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Saturday, July 9, 2016

BLM is Obama's KKK

Just like Southern Democrats of the past with their charming smiles and warm handshakes that disguised their use of the Ku Klux Klan to handle the dirty work of keeping blacks down and intimidated so that they could not exercise their Constitutional rights of political discourse, President Barack Obama has begun to use the Black Lives Matter organization to the same purpose.

In front of the cameras, Barack Obama speaks of despicable acts of hatred, while his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, encourages those responsible for the murder of Dallas policemen that she has their back, to take comfort that no harm will come to the terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter.

In the past, racism demonstrated by blacks was shrugged off as a somehow healthy expression of long-held oppression. While there is no dispute that oppression happened and that blacks had been treated in inhuman ways in the past, the argument was always that there was no possibility of black racism due to the lack of power in the black community, but that has changed. There has been a black president, a black Attorney General, a black Supreme Court justice, numerous black professors, news reporters, TV hosts and sports figures for a long time. The idea that blacks cannot prosecute their racism into oppression and discrimination is no longer true.

Micah X. Johnson changed all of that when he demonstrated that his racism left to fester and grow with the understanding that it was acceptable for blacks to be racists, but not whites and that murder of police officers was encouraged by the Black Lives Matter organization, he took action against police, something BLM has called for many times in public, openly and without censure by the Obama Administration. In fact, Barack Obama welcomed members of this terrorist organization and complimented them on their actions in Ferguson and Baltimore, all of which lead to the destruction of property and injury to others.

It has long been known that Barack Obama has no interest in racial harmony and that he has openly fomented the increased racial divisions in this nation. Why? Because Barack Obama is and always has tried to prove his dedication to the "cause." As a Hawaiian born of a Kenyan and a girl from Kansas, both black and white, he has not, for all the time spent in Chicago, ever been able to prove to other blacks that he was "down for the struggle" but in supporting, aiding and abetting Black Lives Matter, he has been able to put that notch in his pistol.

I am not making an accusation here, nothing written above is in dispute, it is fact. It is a demonstrated strategy, but not even so much as his legacy or his stature as a president, but rather the community organizing that Barack Obama plans as an exit strategy to the White House. (and, this is speculation on my part) that he intends to lead the Black Lives Matter organization or something like it, to take racial hatred to a new level, much beyond anything Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or even Louis Farrakhan have ever been able to establish.  With his status as a former president, he will be in a position to call action of the UN against the United States.

Obama's weak denunciation of the shooter in Dallas speaks volumes as to the fact that he encourages this sort of behavior among the black population. Any other president would have sworn to get to the bottom of Johnson's connections to the Black Lives Matter organization. But, he didn't do that and his AG went out to reassure that no pressure would be applied to Black Lives Matter in order to determine the openly avowed connections. This is direct aid and comfort and an impeachable offense.

Imagine for a moment if it had been a white shooter with connections to a Tea Party or Patriot group. To see the level of racism in the president, one might only imagine his rhetoric had that been the case. It also demonstrates that Black Lives Matter functions as the KKK had in the past, as a militant and active organization acting on racial lines for powerful political figures.

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