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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Low for Obama

I remember my father's memorial with the pastor we had talked to a few nights before filling him in on my father's character, his favorite things and a few personal stories, standing up there talking about other things, God, death, passages from the Bible, all good stuff, but as it went on and nothing we had discussed had been mentioned I grew incensed.  My father was a man who had been everything to me, had taught me what a man should be, how to work, how to be responsible and how to be honest and reliable and all the pastor could talk about was some nonsense that had nothing at all to do with him.  It sounded like recycled sermons or something and I was as angry as I have ever been.  I struggled to stay in my seat. This was my father's day and I wanted the man to talk about him, not God, not Psalms.

I was reminded of this feeling when I heard Barack Obama address the memorial for the five dead police officers and knew, deep in my heart, that I could not have remained in my seat had I been unfortunate enough to be the son of one of those men killed.  Barack Obama, the man most responsible for the deaths, with his reckless rhetoric and constant race-baiting unable to shelve his political agenda for even a few minutes to honor the men who died bravely, by all accounts.

I have been subject to Barack Obama's narcissistic rants for eight years now and have always been appalled at his willingness to take every inappropriate opportunity to beat his drum and I knew this would be no different, that he could not restrain himself, but for the love of God, man, can it!  This was meant to be a memorial, a recitation of the dedication of these police officers who died in the line of duty defending the free speech rights of people with whom I violently disagree.  They were the victims of Obama's own instigation.  The protestors were not being victimized by the shooter, their case does not have to be brought before the public, not then, not there.

It was an affront, a slap in the face no less crude than a man taking the solemn moment of a loved one's death and instead of standing up to say a few kind words, takes the opportunity of the spotlight to try and sell a used car to the one of the bereaved. It was classless, low and why Barack Obama has always failed to be presidential. 

I would like to think there would be a day when I would no longer have to endure the self-serving, egotistical demagoguery of Barack Obama, but I know better than that.  Anyone so enamored of himself that he is unable to simply comment on the gallantry of dead policemen without wagging his finger at all of us whites is incapable of any sort of back seat.

"It is easier for a teenager to get a glock than a computer or library book." Barack Hussein Obama at the memorial for five dead policemen in Dallas.

That is the level of intelligence and tact we are dealing with here.       

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