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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Southwest Patcon

The idea of a Patcon is important.  The further down the road we go toward chaos, the more important the idea of holding a Patcon becomes.  But, I have been surprised at the lack of understanding of what a Patcon means and what it is supposed to accomplish.

I am attempting to put together a Southwest Patcon, but I need someone to help out with a location, preferably in New Mexico.  It should be private property.  But in attempting to arrange this Patcon, I have run into opinions and attitudes that have revealed the fact that most people don't really understand the definition or purpose of Patcons.

Patcons are a term that myself and Bill Nye came up with for Patriot Conference or Patriot Convention, either/or, it doesn't really matter what the etymology of the word is, the purpose is to gather as patriots to the Constitution, Second Amendment activists, or Three Percenters, to establish connections in your local area and to share knowledge and receive training in either tactics or communications.

The one thing we can all agree on is there is a crisis coming.  Whether that is a crisis of culture, of politics, of economics or all three at once, it is coming and those most prepared to not only defend themselves, but their community against those who would harm it are ahead of the game.

Patcons are designed to bring like-minded people together to discuss, plan and educate themselves on methods that will ensure that when the dust settles, there are people alive who understand the value of the Constitutional protections of rights and who are capable and willing to defend these rights against whoever might want to subvert them for their own purposes. 

Everything in modern American culture has been subverted in order to deny these rights.  The government views individual rights as detrimental to their goals and objectives.  As they have worked to deny these rights to advance their collectivist agenda, it has become more important for individuals to secure these rights through active implementation.

Open carry events are an example of this tactic.  When a group of individuals demonstrate their rights by carrying weapons openly as allowed by law and right, they establish those rights both in culture and in law.  Otherwise, it is easy for government agencies to treat open carry as a violation of law, even if they cannot point to a law that if violates. 

Patcons are an expression of the same thing.  They establish the rights of individuals who carry weapons openly to gather and discuss the methods of self-defense against threats that might endanger themselves or their communities.

The true fact is that when there is a period of economic, political or cultural chaos, the police are likely to be protecting their own families rather than everyone else's.  The recent events in Dallas and Baton Rouge are examples.  After police officers were ambushed and executed by individuals connected in one way or the other with Black Lives Matter, police forces across the nation were subjected to numerous filings for retirement.  Police officers decided that their lives were more important that civil defense.  That is a logical response and one that should be anticipated during a period of chaos.

Establishing a community defense team or CDT, as many of those who have participated in Patcons have done, is an important step in not only defending loved ones, but the political principles of liberty and freedom.

Due to positive responses received when I first suggested a Southwest Patcon, I am encouraged to openly search for someone willing to provide the property on which such a Patcon might be held.  Since many of those who might attend would be looking to camp out at the site, a certain amount of private property would be useful.  It should be close to other amenities where people might stay who do not plan to camp out. 

If I can secure a location, I will do the work of ensuring certain accommodations necessary to the event, including some training opportunities.  I will dedicate funds to make sure the event is of use and value to all who attend. 

Please respond to

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Last American Presidential Election

It should be obvious to anyone now that this will be the last presidential election in America as it exists.  With Republicans voting to nominate a non Republican as a middle finger to the GOP establishment, who, after the 2014 election gave the middle finger to their own political base and the Democrats so utterly bankrupt as to nominate someone who should be in prison the bloom is off the rose.

There is no hiding it now.  These are two political parties in the process of self-destruction.  In an effort to win political power they have created impossible and conflicting constituencies.  To the political observer it is amusing and would be hilarious were it not for the dire consequences to society as a whole.

It is a political season that encouraged Bernie the socialist to develop a proletariat army, demanding socialism at any cost.  It has exposed the media as the party hacks they have always been and there is more exposure to come as the media, not Hillary, is the real target of Donald Trump, but he is savvy enough to implicate and indict both.

The Democratic convention is nothing more than a rally cry for communism, complete with the hammer and sickle flag waving in the crowd.

