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Monday, July 18, 2016

Going There

We need blind justice, not a blind press.  A lot has been made of race lately. But no one wants to speak the truth.  Truth is not a profitable commodity in the race issue.  Whites are supposed to accept a subordinate role due to the guilt that they are supposed to carry for slavery, but no where do blacks recognize that many whites died in the Civil War fighting for the North against the Democrats of the South, that actually few ever owned slaves, that many of the whites they blame for slavery did not have family members arrive in the country until after the Civil War and actually didn't arrive in America until the Industrial Revolution.  But, those are facts that blacks in the Black Lives Matter crowd don't want to know.

Whites, think they have come a long way from the days when they casually said "nigger rigged" or that guy has a "nigger knob" on his steering wheel.  Never mind that these terms were not even associated with blacks, they were just what things were called, but those who first used those terms were racists, were vile and whites learned them from their parents and they respected their parents, so they didn't see anything racist about it, but they do now.

The problem is, we, as a nation, can never get past this issue of racism without some honesty on both sides, but there is no advantage for either white or black to actually look at the issue from a common understanding that what someone's parents did has no bearing on their lives or their pain.

There is racism and a lot of it is white on black racism, but the most disgusting and disturbing examples of racism that come to my white mind are those of blacks.  I dare the media to read any major speech about race from a black perspective and substitute the word "black" or "nigger" for "white" or "cracker" and not come up with the understanding of the racism of the speech.

One cannot solve racism with more racism.  Racism does not have a color.  Even if you take whites out of the racist issue, there is still the issue of racist comments about blacks from Hispanics, or Asians and vice-versa, vice-versa.  The outcome is that whites, by nature of their color alone, are not allowed to speak of race.  That, in itself, is racist.  But, no one wants to hear that.

The media doesn't want to hear it, the president certainly doesn't want to hear it, blacks don't want to hear it and whites don't even want to have the conversation, because it could cost their job, their career, their standing in the community, their friendships and perhaps even their marriages.  But, this is something blacks might want to understand.  A white person could lose everything they have worked for just by talking about these issues.  Perhaps they are not eloquent and only the eloquent can even attempt such a discourse.

There are a lot of whites I know, who are racist.  I don't have a problem making that statement.  I only hesitate to make that statement, because I know that my black counterpart will not admit that they also know a lot of blacks who are racist.  They don't even recognize the rhetoric they hear every day as racist, but it is often appallingly so.

There is no way to come to a common ground on a cliff.

I have had many discussions on race with blacks I have met, but it hardly ever comes down to a discussion of skin color, rather it deals with being raised "right" by our parents and by "right" I mean respectful to all people, kind and polite to all strangers of whatever color.  I admire a lot about blacks and Hispanics and Asians.  I also respect a lot about the French, the Italians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Fillipinos and on and on, because I respect heritage.  It is only MY heritage that is deemed cruel and vicious.  So, how do we start a conversation based on that premise?

But, where I lose respect is where blacks pull out that Black Lives Matter card and try to play it.  Every one of the people in this country have been dealt a crappy deal at one point or another.  Blacks don't like to recognize that there was a time when Southern plantation owners used to hire the Irish by the day to do all of the really dangerous jobs on the farm, so they didn't have to risk a substantial financial investment in order to get a dangerous job done.  That may be cold-hearted, but it does not make the Irish feel any better about it, because blacks have the superior moral authority in the example.

I am only able to write this, because I have never cared what color a person was.  I recoil from a rough-looking white dude roaming my neighborhood much more than I ever would a nicely dressed black man.  It is not the color that this the threat, it is the poverty, because poverty breeds desperation and people of every color are likely to do something bad when they are desperate.

The brilliance of capitalism is that it is designed, whether intentionally or not, to remove desperation from the equation of human interaction and thus the greatest weapon against racism.  But the Marxists need the conflict and so detest capitalism as it is capable of removing the desperation that is so handy when it comes to political activism.  Everywhere you see a Marxist, you see protests, social unrest, discontent, envy, grievances and dysfunction.  It is not a coincidence, it is how they motivate people to join their cause.

If the black population would just once denounce their Marxist ties and latch onto the principles of capitalism, they would be shocked at the welcome they would receive from those of us daily engaged in the struggle for self-sufficiency and self-reliance.  There are many great examples of black capitalism that have honored the nation with their success, but the Marxists won't have it and label them "Uncle Toms."  And, when they do, I shake my head, another generation of brilliant black minds lost to the old and decrepit ideology.

But, if you think you are going to classify me along with every cracker you have met over the past fifty years and stick us all in the same basket, then no, I have no respect for you and will like likely meet you on the battlefield.

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