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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Illogical As The Most Logical

After the Obama Administration's sponsorship of the Orlando terrorist attack and for service rendered to the enemy (ISIS) it is predictable to see where the discussion is going: to guns, not to the people who fire them; not to the people who buy them for the purpose of slaughter; not to the ideology that sanctions and promotes such slaughter; not to the anti-gay, anti-American, anti-liberty religion (violent, radical Islam ((for the dim-witted))) that has fostered two terrorist attacks within a year. No, the discussion goes intentionally toward a weapon that millions of Americans own, peacefully and legally.

Those wounded and murdered in the Orlando nightclub were unarmed. Had they been armed, one of them might have been able to stop the attack before significant loss of life. Had all of them been armed, there may not have been an attack at all, because shooters like Omar are looking for just such places where weapons are not going to be brought to bear to stop them. That is the common denominator to all of these mass shootings, it always takes place where guns are prohibited, yet it is the possession of such arms that is always called into question when such an attack takes place.

This is a classic example of the illogical being passed off as the most logical. This is the "sweet spot" of American liberalism. It is how they have managed to keep the Bible out of schools on a pretext to separation of church and state, yet allowed Muslims to pray on school grounds as a measure of diversity. Why doesn't it work in the Christian's favor as well? Because that would be logical, but they promote the illogical as the most logical.

The Obama Administration claims to be fighting (ISIS) and it is necessary to prevent domestic terror attacks by violating the Fourth Amendment in every conceivable way, yet they have not been able to stop even one of these attacks though the FBI has investigated the perpetrators at some point prior to the attack and failed to act, probably so as not to raise radical, violent Islamic extremism as the purpose, because that would be logical. Again they promote the illogical as the most logical.

But, none of this is really about what it seems. It is not about guns so much as rendering a portion of society incapable of self-defense. What portion? The Constitutionalists, the conservatives, the wide swath of middle income, flyover country, Christian people with whom the Left has issues. Why does it have issues? Because they assume, in their bigoted, stereotyping, prejudiced manner that we care if someone is gay, or if someone wants to marry someone else, or that we view people differently based on their skin tone, or their ethnicity, or whether they come from this country or another. But, the vast majority of the same people they HATE and seek to punish for supposed and imagined crimes of hatred have done nothing more than desired to be left alone. Again, hatred for people who they have accused of hatred (forget the facts, there is no interest in truth or facts or justice), is the illogical being promoted as the most logical.

What these people do care about, without hating anyone, is the safety and security of their person and their families. They care about being able to practice their religion safely and without interference from the state. For instance if they do not want to bake a cake, they don't want to be forced to. If they do not want to preside over a marriage of two men, they do not want to be forced to. But, they are not advocating that no one should bake the cake or that no one should preside over a marriage of two men. They may not want to call it a marriage due to their religious beliefs, but they do not run to the site of the wedding with a loaded AR-15 and kill the whole wedding party. That is not what a Christian does, but it is what Muslim extremists do. It is what is advocated in the Koran.

The whole nation now is being told to look at the Orlando terrorist attack as something it was not. It is being passed off as a Lone Wolf attack from someone who, had he been unable to obtain weapons would have never devised a plan to kill those people. That is not who he was, he would have killed them and maybe more had he needed to resort to a suicide bomb or some other method, a fire, perhaps. Why did he do it? That is another diversion of the left. No, no, no, it was not because he was raised by Taliban supporters, a radicalized American, a Muslim, it was because he saw an AR-15 (actually a Sig Sauer MCX, but why confuse the narrative with fact?) and said to himself "Wow, that would kill a lot of people, where are a lot of people I can kill with it?" Again, the illogical is being promoted as the most logical.

Read anything that is a grand cause of the left and you will find the same thing. Green energy, it is the most expensive, kills thousands of birds with wind turbines and solar energy arrays and ironically enough, needs to be backed up by a conventional means of producing power for when the wind doesn't blow or the sun doesn't shine. Logic would dictate that if one has to build extra back-up power for the times when green energy doesn't work, one is doing untold damage through increased carbon emissions (another fallacy of the left, but if that is the stated goal: reduced carbon emissions it makes even less sense) to build and operate both sources of energy. The illogical being promoted as the most logical.

The danger of all of these illogical conclusions of the left, it that all of us will have to pay the price for their sacred cows. It is our money that is being used to subsidize these green energy frauds; it is our freedom that is being sacrificed to turn a blind eye to violent, radical Islamic terrorists; it is our privacy that is being destroyed to satisfy the DHS, who have been unable to stop these terrorist acts, the only purpose they have for existing at all (at least that was their mandate). But, in the leftist mind, it is not the fault of government, but that government has not yet been able to fully implement their absolute destruction of the conservative. When that finally comes to pass, through social ostracization, imprisonment, denial of self-defense and the burning of the churches, the world will be as it should. Because, they are, as we all know, kind and caring and inclusive. 

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