Most by now should realize they are being asked a question: Which side are you on?  Some will not understand the question, but enough will and whoever wins, wins nothing, but a nation at war with itself.  This is not so much a civil war as it is a cultural free for all.  A no-holds-barred wrestling match in the streets of America.

Black Lives Matter has empowered the harshest racists to step into the spotlight and proclaim hatred as their creed, as evil and ignorant as the KKK ever was.  This is the banner and the message of the Communist/Democrat Party. The Palestinian Flag-waving anti-Semites step to the fore.  They have been accustomed to persecuting the Christians and now they have decided to branch out with their hatred for anything traditionally American.  Yes, they hate America, so much so that until shamed into it, did not even produce a single American flag at the Democratic Convention.

So, we know the communists in the Democratic party hate America while asking Americans for their vote, so the vote is clearly permission to do what any good communist nation would do, destroy America.  They speak of doing away with what is left of the Constitution with relish.  They hate America and detest the document that founded it.  How else are we supposed to interpret their ultimate victory other than as open hostility to the founding?

With this understanding, is that not the long-anticipated moment of insurgency? Is that not the moment when the battle lines are clear?

Electing Trump is a different answer to the same question.  Is that it?  This is who we have as a president?  Does he even have any leanings toward conservatism or the Constitution?  No, not really.  Donald saw what Barack Obama was able to do and is a little envious of that sort of power.  Do we get soda size legislation?  Or game show policy?

No matter who wins, or even if there is no election at all due to martial law, it is over.  It is the moment when the vast majority of Americans realize what many of us have known for a long time, that the United States is dead and it's time for the next system to rise.  By the end of this election, the question will be unmistakably asked and answered.  

Monday, July 18, 2016

Going There

We need blind justice, not a blind press.  A lot has been made of race lately. But no one wants to speak the truth.  Truth is not a profitable commodity in the race issue.  Whites are supposed to accept a subordinate role due to the guilt that they are supposed to carry for slavery, but no where do blacks recognize that many whites died in the Civil War fighting for the North against the Democrats of the South, that actually few ever owned slaves, that many of the whites they blame for slavery did not have family members arrive in the country until after the Civil War and actually didn't arrive in America until the Industrial Revolution.  But, those are facts that blacks in the Black Lives Matter crowd don't want to know.

Whites, think they have come a long way from the days when they casually said "nigger rigged" or that guy has a "nigger knob" on his steering wheel.  Never mind that these terms were not even associated with blacks, they were just what things were called, but those who first used those terms were racists, were vile and whites learned them from their parents and they respected their parents, so they didn't see anything racist about it, but they do now.

The problem is, we, as a nation, can never get past this issue of racism without some honesty on both sides, but there is no advantage for either white or black to actually look at the issue from a common understanding that what someone's parents did has no bearing on their lives or their pain.

There is racism and a lot of it is white on black racism, but the most disgusting and disturbing examples of racism that come to my white mind are those of blacks.  I dare the media to read any major speech about race from a black perspective and substitute the word "black" or "nigger" for "white" or "cracker" and not come up with the understanding of the racism of the speech.

One cannot solve racism with more racism.  Racism does not have a color.  Even if you take whites out of the racist issue, there is still the issue of racist comments about blacks from Hispanics, or Asians and vice-versa, vice-versa.  The outcome is that whites, by nature of their color alone, are not allowed to speak of race.  That, in itself, is racist.  But, no one wants to hear that.

The media doesn't want to hear it, the president certainly doesn't want to hear it, blacks don't want to hear it and whites don't even want to have the conversation, because it could cost their job, their career, their standing in the community, their friendships and perhaps even their marriages.  But, this is something blacks might want to understand.  A white person could lose everything they have worked for just by talking about these issues.  Perhaps they are not eloquent and only the eloquent can even attempt such a discourse.

There are a lot of whites I know, who are racist.  I don't have a problem making that statement.  I only hesitate to make that statement, because I know that my black counterpart will not admit that they also know a lot of blacks who are racist.  They don't even recognize the rhetoric they hear every day as racist, but it is often appallingly so.

