by forces beyond anyone's control. They have their own momentum and direction. Barack Obama is a community organizer, which means he is fully capable of destruction, of implementing policies that will bring down structures and established power bases, but he does not have the ability or talent to create, to establish or develop anything. That has never been his role and he as never flourished in the building of anything. Obama operates through threats and force. It didn't work on Britain and it has only occasionally worked in the United States.

The Democrats, socialists and Marxists who might very well win this presidential election, will probably not win very many "down-ticket" seats in either the House or Senate. There are no big ideas out there to draw voters. There is a choice between a conman and a criminal, that's it. If you like your representative, you can probably keep him.

What is apparent to me, if not this community of liberty activists and 2A supporters, is that despite the burdens of leadership and the defamation that will come from standing up, it is time to do so in a much bigger way than we ever have. Patcons should be held everywhere and promoted to the 2A public out there. Yes, leadership will have to devote their time to all of the things we have been, communication, logistics, supplies, etc., but there has to be a way to provide a solid front, an action group.

I am going to be working on a Southwest Patcon to be held in October, just prior to the election. It will invite liberty activists and 2A supporters from New Mexico and Arizona, but open to any that want to come. I have not held a Patcon for many years, but as I said, times are changing and things need to change and I will be working hard to make it more than just a Patcon of a few trusted friends, but rather an opportunity to show the average supporter how much is being done, how much infrastructure is out there for them to tap into for their own defense, not only self-defense, but defense of their rights.

We are going to have to fight to survive as a group, to put up some defenses for the next time they try to take a terrorist act and use it to destroy us. We need to consolidate. Yes, local, local, local, but local within a larger framework. What I advocate are strong local groups, tied tenuously to a larger network, if even by one person familiar and trusted by two or more groups.

I have always waived off attempts of others to characterize me as a leader. I still don't see myself as such, but I do recognize that I have to step up and at least take on this task. Any assistance will be welcomed. Of course, I would like to see this effort duplicated in other areas of the country, to align these Patcons with the election. If they want to take our guns and our rights, I would like to show them what that would look like practically.

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