There is no way to come to a common ground on a cliff.

I have had many discussions on race with blacks I have met, but it hardly ever comes down to a discussion of skin color, rather it deals with being raised "right" by our parents and by "right" I mean respectful to all people, kind and polite to all strangers of whatever color.  I admire a lot about blacks and Hispanics and Asians.  I also respect a lot about the French, the Italians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Fillipinos and on and on, because I respect heritage.  It is only MY heritage that is deemed cruel and vicious.  So, how do we start a conversation based on that premise?

But, where I lose respect is where blacks pull out that Black Lives Matter card and try to play it.  Every one of the people in this country have been dealt a crappy deal at one point or another.  Blacks don't like to recognize that there was a time when Southern plantation owners used to hire the Irish by the day to do all of the really dangerous jobs on the farm, so they didn't have to risk a substantial financial investment in order to get a dangerous job done.  That may be cold-hearted, but it does not make the Irish feel any better about it, because blacks have the superior moral authority in the example.

I am only able to write this, because I have never cared what color a person was.  I recoil from a rough-looking white dude roaming my neighborhood much more than I ever would a nicely dressed black man.  It is not the color that this the threat, it is the poverty, because poverty breeds desperation and people of every color are likely to do something bad when they are desperate.

The brilliance of capitalism is that it is designed, whether intentionally or not, to remove desperation from the equation of human interaction and thus the greatest weapon against racism.  But the Marxists need the conflict and so detest capitalism as it is capable of removing the desperation that is so handy when it comes to political activism.  Everywhere you see a Marxist, you see protests, social unrest, discontent, envy, grievances and dysfunction.  It is not a coincidence, it is how they motivate people to join their cause.

If the black population would just once denounce their Marxist ties and latch onto the principles of capitalism, they would be shocked at the welcome they would receive from those of us daily engaged in the struggle for self-sufficiency and self-reliance.  There are many great examples of black capitalism that have honored the nation with their success, but the Marxists won't have it and label them "Uncle Toms."  And, when they do, I shake my head, another generation of brilliant black minds lost to the old and decrepit ideology.

But, if you think you are going to classify me along with every cracker you have met over the past fifty years and stick us all in the same basket, then no, I have no respect for you and will like likely meet you on the battlefield.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Moment of Legend

There are moments of legend and those legends produce a cause around which to rally.  These are things that create political leverage at the higher levels of society, where rulers reign. One of these legends in our past is the victory at Yorktown by General Washington and French allies.  But, this is all being erased by indoctrination in public schools.  In fact, everything admirable about the current system is being undermined with the intent to set the minds right of the populace in order to introduce a "new" system that, like Obamacare, promises everything, but delivers only control.  The Patriot Act was nothing less than the same thing, so there is no political party to which the citizens can turn to reverse these advances.

In effect, the government at all levels is in the process of turning the people against themselves in order to prepare them for the reinvention they plan.  But, plans are always better on paper than they are in practice and this is the case here.  By attacking their own institutions, they have alerted those willing to consider that their professed intent of "fairness" and "inclusion" are but ruses to distract the masses from their true intent of revolution, not evolution.

The people are being sold the idea of evolution, of becoming more sophisticated, more advanced, more "human" while the real intent is to revert back to ancient concepts of dictatorial government, with the resources of the United States as fuel for their vision.  Once they achieve their goal of total control, the mask can come off.  They, the rulers, need this control for the coming days of economic meltdown.  They need to be able to exterminate anyone who might stand against them, because there is only room for a few at the top and those not "sold" on the vision must be sacrificed in a way that does not alarm the other sheep to a point of panic.

They are completely comfortable with a period of chaos where even millions are eliminated at the hands of their neighbors.  Population reduction is part of the plan and the more that the people take care of themselves reduces the number of tribunals they must conduct to arrive at the same goal. 

The fact is, there is a massive transformation scheduled for whenever the inevitable crisis occurs.  There are ideas that the rulers will try to jumpstart the process through social riots and revolts caused by the government itself during this election season, but it will probably be able to let the chips already precariously balanced, fall when gravity takes over.

The important information to be gleaned from the extensive verbiage above is that they already have a plan.  Do you?  Do you care about the America you have been raised in, or are you willing to chuck it all for the inclusiveness of a transgendered army?  Is it of vital national interest that those defending our nation are liberated to enjoy their own definition of gender identity, or that they are the best trained, best equipped and best prepared to tackle the challenges of a prolonged battle against a foe through asymmetrical warfare?  I am not saying that these two options are mutually exclusive, but the truth is by focusing our military on issues other than the narrow focus of being efficient and destructive killers of our enemies, is detrimental to the mission.

It is time, finally, to recognize the necessity of making the choice for the traditional America, or the new one.  It is time to define those dedicated to the old or the new.  It is time to make the distinction so that the focus of the forces aligned against this new and radical regime become known as such; identifiable to each other.

That distinction is already being made in the political arena in Trump vs Clinton and while these are not exact representations of the ideals in question, they are close enough to make the point, because they define the issue, "Make America great again" or "Transform America into a Sharia-compliant nation." Now, these are not the representatives one might choose around which to rally, but one does not go to battle with the army they wish they had, but rather with the army they actually have. This, Trump, is the general we actually have, not as a presidential candidate so much as an identifiable representative of the ideological ground on which we stand however inaccurate that representation may be.

Understanding that we do not have to even agree with Trump, our purpose is greater than Trump.  He can be and is an unwilling representative of our point of view.  We, if we are smart and not too devoted to our own narrow perspective, are capable of commandeering the message of Trump and making it our own, making it stand for something we understand, but he does not.  Since all of politics at this point is an exercise in manipulation and subterfuge, we should be smart enough to use the Trump campaign to our own advantage, because the alternative is to be overwhelmed by those dedicated to our destruction.

This is the moment of legend.  Do we grasp onto this plan, integrate ourselves into the Trump campaign, confront the enemy on the battlefield of Cleveland, risk it all for one stand against the forces dedicated to the destruction of the Constitutional United States, or do we play it safe and hold out for some miracle that precisely represents our goals?

Consider it, discuss it, understand it, before you reject it out of some party politics nonsense.  That world is gone.  There is no voting our way out of our situation, but there is a means of political influence we might exert, if we are clever, if we know what we are doing and are not afraid to be identified as a "Trumpster" if it suits our goal of disrupting the Marxist steamroller. 

Again, before you go off "half-cocked" I am not suggesting voting for Trump or electing Trump.  I am suggesting using political events as proxies so as to deny the anti-Trump forces their optics of superior numbers.  I am stepping into a leadership role I have long denied in order to encourage those of us who understand the war to engage in a numbers battle, nothing more.  I am suggesting using their weapons against them and using everything possible to our advantage. They want the anti-White, anti-gun, anti-liberty forces to be the dominant optic for their news story, we do not.  It's that simple. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

That Would Be Excellent

All we need are gun laws like the French!  Isn't that the message we have been fed by all of the leftist Marxists running their mouths for decades?  There would be no terrorist attacks if we just had gun laws like the British, or French.  Bad things never happen in those countries, because they have strict gun laws. Yet, despite those laws, the French have just endured another terrorist attack, with gunshots being heard over and over on the streets of Nice, France. It occurred in Paris not even a year ago.  But, you will hear no French politicians decrying the fact that their gun laws are too lax, that children can get guns easier than books or computers, because that would be a lie and some politicians have some morals about lying when it is obviously a lie, others don't.

Some, like Barack Obama, don't mind lying at all.  They will spit on the graves of dead police officers in order to push a racist agenda.  They will lie about the availability of guns to pass stricter gun laws and they have a hoard of representatives and senators who will do the same and, because of that, they think they are speaking to a sympathetic public, but too many of them know the truth and while they might nod their heads in agreement with every uttered lie, they know that when the chips are down and someone is threatening their children or home, that they would rather have a gun than a promise from someone like them.

What these politicians really despise about the Second Amendment is that they know that it was designed, written and passed with the idea that it would eventually be used to throw people like them out of office.  That it would be used to "alter or abolish" governments, including theirs, that become hostile to the freedom of one to pursue a life they choose; to defend property they rightfully own; and to enjoy those things which are due to a free person, the multitude of things that could not rightfully be delineated in a one-page document.

Back then, there was no need for a longer document.  The freedoms insinuated included almost anything a person might do.  The Fourth Amendment expressly denies the government from being able to search a place without first describing those things and documents to be searched and the items or people to be seized.  After 240 years, the government has found a way around the Fourth Amendment, but they did not find a way around the freedoms that it offers.  So, while legally, they may have found some loop holes that allow them to violate the Fourth Amendment, they did not find a way around the fact that they have become hostile to the right to be free of those searches and seizures and so, have painted themselves as traitors to the founders' intent and made it much more likely that the Second Amendment would be used for its original purpose.

Matt Damon recently remarked that the Second Amendment should be done away with in one fell swoop.  Which, aside from showing a juvenile misunderstanding of the Constitution and what would be needed to "do away" with the Second Amendment, demonstrates the liberal mentality.  Because, I believe that most of us supporters of the Second Amendment would like to see nothing else.  Yes sir, Mr. Damon, give us all the same "start" signal.  That would be excellent.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Low for Obama

I remember my father's memorial with the pastor we had talked to a few nights before filling him in on my father's character, his favorite things and a few personal stories, standing up there talking about other things, God, death, passages from the Bible, all good stuff, but as it went on and nothing we had discussed had been mentioned I grew incensed.  My father was a man who had been everything to me, had taught me what a man should be, how to work, how to be responsible and how to be honest and reliable and all the pastor could talk about was some nonsense that had nothing at all to do with him.  It sounded like recycled sermons or something and I was as angry as I have ever been.  I struggled to stay in my seat. This was my father's day and I wanted the man to talk about him, not God, not Psalms.

I was reminded of this feeling when I heard Barack Obama address the memorial for the five dead police officers and knew, deep in my heart, that I could not have remained in my seat had I been unfortunate enough to be the son of one of those men killed.  Barack Obama, the man most responsible for the deaths, with his reckless rhetoric and constant race-baiting unable to shelve his political agenda for even a few minutes to honor the men who died bravely, by all accounts.

I have been subject to Barack Obama's narcissistic rants for eight years now and have always been appalled at his willingness to take every inappropriate opportunity to beat his drum and I knew this would be no different, that he could not restrain himself, but for the love of God, man, can it!  This was meant to be a memorial, a recitation of the dedication of these police officers who died in the line of duty defending the free speech rights of people with whom I violently disagree.  They were the victims of Obama's own instigation.  The protestors were not being victimized by the shooter, their case does not have to be brought before the public, not then, not there.

It was an affront, a slap in the face no less crude than a man taking the solemn moment of a loved one's death and instead of standing up to say a few kind words, takes the opportunity of the spotlight to try and sell a used car to the one of the bereaved. It was classless, low and why Barack Obama has always failed to be presidential. 

I would like to think there would be a day when I would no longer have to endure the self-serving, egotistical demagoguery of Barack Obama, but I know better than that.  Anyone so enamored of himself that he is unable to simply comment on the gallantry of dead policemen without wagging his finger at all of us whites is incapable of any sort of back seat.

"It is easier for a teenager to get a glock than a computer or library book." Barack Hussein Obama at the memorial for five dead policemen in Dallas.

That is the level of intelligence and tact we are dealing with here.       

Saturday, July 9, 2016

BLM is Obama's KKK

Just like Southern Democrats of the past with their charming smiles and warm handshakes that disguised their use of the Ku Klux Klan to handle the dirty work of keeping blacks down and intimidated so that they could not exercise their Constitutional rights of political discourse, President Barack Obama has begun to use the Black Lives Matter organization to the same purpose.

In front of the cameras, Barack Obama speaks of despicable acts of hatred, while his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, encourages those responsible for the murder of Dallas policemen that she has their back, to take comfort that no harm will come to the terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter.

In the past, racism demonstrated by blacks was shrugged off as a somehow healthy expression of long-held oppression. While there is no dispute that oppression happened and that blacks had been treated in inhuman ways in the past, the argument was always that there was no possibility of black racism due to the lack of power in the black community, but that has changed. There has been a black president, a black Attorney General, a black Supreme Court justice, numerous black professors, news reporters, TV hosts and sports figures for a long time. The idea that blacks cannot prosecute their racism into oppression and discrimination is no longer true.

Micah X. Johnson changed all of that when he demonstrated that his racism left to fester and grow with the understanding that it was acceptable for blacks to be racists, but not whites and that murder of police officers was encouraged by the Black Lives Matter organization, he took action against police, something BLM has called for many times in public, openly and without censure by the Obama Administration. In fact, Barack Obama welcomed members of this terrorist organization and complimented them on their actions in Ferguson and Baltimore, all of which lead to the destruction of property and injury to others.

It has long been known that Barack Obama has no interest in racial harmony and that he has openly fomented the increased racial divisions in this nation. Why? Because Barack Obama is and always has tried to prove his dedication to the "cause." As a Hawaiian born of a Kenyan and a girl from Kansas, both black and white, he has not, for all the time spent in Chicago, ever been able to prove to other blacks that he was "down for the struggle" but in supporting, aiding and abetting Black Lives Matter, he has been able to put that notch in his pistol.

I am not making an accusation here, nothing written above is in dispute, it is fact. It is a demonstrated strategy, but not even so much as his legacy or his stature as a president, but rather the community organizing that Barack Obama plans as an exit strategy to the White House. (and, this is speculation on my part) that he intends to lead the Black Lives Matter organization or something like it, to take racial hatred to a new level, much beyond anything Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or even Louis Farrakhan have ever been able to establish.  With his status as a former president, he will be in a position to call action of the UN against the United States.

Obama's weak denunciation of the shooter in Dallas speaks volumes as to the fact that he encourages this sort of behavior among the black population. Any other president would have sworn to get to the bottom of Johnson's connections to the Black Lives Matter organization. But, he didn't do that and his AG went out to reassure that no pressure would be applied to Black Lives Matter in order to determine the openly avowed connections. This is direct aid and comfort and an impeachable offense.

Imagine for a moment if it had been a white shooter with connections to a Tea Party or Patriot group. To see the level of racism in the president, one might only imagine his rhetoric had that been the case. It also demonstrates that Black Lives Matter functions as the KKK had in the past, as a militant and active organization acting on racial lines for powerful political figures.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Westcliffe Open-Carry

On July 4th, in small town America, a large group of intrepid patriots buck imported liberal politics to stand up and walk behind a banner that reads: Southern Colorado Patriots Club. It has not been an easy road to get an Open-Carry contingent in the annual parade.

Mike Hess spoke passionately about the attempts to derail their efforts over the years. "They wanted to cancel the whole thing, rather than let us march," he said, sweating after the nearly one-mile hike at altitude in the hot sun. "One year, they wanted to let us march, but without even a banner or weapons, or a rally at the end.  There goes the Second Amendment and the First Amendment." 

But, in the rural, mountain town of Westcliffe, CO, where those marching with AR-15's slung across their backs call the Sheriff's Deputies by name and stop to shake their hands, the liberal fear of a gun takes a back seat. This is especially true where Mike Hess and George Gramlich have taken on the local liberal newspaper by starting the Sangre De Cristo Sentinel, a conservative newspaper that boasts 20+ pages with extensive advertisements.

It was an honor to march with these patriots on the Fourth of July.  At first, I came to support them, but as we moved down the crowded street and those watching from the sidewalks waved and cheered for this group of patriots, I felt like the one who was being supported. It is easy to fall into the habit of thinking everyone is against patriotic feelings in America and that no one remembers how we started this nation and the lives that have been given to maintain it for 240 years (depending on when you start the clock), but then one might go to Westcliffe and discover that there are a lot of Americans who remember what it took and know what it will take to maintain the liberties we have come to rely on over that time.

At the end of the parade, I spent some time at the Sentinel offices where a number of people had gathered to give their thanks to Mike Hess and George Gramlich.  Those gathered were and are as big a part of the success of the Open-Carry event and the newspaper as either of them, because without readers (such as those who read this) there is little one can do to spread the message of liberty. Without those willing to march down a street with weapons carried openly, the certainty of the Second Amendment is lost. 

Thanks George


Sunday, July 3, 2016

The True and Only Arbiter of Individual Rights

Everything you own is being divided up by banks and the government and you are not even in on the discussion. This is because you think it is your money, your property, your things.  They understand the power structure, so they know that all of these things are theirs.  Don't worry though, they will let you use them until they decide to take ownership. It will take some time.  First, they have to convince you that you have no right to these things and that is taking place at present.

People with rights are not concerned about the machinations of banks or governments, because they are in possession of their property and will defend such with their lives. They do not have "deeds of trust" they have titles to land.  There is a very simple concept of ownership.  If one buys a chain saw, let's say, it is theirs, they do not have to pay any more money in order to keep it.  When one holds a "deed of trust" they must continually pay taxes in order to maintain possession of the property.  That is not ownership, that is tenancy.

All of these assaults on religious rights, rights to speech, rights to own firearms, rights to privacy have been orchestrated to teach Americans one valuable lesson: you do not have any rights.  Once people understand that little fact, the elites can proceed to greater injustices and abuses.  The sector of the population that needs to learn this lesson more than any other is the white section.  Whites are the middle-class; they are the property owners; they are the gun owners and they must be convinced of their powerlessness and they must be ostracized so that they can look to no other sectors for support.

This is why white children are being convinced that they are born racist, therefore not on equal standing with other races and ethnicities.  They were born with a social demerit.  They are flawed and not deserving of compassion.  It doesn't seem to matter to the proponents of this tactic that racism is exactly what is being practiced against whites, or that the term "white" is not precise, it covers most of Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, but who cares, right? As long as the outcome is to drive home the message that you do not have any rights.

Granted, maybe none of us ever had any rights at all, that it was all an illusion to provide calm and order while the government and power players prosecuted the game.  It served them well to get people to work hard trying to build something, create industries, provide incomes to others who would use that money to drive an economy until it resulted in something to take, because initially there was just a wide open space where grass grew and buffalo roamed.

It doesn't matter whether we actually did have rights, or whether we never had rights.  The battleground is all in our minds.  If we believe we have rights and we are willing to die to protect them, we have them whether the law says we do or not.  These are natural rights, not government dispensed rights, or congress granted rights, or Supreme Court verified rights, they are rights even with all of these departments denying them.

Acceptance of the Supreme Court as an arbiter of rights is as bad as acceptance that congress is an arbiter of rights.  The Supreme Court has ruled erroneously almost consistently, otherwise, it would be logical to conclude that the Dred Scott decision was as valid as the Heller decision.  The Supreme Court did not even have jurisdiction to rule in Marbury v Madison, from which it draws its power to be the arbiter of the Constitution this is a fact admitted by John Marshall in his memoirs.

There is only one true arbiter of one's rights and that is oneself and it is enforced by oneself and the line is drawn by what one will do when those rights are threatened.  This is why the government has decided to become antagonistic toward these rights and to see how far they can go before those arbiters of their rights will enforce them.  The longer the people suffer in silence, the more the government will reinforce their message: You have no rights.

Happy Independence Day!  

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I am a published and produced writer, a novelist, a freelance writer, a playwright and blogger.